Welcome To SwimCalc - Swim Time Conversions

Welcome to SwimCalc - the website which focuses on swim time conversions. This website grew out of a frustration at trying to convert UK swimming times from a 25m swimming pool to a 50m pool. There are plenty of online converters about, but many are inaccurate and give differing results. This website converts times based on the Equivalent Performance Tables published by the ASA.

In addition, SwimCalc can give an indication as to whether a converted time qualifies for gala entry in an ever growing library of UK swimming galas. Qualification times are loaded by the swimcalc staff, and made available to users and clubs.

SwimCalc provides a facility for clubs to link to a time converter webpage customised for their own use. Put a link to swimcalc from your own website and the converter will display your logo and title, and also display a customised list of galas appropriate to your club. Take a look at some of the club converters in the Recent Clubs section at the right of this page. If your club wants to link to the SwimCalc converter, then drop us an email at swimcalc@swimcalc.com.