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With a seemingly outdated lineup, Maax Spas decided it was time to release a new, exciting offshoot brand for spa lovers. This resulted in The American Whirlpool hot tub brand, composed of a contemporary and innovative array of hot tubs and swim spas.

Is this the right hot tub brand for your specific needs? 

We'll highlight all of the features included in American Whirlpool models so that you can decide for yourself!

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Our Top Choices For American Whirlpool

982 Model Hot Tub

1. American Whirlpool 982

  • Seating for 10 people
  • 79 jets
  • 2 lounge seats, Zone Therapy seats, rectangular shape for rowing or exercise band use
  • Best for entertaining
472 Model Hot Tub

2. American Whirlpool 470

  • Seating for 6 people
  • 48 jets
  • Northern Exposure insulation, comfort collars, Zone Therapy seats
  • Best mid-range priced hot tub
151 Model Hot Tub

3. American Whirlpool 151

  • Seating for 3 people
  • 20 jets
  • Lounge seat, foot & calf jet system, CleanZone water care system
  • Best compact hot tub

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American Whirlpool Prices

As with many other hot tub brands out there, American Whirlpool does not have pricing information published on its website.

This is because all of the American Whirlpool hot tubs and swim spas are sold through large dealer networks, meaning prices vary greatly depending on dealer and location.

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There are 22 models to choose from in the American Whirlpool lineup, making it one of the most versatile hot tub lines in the industry today. What is important to note is that all of these hot tubs come with most of the same features. The main difference between these hot tubs is the seating options.

Let's take a look at some of the top hot tub models in the American Whirlpool lineup.

American Whirlpool 982

The American Whirlpool 982 is the largest hot tub in the lineup, providing a mixture of entertainment, fitness, and relaxation.

This massive American Whirlpool hot tub can fit up to ten people at once, perfect for those who have large families or like to entertain often.

Enjoy hanging with friends or soaking deep in one of the two loungers.

With a rectangular shape, you have plenty of room to move around within the hot tub, meaning you can also choose to add rowing equipment or exercise bands for a swim spa experience as well.

American Whirlpool 470

The American Whirlpool 470 is a mid-range American Whirlpool hot tub that has room for up to six people at once.

With a unique Zone Therapy seat, users can enjoy full-body immersion along with top-of-the-line hydrotherapy.

With six seats, this particular hot tub is still an excellent choice for those who like to entertain, though it is far more portable than the 982 models.

American Whirlpool 151

If portability is a priority, you might want to consider the American Whirlpool 151 hot tub.

The footprint of this hot tub is pretty small and allows for up to three people at once.

Even with its small size, it is quite rich in features.

Enjoy the comfortable lounge seat with a calf and foot jet system, perfect for a luxurious hydrotherapy experience.

Brand Pros & Cons



American Whirlpool spas provide a one-of-a-kind hot tub experience thanks to the combination of TheraMAAX jets and AeroMAAX jets. American Whirlpool strategically placed these jets throughout each new hot tub model to provide users with a top-of-a-the-line, full-body hydrotherapy experience.

We love the AeroMAAX jets more than anything, as these provide wonderfully gentle massages, perfect for those who are new to the realm of hot tubs. In particular, these jets are great for promoting vacillation, otherwise known as blood cell awakening. You'll even find a few jets in the foot zone to target less traditional areas!

The TheraMAAX jets, on the other hand, make use of heavy-duty grill designs. These unique grills sit around the nozzles of the jets to cut back on jet stream drag. With steel escutcheon, you can easily adjust the jet power of each individual jet.

SmartTouch Control

American Whirlpool spas are great for the modern buyer.

With an intuitive SmartTouch control system, these hot tubs are incredibly easy to use. All of the parameters you'd want to have control over, including temperature, jet power, and more, can be controlled with the simple touch of a button. You even get total control of the PowerWorks pump system with the waterproof SmartTouch control, which is completely electronic.

If you're in the market for an advanced hot tub system, the American Whirlpool SmartTouch Control provides.

You even get WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control the various parameters of your hot tub with your smart device. Simply download the free app and connect to your home's WiFi to control your hot tub from anywhere in the house!


Nothing makes a hot tub experience quite as comfortable and exciting as having your favorite music going while you enjoy a soak. Thanks to the cutting-edge Bluetooth technology that all American Whirlpool spas come with, it is very easy to play your favorite music from your smart device.

Within the hot tub, you will find two built-in speakers, delivering high-fidelity audio for a resonant experience. With the hard-hitting subwoofer, you can even use these speakers for a party.


American Whirlpool spas are some of the most comfortable models in the hot tub industry. One of the comfort features that really stands out is the comfort collar, which is a uniquely molded cushion that supports your neck while you're in the hot tub. All the while, the jets are strategically placed to release tension in your back and shoulders.

The X-Series Collar is a notable upgrade, giving you more room to move around within the tub, as well as increased comfort.

When it comes to the seating within each American Whirlpool hot tub, comfort is the name of the game. We'd even be bold enough to say that American Whirlpool offers some of the most comfortable seating in the industry.

With deep seat designs, you get full-body immersion. Plus, each seat is strategically placed for the most powerful massages possible.

Filtration System

The filtration available on American Whirlpool spas is to the standard of drinking water.

There's nothing quite as gross as hopping into a murky hot tub. The great thing about American Whirlpool spas is that they use a four-step cleaning system in order to keep the inside of the hot tub looking gorgeous at all times. Within this four-step system, you'll find a Weir Door for capturing debris, a primary filter, which is there to get rid of ultra-fine particles, a basket, which get rid of any additional debris primary to hitting the second filter, and the last hot tub filter, which makes use of a 1000gpm intake.

Beyond the standard filtration, the CleanZone Ultra System makes use of UVC light to get your water to the cleanest standards possible. This same technology is found in municipal settings around the world, filtering drinking water.


The frames and shells of American Whirlpool hot tubs and swim spas make use of appliance-grade steel frames for structural integrity and corrosion protection. The beauty of the shell is that you don't ever have to worry about rotting or warping as time goes on, especially if you live in a place that has inclement weather. The ABS sealed base sits at the bottom of the frame, locking any unwanted moisture out from reaching the inside of the tub.

Beyond the steel frame, the shell holds in BlueMAAX Insulation to keep the hot tub warm at all times. Cold air won't be able to get into this natural insulation thanks to its combination of copper and recycled natural fiber. Even beyond keeping your hot tub warm, it'll protect your tub against pest infestation, mildew, and mold!


Are American Whirlpools a good brand?

American Whirlpool manufactures some of the best hot tubs on the market today. With high-end insulation systems, steel frame designs, and crystal clear filtration, you get just about everything you could ask for in a modern, mid-range hot tub.

Where Is American Whirlpool made?

American Whirlpool spas are manufactured right here in the United States at the company's headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. All American Whirlpool hot tubs are manufactured with Maax Spas technology.

Who makes American Whirlpools?

As we said before, American Whirlpool spas are a product of the parent company Maax Spas. Maax Spas has become the leader in luxury water products over the past few decades. With years of experience under its belt, American Whirlpool is known for crafting powerful and long-lasting hot tub models.

Is American whirlpool the same as whirlpool?

No. A whirlpool hot tub is a type of bath that uses pumps to create a whirlpool effect. These water units are very popular in the world of hydrotherapy, though they are not branded. In fact, many manufacturers make whirlpool-style hot tubs and baths.

Final Verdict

We've said it before and we'll say it again, American Whirlpool spas is one of the highest quality hot tub brands on the market today. From the cutting-edge spa filter and filtration system to the steel frame construction to the healing massage therapy system, American Whirlpool is a company you need to keep your eye on during your tub search.

In our eyes, American Whirlpool is up in the ranks with other high-end hot tub manufacturers, such as Jacuzzi or Bullfrog Spas. Make sure to speak with your hot tub dealer about pricing.

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