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If you are looking for great value and an affordable hot tub for your backyard, then look no further. Aquaterra spas have a fantastic range to choose from and are available exclusively through Costco.

But how do you know which model will best suit your needs?

That's where we come in. We'll review 4 of Aquaterra Spas' leading models so that you can make the most informed purchase decision possible.

Which of these 4 models will you choose?

Our Top Choices For Aquaterra Spas


1. Benicia

  • 4 seats
  • 20 jets
  • Multicolored LED lighting, digital controls, full-foam insulation & cover
  • Best value plug-and-play spa

2. Montara

  • 4 seats
  • 24 jets
  • Adjustable water feature, cup holders, ozone water care system
  • Most luxurious plug-and-play

3. Ventura

  • 6 seats
  • 96 jets
  • Stainless steel jets, air diverter valves, 4.0 kW water heater
  • Most luxurious traditional spa

4. Maderas

  • 5 seats (lounge option), 6 seats (non-lounge option)
  • 45 jets
  • Digital controls, ozone water system, full-foam insulation
  • Best family spa

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Does An Aquaterra Spa Cost?

An Aquaterra spa costs between $2499 and $7999 to purchase, depending on the model and number of seats.

Purchasing an Aquaterra spa through Costco will save you money, as opposed to purchasing a hot tub brand of the same quality through a private retailer. This is because Costco buys in bulk and is able to pass the savings onto their customers.

The fact that these are simple hot tub designs to begin with, lacking the upgraded features you'll find in luxury hot tubs, is an additional reason why Aquaterra spas are so reasonably priced. 

If you are looking to spend quality time relaxing in your own backyard oasis, but don't want to overspend, we highly recommend this brand to those on a budget.

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Most Popular Aquaterra Spa Models

We'll review some of Costco's best-selling Aquaterra models so that you can select the perfect one for your needs.

Benicia - Best Value Plug & Play Spa

A budget-friendly plug-and-play model with enough room for four adults, the Benicia can bring a little bit of luxury to your backyard. Sit back and relax in the bucket seats while the 20 stainless steel jets massage your body with warm water. 

This spa model has multi-colored LED lighting under the water that create a relaxing ambiance, and the digital control panel makes for ease of use.

The Benicia has a 1kW water heater and a 1.5 horsepower pump that powers the water flow through the hydrotherapy jets and adjustable waterfall feature. 

It measures 70” x 61” x 32” and can hold 205 gallons of water. This Aquaterra spa model is very energy efficient, having full foam insulation and a thermal locking cover with a hinge seal. The thermal locking cover is included in the purchase price, however spa steps are extra. The spa itself is available in two stylish colors, sand or taupe.

Montara - Most Luxurious Plug & Play Spa

The Montara is Aquaterra's most feature-rich plug-and-play spa model. Simply fill with water from the garden hose, plug it in to heat the water using its 1.0kW stainless steel heater and you will soon be ready to relax. The LCD digital control panel makes it easy to adjust the settings.

Measuring 81” x 63” x 33” this hot tub has room for four adults. Enjoy a soothing massage from its 24 stainless steel water jets while the LED multi-colored lights and adjustable waterfall creates the perfect environment for winding down. 

It even has cup holders, allowing you to enjoy a cold beverage of your choice without the worry of spilling.

When it comes to cleaning the 233 gallons of water that holds, this Aquaterra spa model features an ozone water system, reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals you'll need to use. It has full foam insulation and a thermal locking cover with a hinge seal for maximizing energy efficiency.

Ventura - Most Luxurious Spa

The largest and most luxurious spa in the lineup, the Ventura measures 89” x 89” x 36” and has enough room for six adults.

With a spacious interior, you can choose to relax in one of the bucket seats or spread out on the lounger seat while the 96 stainless steel water jets soothe your aching muscles.

It also has air diverter valves, allowing you to adjust the jet strength and target specific areas of the body.

The Ventura features an adjustable waterfall, 4.0kW water heater, and two 2.5 horsepower dual-speed jet pumps for the ultimate massage. 

It has multi-colored underwater LED lighting as well as LED lighting on the spa exterior. If you like to listen to tunes while relaxing or entertaining, then this is the model for you. A bluetooth sound system and a subwoofer are included.

This spa holds 409 gallons of water and comes with an ozone water cleaning system reducing the need for chemicals to cleanse the water. Like the others we've reviewed, it comes standard with a thermal locking cover, hinge seal and full foam insulation to keep your water warm and energy spending to a minimum even in the middle of winter.

The shell is Alpine white, and you can select either grey or espresso for the cabinet.

Maderas - Best Family Spa

The Maderas spa is available in two different seating configurations. Measuring 80” x 80” x 34”, the lounge version can seat up to five adults and the non-lounge version with bucket seats can comfortably seat up to six adults. The water capacity and weight of the spa will vary depending on which version you pick.

Unwind with friends and family while the 45 stainless steel jets deliver a soothing massage and multi-colored LED lighting brightens your day. The water is kept warm by a 4.0kW heater and this heated water is circulated to the jets by a powerful three-horsepower dual speed pump.

An adjustable waterfall, a digital control panel, an ozone water system, four cup holders, full-foam insulation and locking thermal cover with a hinge seal are all included in the Maderas Model.

Number of seats



5 lounge

6 Non-lounge



70” x 61” x 32”

81” x 63” x 33”

80” x 80” x 34”

89” x 89” x 36”

Water Capacity (gallons)



260 Lounge  270



Weight (lbs)



385  Lounge  370 




1.5 HP dual-speed pump

1.5 HP Dual-Speed

3.0 HP Dual-Speed Pump

Two 2.5 HP Dual-Speed

Number of Jets





Basic Price





Overall Rating





How Do Aquaterra Spas Stack Up To The Competition?


Watkins Wellness, one of the largest hot tub fabricators worldwide, manufactures Aquaterra spas. Watkins Wellness spas are of excellent quality and with the Aquaterra line, you'll be getting great value for your money. 

Costco is the only place that you'll find an Aquaterra Spa. Costco has a much better return policy than most private retailers, which is what makes purchasing through Costco ideal. Many consumers love the peace of mind knowing that if, for any reason, they are not satisfied with their hot tub purchase, they are eligible for a full Costco refund. Hardly any private hot tub dealers offer this same return policy.

Visit our Aquaterra Spas Costco page for more information!


Some extras are not included in the final price, such as spa steps. Also, the colors that the spas are available in, although stylish, are quite limited.

Since Aquaterra spas are only available through Costco, you'll have no direct access to support from the dealer. This can be a major downfall if you have repairs that need to be taken care of down the line, as the Costco staff are nowhere near as knowledgeable in hot tub mechanics as private retailers are. 

If you are looking for a high-end hot tub with loads of extra features then Aquaterra Costco hot tubs are not the direction you want to head in. You will need to look elsewhere to get the most advanced spa features on the market. While we believe that Aquaterra models are a sufficient budget-friendly option, they cannot compete with high-end luxury models.

The Final Verdict

The Aquaterra spas lineup includes a wide range of affordably priced plug-and-play hot tub models which are a good choice for convenience and ease of use.

You won't have access to educated spa dealers on any hot tub brand purchase that you may make through Costco, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that if you decide to return your spa, that option is available. 

These Aquaterra models are of high quality and are recommended for those who want to keep spending to a minimum.

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