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As one of the first hot tub manufacturers to create all-weather tubs and offer smartphone control, Arctic Spas is known for innovation.

But is this the right brand for you?

We've done our research and will cover pricing, review 15 of their best models which span across 3 distinct series, and recommend alternative brands in the case that Arctic Spas is not for you.

Continue reading to learn the key elements of Arctic Spas and to ultimately decide whether or not this is a spa manufacturer worth your investment!

Our Top Choices For Arctic Spas

Eagle Maodel Review

1. Classic Series - Eagle

  • 6-person capacity
  • Extremely versatile design
  • A great choice for those that want multiple seating options.
Summit XL Model

2. Custom Series - Summit XL

  • 9-person capacity
  • Multiple jet configuration options
  • Ideal for large families and social gatherings
  • Core Series Hot Tub - Otter Model

    3. Core Series - Otter

  • 2 person capacity
  • Small Rectangular design
  • Perfect for tiny spaces
  • Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

    Arctic Spas Prices

    Prices range within this brand from $4000-12000. You may notice, however, that when you enter their website, they do not show their prices. This is likely due to varying price ranges that change depending on your area and where you purchase them from. 

    When compared with the other available tubs, Arctic spa pricing packages are average in cost. Neither do they spike up to the high end of the spectrum nor to the cheapest.

    If you're looking to save time shopping, we recommend getting several quotes from one single request.  Click the button below to receive the lowest hot tub prices in your area!

    Arctic Spas Models

    #1 The Classic Series

    Everyone loves a classic spa. It implies something classy but proven to work well. Arctic Spa has been manufacturing these tubs for well over 25 years and now they have been judged over a period of time proving that they are of good quality and value. The Classic series is a portrayal of the company's long history and the progress that they have made over time. There are 5 main tubs in this series which we will examine further.


    Our first pick in this series is a revamp of a model they made many years ago.

    This is why we recommend checking which model you are purchasing, as the older model is long outdated and has been greatly improved.  

    With a capacity for 6 people, this Arctic hot tub comes with ergonomic seating and a seamless design. 


    This model is unique in its composition. Rebelling from the usual structured style, the Mckinley boasts an open plan layout with separate seating arrangements.

    With the ability to host 7 people, this is a large hot tub with bucket seats in each of its 4 corners.

    This version of the Arctic Spa would be ideal for large families or couples that like to invite groups of friends over regularly to socialize.


    The Eagle is the king of diversity offering several different kinds of seating depending on what you feel like using.

    It looks like the manufacturer wanted to include all of their options into this one tidy package, resulting in a hot tub that has a seating option for everyone. 


    Another large tub ideal for family use.

    The main difference with the Totem however, is that it possesses a few extra features that make it slightly more comfortable and practical than the Mckinley. 

    With a 7ft circular area for your feet, this is a tub designed for ease and relaxation. 


    The compact choice for people with less available space or who simply do not need a huge monstrosity in their yard.

    This hot tub is simple and efficient, ideal for couples or single individuals, and can comfortably seat up to 3 people.

    #2 The Custom Series

    With the custom series, you get the most diverse and expansive range of tubs. “Custom” usually means that they are a product that is made to order based on a client's preferences. In this case however, it refers to a range of spas that are diverse enough to match whatever hot tub needs you may have. Let’s see what they have in store.

    Summit/ Summit XL

    As you may have surmised from the names, these are the same concept/design but can comfortably support 6 people whereas the Summit XL spa can house 9, making the Summit XL the largest hot tub in the custom series.

    The Summit XL is the most popular spa in this category and we can see why.

    It is a spacious spa with seating for people of all shapes and sizes offering both swivel chairs and seating for those that prefer to lean back and relax.


    Have you ever dreaded entering a spa because of how cramped they can be? 

    The Yukon spa is designed specifically to combat that problem.

    Especially suited for tall individuals that need lots of legroom, this spa has some of the largest footwells available!


    If you are looking for a large spa that doesn't compromise on comfort then this may be the one for you.

    A large family-size tub with a capacity for 7 people, this version is complete with 4 main seats that feature comfortable backing, as well as 3 additional multi-level seats.


    The Kodiak spa went away for a while but now it's back and offers a similar experience to the tundra, just in a smaller size.

    A highlighted feature of this spa is the large lounger seat designed for optimum relaxation. 

    Cub / Arctic Fox

    These are 2 different models designed for a small space with large-scale comfort. Both are relatively portable as well as extremely intimate for those who want to be close. 

    Either option is ideal for single people as well as couples but the Arctic Fox is by far the smallest version.

    #3 The Core Series

    By definition, "core" means the central part of something, and indeed the core series reflects the company's core strengths. This series is less focused on expansive and elaborate tub styles, centering its attention on simplicity, functionality, and unpretentious practicality. Though some of these spas are not small, their layout is often more straightforward and uncomplicated.

    Orca / Aurora

    The family spas of the series.

    Both include lots of space for multiple people and an open-concept design. Enjoy inviting friends and family over for a bit of entertainment?  This may be the perfect spa for you.

    The Orca is likely the best option for large parties with its seating for 7, but the Aurora contains more features and options. 


    A large 6-seater spa not included in the "classic" series, but certainly possessing a classic feel.

    With unique 3 types of seating, it can accommodates yourself and your 5 closest friends with ease, and caters to different seating preferences around the board. 


    A very simple spa design that is similar in many respects to the Grizzly.

    However, it is smaller with only enough room for 4 people instead of 6.

    This is a basic spa for those who want an uncomplicated and elementary spa experience, still while enjoying all the benefits of hydrotherapy.


    A small space relaxation spa that can effectively seat 3 people.

    It is the Core series version of the Timberwolf from the Classic series. Both simple and ideal for modest homes.

    If you liked the Timberwolf but wanted something simpler, then this may be your favorite choice. 


    Like an Otter, this spa features a compact and sleek design.

    Abandoning the all too common circular layout, this rectangular-fitting spa is the smallest of the series and perfect for tight spaces in small yards or on small decks. 

    Pros & Cons  

    Every brand has it's desirable and undesirable components . From our review of their products, we have determined that they are generally reliable, readily available, and have created some beautiful designs. The tub bodywork is well constructed and they use dense layers of fiberglass to create a solid and hardy shell. The insulation system included is one of the best insulation system options available which cuts down your running costs and long-term expenses. 

    On the other hand, some customers claim that Arctic Spa overpromises while not living up to their expectations. This is likely the result of strong marketing, making them appear to have the best tubs on the planet. While overpromising can have its drawbacks, we certainly can't fault a company for effectively promoting their products. 

    If you search online you will be able to find some complaints regarding this brand, but it must be said that they are one of the most popular brands of tubs and have made huge strides in their quality over the last few years. 

    One of their optimum features is the Spa boy software. This is an automated water care system that treats and maintains your spa water. This is a great addition that takes a lot of work out of the owner's hot tub maintenance tasks.

    Competing Alternatives

    If you feel that Arctic Spa models are not for you, or if you simply would like to review some additional options, why not check out Evolution Spas or Hot Spring Spas.

    Furthermore, we cover all the best hot tub brands available for you to browse through at your leisure. 

    Final Verdict

    Arctic Spas tubs are not popular without reason. Nor does everyone purchase from them by accident. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect seating arrangements and sizes for what you need. They are versatile, innovative, and cater to most peoples' spa desires. With such a wide range of series' and models, it's likely they carry a spa in their selection that matches what you want. You'll even find plenty of high-end swim spas too!

    This Brand is especially popular in Canada and is famous for being able to be used worldwide despite the weather conditions. They are a long-running company which equates to very little risk of not being able to get parts you may need, and also ensures that your warranty will not be voided. Though there are much fancier as well as more cost-effective brand options, Arctic Spas are a quality mid-range brand.

    If you want something of decent quality without having to spend a ton, then Arctic Spas could be the best hot tub company for you. Plus, the massage water jets feel great for an afternoon soak, and who doesn't want high-end jets with their spa?

    Though we always recommend reviewing multiple brands before making your choice, Arctic Spas certainly has an impressive selection to choose from if you don't want to spend an arm and a leg.

    Fill out your personal hot tub preferences using our questionnaire below! We will connect you with dealers who have the lowest price quotes in your area.  

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