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Aquatic Training Vessels (ATV) is a subsidiary of Marquis Corp, a company that has been making swim spas and hot tubs for over three decades. But are their products any good? Should you be shopping elsewhere?

The swim spa market is becoming increasingly competitive. This is because the excellent health benefits of swim spas are becoming more widely recognized. In turn, the number of companies offering these luxury products has been growing.

If you're interested in more information about ATV swim spas and want to see how they stack up against their main competitors, read on!

Our Top Choices For ATV Swim Spas


1. ATV-V150P

  • 3 x Whitewater-4 swim jet
  • 8 x multi-level massage seats
  • Vector Optimized Laminar Therapy (VOLT) control valve system
  • Best Hybrid Spa
ATV-17 Kona

2. ATV-17 Kona

  • 6 x Whitewater-4 swim jets plus buoyancy jets
  • 2 x multi-level massage seats
  • Optional Aquabike
  • Best For Swim Training
ATV-14 Splash

3. ATV-14 Splash

  • 2 x Turbo Swim jets
  • 1 x full depth massage seat and 1 x cool-down seat
  • Resistance and rowing options
  • Best Budget Hybrid

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Price Guide: How Much Does An ATV Swim Spa Cost?

Although the cheapest ATV swim spas can start from as little as $15 000, the price range extends all the way up to $50 000. The capacity, water depth, pump power, number of jets, etc. all have an effect on price. However, it's important to note the cost can also vary significantly between retailers/distributors, especially for the installation. Check the ATV website for more information on specific models, then shop around for quotes once you know which Aquatic Training Vessels swim spa (or hot tub) you want to buy.

Once you've purchased your swim spa, expect to pay around $500 dollars a year for maintenance, cleaning chemicals, etc.

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Most Popular ATV Swim Spa Models

1 - Best Hybrid For Swim And Party Use - ATV-V150P

The V150P is designed to do it all. From relaxing massage therapy to intense swimming, or just as a pool to hang out with your friends, this spacious 150" (Length) x 90" (Width) x 50" (Height, 43" Water depth) hybrid swim spa is one of the most versatile products on the market.


The V150P features 8 multi-level massage seats, each with a mix of orbital, conal, and directional jets to provide different massage settings. 

The directional jets give the highest pressure to provide targeted deep muscle relief, whilst the orbital jets stimulate the surface tissues in a circular motion similar to a sports massage. If it's relaxation you're after, the conal jets provide a softer, Swedish massage-style experience.

Swimming and Workout

Although the V150P isn't as long as the more swimming-focused Kona and Sport ranges, the dual-speed 160 gpm (606 lpm) pump provides plenty of pressure via the Whitewater-4 swim jets to keep even strong swimmers from running out of room. These are easily controlled using the same high-end Vector Optimized Laminar Therapy (VOLT) control valve system as the massage therapy jets.

Swim tether and resistance band options allow a range of extra exercises, as with most of the ATV range.

Party Use

With an impressive 10-person capacity and a range of optional extras such as a Bluetooth audio system and Starlight (TM) interior LED lighting, the ATV V150P is perfect for getting any party started. Full foam insulation helps keep the water temperature up so you can enjoy hanging out in your ATV swim spa all year round.

2 - Best For Swim Training - ATV-17 Kona

The Kona is designed to provide high-end swim performance training for even the most serious athletes.

The two dual-speed pumps at 360 gpm (1363 lpm) and one dual-speed, 160 gpm (606 lpm) pump driving 6 Whitewater-4 swim jets, along with a design that allows these to provide nearly 40% more flow than other comparable systems, provide a whopping maximum flow rate of 1000 gpm.

Any swimmer will find this more than adequate, especially with the extra options provided by swim tethers at both ends and handholds at the swim-jet end. Also, the impressive 17' (204") length of the ATV-17 Kona makes it ideal for swimmers who want the option to vary their pace slightly without too much jet adjustment and the "53 water depth gives plenty of room for all strokes.

Buoyancy Jets

Another unusual feature of the Aquatic Training Vessels Kona series is the addition of upward-facing buoyancy jets in the middle of the vessel. These provide lift to the torso whilst swimming in the optimum position, which changes the pattern of engagement on the stroke and provides a swimming experience more akin to saltwater swimming.

Training and Massage

Although primarily aimed at swimmers, the Kona 17 is a great tool for any workout. Not only does it have tether points at both ends, but the combination of 53" water depth and resistance anchor points on the floor of the swim spa facilitate a much broader range of resistance exercise options than some competing systems. There's even the option to add an Aquabike to your Kona package for even more versatility.

After vigorous exercise, a relaxing massage is always a good idea. With two therapy seats at different depths, the Kona lets you choose between a basic cool-down and a more immersive massage therapy experience.

3 - Best Hybrid On A Budget - ATV-14 Splash

Not everyone needs the extreme workouts offered by the Kona or Sport series or has the space for a giant swim spa/hot tub combo like the V150P. If your requirements, yard size, and/or budget are more modest, the AT4-14 Splash might just be the Aquatic Training Vessel for you.

Built on the same shell as the more powerful (and expensive) ATV-14 Sport, the Splash model uses a single 160 gpm (606 lpm) dual-speed pump to create a more relaxed flow suitable for leisure swimmers. 

There is also a resistance and rowing option, although the ATV-14 Splash doesn't have the same range of anchor points (especially at depth) and workout options as a more athlete-focused swim spa such as the Kona.

For massage therapy and relaxation, one shallow cool-down and one full depth massage seat offer a range of experiences depending on the chosen settings.

Build Quality

Although the Splash is not as high-end as other ATVs in some regards, they haven't cut corners in the construction itself. The same USA-made bonded resin construction, full-foam insulation, exterior and interior finishing options as with the pricier models in the ATV swim spa range ensure your spa pool will last just as long.



150” x 90” x 50” (43” Depth)

204” x 89.5” x 61” (53” Depth)

168.5” x 89.5” x 56” (48” Depth)


1 x 160 gpm

1 x 360 gpm

1 x 160 gpm

2x 360 gpm

1 x 160 gpm

Swim Jets

3 x Whitewater-4

6 x Whitewater-4

2 x Turbo Swim Jets

Massage Seats




For Training




For Massage




For Relaxation




ATV Swim Spa Pros & Cons


  • High-quality custom-built products
  • Exceptional versatility
  • Advanced features such as VOLT technology
  • Plenty of options and extras
  • Suitable for year-round use


  • High cost
  • Lack of pricing transparency/consistency
  • No central sales, only available via dealers

How Does ATV Stack Up Against The Competition?


Aquatic Training Vessels (ATV) swim spas are all designed to provide several key benefits. First and foremost, high-speed pumps and directed Whitewater-4 swim jets provide powerful water movement which allows swimming in place (alongside an adjustable swim tether to control the resistance). However, swimming isn't the only aquatic exercise you can use one for. They are perfect for low-impact aerobic training, banded rowing, and resistance training, to give you a full-body workout.

Aside from the fitness aspect, the built-in hydrotherapy massage seats help with muscular relaxation and pain relief. These massage therapy seats are molded for comfort and with optimized jet positions and functions to hit the most common problem areas in the back especially.

Although some other manufacturers are equally good in specific areas, very few can match the overall versatility of ATV swim spas by Marquis Corp.

Pricing And Running Costs

Where other brands have an advantage over ATV is in the sales model. Marquis and ATV provide details of their swim spa pool range on their website but does not offer any direct sales solutions or even details of RRPs. All purchases must be made through third-party swim spa dealers which makes it very difficult to know if you are getting a good deal on what is already an expensive, high-end product.

Prices vary considerably between dealers, as well as the purchasing model e.g. some charge a higher purchase price but include free installation, whereas installation costs can stack up on what seems at first to be a cheaper deal.

However, ATV swim spas do have some hidden advantages in overall cost. The high-grade bonded polymer resin construction means the shell of your swim spa will last many years beyond some cheaper alternatives, while features such as the ConstaClean corona discharge Ozonator and SmartClean automated cleaning cycles help significantly reduce the buildup of chemicals and microbial life. This means a big saving on maintenance costs.

The Final Verdict

ATV swim spas may not be cheap but they are very, very good. If you're looking to improve your fitness, rehabilitate from injury or regain independence through mobility exercises and massage, there are not many products on the market which can genuinely compete with the ATV swim spas line.

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