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Are you interested in buying a Baja Spa? Confused about which model to purchase?

Buying a hot tub can be a tricky business, especially if you are looking for something on the second-hand market. For many years, the Baja Spas Company produced a fantastic range of quality hot tubs with plenty of great features from large numbers of hydrotherapy jets to ergonomic seats.

Carry on reading my review to find out all about Baja Spas and some of the most popular spa models that they manufactured.

Our Top Choices For Baja Hot Tubs

Whitewater XS 1068

1. Whitewater XS 1068

  • Seating for 6
  • 53 jets
  • Cloudburst TurboStream®, BXS™ Baja Extreme Sound System, Kleen H2O™ System
Performance XS 1046

2. Performance XS 1046

  • Seating for 5
  • 38 jets
  • LED Lights, water feature, Kleen H2O™ System
  • Best mid-range spa
Sportub Series 1059

3. Sportub Series 1059

  • Seating for 3
  • 12 jets
  • Cushioned spa pillows, quick heating system, ozone ready
  • Best plug-and-play spa

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Company Information

Baja Spas was one of the leading manufacturers in the hot tub industry since its inception in 1972. They were a family business based in North Carolina.

They manufactured the very first vacuum-formed acrylic spa. In 1974 they debuted this acrylic spa at the National Spa and Pool Institute Exposition in LA.

The Baja Spas company was sold and they aren't in business anymore, but plenty of their spas are available on the second-hand market, as are plenty of replacement parts for many of their spa models.

Price Guide: How Much Does A Baja Spa Cost?

In general, you will be paying much less for a Baja spa compared to a new spa since you will be shopping on the second-hand market. You may also be able to get a discounted Baja spa from a dealer who still has new stock.

Hot tub purchase prices will of course vary between models. The conditions of the same used model are likely to be different so this should be reflected in the price. You should also take into account the cost and availability of any replacement parts with older spas.

You will also need to factor in extra costs such as delivery and installation costs, plus cleaning chemicals, and service costs.

Find some of the least expensive models in the Sportub Series which feature plug-and-play spas. The Performance Series spas are the next step up in features and price, whilst the Whitewater Series showcases their more expensive high-end spas. In general, you should expect to pay anything between about $2,000 to $7,000 for a Baja spa.

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Most Popular Baja Hot Tub Models

Baja Spas produced a wide range of spas, from plug-and-play tubs to luxury spas. Let's review some of the most popular hot tub models that they manufactured.

Whitewater XS 1068 - Best Luxury Spa

Baja Spas' Whitewater Series features their more luxury, feature-rich spas.

The Whitewater XS 1068 hot tub is one of this brand's most popular models.

This hot tub measures 88″ x 88″ x 38″ and has fifty-three adjustable stainless steel therapy jets including the Cloudburst TurboStream®. It has six hydrotherapy seats with pillows, including an ergonomic lounge seat, so there's plenty of room for company in this spa.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of moving water with the lighted waterfall feature. If you like to relax to music with this model has the BXS™ Extreme Sound System. This in-spa sound system uses Sony™ technology, directional speakers, and a subwoofer located under the tub to create the best sounds.

The digital spa light is programmed with six different color shows and has seven shades of color and with twenty-four LED lights you can create the perfect ambiance for either relaxation or a hot tub party. For an extra level of relaxation and harmony, this spa even has the Baja Breeze Aromatherapy which releases fragrant scents.

The Whitewater XS 1068 has the Kleen H2O™ System with a sealed filtration system. A filter cartridge is used to keep the hot tub free from small dirt particles by utilizing the self-cleaning system with a built-in floor drain. It also has an Ozonator with a built-in chemical feeder for clean and fresh spa water.

This spa is very energy efficient when it comes to the water circulation system and the WeatherWrap™ full foam insulation to keep your warm water at a comfortable temperature. It has two 5 horsepower pumps plus a circulation pump, an easy-to-use control panel, and has a garden hose attachment for the gravity drain.

Performance XS 1046 - Best Mid-Range Spa

The Performance Series offers mid-range spas which still have plenty of great features and upgrade options.

Measuring 88″ x 88″ x 35″, the Performance XS 1046 is an octagonally-shaped spa with room for five adults. Sit back and relax to enjoy a massage from its thirty-eight therapy jets which are powered by a 5 horsepower two-speed pump.

Enjoy the thirteen colored LED lights and waterfall feature whilst taking a relaxing soak in your Baja spa. 

When it comes to upgrades for your spa, if they are available, you can get many of the same features as the spas in the Whitewater series such as the aromatherapy and sound system.

This beauty of a spa comes in a large selection of stylish colors comes with a durable synthetic cabinet for the exterior.

For keeping the spa water clean and clear, the Performance XS 1046 comes equipped with the Baja Spas Kleen H2O™ System with a sealed filtration system. It has an Ozonator and it's easy to add your cleaning chemicals using the built-in chemical feeder.

This energy-efficient spa model comes with a 5kw heater and high-quality insulation to help keep your energy bills low.

Sportub Series 1059 - Best Plug-And-Play Spa

The next spa in our review is the Sportub 1059. The Sportub Series offers a delightful range of plug-and-play spas which are more affordable than tubs from the other series.

The set up and installation process is much more straightforward for a 110V plug-and-play spa compared to a standard 240V spa, as they don't require an electrician for the wiring. Once your site is ready, simply set it up in your backyard, fill it with water using your garden hose, plug it in and you are ready to go. 

For more power, is possible to convert the 1059 model to a 220V spa.

The Sportub 1059 measures 78" x 78" x 29", has twelve therapy jets, and even has cushioned pillows for ultimate comfort. It is one of the smaller more affordable tubs by Baja Spas so it's a perfect choice for couples or if you are on a tight budget or want a more portable spa.

This spa model has a 1.5 horsepower pump, is ozone ready with a sealed filtration system and built-in chemical feeder, plus it is easy to drain as it has a garden hose attachment. All plug-and-play tubs in this collection feature a quick heating system.

Seating Capacity





88″ x 88″ x 38″

88″ x 88″ x 35″

78" x 78" x 29"


2 x 5.0 HP XP3 pumps plus a circulation pump

5 HP dual speed pump plus circulation pump

1.5 HP Pump

Number of Jets







110V or 220V

Top Features

Cloudburst TurboStream®, BXS™ Baja Extreme Sound SystemKleen H2O™ System, Baja Breeze Aromatherapy

LED Lights, Waterfall & Kleen H2O™ System

Cushioned spa pillows & quick heating system

Best For

Best Luxury Spa

Best Mid-Range Spa

Best Plug & Play Spa

How Do Baja Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

Let's see how Baja Spas might compare to other spa brands by taking a little look at some of the pros and cons of going with this popular brand.


This brand offers very energy-efficient models and if you are able to find one new from a dealer, they come with a good warranty, 10-years on the spa structure, 5-years for the interior acrylic surface, and 3-years for service and parts.

Baja Spas produced a great variety of spa models from high-end feature-rich tubs to plug-and-play tubs so there should be a model to fit most budgets. They were also made in a large variety of color options, unlike many brands which only have one or two color choices available.

All the Baja Spas models come with the Kleen H2O™ System with a sealed filtration system and either come with an Ozonator with a built-in chemical feeder or are ozone ready.

Baja Spas also produced a range of swim spas so if you are looking for a hot tub but also want all the benefits of having a traditional pool, this may be a better option.


Since Baja Spas no longer exist as a business you will be either shopping on the second-hand market or from dealers who still have new stock left. This will usually mean that there may not be all the options and upgrades available however you may get lucky.

Second-hand older models may cost more to service and are likely to need more repair and maintenance. If you need spare parts there is always the issue of availability, however, Baja spa replacement parts still seem to be widely available.

Some customers' reviews have been negative, like with any large business there will always be some that experience a problem. One customer left a review as they had an issue with their plumbing and leaks.

The Final Verdict

I hope my review has helped you decide which hot tub you would like to purchase. Baja Spas produced an excellent range of models, from the more affordable and portable plug-and-play spas to luxury, feature-rich tubs with loads of upgrades.

Since they are not produced anymore there may be limitations on what you can find particularly on the second-hand market. Before you make a purchase ensure the tub is thoroughly checked out and in good working order so you don't end up losing out.

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