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Balboa water group is a hidden gem, proven to be one of the most modern and technologically up-to-date hot tub parts manufacturers in the industry.

If you're wondering: 

What makes their features stand out?  Are their products reliable?

You've come to the right place. We'll explain all you need to know, take a detailed look at their best selling products, and scrutinize the pros and cons of this company so that you can walk away knowing whether or not their control systems and equipment are right for you!

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Our Top Choices For Balboa Hot Tub

hydromassage jets collections

1. Jet Collections

  • 6 Jet Collections 
  • Multicolored Display options
  • Various Material Choices
SpaTouch Panel for hot tub

2. SpaTouch Panel

  • 3 Versions Available
  • Waterproof Touchscreen Interface
  • Sleep Button Feature
  • BB8 Audio Amp

    3. BB8 Audio Amp

  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • 120 Watt
  • 4 Channels & An Equalizer
  • M8 AI Technology for hot tubs Review

    4. M8 AI Technology

    • Determines Your Ideal Temperature
    • Lowers Running Costs
    • Reduces Noise
    Chromazon3 Lighting System for hot tubs Review

    5. Chromazon 3 Lighting System

  • 16.7 Million Color Presets
  • Save your own Presets
  • Everything From Mood to Party Lighting
  • Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

    Balboa Hot Tub Prices

    As soon as you see the equipment and control systems designed by the Balboa Water Group, you may immediately think to yourself that it all looks very expensive. However, this just speaks to the quality of the parts they provide.

    The specific features you wish to include in your purchase will affect pricing. Since Balboa is a manufacturer of hot tub parts rather than complete hot tubs, you can find cost-effective spa options as well as high-end hot tubs that use Balboa parts.

    This company offers hot tub accessories through multiple dealers as well as several online stores, yet by clicking the button below, you'll be given the lowest quotes in the industry.

    Balboa Hot Tub Features

    For most hot tub manufacturers we would be examining the most popular hot tub models and series. However, because Balboa doesn't offer complete hot tubs, we will take a detailed look at what they do offer, reviewing 5 of their unrivaled features worth paying attention to. 

    Whether you are purchasing a hot tub that has integrated Balboa spa parts, choosing to add Balboa accessories to your pre-selected spa, or are upgrading or repairing your hot tub, surely you will find some unique and contemporary systems to your liking. 

    Jet Collections

    One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to hot tub parts are the massage jets. Balboa hot tub accessories include multiple jet collections such as the Light Up, Pearl Essence, Lido, Venice, Pismo, and  Laguna collections.

    The first 2 collections: Light Up and Pearl Essence, are enhanced with various lighting options to create multicolored displays and visual aesthetics. The remaining 4 collections come in a variety of materials so that whatever your budget, there is an 

    option to suit it. These Jets are versatile, durable and due to their diversity can match most hot tub needs.  

    SpaTouch Panel

    This is a feature used with all Balboa hot tubs that allow the user to control the lighting, temperature, music, jets, etc via a touchscreen. The SpaTouch control panel goes beyond what most of the competition offer and instead provides the buyer with user-friendly controls that make your spa experience an absolute breeze. 

    There are 3 main types of SpaTouch panels, the best of which offers a sleep button feature, true color display, waterproof interface, and highly tested durability. 


    BB8 Audio Amp

    This Bluetooth compatible feature offers a 120-watt audio Amp that will bring your music or relaxing soundscapes to life. Since you can now stream the music directly from whichever device you use, you no longer have to worry about your tech getting wet or falling into the water.

    This four-channel system can easily be controlled via the SpaTouch panel and includes an equalizer.  

    This audio system can be likened very much to a good car audio system only that instead of being on a busy road in hectic traffic, you can now combine hydrotherapy with audio therapy as you enjoy your favorite music while sitting in a beautiful hot tub with the perfect water temperature.

    M8 AI Technology

    The M8 Tech is an artificial intelligence system that determines your preferred temperature for your hot tub so that every time you step in, it's not too cold, it's not too hot, but instead, it feels just right. 

    This is an adaptive system that will determine when to turn your pumps on or off and will counteract the adjustments in the outdoor temperatures to make sure that your spa stays exactly how you want it at all times. As a result, you don't waste energy pumping out heat when you don't need to. 

    This system not only makes your hydrotherapy even more enjoyable but also reduces running costs and keeps the spa running quieter. 

    Chromazon3 Lighting System

    Lighting can greatly affect your mood and the feel of any experience. As both a visual and mental enhancement, the Chromazon3 lighting system offers top notch lighting features.

    In the mood for calm and soothing? No problem. On the other hand, if you want a vibrant light show to liven up the party, this lighting system's got you covered.

    With the SpaTouch control, you can set and save lighting presets for quick access to your favorite lighting features at the touch of a screen. 

    Other lighting options have red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, and white. However, the Chromazon3 system offers you 16.7million preset color options that you can choose from. Without a doubt, whatever color and light settings you're after, this system has it all.

    This feature also makes your hot tub unique since you can customize its look to make it different from everyone else's. 

    Pros & Cons  

    Though Balboa hot tubs are not frequently advertised or discussed in comparison to some other brands, they are known to be one of the top hot tub part manufacturers in the world. A huge plus for this brand is their recognized quality and their innovative features that set the standard of what hot tub construction should look like. 

    Nothing that they sell is antiquated or outdated. On the contrary, their technology is cutting edge and top of the line. This is why all the best hot tub manufacturers choose to use their parts in their designs. 

    On the downside, buying a Balboa hot tub is not as simple as buying some other options. Since they do not offer the complete hot tub package themselves and they do not sell directly to clients, it is up to you to do the research and find out which brands are using these parts in which models. (And that's where we come in. Clicking the red button below will lead you to the best hot tubs that are built with Balboa parts.)

    You can also purchase the parts separately to upgrade certain models but again, you would have to buy the parts from a dealer and you would also have to do the research to see if it is compatible with the hot tub you have purchased. This makes Balboa a great brand to buy from but not necessarily an easy one. 

    Whatever you may need, Balboa Water Group may produce the suitable accessory or part; however, for those that are just starting out with their first hot tub, their technology and features can be extremely overwhelming. 

    Competing Alternatives

    If you are looking for a simpler purchase where you get everything in a neat and tidy package then you should consider reviewing the Viking Spas.

    If you are looking for something more custom, we recommend Bullfrog Spas which can be purchased directly from Costco.

    Whichever option you decide upon, it should be exactly what you want and what suits your circumstances. Not every hot tub brand suits every customer. Therefore, please take your time to examine all your alternative options and hot tub solutions so that the one you end up investing in is everything you dreamed it would be. 

    Final Verdict

    Several factors play into making Balboa one of the highest ranking supplier of spa parts. Balboa spa parts and accessories are high quality, high performance, and well designed. In addition, Balboa hot tub reviews show great customer service and general customer satisfaction.

    Whether we look at their heating system, filtration system, audio, touchscreens, or LED lights, they remain at the top of their game, providing the owner unmatched control of their spa experience.

    If you want a basic spa experience with no fancy addons or features then Balboa probably isn't the way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking to max out the technological performance and ability of your spa, elevating your basic tub into a contemporary soak sanctuary, then you should definitely check out some of the accessories and features that this brand can provide. 

    If you would like to continue your search and see what else is available within the hot tub market, we recommend that you review all the top hot tub brands to ensure that you find the absolute best hot tub for your specific needs. 

    To save precious time and energy, get access to multiple quotes now by filling out our questionnaire below. Our goal is to bring YOU the best deals!

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