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Beachcomber hot tubs are widely available, featured in dealerships throughout the US, and are known for their focus on simple function and capability above all else.

But with so many competing brands on the market, is Beachcomber right for you? 

We'll assess the quality of the Beachcomber spa brand and point out exactly what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Our goal is to help narrow down your buying options.  Let's find out if this brand has everything you're looking for in your next purchase!

Our Top Choices For Beachcomber Hot Tub

300 Series Model

1. Beachcomber 320

  • Cost-Effective Option
  • 5-Person Capacity
  • Includes 46 Jets
  • Plug And Play
Beachcomber 500 Series Model

2. Beachcomber 550

  • Mid-Range Option
  • 6-Person Capacity
  • Includes 88 Jets
  • Lounger Seat
  • Beachcomber 700 Series Model

    3. Beachcomber 750

  • Luxury Option
  • 8-Person Capacity
  • Includes 192 Jets
  • EasyTouch Smart Controls
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    Price Guide: How Much Do  Beachcomber Hot Tubs Cost?

    When comparing Beachcomber hot tubs up against the competition, they sit comfortably in the mid-range. Before we mention any pricing it should be noted that they do vary in cost depending on the model and features that you choose. Also, prices can go up or down depending on your area and which dealer you are purchasing from.

    As a general guideline, the most cost-effective hot tub within their range will set your savings back about $4,700. Whereas the luxury Beachcomber models cost around $15,000.

    Beachcomber does not cater to the lowest or highest budgets. In general, spas start at $3,000 on the low-end and creep up to over $20,000 on the high-end. Instead, Beachcomber offers reasonable pricing options somewhere in between. 

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    Most Popular  Beachcomber Hot Tub Models

    To help you understand Beachcomber's vast selection of hot tub models and features, we'll start with the series' under which all of their tubs are categorized. These are the 300 Series, 500 Series, and 700 Series.

    We'll overview of every series and point out our favorite model from each of them. Let’s begin.

    Beachcomber 300 Series

    If you want the most affordable and inexpensive option, then this is the line you'll want to focus on.

    However, this does not mean that they are low quality or have minimal features. Far from it.

    The 300 series are generally slightly smaller tubs that include most of the same features as the 500 series. They have 5 tubs to choose from with 5-8 person capacity and 46-102 jets.

    Our favorite selection from this series is the most cost-effective and unique option. It is a perfectly round tub called the Beachcomber 320.

    It is the only plug-and-play option in the series making it the easiest hot tub in this selection to connect up, get to the right temperature, and use right away in your home, yard or terrace.

    This round little hot tub has space for 5 people to sit and has 46 hydrotherapy jets included. It is the ideal budget-friendly price option for those that do not want to spend too much. It is also a perfect solution for those who have a limited amount of space.

    Beachcomber 500 Series

    The 500 series is the mid-range series of a brand that is already fairly mid-range. These hot tubs are the best option for customers leaning neither towards the cheaper side nor to towards super extravagant purchase costs. 

    With a nice selection of 6 spa models to choose from and 60-112 jets, this is a series where you will surely find the reasonably priced taste of luxury and relaxation that you are looking for. 

    The features are not quite as extensive as the 700 series but nonetheless, they offer a good amount to satisfy all your hydrotherapy needs. 

    This line includes Britewerx FlexJets, steps, specialized cabinetry, and exterior controls. Buyers have a chance to upgrade even further with additional features.

    For customers who choose to go with the 500 series premium package, you can also get exclusive features such as the lighted handrails, step lighting, and a gorgeous Roman arch waterfall.

    Our top pick from this collection is the Beachcomber 550 which sits perfectly centered between the larger and smaller options within this series. It has a 6-person capacity, 88 jets, and both ergonomic seating and a relaxing single lounger seat. From what we can see, it is the ultimate mid-range option for any buyer looking for optimum value. 

    Beachcomber 700 Series

    If you are the kind of person that wants to treat themselves and their family to the best quality, the crème de la crème, then you'll be most happy choosing the 700 series for your new tub. These are the most lavish and most sumptuous hot tubs that Beachcomber hot tubs offer. 

    No matter which dealer you go with, you will have to pay slightly extra for these beauties but you also get the most features and the most jets, making your entire hydrotherapy massage all the more enjoyable. Additionally, if you want to use your spa as an entertainment system, there is the option to upgrade to the 700 SLB series.

    It includes an MP3 connector, allowing you to plug in your phone or audio device and listen to your favorite tunes. 

    The 700 selection of spas includes touchscreen smart controls, corner lighting, cabinetry skirting, waterfalls, an app to control your hot tub, and the ability to use voice commands with Google or Alexa.

    Our preferred 700 series hot tub is the Beachcomber 750. It's the biggest, the most luxurious and in our opinion, it is the best. With space for 8 people to hang out or party, ergonomic seating, a whopping 192 jets for your pleasure, and the most feature-rich option in the series, this is the ultimate spa choice for the buyer that wants a machine of utter magnificence.

    Pros & Cons

    The biggest pro for Beachcomber hot tubs is that they provide some of the most energy-efficient spas on the market today. As a result, your long-term running costs will be much lower and your hot tub will retain its heat longer. 

    We should point out that Beachcomber makes a great choice for those that live in Northern climates who have to combat lower temperatures. If you are worried about your energy costs and whether you can actually afford to run one of these marvels, then Beachcomber hot tubs are an excellent choice because you won't be spending as much on your hot tub heater.

    Beachcomber hot tubs are practical and efficient, which is what the manufacturer was intending. However, as a result they have landed themselves in a niche market, albeit a large one, where they only cater to mid-range clients thus losing out on many of the higher end or lower end spa clientele.

    The spas within this brand are all-around smart investments because of their reliability. The quality of the construction and the materials used are top-notch. Their warranties are very reasonable as well, the hallmark of a good business to work with.

    In the end, there is more positive than negative to say about Beachcomber hot tubs. However, one downside is that aesthetically, their styles don't jump out as being incredibly amazing. They are not the most striking to look at, but if you are in the market for a relaxing hydrotherapy experience, these will definitely do the trick.

    How Do  Beachcomber Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

    Other companies offer additional features and services that Beachcomber hot tubs do not provide. If you are interested in something more lush, we suggest focusing on higher-end spas that capitalize on newer technology and supreme luxury. If this is what you're after, we recommend looking into the Hot Spring Spas brand.

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are more cost-effective options than Beachcomber. Sam’s Club carries some of the most economical spa models around. Do note that this is not the best route to go in terms of customer service. If you happen to need a repair in the future, private retailers have superior knowledge compared to Sam's Club employees.

    No spa brand can have it all. There will always be competitors that do one thing or another better or worse.  This is why we always advise have a look around at the hot tub market, making sure that the model you choose has everything that you and your family desire before making your final purchase.

    The Final Verdict

    This company produces quality hot tubs that are reliable. They have good customer service reviews, and they've also perfected their mid-range market designs. They prioritize functionality and do a great job at providing the best value for your money via a quality product.

    Though slightly more costly than some lower-end hot tubs on the market, we would say that these quality hot tubs hold better long term value. Though you'll be paying a reasonable amount to buy one of these new hot tubs, you won't be suffering from an exorbitant electric bill for years onward. You will be saving money in the long run because Beachcomber hot tubs are extremely energy efficient.

    We can recommend Beachcomber without hesitation, especially for those that live in Northern climates. However, this company makes neither the cheapest nor most luxurious hot tubs, so if you want to drop to either end of the spectrum in your search, you may want to take a look at Sam's Club or Hot Springs Spas' selections. We hope these reviews have been informative and that you soon find the new hot tub of your dreams. If you are not sold on this hot tub maker, there are plenty of other options on our Best Hot Tub Brands page, and we invite you to take a look around.

    Whether you're just price shopping, or ready to buy, we'll supply price quotes for you. Click the button below to get started! It's free, and we aim to provide you with the lowest hot tub quotes around. 

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