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While there is no question that big companies rule the hot tub market, sometimes smaller manufacturers really pay off. 

Though a relatively small brand, Belize is paving their way in the industry with their easily affordable hot tubs.

But how much do they cost? How well do they run? And where can you purchase one?

We're here to answer all questions and by the end of this article, you'll have established whether or not Belize is a company you'd feel comfortable investing in.

Let's get started!

Our Top Choices For Belize Hot Tub

Belize E480L Lounger Spa Review

1. E480L

  • Most Cost-Effective Option
  • 4-Person Capacity
  • Includes 38 Jets
  • Plug & Play Or Hardwired
  • Belize UltraRay UVC-900DL Lounger Spa Review

    2. UVC-900DL 

  • Most Comfortable Option
  • 5-Person Capacity
  • Includes 67 Jets
  • UV & Ozone Purification
  • Belize UltraRay UVC-900L Lounger Spa

    3. UVC-900L 

  • Most Social Option
  • 7-Person Capacity
  • Includes 67 Jets
  • UV & Ozone Purification
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    Price Guide: How Much Do Belize Hot Tubs Cost?

    Belize spas run around $5,000 - $7,000, making them some of the most cost-effective spas around!

    Other manufacturers offer alternative styles and features, but you will struggle to find a lower price for thee same features that Belize provides.

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    Most Popular Belize Hot Tub Models

    Belize E480L Lounger Spa

    The E480L Jet Lounger Spa is a lovely, compact 4 person spa for those that want something easy to conversate in, and offers a modern design to boot. With seats in each corner facing each other, you can't help but engage in talking with those in the spa with you. 

    This is the most cost-effective option out of the 3 and is known to also be extremely budget-friendly when it comes to running costs.

    As a small rectangular spa with cut corners, this is an easy spa to place in almost any location. This jet lounger spa comes with a 38-jet system, headrests, a waterfall, matching cover, a jet lounger spa option, durable cabinets, and a superb filtration system.

    This jet lounger spa comes with 2 different voltage choices, making it very adaptable. The first is the plug and play, where you can start it up as soon as it is delivered via a 120-volt outlet. The 2nd option allows you to hardwire the jet lounger spa into a 240-volt electrical system. The hardwired version allows you to heat the spa up much quicker, but many prefer the simple ease-of-use that the plug and play feature offers.

    We would recommend this option for couples and small families that just want a soothing space to sit and chat and enjoy each other's company. 

    Belize UltraRay UVC-900DL Lounger Spa

    The UVC-900DL Jet Lounger Spa is a huge upgrade from the E480L complete with a modern design and a low-maintenance system.

    Now with 5 person capacity and 67 jets which are almost double what the aforementioned model has included, this is a much larger choice between the two spas. The 900DL has two full sized loungers, along with 2 captain's chairs and an additional single seat. 

    When it comes to customization, this model has a few attractive color options. The tub comes standard in white acrylic, though you can upgrade to a range of alternatives. 

    Additionally, the cabinets come in several different choices. 

    An important factor to consider when buying a tub is water care and maintenance. One of the benefits of this model is that its UV and ozone filtration system does most of the hard work for you. This means much less fiddling around with the water levels and tub water maintenance, whilst still enjoying crystal clear water for you and your friends.

    This 3tub would be the perfect choice for someone that wants to have a taste of luxury without writing an extremely large check. The Belize UVC-900DL provides what a lot of the high-end brands offer, but for a fraction of the cost. 

    It is also a great hydrotherapy choice due to its seating arrangements and well-positioned Jet massages.

    Belize UltraRay UVC-900L Lounger Spa

    If you liked the UVC-900DL Jet Lounger Spa, but are looking for a slightly different seating configuration with room for more people, then you are going to love this.

    Having changed its layout, this model comes complete with space for 7 people using a single lounger, three captain's chairs, and additional seating options.

    With three captain's chairs and an ergonomic non-float lounger, his means that you can invite your friends over, or host the whole family in a fancy spa experience that all are sure to enjoy.

    There are also well-designed jet locations making it very suitable for an immersive hydro massage that can help you to release all that tension you have been feeling.  

    Similar to the UVC-900DL Lounger Spa, the L also gives you have a range of color options, UV & ozone purification keeping your spa lovely and clean, and a matching cover to keep your tub protected when not in use. 

    At a great lower price, this is a tub that most spa enthusiasts can afford and enjoy all the same.  Most cost-effective options are usually 2-4 person tubs so it is nice to find a much larger family spa that meets people's budget needs. 

    We can safely say that if you don't want to spend too much but would love a large spa for a handful of guests, then this could be your perfect solution.


    Pros & Cons

    At very affordable pricing, there is literally nothing bad we can say. In terms of price, it simply cannot be beaten.

    A usual concern with lower price models like the ones we have mentioned is an increased running cost. However, the latest versions of these hot tubs come with green tech, making them extremely cost-effective to run. Many customers also comment on how well they maintain their heat in cool climates. 

    The negative aspect of Belize is that because they are such a small brand, they have a very short range of models and high end features. These are very elementary tubs for those of us looking for a decent cost-effective option, but they are not for everyone due to their limited range of models/styles.

    A concern that small manufacturers do bring up is the availability of repair parts. Though in most locations it should not be an issue, making your purchase from smaller companies can make it harder to find the parts you'll need when it comes time to look for replacements.

    How Do Belize Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

    When compared with other brands on the market it is clear to see that Belize spas is the underdog of the industry. They are not well marketed, nor are they well known in comparison to their competitors, which are the larger manufacturers.  

    However, do they have a huge boost against their competition because of their lower price points. Though some brands do offer similar costs, it is rare to find anything quite as reliable in this price range.

    Its a good idea to scope out all that the market has to offer in order to make the best purchase choice. 

    Two alternative manufacturers that we recommend are Cal Spas and Vita Spas.

    The Final Verdict

    Belize makes ownership possible for the buyer who would love to own a tub but is turned off by high price tags and running costs. Complete with small to large capacity options, Belize offers a couple of different sizes, but generally does not have much in the way of selection. This makes them a very targeted manufacturer for a specific type of customer. 

    Basically, if you like the seating arrangements and the style, then you will get a great deal for the least amount of money possible. However, we must note that if you are looking for high end features and customization options, you may have to keep on looking. If that's the case, head over to our Top Hot Tub Brands page to view a wide selection of alternative options.

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