Best Hot Tub Brands 

With just under 100 hot tub brands on the U.S. market today, selecting the perfect one for your needs can quickly become a challenge.

Luckily, we know a thing or two about hot tubs.

We've narrowed it down to the 14 best hot tub brands available. If you're looking for a high-quality spa experience, look no further. Only the most durable and reliable brands have made it onto our top 14 list. 

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The 14 Best Hot Tub Brands 

#1 Bullfrog Spas - Best Overall

Bullfrog Spas is one of the best hot tub brands on the market today with five series of luxury hot tub models to choose from.

While the price tags might be a bit high for some, you'll find tons of luxury features to enjoy, including the interchangeable JetPak system, the durable acrylic shell, full-foam insulation, remote controls, and waterfalls. 

Even beyond that, you'll find tons of optional features to choose from in order to customize your hot tub as well.

The company has been around since 1996 and quickly became a leader in the spa industry. In terms of capacity, Bullfrog Spas sell units that can fit anywhere from three to ten people.

In terms of price, you can expect to spend around $5,000 at the low end and around $15,000 at the high end.

Bullfrog has a limited warranty that covers the company's audio system, lighting system, and ozone cleaning system. The spa cover is covered by the company's warranty for three years, the cabinetry, jets, and equipment are covered for five years, and the hot tub shell is covered anywhere from 7-10 years depending on the shell that you get.

One cool thing to note is that Bullfrog also provides a lifetime warranty for its Enudraframe interiors, which don't use real wood to protect from rotting and warping over time.

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#2 Sundance Spas - Most Popular

As an affordable and long-lasting hot tub option, Sundance Spas has quickly become one of the most popular hot tub brands on the market today.

From the company's patented jet designs to the long-lasting acrylic shells, these tubs are some of the most versatile on the market as well. 

Plus, customers are able to easily customize their tubs with a number of incredible bells and whistles, including energy-efficient pump systems, smart device sync, underwater LED lighting, and luxury massage jets.

Even with all of these incredible features to pick from, the price point for Sundance Spas is quite low. 

Because they are designed with luxury and small budgets in mind, you get the best of both worlds. These hot tubs are insanely durable as well, so you can expect to use them for many years down the line while they retain their original condition.

As for the price range, you can expect to spend around $4,000 on the low end and $16,000 on the high end. When it comes to seating capacities, these hot tubs fit anywhere between two to seven adults. Buyers all receive one-year warranties for the cabinetry and ten-year warranties for the shell structures, delivering total peace of mind.

We've got an entire article dedicated to Sundance Spas Reviews where we highlight their most popular models. 

#3 Jacuzzi - Best For Luxury

The brand name Jacuzzi is often interchanged with the words "spa" or "hot tub" simply because Jacuzzi has made such a name for itself in the world of hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi originally launched back in 1956 and has since remained one of the best hot tub brands on the market.

Not only does the company craft some of the best luxury hot tubs around, but all of the models are surprisingly long-lasting.

Jacuzzi makes use of heavy-duty acrylic shells that are made out of exclusive molding.

These shells are eight times stronger than your typical fiberglass hot tubs. 

One thing that really makes Jacuzzi stand out as a hot tub brand is the 50/50 water-air jets, which deliver incredible massage therapy that will have you melting in your seat after a long day of work. 

This sort of targeted hydrotherapy is one of the main reasons that people continue to buy Jacuzzi hot tubs.

The seating options aren't as wide as the above hot tub brands, as these particular hot tub models can only handle anywhere from two to six adults at a time. However, they do have plenty of lounge seating options for those who want a bit of additional comfort in their hot tub.

To increase the lifespan of their hot tubs and lower the daily operational costs, Jacuzzi has created a ton of unique, energy-efficient options to choose from.

As for the price, you can expect to pay anywhere between $6,000 and $17,000 for a Jacuzzi hot tub. As you continue adding on customizable features, you will end up spending more and more.

The warranties run anywhere between three to five years depending on the hot tub that you choose to go with.

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#4 Caldera Spas - Best For Budget Buyers

Not only is Caldera Spas one of the biggest brands on the market today, but it also provides dozens of high-end and budget-friendly tubs to choose from. 

No matter how much you have available to spend on a hot tub, you can find what you are looking for with Caldera Spas. Caldera has been in the game since 1976. 

The tubs that it crafts offer plenty of cool amenities to choose from, including customizable jet systems, audio systems, LED lighting features, heaters, and energy-efficient insulation.

From cool designs to total comfort, you get pretty much everything you could possibly ask for from Caldera Spas.

 This company even offers some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market today, perfect for those who are looking to save money monthly on their energy bills.

When it comes to the warranty for your Caldera Spa, it will depend on which series you buy from and which particular model in that series you choose. For some of the additional features, such as the sound systems, you get a one-year warranty. When it comes to the larger features, such as the shell, you can get ten-year warranties.

As for the seating capacity, Caldera Spas can hold anywhere from one to eight people and will cost you anywhere from $7,000 on the low end to $16,000 on the high end.

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#5 ThermoSpas - Best For Jet Customization

Thermospas offers its customers seven pre-made hot tub options to choose from, with a wide range of seating capacities. You can pretty much design your own hot tub from the ground up, adding all of the best features that you can think of.

Thermospas has been in the game since 1983 and has been using patented panels, insulating blankets, and continuous cast acrylic ever since.

 For this reason, Thermospas has some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market today. This multi-layered, completely modular insulation system can help save you tons of money over the course of the years.

One thing customers love about Thermospas is how simple most of their hot tub models are.

Whether you are looking for an affordable 3 person hot tub, or a large, luxurious model to get the party started, you can easily find what you are looking for through Thermospas.

These hot tubs make use of 125-jet hydrotherapy systems if you'd like and have seating for anywhere from 2-10 people depending on your capacity needs, more than any of the other hot tub companies above. This company even provides some of the best customizations in the business. You'll even get one of the best warranties in the hot tub industry, including the 20-year structural warranty.

As for the price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 on the low end to $19,000 on the high end for a brand new spa.

Our Thermospas Reviews page goes into further detail about this wonderful brand.

#6 Catalina Spas - Best for Total Customization

One of the most popular options on the market for those seeking out total customization is the Catalina Spas brand. This hot tub brand narrowed its focus on providing luxury hot tub models with high-end hydrotherapy features. All of the spas in this lineup are individualized for the customer depending on their needs.

You can choose between a wide variety of customizable features, including LED lighting, waterfalls, and remote spa controls. For added safety, Catalina Spas has even included a self-extinguishing fire feature. 

All of the amenities you could ever want are present in the Catalina Spas lineup. One of the standout Catalina Spas features is the thermo-pane system, which provides customers with one of the most energy-efficient forms of hot tub operation on the market today.

In terms of price, Catalina Spas cost a bit more than a lot of the brands above. You can expect to pay around $7,000 on the low end and over $20,000 on the high end. When it comes to the warranty, you'll get a three-year warranty for the plumbing system, a five-year warranty for the components, and a ten-year structural warranty for the support.

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#7 Hot Spring - Best for Health

Hot Spring Spas are made using a mixture of thermoplastic and acrylic. The hot tubs are then insulated with a multi-layer foam that is incredibly dense for some of the best energy efficiency on the market. 

One thing we love about Hot Springs is that the company has been going strong since 1977 and has stayed on top as one of the main promoters of health and wellness in the hot tub industry.

You can choose from up to three lines of Hot Springs hot tubs as well.

In terms of seating options, the hot tubs run from two-person to seven-person models. 

You can easily customize these options as much as you want, adding to the overall energy efficiency and luxury. 

The Highlife collection and Limelight collection are excellent choices for those who want to lower their overall operational costs.

If you're not very into maintenance, then we highly recommend going with the Freshwater Salt System, as it helps to cut back on ongoing maintenance. The less time you have to spend worrying about your hot tub, the more time you can spend enjoying it.

A Hot Spring spa will cost you around $3,000 on the low end and around $16,000 on the high end. As for the warranty, you get five-year protection for the components and the cover.

Our Hot Spring Spas Reviews has all the details you need in order to determine if this is the brand for you!

#8 Master Spas - Best For Value

Master Spas has been around since 1978 and is probably best known these days for its Michael Phelps line of swim spas, which are perfect for both exercise and relaxation. 

These innovative hot tubs come in a wide price point range, perfect for all kinds of buyers.

Even the swim spas hold a surprising amount of value for the average buyer.

One of the things we truly love about Master Spas hot tubs is the fact that they make use of Icynene full-foam insulation and acrylic shells, making them some of the most durable a long-lasting hot tubs on the market.

There are four sub-brands to choose from under the Master Spas umbrella, giving customers quite a few options to choose from. In terms of seating capacity, you'll be able to find hot tubs that sit anywhere from one person to eight people.

All of the customizable features that you would hope to find on a luxury hot tub can be found in a Master Spas hot tub, including Bluetooth stereo systems, LED lighting options, total digital jet control, and much, much more.

As for the price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 for a Master Spas hot tub model. Even the limited warranties that the company offers are pretty competitive, giving you peace of mind as you use your hot tub over the years.

To shop for Master Spas models, visit our Master Spas Reviews page.

#9 Marquis Spas - Best Feature-Rich Tubs

While Marquis Spas doesn't offer the best in terms of customization, all of the hot tubs that the company does offer come with some pretty incredible built-in features. The company came on the scene back in 1980 and partnered up with a number of high-profile celebrities to sell its spas. Nowadays, you can find dozes of Marquis Spas hot tubs to choose from, as well as a small line of swim spas.

Some of the best features found on Marquis Spas hot tubs include full cabinet foam insulation, entry lights, the Durabase foundation, and of course, the acrylic shell.

There are hot tubs that can fit anywhere from one to ten people in them with price points that range from $4,000 to $18,000.

In terms of warranties, Marquis Spas has a one-year warranty for most of its parts and a five-year warranty for heavy-duty fiberglass structures. It is worth noting that some parts of the Marquis warranty might be voided if you do not use one of the Marquis-built covers with your hot tub, so make sure that you read the fine print prior to making your purchase.

Our Marquis Spas Reviews explains all the features that come with each of the Marquis Spas' series.

#10 Cal Spas - Widest Range of Hot Tubs

Cal Spas has been in the game since 1978 and now has the widest range of hot tubs available on the market in an even wider range of price points. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly hot tub model or a high-end luxurious model, you can find what you are looking for with Cal Spas.

The company makes use of high-quality, ultra-durable acrylic shells that are surrounded by full cabinet insulation. All of the hot tubs in this hot tub brand come with targeted hydrotherapy systems for one of the best forms of muscle relief on the market today. Plus, there are tons of unique jet options ot choose from, perfect for total energy efficiency.

The FiberSteel construction is definitely something to boast about, as it is one of the reasons why these hot tubs last so long. There are 94 individual jets to choose from and capacities that range from three people to seven people depending on your size needs. Cal Spas even manufacturers a wide range of large swim spas for those who need even more room to enjoy.

As for the price, you can expect to spend anywhere from $3,000 on the low end to $20,000 on the high end depending on your budgetary restrictions. You can get a one-year limited warranty on the cabinets and a five-year shell structure warranty for the outer build.

We've got an entire Cal Spas Reviews page if you'd like more information on this top brand.

#11 PDC Spas - Best for Swim Spas

PDC Spas is certainly known for its wide array of swim spas, perfect for those looking for a mixture of relaxation and fitness. With tons of swim spa and hot tub combos to choose from, it is one of the most versatile spa brands on the market today.

 Plus, the brand manufactures a large line of high-capacity hot tubs, perfect for those with larger families or groups of friends.

In total, you can choose from 16 PDC Spas, ranging in capacity from three-person models all the way up to seven-person models. 

All of these hot tubs come with unique features that differentiate them from each other too, so you can get the diversity you're looking for under a single brand name.

The Lifestyle Series is definitely the most affordable series in the lineup, though many Luxury buyers lean towards the Luxury Series for some of the high-end features that it offers. If you're looking for a great warranty, you'll be happy to know that PDC Spas offers a 35-year warranty on all of its hot tubs in the Luxury Series or a ten-year warranty for the Lifestyle Hot Tubs.

Is PDC Spas the right choice for you?  Our PDC Spas Reviews will help you determine just that!

#12 Intex Inflatable Hot Tubs - Best for Portability

If you're in the market for an inflatable hot tub, then look no further than Intex inflatable hot tubs. 

Intex is one of the biggest brands in the United States when it comes to inflatable hot tub models, manufacturing hot tubs for families, couples, and individuals. 

You can find Intex inflatable hot tubs for around $500 on the refurb market, though you'll likely never pay more than $2,000, which is what makes these such a great option for budget buyers.

One of the main things to love about Intex is that the hot tubs it manufactures are inflatable and ultra-portable, great for those who are looking for something a bit less permanent.

Even so, these hot tubs are made to last. Compared to the original inflatable, the materials that Intex uses are plenty tough enough to withstand outdoor use, as well as harsher climates. All Intex hot tubs make use of three-ply material that is resistant to punctures. They are also reinforced with horizontal beams, allowing you to sit on the edge of the hot tub without worrying about it collapsing.

When it comes to the bubbles, Intex hot tubs make use of bubble jets. The Bubble Deluxe Set on the PureSpa Jet model comes with 140 jets, which is pretty amazing considering this is an inflatable hot tub. These jets all work in tandem to provide users with a relaxing water massage experience. While they aren't as powerful as normal jets, they can help soothe aches and pains.

#13 Canadian Spa Company - Best Plug n' Play Hot Tubs

Similar to Intex, the Canadian Spa Company offers a wide array of inflatable hot tubs, as well as swim spas, gazebos, saunas, and more.You can set up your entire outdoor space through the Canadian Spa Company's product line. 

The company has received awards for its high-end plug-n-play designs.

Plus, you can find these small hot tubs in a wide variety of hot big-box stores around the world.

The beauty of plug-n-play spas is that they don't require the same arduous installation process as traditional hot tubs, as they only need 110v of electricity to run. 

Because the electrical requirements of this hot tub are less demanding, you won't even have to worry about hot tub wiring as you would with the 220-240V models. 

When you're all done with your Canadian Spa Company hot tub experience, you can easily deflate it and store it away in your garage or outdoor shed.

If you're looking for a more traditional hot tub, you can go for one of the brand's wooden hot tubs that they supply as well. With low hot tub prices and easy-to-use spa models, Canadian Spa Company offers some of the best hot tubs for those who have never purchase a hot tub in their life.

#14 Dimension One Spas - Best for Design

Dimension One Spas is a brand that has been around since 1977 and has been pushing the limits of design ever since it came around. Dimension One also has one of the deepest and largest swim spa models in the world. Beyond the fact that Dimension One supplies some of the best designs in the world today, the company also has a wide variety of high-end features, which is why buyers are willing to spend a bit extra to enjoy them.

One of the things we truly love about the Dimension One Spas brand is the UltraPure Water Management System, which is made to keep your spa as clean as it possibly can. 

The beauty of the UltraPure Water Management System is that it reduces the chemicals that are necessary to keep your water in pristine condition.

The company has won plenty of awards for its features and its cleaning system. The hot tubs and swim spas in this lineup were also the very first fully-insulated models on the market today.

Visit our Dimension One Spas reviews article for a full evaluation of Dimension One Spas.

Alternative Brands To Consider

Final Thoughts - Finding the Best Hot Tub Brand for Your Needs

There you have it, the best hot tub brands on the market today.

We hope that this was helpful in narrowing down your choices so that you can find the best hot tub on the market for your needs. If we had to pick one of our favorite hot tub manufacturers on this list for those looking to buy a new hot tub, it would definitely be Bullfrog.

The company offers incredibly customizable hot tubs and makes use of a unique Hydrotherapy JetPak system, blowing most hot tubs out of the water.

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