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With an abundance of hot tub manufacturers to choose from, narrowing down the very best brand option for you can be a confusing process.

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We'll review 8 of the most trusted and reliable spa brands in the industry, highlighting the specific features offered by each brand. This way, you'll get a good grasp of the features that interest you most, and in which direction to continue your shopping.

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Number Of Hot Tub Models Offered

Range Of Seating Capacity Offered

Approximate Hot Tub Price Range

Top Features

Swim Spas Offered

Best For

21 models

2 - 6+ seats

$5,000 - $20,000 +

Ergonomic seats & hydromassage



29 models

3-10 seats

$8,000 - $25,000 +

JetPak System & WellSpring Filtration Pump


Large Sized Hot Tubs

18 models

2-8 seats

$5,000 - $16,000 +

FreshWater® Salt System  & Customizable massage


Comfort & Therapy

22 models

3-7 seats

$5,000-$18,000 +

Microsilk & Constantclean


High-Flow Therapy

21 models

2-8 seats

$4,000 - $15,000 +

Michael Phelps Series Spas & Biomagnetic Therapy


Olympic Athlete Endorsed Spas


3-7 seats

$5,000 - $12,000 +

Self-extinguishing Fire Feature & Fresh Water Mist System


Large Swim Spa Range


3-7 seats

$3,000 - $16,000 +

Variety of Jets & FreshWater® Salt System


Energy Efficiency


3-7 seats

$3,000 - $15,000 +

Adjustable Therapy System & Cal Salt Filtration


Large Selection Of Hot Tub Models

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Best Hot Tub Brands - The Top Eight

Jacuzzi - Best For Hydrotherapy

In the spa industry since the late 1970s, Jacuzzi is such a famous brand that people often refer to hot tubs in general as 'jacuzzis', regardless of the fact that this is actually a specific hot tub brand name. This hot tub company offers four energy-efficient hot tub collections plus a swim spa collection consisting of 5 models. 

They have twenty-one hot tub models with the smallest sized spa being able to accommodate 2 adults and the largest hot tub they do can seat 6+ adults. Jacuzzi offers large-sized luxury hot tubs which deliver the best hydrotherapy massages in their J-400 Designer Collection however, these also come with the highest price tag. 

Their J-300 Collection focuses on comfort and these hot tub models have plenty of hydrotherapy jets and ergonomic seats.

The J-200 Classic Collection has great features such as ergonomic hydrotherapy jet placement, cup-holders, and multicolored LED lights. If you are after portable spas the smallest series, the Play Collection offers plug-and-play spas.

Jacuzzi has plenty of dealers all over the US and they offer a wet test before you buy.

Bullfrog Spas - Best For Large-Sized Hot Tubs

For an excellent hot tub experience, consider a Bullfrog spa.

These hot tubs feature the JetPak Therapy System which gives you a whole heap of options for the arrangement of the hydrotherapy jets depending on what your needs are, be it full body massage or deep tissue massage, pick whichever JetPak set-up you want for your own tub.

Bullfrog Spas has five different hot tub series and produces a total of 29 different hot tubs.

The fully customizable M-Series has 4 luxury models, including a large hot tub that can seat 10 people.

The Stil Spa Series offers a unique, clean, and elegant modern-looking hot tub design with all the luxury features, such as a high number of jets, you would expect in a top brand. The smallest-sized hot tub they offer is a 3 person hot tub.

Bullfrog Spas energy-efficient spa models also have other great features such as the Wellspring filtration pump and water filtration system, LED lighting, plus an insulated locking cover that helps maintain the water temperature.

Caldera Spas - Best For Comfort & Therapy

Caldera Spas offer comfort and performance in all of their hot tubs. This spa business has been in the industry since the late 70s so has plenty of experience when it comes to great design and energy-efficient models.

Caldera Spas has 3 stunning hot tub collections, the Utopia, Paradise, and Vacanza, offering a total of 18 different hot tubs to choose from.

They have a smaller two-person hot tub as well as corner spas and a large 8-person hot tub in the Utopic Collection, which also features their most expensive luxury models with a large number of jets and lounge seats.

Some of their more luxury models feature their FreshWater® Salt System to keep the hot tub water clean and fresh. Other great Caldera hot tub features include a customizable massage system, adjustable jets, and deep seats.

Marquis Spas - Best For High-Flow Therapy

Offering some of the best hot tubs on the market, Marquis Spas have 22 stylish hot tub models from four collections.

They have 3 to 7 person hot tubs in their line-up and are a good brand to choose if you are after a 5 or 6 person hot tub in particular.

Marquis Spas hot tubs have three distinct features that set them apart from most hot tubs.

Their Microsilk feature with air bubble jets creates tiny microbubbles of oxygen that cleanse and exfoliate.

Constantclean is Marquis Spas' signature water filtration system and their hot tubs also feature high-flow therapy for a soothing massage.

Marquis Spas also have an excellent selection of swim spas, six models in total. Their swim spas are called Aquatic Training Vessels and are a brilliant piece of exercise equipment whilst still offering all the features of a hot tub.

Our Marquis Spas Reviews article covers Marquis' most popular models.

Master Spas - Best For Olympic Athlete-Endorsed Spas

Master Spas have a great selection of spas, with 21 models in four different collections of hot tubs. They have a good range of sizes from smaller 2-person hot tubs to larger 8-person hot tubs.

Master Spas have the Michael Phelps Legend Series, endorsed by the former US swimmer and most successful Olympic athlete of all time. With a large number of jets and lounge seats, you can really enjoy massage therapy.

These energy-efficient models also all have the Biomagnetic Therapy System which helps reduce inflammation and improve circulation. They also feature LED lighting and an insulated locking cover.

Their more affordable line, the Getaway Series features plug-and-play hot tubs if you are after a portable hot tub. This brand has a hot tub model to fit most budgets, in particular, they are more affordable if you are buying a model that can fit up to five people.

Master Spas also offer two premium swim spa lines with a total of 7 models including the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas.

Head over to our Master Spas Reviews page to see their models.

Catalina Spas - Best For Large Range Of Swim Spas

Catalina Spas is the original swim spa company having first introduced them in the early 80s.

They have a huge collection with 13 swim spa models to choose from, so you can enjoy an aquatic workout in your own backyard. 

If you are after a swim spa it is definitely worth checking out what Catalina Spas has to offer.

Catalina Spas have some of the most popular and best hot tubs on the market. 

Once you have chosen your hot tub model you can customize it from the number of jets to the LED lighting, to create your perfect hot tub.

Standard features include backlit jets, magnetic pillows, and a freshwater mist system. Catalina Spas luxury options include a self-extinguishing fire feature, LED-backlit water features, and floating crystal balls.

For a closer look, visit Catalina Spas Reviews.

Hot Spring - Best For Energy Efficiency

A Hot Springs hot tub is a great investment and they offer some of the best hot tubs available. They have 14 feature-rich hot tub models to choose from ranging from a 3 person hot tub to a 7-person hot tub.

Hot Spring hot tubs provide a unique hot water massage with low operating costs and maximum energy efficiency. All of the Hot Spring hot tubs feature the FreshWater® salt water systems and you can choose the variety and number of jets for your hot tub. Hot Springs offer a fabulous range of high-end, luxury hot tubs with a wide selection of colors for the interior and exterior cabinet. They also have plug-and-play hot tubs and portable hot tubs for if you are after something more affordable.

Cal Spas - Best For A Large Selection Of Hot Tub Models.

Cal Spas offers a huge range of hot tubs, 40 models in total.

You will be sure to find the best hot tub for your requirements with this hot tub company who has been in the spa industry for decades.

Cal Spas has four hot tub collections including more affordable, plug-and-play hot tubs, all the way up to feature-rich luxury hot tubs.

The Platinum Plus Collection of hot tubs features the largest number of jets in Cal Spas' line-up.

Cal Spas has some top features such as the Cal Salt Water Filtration System and the luxury Adjustable Therapy System with different pressure options, for the ultimate in hydrotherapy and massage.

The Cal Spa brand also has four swim spas models featuring their Swim-Pro technology letting you select different resistance settings so you can customize your workout.

Visit our Cal Spas Reviews page for more in depth information.

Factors To Consider

So we've looked at some of the best hot tub brands but before buying a new hot tub there are things that you should think about. Different brands have hot tub models with varying styles and features as well as price ranges. Let's take a closer look at some of the questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge.

What Size Hot Tub Do You Need?

Most spa companies produce hot tubs in a range of sizes to accommodate different numbers of users. In general, most spa companies produce models that can accommodate two people up to six or seven people.

If you are after a particularly small hot tub, say a one-person hot tub you may be limited as to which brands you can go with. The same is true of the larger hot tubs, eight-person and upwards.

Do You Have A Small Budget?

If you are on a tight budget and still want a tub that still has plenty of room, you could consider an inflatable hot tub. Inflatable hot tubs are generally much cheaper to buy than most standard acrylic hot tubs and there is no hot tub installation cost to worry about.

They do have some drawbacks though, inflatable hot tubs tend not to have water heaters and use air bubble jets rather than water jets to create the movement in the water. Inflatable hot tubs also tend not to have seating like in a traditional hot tub. If you are looking for inflatable hot tubs, remember that not all hot tub brands produce inflatable hot tubs.

Check what is included in the final price of your hot tub. Most brands include a hot tub cover but accessory items such as hot tub chemicals and hot tub steps can cost extra.

Do You Need A Portable Hot Tub?

If you renting or like to be moving house at some point it may be worth looking into portable hot tubs rather than going for an in-ground hot tub. A cheap option is going for an inflatable hot tub which can be set up and packed away with relative ease.

Another option is a plug-and-play hot tub. Not quite as portable as an inflatable spa since they can't be packed away as such, but they don't require installing to the same extent as a standard hot tub or in-ground hot tub, so can be moved if you wish.

Have You Considered Getting A Swim Spa?

Swim spas are a combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool designed to give you all the best of both worlds. A swim spa hot tub combo is a perfect choice if you want a hot tub and swimming pool, but just don't have the space for both.

Swim spas are also a good idea if you like to swim laps and are into aquatic exercise as well as relaxing massage therapy in a hot tub, plus swim spas are generally cheaper to install than a traditional in-ground swimming pool.

So, are swim spas worth it? If you are on the line about whether to go for a pool or a new hot tub then it is worth considering a swim spa. Please bear in mind that not all hot tub companies produce these though.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of excellent hot tub brands to choose from, so you are definitely not short on choice. Many of the hot tub companies we have looked at have been in the spa industry for decades and offer a great range of products.

In general, determining which hot tub brand is the best depends on your individual spa requirements, such as your budget, the amount of outdoor space you have available, the number of seats required, your hydrotherapy needs, and if you're choosing a more portable tub or special features such as a salt water system.

The hot tub market is huge, but we have looked at some of the best hot tub brands available. I hope our review of the top contenders on the market will help you find the perfect set up. We highly recommend doing your research before purchasing, and our Consumer Reports Hot Tubs article can help you find even more sources of hot tub information.

Make sure to select your hot tub preferences using the questionnaire below to receive quotes from several dealers in your area!

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