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Bullfrog Spas is an innovative company that carries a highly reputable name within the hot tub industry.

If you're not sure who to go with for your next hot tub purchase, we're here to explain how long Bullfrog spas generally last, how much they cost, and where to find them.

Let’s go on this adventure together and learn about the Bullfrog Spas hot tubs that Costco offers.

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If you are searching for pricing on the Costco website, you won't find it. This is because their prices vary depending on location, and as you go to different Costco Roadshows, they'll have different offers.

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Are Bullfrog Spas Worth It?

Are Bullfrog Spas Worth It

When considering if the purchase is worth it, you've got to take into account the features, quality, and durability.

Hot tub experts agree that Bullfrog Spas is a high-quality brand and one of the leading manufacturers in long-lasting and reliable hot tubs. These beauties are built to last, making this a long-term investment and far more worth your money than something that will fail within a few years.

Additionally, the technology used to create these spas allows for lower running costs, making them more cost-effective to use in the long run.

If you are looking for a cheap & simple spa then this is not going to be worth it to you because it will exceed your needs and your budget. Alternatively, if you are looking for a long-term investment and you are willing to pay for it, then this may be just what you need. 

Another factor to consider is where you are buying these hot tubs since they are available via a multitude of dealers. If you purchase one from Costco, then you will usually be faced with a simple transaction at a lower cost.

How Do Costco Roadshows Work?

You may have heard of the Bullfrog Spas Hot tubs being sold at Costco's Roadshows, so it is worth understanding how they work. Customers can purchase many hot tubs online via Costco's website as well, but the Bullfrog Spas hot tubs are sometimes only available via the Costco Roadshows, depending on time of year.

To find out where and when the next roadshow is, you can visit Costco's website and all the information will be there. Once you find the location and timing, remember that these roadshows usually don't last much more than a week.  

Roadshows are a chance for all the manufacturers, including Bullfrog spas, to display their hot tubs in a warehouse where you can view and compare the different models available. It is also a perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have about their products.

Bear in mind that you can only visit these roadshows if you already have a Costco membership, so make sure to get that sorted first or it will be a disappointing trip for non Costco members. Memberships can be acquired online or in your local store.

Roadshows happen regularly all over the states so don't assume that you have a long wait ahead of you. It is estimated that in the United States there are about 1,700 Costco roadshows from 70 brands every month. Certainly, there will be one you can visit without much difficulty.

Are There Other Costco Hot Tubs?

Though Bullfrog Spas are an elegant and modern option, there are several models from alternative brands that can be purchased through Costco as well. These include Aquaterra Hot Tubs, Evolution Spas, Essential Hot Tubs, Strong Spas, OC Hot Tubs, and Divine Hot Tubs. 

With such a wide range of hot tubs, you are almost spoiled when it comes to model choice. Costco is an easy place to buy from, so if you are planning on purchasing a hot tub from Costco, it might be worth your time to check out the alternatives as well. 

If you end up going with a Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub once you're finished with your research, you'll be able to rest easy, knowing for certain that you've made a well-informed final decision.

For additional model reviews for this brand, see our Bullfrog Spas Reviews page.

The Downside Of Buying From Costco

Since Costco is not a hot tub manufacturer, they lack the same options that you might find from the source. The customization and availability can be limited by what they have in stock. Whereas, when you purchase directly from hot tub dealers, you have the power to opt for any feature that strikes you, although this will come with an increased price tag.

Many people purchase from Costco because it is easy, but one of the largest drawbacks is the warranty which could make things difficult later on. Usually, Costco's hot tub warranties are slightly shorter than normal and often do not include labor, which could make any future maintenance and repairs quite costly. 

Lastly, the expertise and experience of personnel working in Costco are not hot tub specific. Hot tubs are just one of the hundreds of items they sell, so Costco employees are not focused on the intricate details that hot tub owners need to know.

at pool and spa industry dealers, you can usually get tips on water treatment, material and quality differences, features, maintenance, etc. but when buying hot tubs from Costco, it is best if you do your own research first.

Are Costco Hot Tubs A Good Deal?

Costco has been selling hot tubs for a long time now. They are recognized as a place to get the most cost-effective options because they keep their profit margins low. This sometimes means that they avoid the more luxurious items and brands. Thankfully, Costco has decided to include Bullfrog Spas hot tubs despite their extravagant nature.

To keep up their steady reputation, Costco ensures that they don't charge much above the base cost of an item. This is good news for you because 

Are Costco Hot Tubs A Good Deal review

despite Bullfrog Spas being a slightly more costly hot tub, Costco is sure to give you a decent price for what you are getting.

These low prices are reflected when purchasing a bullfrog spa online at Costco's website as well. Though pricing can vary from state to state, Costco will likely continue to offer slightly lower prices than other hot tub dealers.

It is interesting to note that though Costco's warranty is not great for hot tubs, their return policy has the best reputation around. One major benefit is that, if purchased through local Costco locations, customers can receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with the product.

Bullfrog's jetpak therapy system provides a powerful massage experience, and some models include calming waterfalls, adding soothing sounds to your already relaxing soak.

There are simpler and more cost-effective spa brand options at Costco. If you are looking for the cheapest option, bullfrog is not it. You will find better deals on other brands in Costco that far surpass Bullfrog Spas pricing, but the quality of those brands are not as high.

However, if you want something more upmarket, something classy and less conventional, then a Bullfrog Spas hot tub from Costco is a great deal. You get what you pay for, but you get it at a Costco's reduced price!

Where Are Bullfrog Spas Built?

Bullfrog Spas are sold in the USA along with 20 other countries. However, they are manufactured and put together right here in the United States. 

All the main work is done in Bullfrog Spas manufacturing facility in Utah where the brand made its start in 1996. However, materials are sourced from around the world. The CEO of Bullfrog Spas, Jerry Pasley stated that most of their spa components come from American companies, though some parts do come from other factories outside of the United States.

This makes Bullfrog Spas a great purchase for the socially-minded consumer. By purchasing from this brand you will be promoting the American economy and employment. 


In Conclusion

Bullfrog spa prices are perfect for those looking for that high-end luxury hot tub at the most economical cost possible. It is not for people looking for the cheapest option, but rather it is for someone who wants a more personalized hot tub for their home. 

These are reliable and long-lasting hot tubs, making them a worthy investment but it must be noted that Costco's warranty is not the best. We advise doing your research on owning a hot tub before you purchase from Costco, as the staff there are not always trained to teach you everything you need to know before you buy.

The pricing is unparalleled, and Costco offers a very flexible return policy, making this a worthwhile investment with very few potential issues. You can buy these hot tubs at the Costco roadshow, where you'll have access to other brands as well. Its always a good idea to check out the competition, giving you an optimum chance at picking the right hot tub for you, though we can say with some certainty that the Bullfrog series line offers the most luxury in comparison to the alternative Costco hot tub options.

However, if you are on the hunt for even higher luxury hot tub brands, Jacuzzi and Cal Spas have very sophisticated models in their line up. We believe they are two of the best places to shop for those in the market for a bit more refinement in their hot tub design.

We hope you have enjoyed our tour of Bullfrog Spas at Costco and that you find the spa of your dreams. Then you can sit back, relax, enjoy a peaceful spa experience, and quality time with your friends and family.

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