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Bullfrog Spas is one of the top hot tub brands within the industry.

But does that mean they are right for you? What features do their models have? And how much will a Bullfrog Spas hot tub cost you?

We're here to answer all of your questions. Our goal is that by the end of reading this article, you'll know with certainty whether or not the Bullfrog Spas brand has everything you're looking for.

Let's dive in! 

Our Top Choices For Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas M9 Review

1. Bullfrog Spas M Series

  • The Elite Option
  • 3 Models To Choose From
  • 9-10 Person Capacity
  • Includes 6-7 Jetpacks
  • Multi-Function Auxiliary Controls
  • STIL7-top Model

    2. Bullfrog Spas STIL Series

    • The Modern Luxury Option
    • 2 Models To Choose From
    • 4-6 Person Capacity
    • Includes 3 Jetpacks
    • Enhanced Self Regulating Water Care
    A8L-Top Model Review

    3. Bullfrog Spas A Series

    • The High-End Option
    • 9 Models To Choose From
    • 3-9 Person Capacity
    • Includes 3-7 Jetpacks
    • Touchscreen Controls
    R5L-Top Review

    4. Bullfrog Spas R Series

    • The Mid-Range Option
    • 7 Models To Choose From
    • 3-8 Person Capacity
    • Includes 2-4 Jetpacks
    • Premium Waterfalls
    X8-top Model Review

    5. Bullfrog Spas X Series

  • The Cost-Effective Option
  • 7 Models To Choose From
  • 3-8 Person Capacity
  • Includes 21-44 Jets
  • Mood Lighting
  • Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

    Price Guide: How Much Do Bullfrog Spas Cost?

    Bullfrog Spas took the #1 place on our Best Hot Tub Brands list because they are an extremely versatile brand that specializes in allowing you to personalize and customize the spa that you purchase. Therefore, the prices can range greatly depending on the options and features that you choose to include. 

    You won't be able to find their exact prices on their website because each retailer sets their own price. Our guideline will give buyers a better idea of what to expect when buying this brand. 

    The most basic hot tubs in the X Series range from about $6,000-8,000, the R Series hot tubs will likely cost you between $9,000-12,000, and the A-Series or STIL Series will be from $13,000-19,000. The M Series starts a bit over $19,000 and goes up further to $20,000 and beyond.

    With a decent range of prices, there is something to match almost everyone's budget. Bullfrog Spas offers prices from low to high-end depending on what you are looking for. And they're also sold at Costco.

    Because each retailer is able to set their own pricing, you want to make sure to get the lowest quote!  It makes sense to save money.  However, it can be very time consuming to do all the research yourself, and that's where our free service comes in! Click the button below for the lowest quotes based on your specified region.

    Most Popular Bullfrog Hot Tub Models

    Bullfrog Spas M9

    If we're discussing the best of the best, then the M9 must come first on the list.

    This luxury-tier model is the largest hot tub that Bullfrog Spas offers and its unique jetpak therapy system delivers the most comprehensive massage experience that you could possibly ask for.

    We can't think of any other hot tub produced by any other manufacturer that has as much wow factor as the M9. It has potential to be the shining oasis of prestige within your home.  If you want grandeur and magnificence, I think you just found it. 

    Bullfrog Spas STIL 7

    The Sleek and lustrous opulence of this spa makes it look like something from the future. If you want contemporary with an added touch of simplicity then the Stil 7 fulfills both needs with ease. 

    These hot tubs won the IF design award because of their simple beauty and attractive layout. With 2 lounge seats, an open concept seating design, and reclinable seating options, this is a glossy and stylish hot tub.

    The rectangular layout allows for multiple people to sit opposite each other, making a comfortable social experience with a lot of room for conversation. 

    Bullfrog Spas A8L

    The L in the name represents the lounge seating featured in this model.

    Though a very different style to the STIL options, this hot tub is just as luxurious, but with a unique attire.

    This tub comes with 18 different Jetpack modules to choose from within the jetpak therapy system, making it a great spa for a customizable hydrotherapy massage experience.

    If you want to unwind and have a therapeutic massage that loosens up all those tense muscles then this is a superb option to select. 

    The A8L also has a wide range of other optional add-ons that include upgrades to the filter system, LED lighting, and audio system.

    Bullfrog Spas R5L

    If you want the most cost-effective option that still includes the patented jetpack system - this is it.

    This is a nice cozy 2-3 person hot tub that creates an intimate and enjoyable spa experience and shows you exactly how you can drop down in size without sacrificing quality.

    The benefits of R5L are that it will fit through most doorways, will be easy to deliver to most properties, and therefore it will also fit into some of the smaller spots where other models would have trouble. 

    This model also comes with a plug-and-play option making it easy to use right from the moment it arrives at your home. 

    Bullfrog Spas X8

    Some people want a reasonably cost-effective hot tub without downgrading to one of the cheaper, less reliable brands.

    If that is the case for you, we recommend buying the X8. 

    The X8 is the ultimate economical choice for a large spa within Bullfrog Spas hot tubs' extensive selection.

    Though there are smaller hot tubs within the same brand that might be slightly less money, the X8 is worth every cent.

    It has 44 jets, space for 8 people, and is a fantastic, affordable hot tub that is also kind to your bank account balance. 

    Though it does not include the patented jetpak system, it does include a good quantity of standard jets, providing an enjoyable hydro massage.

    Pros & Cons

    Bullfrog Spas has shaken up what can sometimes be a slightly stagnant industry. With their modern designs and innovative, unique jetpak therapy system, owners can fully customize their massage experience exactly to their liking.

    With close to 30 models to choose from, a wide range of pricing that can accommodate most budgets, and 3-10 person capacity, we certainly cannot complain about a lack of selection. As a company overall, Bullfrog hot tubs caters to clients of all needs, though it has to be noted that where they really thrive is in the higher-end hot tub series. 

    For many brands, having a patented system means that owners may struggle to get parts when they need replacing down the line. However, this is offset by the popularity and fame of this brand. Since Bullfrog Spas are so well known and widely distributed, even though they have a patented system, you should still be able to get the parts you need without much difficulty.

    When it comes to the cons, there really isn't much that we can pick up on. Everyone loves this brand and we can see why. The few negative reviews that we have seen seem to be isolated cases and for once we have been unable to find any substantial criticisms for this brand.

    If we had to chose a downside, it might be the warranty. Their warranties vary greatly from really good to mediocre. So we would advise that you carefully review which warranty is applicable to the model you are purchasing.

    How Do Bullfrog Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

    Against the competition, Bullfrog Spas are doing very well indeed. Bullfrog Spas is always in the top 10, usually in the top 5, and often in the number 1 slot for best hot tub brands. 

    This being said, not everyone is keen on the style or features that Bullfrog Spas has to offer. If you want to further explore the market then maybe we can head you in the right direction. 

    If instead of the Jetpack system you would like to have a look at another unique Jet system, you head over to Sundance Spas and review their Patented Fluidix Jets.

    Another great option worth researching is Cal Spas who offers quite a few cost-effective choices and options. 

    The Final Verdict

    Bullfrog Spas is at the top of its game. Very rarely do we find a brand that is so well put together that we struggle to find any faults. By no means does it mean they are perfect or invincible, but they are certainly a top-of-the-line brand that offers some really beautiful and high-quality products.

    This is a company that we can and do recommend to both new hot tub buyers as well as those that have had years of experience in the industry. Whether you are looking for comfort, relaxation, socialization, or the ultimate customizable hydrotherapy treatment, then Bullfrog is the place to go for your ultimate hot tub. 

    The pricing is as varied as are the options from which to choose. Whatever you need- large or small, mid tier to high tier, the Bullfrog Spas hot tub company has it all. The only reason you might choose to search somewhere else is if you are looking for a very specific seating arrangement, style, or a feature that bullfrog does not currently offer. 

    If this is the case for you, then feel free to have a look around and peer into what some of the other hot tub brands offer. Surely you will find the absolute perfect hot tub for your needs, even if it doesn't happen to be one of Bullfrog spas hot tubs.

    For free quotes in your locale, click the button below!  We match you with the lowest hot tub price quotes based on your spa specifications and region.  Get Started today!

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