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Ranked the #1 global manufacturer of home resort products, the Cal Spas hot tub brand is worth considering. 

But does Cal Spas offer the specific features you're looking for in your dream hot tub? 

This article is tailored to help answer all of your questions and narrow down your buying options. 

Let's jump in, examine Cal Spas pricing and review the 4 series they offer.

Our Top Choices For Cal Spas

Patio Spa Series Review

1. Patio Spa Series

  • Cost-Effective Option
  • Smallest Spas
  • 3-6 Person Capacity
  • Includes 31-34 Jets
Escape Spa Series Review

2. Escape Spa Series

  • Mid-Range Option
  • Chance To Upgrade To X Series
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • 6-7 Person Capacity
  • Includes 39-67 Jets
Platinum Spa Series Review

3. Platinum Spa Series

  • Luxury Option
  • Cal Connect
  • ATS Controls & Seats
  • 6 Person Capacity
  • Includes 92-94 Jets
Swim Spa Series Review

4. Swim Spa Series

  • Offers Both Exercise & Relaxation
  • Chance To Upgrade To X Series
  • 11-12 Person Capacity
  • Includes 25-81 Jets

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Cal Spa Prices

If you have been searching for a hot tub for a while, there's no doubt you've noticed that most big hot tub companies don't display the cost on their website. This is because different locations and vendors have distinct pricing on the exact same hot tubs.

We have reviewed a wide range of what is offered through various dealers, and we found is that Cal Spas has some of the most varied pricing that we have seen in any brand. 

Most manufacturers go from low-mid range prices or mid-high range prices, but this is not the case with Cal Spas. In fact, their pricing varies so much that they can be counted among the most cost-effective as well as the most expensive hot tub companies on the market simultaneously.

Whether you are looking for a $3,000 hot tub or a $20,000 hot tub, Cal Spa has an option that will match your budget. 

No matter your budget, you can save time and simplify your shopping experience by getting several quotes with a single request.  Click the button below to get information on the lowest spa prices in your area!

Cal Spas Hot Tub Models

Cal Spas offers a current total of 51 different models that have been grouped into 6 different series. This is twice as many models than most other manufacturers offer. With this brand, you certainly won't have to worry about having enough options to choose from. 

Since discussing each of the 51 models would be far too extensive, we've chosen to review the six different series under which all their models are housed.

These series are the Patio Spa Series, Escape Spa Series, Escape Spa X Series, Platinum Spa Series,  Swim Spa Series, and the Swim Spa X Series.

Patio Spa Series

Patio Spas are, as the name implies, perfect for placing on a small patio in your backyard. These are the most budget-friendly, cost-effective options for those that don't want to have to break their piggy bank in order to enjoy a hot tub.

Without much need for customization, this friendly lineup of hot tubs comes with a 6.0 BHP pump, cascade waterfall, and a 5.5Kw Titanium heater. Within the 4 models available there is a range of 3-6 person capacity and 31-34 jets.

These are also Cal Spas hot tubs most size-friendly spas, making them more ideal than the other series for tight spaces or limited social areas. As with most smaller cost-effective spas, the Patio Series comes with plug-and-play technology allowing you to start it up as soon as you get it home.

Escape Spa Series

With a lineup of 14 models to choose from, this series boasts a great selection. Not to mention the additional 16 models within the Escape X series. If you are looking for an ideal hot tub that you can use each and every day, this might just be the right one for you.

The Escape series are all 6 person hot tubs with one model that can accommodate 7. These large hot tubs are perfect for families and friends alike. This series accentuates the social experience that a hot tub can bring into your life. 

Complete with dual 6.0 BHP pumps, 39-67 Jets, a cascade waterfall, Cal-armor spa cover, Elite Polymer cabinet panels, and Touch2 LCD touchscreen controls, these Cal Spas hot tubs have all the main features that make up a great hot tub. 

If you want to upgrade even further, however, there is the Escape Spa X Series that include premium features as standard. With an upgraded exterior that creates a natural wood look, improved horizontal cabinets, and corners that have Beam LED lighting, this is the next level up for an aesthetically pleasing delight. 

Platinum Spa Series

The Platinum series is fantastic series of Cal Spas hot tubs for people who take their spa experience seriously and want the best of the best. 

2 great features within this series are the Cal Connect and the ATS Controls. Cal Connect allows you to connect your spa up to smart devices like Alexa so you can shout out “Alexa, heat up my spa” and have it ready for you to use without having to manually get it ready yourself.

The ATS Controls are designed specifically for Cal Spas patented ATS seats where you can control and customize your own experience so that you get the absolute 

best from your time in the tub. If your focus is on the hydrotherapy massage then this is a feature that you should pay attention to. 

There is only a small selection of 4 hot tub models within the platinum series but they all can seat 6 people comfortably and have between 92 and 94 jets, providing that great water cure to your aches and pains.

Swim Spa Series

When you combine the ultimate relaxation experience with the chance to get some healthy exercise in, this is what you get. The Cal Spas' Swim Spa series offers swim spas that are designed to match both your needs for hydrotherapy as well as your need to work out daily.

With only 2 models to choose from, plus 2 models within the Cal Spas' Swim Spa X series, this is a small selection of well-crafted aquatic creations giving you both a hot tub and a gym within one nice, neat 

package. Cal Spas' swim spas are designed for 11-12 people. The jet options range from 25-81 jets, showing that there is a big jump in ability from one model to the other. It is also worth noting that though a 12-person spa only has 1 more person capacity, it is almost 50” longer than the 11-person model. 

Similar to the Escape Spa series, you have the option to upgrade to the Cal Spas Swim Spa X series, bringing you a range of additional features of both ergonomic and aesthetic value. Though the Platinum Spa series is the luxury hot tub option, the Swim Spa series offers even more features and benefits for regular use for you and your family. 

These spas allow you to stay fit by taking a nice swim or engaging in water-based exercises. Then when you are all worn out, you can sit back, relax and enjoy everything that these spas have to offer in the hydrotherapy space.

Pros & Cons  

When you go online and take a look at websites that review Cal Spas, previous customers mostly have positive things to say, with many good mentions of great customer service. When it comes to repairs, the parts are fairly easy to acquire since it is such a well-known and widely distributed brand. Almost everyone has heard of Cal Spas, which means you won't struggle to find replacement parts.

The warranty is quite unique in the way it's put together. Rather than having a single Cal Spas warranty for their hot tubs, each warranty is individualized by series. This means that most of their spas have a 10-year structural warranty, a 7-year finish warranty, and then 5-year plumbing, equipment, and cabinet warranty. However, the Patio Series only has a 5-year structural warranty, a 2-year equipment/plumbing warranty, and a 1-year cabinet warranty. These warranties allow you to put extensive trust in some of their parts, but definitely not much in their patio series cabinet which they only cover for 1 year. 

When it comes to selection within this spa company, you are really spoiled for choice. However, they seem to capitalize on 6 person hot tubs and do not offer many smaller options. This makes them a great option if you're looking to accommodate larger groups, but not so great if you want for a more intimate 2-3 person spa experience.

Competing Alternatives

Whether you like what you see or not, it never hurts to look around a bit before making a serious investment. After all, this spa is going to be part of your home and your life for many years to come.

If you want something durable that will last you a long time, then the company to check out would be Strong Spas. On the other hand, if you want something high-end and just slightly different from Cal Spas, we recommend looking into what Sundance Spas have to offer.

Whichever one you choose should match your lifestyle, bank account, desired features, and social preferences. We are sure the right hot tub is out there for you! 

Final Verdict

Cal Spas' success in the hot tub industry is not just due to good marketing. Rather, they are a large company who builds quality products and lovely hot tubs that everyone can enjoy. A large number of satisfied customers have ranked Cal Spas highly on customer service.

With such an enormous range of models, features, and prices it is doubtful that you would need to go anywhere else for your perfect hot tub unless you are specifically looking for something smaller. 

Catering for almost every situation, Cal Spas is a reliable and quality company where you can get a wonderful hot tub that you will surely enjoy for years to come. The Cal Spas company has made itself one of the leading hot tub brands on the market. 

For specific pricing on hot tubs in your area based on your preferences and price range, click the button below! We provide free hot tub quotes, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

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