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With dozens of manufacturers to choose from in the home spa market, it can be hard to select the best hot tub. Your local Caldera dealer is on commission and wants to make a sale, so may not be the best person to ask weather or not a Caldera Spas hot tub is the answer.

In my Caldera Spas hot tub reviews, I'll run through their most popular spa models, and provide oversight as to how they hold up against other spa manufacturers.

Read on, as I'll help you decide whether a Caldera spa really is right for you.

Our Top Choices For Caldera Spas


1. Cantabria

  • 8 seats
  • 74 jets
  • Lounge seat, Atlas neck massage jets, Ultramasseuse system
  • Best 8-seater spa

2. Tahitian

  • 6 seats
  • 46 jets
  • Lounge seat, Spa-Glo colored LED lighting, Aquarella Waterfall feature
  • Best 6-seater spa

3. Seychelles

  • 6 seats
  • 43 jets
  • Ultramassage lounge seat, Sole Soothers jets, FreshWater salt water system
  • Best mid-range hot tub

4. Aventine

  • 2 seats
  • 14 jets
  • SpaFrog In-line bromine & mineral water system, dual-speed jet pump, 8 directional & 6 AdaptaFlo jets
  • Best budget corner spa

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Price Guide: How Much Does A Caldera Hot Tub Cost?

As price ranges go, a Caldera Spas hot tub isn't going to be as cheap as those from less exclusive spa brands. However, you can still get something in their Vacanza range for around $7,000 dollars (excluding any special offers).

At the other end of the scale, their luxury salt water system compatible Utopia line starts from around $13,000 and can go significantly higher depending on the size and what sort of extras you're looking for. Most hot tubs from Caldera Spas' mid-range Paradise series sit somewhere in between, at around $11,000-$13,000.

If you love the idea of a luxury hydrotherapy spa (or need the therapeutic benefits) but are a little short on ready cash to afford Caldera Spas prices upfront, finance options are available via your local dealer.

Of course, instead of spending hours calling local dealers to compare prices, click the button below to get multiple price quotes based hot tub preferences and location!  Not only can we save you lots of time, but lots of money as well.

Most Popular Caldera Spas Models

1 - Best Luxury 8 Seater - Cantabria (Utopia Series)

The Cantabria is Caldera Spas' top-of-the-line massage therapy hot tub. At a very spacious 9’ x 7’7” x 38”, there's plenty of room for all 8 seats to be occupied, and one of these comes in the form of a full lounger for ultimate relaxation. This comfort is also aided by the contoured pillows at four of the seating positions.


If your main reason for buying a hot tub is for hydrotherapy, whether for easing muscular pain or releasing stress, the Cantabria is a step above the competition, including the rest of the Utopia series. 

The 74 jets are made up of 7 different types for specific purposes including Atlas neck massage jets, pulsing jets, and orbital jets.

The lounge seat features Caldera's Ultramasseuse system. The choice of 3 speeds and 6 sequences means you can always get exactly the massage experience for your needs. The directionally adjustable jets also allow a more tailored feel for each user.

Water Care

With many spa manufacturers, the biggest hassle of ownership is the constant cleaning and maintenance required due to deteriorating water quality. Caldera Spas' Utopia Series hot tubs take a lot of the stress out of monitoring water chemistry. You won't have to manually add chemicals thanks to their FreshWater salt system and (optional) corona discharge ozonators.

The salt water unit uses a cartridge that only needs to be changed approximately once every four months to automatically set the salt and chlorine levels. Water can be kept clean for up to a year without needing to be changed. Customers rave about this feature, saying not only have been spared a lot of maintenance compared to their expectations, but the water smells good, feels better on their skin, and is less drying than chlorine-only systems.

Extra Options

As you'd expect from a high-end spa bath, there are plenty of accessories and optional extras to choose from if you so wish. Aside from the fun stuff like Bluetooth-enabled entertainment systems and LED-lit waterfall features, one option really stands out. Caldera offers the upgrade to a Cool Zone system so, if you live somewhere with very warm summers (like me), your "hot" tub can actively cool the water for a refreshing escape from the daytime heat.

2 - Best 6 Seater Spa - Tahitian (Utopia Series)

The Caldera Tahitian may be smaller than the Cantabria at 7' x 7' x 36", but don't expect a commensurate drop in luxury.

The lounger seat has a similar massage lounger configuration as its bigger brother in the Utopia line, while the 5 other seats feature a range of jet positions and types of jets aimed at providing a host of soothing options.


The stylish Avante cabinet featured in the Utopia Series Caldera spas is available in 3 tasteful colors, brownstone, slate, and sand, to fit with any backyard or patio area. 

The shell also has several color options and the custom-built cover is colored to fit with the options you choose for your hot tub.

Once in operation, the Tahitian features Spa-Glo colored LED lighting, and the Aquarella Waterfall feature (also present in the Cantabria) is also LED-lit.


All controls for Caldera Spas are centered around an LCD touchscreen system, so you can increase the temperature, check on the water care's salt system, control the flow and pattern of jet activation, and adjust the lighting effortlessly. If you opt to purchase additional entertainment systems, the Wireless sound system and 22" HD monitor can be controlled from this unit as well.

The Tahitian also has an auxiliary panel on the opposite side of the hot tub from the main touchscreen controls, allowing you to control the lighting or activate the jets without having to move from your seat.

3 - Best Mid-Range Hot Tub - Seychelles (Paradise Series)

Although the Caldera Spas Paradise Series doesn't feature quite as many bells and whistles as their Utopia range, getting a slightly cheaper spa doesn't mean losing out on the key benefits.

The Seychelles spas, for example, share many features with the more expensive Tahitian model hot tubs.


Like the Tahitian, the Seychelles spa is a six-seater with one Ultramassage lounge seat. Many of the same massage options are included such as adjustable jets, lumbar massage, and Sole Soothers. 

The two hot tubs are even identical in overall dimensions.

Aside from similar massage features, Seychelles model hot tubs are also compatible with the same FreshWater salt water system as Utopia spas. Caldera spas tubs keep these additional options available through much of their range, so you can still get Cool Zone technology, Bluetooth sound system, and Spa Glo lighting even if you don't want to fork out for the most expensive Caldera spa models.


Of course, the Seychelles tub isn't quite as fancy as the very best hot tub models offered by Caldera Spas. That said, the differences only really matter if you have specific requirements.

In massage terms, the Paradise Series don't have the Atlas neck massage system. They also use 2 pumps instead of 3, so if you need regular deep-tissue hydrotherapy you might prefer the extra pressure of a Utopia model. For relaxation use though, any variation is minimal.

The cabinet also differs between the lines, with Paradise Series hot tub featuring a slatted wood-effect Eco-tech cabinet rather than the Avante.

4 - Best Budget Corner Spa - Aventine

The Aventine, although not exactly a low-budget spa, is the cheapest of these reviews. Caldera Spas Vacanza Series hot tubs aim to maximize user enjoyment without undue expense and this 5'4" x 5'4" x 29", 2-person corner tub definitely fits the bill.

Spa Performance

Being a smaller unit, the Aventine doesn't require a separate circulation pump. One pump (the same dual-speed jet pump featured on the Seychelles model) is plenty powerful enough to run the jets which, in turn, helps keep the running costs down. 

With 8 directional and 6 AdaptaFlo jets, the options for massage configuration may be more limited but the effectiveness of the available positions in soothing body and mind most certainly is not.

Water Care And Maintenance

This is one area in which the difference in price results in a complete shift in technology. Instead of the salt water unit featured with the Paradise and Utopia ranges, this hot tub uses an in-line bromine and mineral system by SpaFrog, so the water is closer to that of a standard swimming pool. In order for the water care system to work correctly, it needs to be monitored more closely.




Water Care



Best For

F9’ x 7’7” x 38”


(1 lounger)

Feature 1

FreshWater Salt System

2 Dual-Speed

1 Single-Speed


8 Seater Spa

7’ x 7’ x 36”


(1 lounger)

FreshWater Salt System

2 Dual-Speed

1 Single-Speed


6 Seater Spa

F7’ x 7’ x 36”


FreshWater Salt System

1 Dual-Speed

1 Single-Speed


Mid-Range Hot Tub

5'4" x 5'4" x 29"



1 Dual-Speed


Budget Corner Spa

Pros & Cons


  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish design
  • Lots of options for customization
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean


  • High purchase price
  • Variable warranty duration
  • A few customers complained about regular repairs (although these were covered by warranty)

How Do Caldera Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

As spa brands go, Caldera has a lot going for them. They may not be the cheapest spas, but you get a lot for your money. Their hot tub range is extensive, with five spas in the Utopia Series and six in each of the others. Whatever you're after, they're bound to have a product that is just the right fit.

The care and quality which go into each Caldera spa really show through in the careful placement of jets, selection of accessories on offer, and the whole "feel" of the product. Some customers have reported teething troubles (some of which may have been due to user error anyway), and that their hot tub needed repair shortly after the installation. However, the general impression in these cases is that tech support provided an excellent service in getting issues rectified under warranty.

Caldera hot tubs are also highly energy-efficient, mainly due to the FiberCor insulation, although energy efficiency is also improved by other choices in design and configuration. Combined with the reduced maintenance costs associated with their water care systems, the reduced overall running cost of Caldera hot tubs will help offset any initial price difference.

The Final Verdict

When all is said and done, Caldera Spas offer an extensive range of high-quality hot tubs and accessories. They sport very good massage features, are low maintenance, and are backed by a responsive tech support department if anything does go wrong. If you're looking to purchase a backyard spa of your own, and their prices fit your budget, Caldera is an excellent choice.

The last thing we want you to do is overpay for your new hot tub. Luckily, we offer a service to help match people with hot tub companies based on their preferences. Click the button below and enter in your ideal spa preferences to learn more!

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