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Are you thinking about buying a California Cooperage spa? You've heard the name and know that this company is well established in the hot tub industry, but which exact model is right for you?

Continue reading as we explain all the features of California Cooperage hot tubs and review their 4 most popular models.

Which model will you choose?

Our Top Choices For California Cooperage Hot Tub

Model 380

1. Model 380

  • 7 seats
  • 45 jets
  • Acupressure Shiatsu massage seat, cushioned pillows ,BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation System
  • Most luxurious spa
Model 311

2. Model 311

  • 6 seats
  • 34 jets
  • Lounge seat, calf jets, DuraMaaxTM cabinetry
  • Best for families
Model 102 Review

3. Model 302

  • 2 seats
  • 23 jets
  • Corner spa, drink holders, molded grab bars
  • Best for couples
Model 71

4. M71

  • 5 seats
  • 27 jets
  • Lounge seat, thermo-plastic siding, programmable filter cycles
  • Best plug-and-play spa

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Company Information

In the early 1970s, California Cooperage manufactured the first mass-produced natural redwood hot tubs. These natural wood tubs are seen as the 'original' hot tubs and were popular throughout California and beyond.

The California Cooperage manufacturing business was then acquired by Maax Spas around a decade ago. They redesigned their rustic models, combining durability with modern hydrotherapy and jetting systems, and efficient cleaning and heating systems. In keeping with the original California Cooperage look, they've maintained all the fun, romance and mystique.

Moving forward to the present day, Maax Spas now offers two spa brands, American Whirlpool and Vita Spa.

The California Cooperage store, also known as Cal Cooperage or California Spas and Hot Tubs is still in business but they sell spas by the companies, Bullfrog, CalSpas, and Nordic.

Price Guide: How Much Does A California Cooperage Hot Tub Cost?

The cost of your hot tub will depend on the model and features you choose. Your location will also affect the final cost when you take into account the delivery.

Installation costs should also be considered. Plug-and-play spa models are generally cheaper than standard spas and don't require an electrician for the wiring so have lower installation costs.

Like many spa companies, prices are available by quotation only since there are so many different combinations of features. In general, you should be able to get a California Cooperage spa for between about $3,000 and $15,000.

Everyone wants the best deal, so instead of spending hours calling or emailing your local spa dealers to compare pricing, we bring the quotes to you! By clicking the button below, you will get multiple quotes based on your specific location and hot tub preferences. 

Most Popular Hot Tub Models

This hot tub brand has changed a lot since the wood-fired redwood tubs. Let's take a closer look at some of the more recent most popular California Cooperage hot tub models after they joined with Maax Spas.

Model 380 - Most Luxurious Spa

The largest spa by California Cooperage is the 380 model. This spacious square-shaped spa measures 91"x 91" x 38" and can accommodate six to seven adults, making it perfect for entertaining with lots of company.

It has 45 jets including footwell jets and an Acupressure Shiatsu massage seat plus four cushioned pillows, for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Two 2.5 horsepower pumps power these massage jets so you can really lay back, relax and forget about the world. 

Standard features of this spa are a treated wood frame, DuraMaaxTM Cabinetry, and BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation System.

 Premium spa features include an illuminated waterfall, LED lights, drink holders, four molded grab bars, spa covers, and filter cycles which are programmable.

There are several optional features such as a Bluetooth music system, neck relief station, stainless steel jets, blower with air injector, CleanZoneTM system, and CleanZoneTM II UV system for clean water.

This spa has temperature sensors in the spa wall and mechanical sensor switches that closely monitor the water temperature so you know the conditions of your spa at the touch of a button.

The durable exterior for this spa comes in a choice of three attractive colors, mocha, gray, or teak. For the acrylic interior, there are a whopping ten different color options.

Model 311 - Best For Families

Model 311 measures 82.5" x 82.5" x 35" and has seating for six adults.

It's one of the mid-range spas so it's a great choice for families as it has plenty of room company but it is less expensive than some of the other larger tubs.

It has thirty-four jets including calf jets so it's ideal for massaging those tired legs.

It also has three cushions and a lounge seat for ultimate comfort relaxation.

Standard features of this spa include one 3 horsepower pump, treated wood frame, the BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation System, spa covers, and the DuraMaaxTM Cabinetry which is available in three different colors.

It has the same premium and optional features, and interior acrylic color options as the more luxurious 380 model.

Model 102 - Best For Couples

The 102 is a delightful compact spa measuring 78 ” x 66.5” x 30".

It is a triangular-shaped spa so is perfect for a cozy corner spot next to a wall.

This spa has twenty-three hydrotherapy jets and two ergonomically designed seats with cushioned headrests, one of which is a lounge seat so it is ideal for relaxing in.

There are two drink holders as standard for this California Cooperage spa, so you can enjoy a beverage with a loved one whilst you chill out together. 

Other standard features include a 1.5 horsepower pump, treated wooden frame, DuraMaaxTM Cabinetry, programmable filter cycles, spa covers, BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation, and molded grab bars.

Optional extras for this lovely corner spa include stainless steel jets and the CleanZoneTM system.

M71 - Best Plug-And-Play Spa

If you are after something more affordable or portable, consider getting a plug-and-play spa. This type of 115V spa has much lower installation costs compared to standard 240V as you don't need the services of an electrician to wire it in.

The M71 is California Cooperage's largest plug-and-play model. Enjoy a little bit of luxury at home in this five-seater tub, including a lounge seat, which measures 83” x 73” x 34”.

It has twenty-seven stainless steel therapy jets powered by a 1 horsepower pump.

Other standard features of the M71 include three drink holders, molder grab bars, programmable filter cycles, BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation.

Two stylish color combinations are available for all of the plug-and-play spas including the M71, silver marble acrylic inside with the gray exterior, or the Sahara acrylic inside with the mocha exterior.

It also has Thermo-Plastic Siding for the exterior. This practically maintenance-free feature has a wood grain pattern plus it is ecologically friendly and resistant to impacts.

Seating Capacity






91”x 91” x 38”

82.5”x 82.5”x 35”

78”x 66.5”x 30"

83” x 73” x 34”


2 x 2.5 HP pumps

1 x 3 HP pump

1 x 1.5 HP pump

1 x 1 HP pump

Number of Jets





Water Capacity

400 gallons

315 gallons

140 gallons

290 gallons

Weight (filled)

4025 lbs

3265 lbs

1638 lbs

2890 lbs

Top Features

Acupressure Shiatsu Massage Seat & Footwell Jets

Calf Jets & Lounge Seat

Drink holders & Molded Grab Bar

Stainless Steel Jets & Thermo-Plastic Siding

Best For

Most Luxurious Spa

Best For Families

Best For Couples

Best Plug-And-Play Spa

How Does This Brand Stack Up Against The Competition?

To see how Cal Cooperage compares to some other spa brands, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of going with this brand.


Since joining with Maax Spas the Cal Cooperage spas feature many of their high-tech systems and quality design features. They also offer a great range that will suit pretty much any budget, from the more affordable plug-and-play models to the high-end luxury spas.

These spas have lots of great features including BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation. This uses environmentally-friendly, chemical irritant-free insulation which is made from recycled cotton fibers and has been approved by the US Green Building Council. This system of insulation is very energy efficient, surpassing the strict standards of the California Energy Commission by up to 20%.

These spas have great water cleaning systems. The CleanZoneTM II uses UVC light to kill 99.9% of bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms in the water and is available as an option in higher-end spas. The CleanZoneTM system uses ozone to clean the spa water and reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.


Prices are available through quotations from dealers only since the spas have various options and upgrades. This is not an uncommon issue with spa brands, however some customers may find it frustrating if they just want a rough idea of the cost and find wading through various quotes tedious.

This brand has had plenty of great customer reviews but there has been the occasional unhappy customer. Someone has had problems getting replacement parts and others have experienced leaks.

The Final Verdict

California Cooperage has a great range of quality spas with a model to suit most budgets. From large luxury tubs to more affordable plug-and-play models, you will be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Cal Cooperage tubs have plenty of great features such as the BlueMAAX®insulation system and CleanZoneTM system and are produced in an extensive range of attractive colors.

I hope my review has helped you to select which Cal Cooperage spa to buy, so you will be soon enjoying an aquatic massage and relaxing in the comfort of your own backyard.

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