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Are you looking to buy a wooden hot tub? Not sure which model to go for?

A family business, Northern Lights Cedar Tubs is the world's largest supplier of wooden hot tubs. With more than a few years in the spa industry, they build beautiful traditional wooden hot tubs out of Canadian western red cedar with many of the heating options you would expect in a standard acrylic spa and more.

Continue reading to learn all about Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and some of their most popular models.

Our Top Choices For Cedar Hot Tub

Classic Hot Tubs

1. Classic Hot Tubs

  • 4, 6, 8, & 10 person models available
  • 4 jets as standard, max 10 jets (8 & 10 person), max 8 jets (6-person), max 6 Jets (4-person)
  • 6 heater options, cedar wood accessories, large number of customizable features
  • Best features

2. Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs

  • 3-seat or step-down models available
  • 8 full-body jets
  • 5’ deep, cooler or heater option, Corona Discharge Zone options
  • Best for hydrotherapy

3. Japanese Ofuro Tubs

  • 1 to 2 person capacity
  • 4 jets
  • Round or oval shape, cedar wood accessories, & 4 heater options
  • Best for couples

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Does A Northern Lights Cedar Tub Cost?

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs lets you customize your own hot tub. First, you have to select a hot tub from one of three options; Classic Hot Tub, Hydrotherapy Hot Tub, or Japanese Ofuro Tub. Next, you select all the features you want, such as the number of seats, type of heater, hydrotherapy jets, the color of the cover, accessories, and delivery and assembly options. The final price of your tub will depend on the selections you make.

The basic price of a 4-person Classic Hot Tub is $4,930. The 6-person tub costs $5,781, 8-person tub costs $6,216, and the 10-person option comes to $7,326. The basic price for a Hydrotherapy Tub is $7,996 for the step-down tub and $8,131 for the 3-seat wooden tub.

The cheapest option is a Japanese Ofuro Tub which costs $3,135 for the round tub and $3,087 for the oval tub. Expect to add a few more thousand dollars to these numbers if you pick some add ons. Prices for the heaters range between $1,800 and $5,300, jets cost between $570 and $714, and a cover is just under $500.

Accessories such as a cover lifter, mineral ionizer, and LED lights cost between $80 and $650. If you opt for wooden steps, shelves, or skirting add another $500 to $2,000. Factory assembly costs between $400 to $800 and the delivery price will depend on your location.

With an almost unlimited number of options to choose from, overall prices vary greatly. In summary expect to pay between around $5,000 to $20,000 for a Classic Hot Tub, $8,000 to $20,000 for a Hydrotherapy Tub, and $3,000 to $10,500 for a Japanese Ofuro Tub.

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Popular Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Models

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs are an award-winning business. For the last six years, they have won the Top Wood Hot Tub Manufacturer industry award. Their wooden hot tubs have been accompanying the most beautiful homes for decades. Let's take look at their most popular cedar hot tubs.

Classic Hot Tubs - Best For Features

If you are after larger-sized wooden tubs with plenty of features then take a look at the Classic Hot Tubs.

With customizable jet options and adjustable jets, you can enjoy a good soak and massage in this quality wooden hot tub.

North Lights Cedar Tub's most popular fully customizable model, the Classic Tub is 48 inches in height.

This round-shaped wooden hot tub is available in four diameters so you can accommodate 4,6,8 or 10 people.

There are six different heating options to choose from; electric heater, hybrid gas/electric heater, gas/propane, wood fire, heat pump/chiller, and the hybrid electric/heat pump. Not only can you enjoy hot water therapy and relaxation but you can opt for a cold or chiller tub which is ideal for sporting injuries and the recovery of muscles after exercise.

You can get customized cedar steps with a rail, cedarwood skirting and a shelf ideal for resting drinks on if you like. There are also plenty of other options you would expect in a modern spa, such as LED lights, floor insulation, and a cover plus cover lifter.

When it comes to keeping the water clean you can get the mineral ionizer and Ozonator. Metal ions from natural minerals in the ionizer maintain excellent water quality and the ozone will destroy bacteria. These systems mean you don't have to use harsh chemicals so the water is gentle on your skin.

You have the cost-effective option to assemble your cedar hot tub yourself which should take a couple of days or you can go for the factory assembly and have your assembled hot tub delivered, however, this will add an extra fee to your final invoice.

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs - Best For Hydrotherapy

If it's hydrotherapy you are after then go for one of these hot tubs.

Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs come with eight full-body massage jets for the ultimate 360-degree hydrotherapy experience. 

The massaging streams of water can reach all parts of your body at the same time, front and back.

North Lights Cedar Tubs offer the deepest cedar tub on the market.

These Hydrotherapy Tubs are 5 feet deep and 7 feet in width and are specially designed for therapy and muscle recovery. 

You can have different seating configurations with up to 3 seats and a step-up to help you get in and out of this deep tub. This fabulous wooden hot tub is also ideal for exercising. It is deep enough to allow aqua aerobic moves and some swimming exercises like treading water.

There are two electric heated tub options. You can choose between the 11kw electric heater or the electric/gas hybrid heater. These tubs are also available as chiller tubs for cool water therapy if you wish.

You can also get cedar stairs, skirting, shelf, and enclosure for your tub to maintain that natural wood look. Like the Classic Hot Tubs, there are the same assembly options for these hot tubs. They also have the same water sanitation systems available.

Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tubs - Best For Couples

Ideal for couples or those with limited space, the beautiful Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tubs come in two different shapes, round or oval. These smaller four jet soaking hot tubs are like wooden baths that can accommodate two people, very different from a modern spa.

These soaking hot tubs are deeper than a normal bathtub and are designed to promote well-being and a harmonious relationship with the natural surround.

For that traditional rustic look, you can get wooden steps, shelves, enclosure, and backrests for your Ofuro Soaking Tub.

They can be set up indoors but as they contain no vinyl liner you need to think about your indoor plumbing and ideally need a tiled floor with floor drains. Good ventilation is also necessary as traditionally very hot water is used in these soaking hot tubs.

If you set the tub up on your deck or garden you only really have to think about which type of heater you go for. Traditionally these soaking hot tubs use wood-fired heaters and the thick wood is insulating, helping with temperature regulation. However, you also have the option of getting an electric, gas, or propane heater should you wish.

Hot Tub Sizes Available









(both 1-2 person tubs)

Heater Options

Electric XL,

Hybrid Electric/Gas XL,

Gas/Propane XL,

Wood Fire INF,

Heat Pump/Chiller XL,

Hybrid Elec/HP-XL,

11kw electric,

Gas/Electric Hybrid

Wood-Fired Round,

Electric Heater & Filter,

Gas/Propane Round, Heat Pump Round

Jet Options

4 jets (standard)

Max 10 jets (8 & 10 person), max 8 jets (6-person), max 6 Jets (4-person)

8 full-body Jets

 4 Jets

Cover Color Options

12 colors

12 colors

12 colors



Mineral ionizer,

Corona Discharge Ozone, water treatment kit, insulated floor, LED lights, cover-lifter, custom stair, cedar shelves & skirting

Mineral ionizer,

Corona Discharge Ozone, water treatment kit, insulated floor, LED lights, custom stairs, cedar shelves, skirting & box enclosure

Mineral ionizer, water treatment kit, thermometer, mood light, external timer, cedar steps, shelf, enclosure & backrest

Approximate Price Range

$5,000 - $20,000

$8,000 - $20,000

$3,000 - $10,500

Best for





Do you still have some queries about cedar hot tubs? Well take a look at this FAQ section, and hopefully all your questions will be answered.

Do Cedar Hot Tubs Come With Jets?

All the cedar hot tubs come with jets. The Japanese Ofuro Tubs have four jets and the Hydrotherapy Tubs have eight full body jets.

There are varying numbers of jets you can get for the Classic Hot Tubs. The standard jet number is four. For the larger 8-person and 10-person tubs, you can get up to ten jets. The 6-person tub can have up to eight jets and the smaller 4-person tub can have up to six jets.

How Do I Assemble My Hot Tub?

You can opt for the factory to assemble your spa but this isn't the only way to get your hot tub set up. You can choose to get one of their simple-to-install pre-fabricated DIY spa pack kits to save money.

There are straightforward instructions and you only need commonly used tools to assemble these wooden hot tubs, like an electric drill, screwdriver, rubber mallet, wrenches, and saw. It is the perfect project for the weekend and is best to have two people working on the assembly.

Like any other spas, first of all the foundation must be prepared so then the pre-assembled flooring can be laid down. Next, the stave can be installed followed by the seats and plumbing. Finally, fill the tub with a hose, and once it has filled check for any leaks.

Are Cedar Hot Tubs Environmentally Friendly?

You might be concerned about deforestation and the manufacture of wooden tubs but there is no need to worry. Unlike a plastic spa, all the Northern Lights wooden spas use a completely renewable source of red cedar wood which is managed using sustainable forestry practices. Fossil fuels are not used in the manufacturing process and there is no harmful waste.

The cedar hot tub's water sanitation and filtration system are free from bromine and chlorine, using natural yet powerful cleaning methods, ionization and ozone. This means that there are no harsh chemicals that could damage the environment or your sensitive skin. You can even drain your spa and use the old spa water to water your garden with no ill effect on your plants.

Why Is Red Cedar Wood Used?

Red cedarwood, unlike other woods such as teak, has a natural quality making it resistant to decay and the action of microorganisms, so it can last for over thirty years with proper care and maintenance. Any damaged parts would also have to be replaced as needed.

In general, wood will absorb water and expand, and then shrink when dries out, however, cedarwood is resistant to warping and shrinking, making a leak unlikely.

Red cedar wood also provides excellent insulation and so it not only looks fantastic, it helps maintain the water temperature of your wooden hot tub.

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