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If you've been in the market for a hot tub, you may have heard of Clearwater Spas.

Clearwater Spas has a delightful collection of hot tubs as well as one swim spa option. They offer a wide range of quality spas at affordable prices. Whatever your budget, you will be sure to find a suitable spa.

This review covers all the most popular Clearwater Spas models to help you make the most informed buying decision possible.

Which one will you choose?

Our Top Choices For Clearwater Spas

Beachcraft Series 'Tradition'

1. Beachcraft Series ‘Tradition’

  • 7 seats
  • 67 jets
  • Waterfall feature, multicolored LED lighting, ozone & UV-C water purification system
  • Best for ultimate luxury
Northwest Series 'Liberty Lake'

2. North West Series ‘Liberty Lake’

  • 5 seats
  • 51 jets
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen digital controls, dual guard filtration, Duratech cabinet
  • Best for families
Evergreen Series 'ES76R'

3. Evergreen Series ‘ES76R’

  • 3 seats
  • 40 jets
  • Ozone water purification, full insulation, LED lights
  • Best for couples
Swim Spa 1200

4. Swim Spa 1200

  • 8 seats
  • 29 jets plus 2 river jets
  • Bench-style seating plus 2 hydrotherapy seats, LED-lit waterfalls, reflective thermal barrier & Thermocore shell.
  • Best for exercise

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Price Guide: How Much Do Clearwater Spas Cost?

Clearwater Spas are available through dealers only, so the prices are not listed on the Clearwater Spas website.

Purchase price and installation costs will vary depending on which model you select and additional features you choose. Your location will also affect the price when it comes to delivery costs and whether your local dealer has any special offers available.

One thing you can do is browse Clearwater spa models by clicking the button below.

The most expensive hot tub models are found in the Beachcraft Series. The mid-range models are in the Northwest Series, and expect to pay the least for a hot tub in the Evergreen Series. Clearwater also has a swim spa model and this is their most expensive option overall.

Our job is to get your local hot tub dealers to compete for your business. Click the button below to see quotes from multiple dealers based on your hot tub preferences!

Most Popular Clearwater Spas Models

The Clearwater Spa business has plenty of experience in the hot tub industry, having manufactured spas in the US since 1976. Let's take a closer look at some of their most popular models.

Beachcraft Series 'Tradition' - Best For Ultimate Luxury

Clearwater Spas' most luxurious hot tub, Tradition, measures 92.5″ x 92.5″ x 39.5″ and has seating for seven people.

Lay back and enjoy the ultimate hydrotherapy experience from the sixty-seven jets and the multiple zone air controls whilst the LED waterfall creates the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

The mood lighting featured throughout the hot tub is multicolored and includes LED lights in the footwell so it is safe and easy to enjoy your spa after sunset.

It also has coasters lit by LEDs so you don't end up spilling your drink.

When it comes the keeping the hot tub water sparkling and clean, this hot tub features a dual guard filtration system. This specific automatic filtration system is one of the most advanced on the market. The ozone and UVC water purification system help reduce the need for large amounts of cleaning chemicals such as chlorine.

This Clearwater Spas hot tub has tons of other standard features including three hydrotherapy pumps and one circulation pump, a reflective thermal barrier to help maintain the water temperature, and you can also enjoy easy control of your hot tub settings with the touch-screen digital controls.

For the Beachcraft series hot tubs, if you are into music then you can opt to have the ClearPlay Plus Bluetooth audio set which features a couple of marine-grade speakers as well as a subwoofer.

Standard color options for the shell include sterling silver and Tuscan sun. If you want to customize your Beachcraft Series spa, you can choose from smoky mountain, storm clouds, or midnight canyon. The hot tub Duratech cabinet can be brown, black, or gray with driftwood and natural options available if you are customizing.

Tradition models have full insulation in the floor and are weather resistant. The PVC pillar supports are mold, rust, and rot-resistant. When it comes to the warranty you get twenty years for the structure, shell, and cabinetry.

Northwest Series 'Liberty Lake' - Best For Families

Clearwater Spas' Northwest series of hot tubs aims to deliver when it comes to performance.

The Liberty Lake is an excellent mid-range hot tub, perfectly sized for relaxing with family.

It measures 84″ x 84″ x 33.5″ and has seating for five people.

Carry on sitting back and chilling out, forgetting all the hassle of the day while the fifty-one hydrotherapy jets deliver a soothing massage.

Enjoy the multicolored mood-lighting including the light-up coasters and footwell as well as the LED lit water arches. 

All these hot tub features can be controlled using easy-to-use digital controls which utilize touch screen technology.

Dual guard filtration, a very advanced automatic system, filters the water and there is also ozone water purification so there is minimal maintenance required when it comes to cleaning. This hot tub also has a reflective thermal shield and a Duratech cabinet with full insulation, helping to maintain the water temperature.

This quality Northwest series hot tub is available in all the same color options as the Beachcraft series Tradition model. The optional upgrades available and the length of the warranty are also the same.

Evergreen Series 'ES76R' - Best For Couples

Clearwater Spas' Evergreen Series offers a range of more affordable hot tubs. If you are a couple or have a smaller budget, then ES76R may be the ideal hot tub purchase for you.

The ES76R provides three seats including a lounge-style seat, and measures 76″ x 53″ x 34″.

It has forty hydrotherapy jets, so still delivers when it comes to massages. The sound of the water feature and multicolored LED lights set the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Standard features include a water heater, two horsepower hydrotherapy pumps, and one circulation pump, ozone water purification, a reflective thermal barrier, full insulation, rust, mold, and rot-resistant supports, Duratech cabinetry, and touch screen digital controls.

This quality Evergreen series hot tub has a twenty-year warranty on the shell, structure, and cabinet, and a five-year warranty on the equipment and plumbing. It also comes in the same color options as the Beachcraft and Northwest series hot tubs and has the same optional upgrades available should you wish.

Swim Spa 1200 - Best for Exercise

Clearwater Spas now also produces a swim spa model.

A swim spa gives you all the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub, plus the exercise possibilities of a regular swimming pool.

The Swim Spa 1200 measures 140″ x 93″ x 53″ and has enough seating for eight people.

It features two hydrotherapy seats and bench-style seating on each side of the spa. 

With twenty-nine hydrotherapy jets, you can experience a soothing massage while listening to the soothing sounds of the LED-lit water features.

The pool area has two river jets that create a smooth current perfect for swimming in. Pool tethers are included with this model which can be used to add extra resistance to your workout. To power these jets, it has three pumps which have two pump speeds and can be controlled from the digital touch screen controls.

The Swim Spa 1200 has an attractive lighting set-up including two main LED lights, twelve LED waterfalls and there is even a light bar for the cabinet. The swim spa shell comes in sterling silver as standard and the Duratech cabinet is available in mystic gray.

For treating the spa's water, it features an ozone and UVC water purification system and a jet that sweeps the floor. Other standard features include a reflective thermal barrier and a Thermocore shell.

There are plenty of optional extras available for this quality model. If you want to maximize your workout you can opt for the exercise package that includes rowers, resistance bands, and a harness. You can also opt for the ClearPlay Plus Bluetooth audio system with speakers and subwoofer, cover lifter, steps, slip-resistant floor pad, circulation pump, and the upgraded lighting package.

Clearwater Spas' swim spa has a ten-year warranty on the shell, structure, and surface, and a five-year warranty on the equipment and plumbing.







92.5″ x 92.5″ x 39.5″

84″ x 84″ x 33.5″

76″ x 53″ x 34″

140″ x 93″ x 53″

Water Capacity (gallons)






3 x 5.0 hp hydrotherapy pumps plus 1 circulation pump

2 x 5.0 hp hydrotherapy plus  1 – circulation

2 x 3.0 hp hydrotherapy plus  1 – circulation

3 x two-speed pumps

Number of Jets




29 plus 2 river jets

Weight (lbs)





Best for

Ultimate Luxury




How Do Clearwater Hot Tubs Stack Up Against The Competition?

Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing Clearwater Spas to see how they compare to other top brands.


Clearwater Spas use materials that are environmentally friendly. They use recycled or green materials whenever possible. They utilize recycled ABS to build the Dura flooring for their spas and they recycle all their plastic, cardboard, and wood waste in their factory.

All of the Clearwater spas have E-Smart™ technology meaning their products are extremely energy efficient. All of their spas are certified according to the most strict energy standards in the US, those set out by the California Energy Commission. Clearwater boasts that their spas even exceed these stringent standards.

Clearwater's spas are manufactured without any destructive products or fiberglass resin. This company developed EcoSpray™ as a solution to the environmentally problematic issue of styrene that is used in the spa industry. EcoSpray™ does not emit volatile organic compounds into the air, which can have adverse health effects.


Clearwater does not list the prices on the website, so potential customers have to find a local dealer to get a quote, which some may find frustrating. However, they do allow you to browse their hot tub models by price bracket which is helpful to narrow your search for the best model.

Clearwater has had some mediocre customer reviews and occasional negative feedback. One hot tub owner had leaking water and a couple had problems with getting in touch with Clearwater Spas to get spas fixed and parts replaced, but the reviews are primarily positive overall.

The Final Verdict

Clearwater Spas is an environmentally conscious business that has a wide range of spa models so you won't be disappointed in their selection. With decades of experience in the industry and great customer service, they're an affordable, quality hot tub brand, and they also produce a swim spa model.

Whatever your budget or spa needs, you will be sure to find a model with features that are suitable for you. To become a Clearwater spa owner, you can start your shopping right now by getting a quote below. I hope my review has helped you decide which Clearwater spa to choose, and happy hot tubbing!

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