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If you've been searching for a high-end hot tub or swim spa packed with features, then Coast Spas is worth looking into. 

What sets them apart from other spa manufacturers? Which of their amazing features would you most benefit from? And where can you purchase one?

Join us as we dive in deep to answer each of these questions. We'll be exposing the core elements of Coast Spas so that you'll know whether or not they're right for you.

Our Top Choices For Coast Spas

Coast Spa Traditional Collection Review

1. Coast Spa Traditional Collection

  • Cost-Effective Option
  • 4-6 Person Capacity
  • Selection Of 6 Models
  • Includes 21-50 Jets
  • Plug & Play Feature
  • Coast Spa Curve Collection Review

    2. Coast Spa Curve Collection

  • Mid-Range Option
  • 4-6 Person Capacity
  • Selection Of 7 Models
  • Includes 50-65 Jets
  • 24-Inch Waterfall
  • Coast Spa Infinity Collection Review

    3. Coast Spa Infinity Collection

    • Luxury Option
    • 6-8 Person Capacity
    • Selection Of 2 Models
    • Includes 39-61 Jets
    • Patented Infinity Edge
    Coast Spa Swim Collection Review

    4. Coast Spa Swim Collection

  • Exercise & Relaxation Option
  • 12-20 Feet Long
  • Selection Of 5 Models
  • Includes 24-67 Jets
  • Variable Speed Option
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    Price Guide: How Much Does A Coast Spa Cost?

    One of the most pressing concerns for hot tub buyers is the price tag. How much will this investment effect your bank account?

    Well... with most products you can simply go online and see exactly how much it will cost to purchase, deliver and install. However, with Coast Spas hot tubs, as with all hot tub manufacturers, the prices are not readily available online. Prices depend on region and individual dealer.

    Dealer pricing varies significantly, and we want to ensure you'll get the lowest pricing possible. Request free quotes today! We provide multiple quotes, saving you tons of time, and tons of money.  Click the button below to get started. 

    Most Popular Coast Spa Models

    All Coast Spas hot tub models are grouped into series which are then divided further into 4 separate collections. Each of these collections represents different facets of what Coast Spas can do. Series are organized by models that have similar characteristics.

    We are going to take a stroll through these various collections have to offer and explain exactly what makes each of them worth buying.

    Coast Spa Traditional Collection

    With a selection of 6 hot tubs within the traditional collection, each of these sleek marvels has additional jet options ranging from 21-50 jets and a capacity of 4-6 people.

    These are the budget-friendly choices amongst the Coast star models and are perfect for those that want a simple hot tub experience with a timeless design.

    Though notably a cost-effective option this does not mean that it lacks features. On the contrary, these spas come with programmable filtration, plug and play, digital control panels, air controls, stainless 

    steel jets, a quality fiberglass shell, and a pressure-treated frame. 

    This collection is a great choice for people that want a reasonably sized hot tub at a good price with all the main features that a new hot tub enthusiast might require.

    Coast Spa Curve Collection

    This collection offers hot tubs that have a raised rear wall and a gently sloping exterior. This is the next level of hot tub aesthetics with a style that just leaves you in awe. 

    To add to the beauty of this spa experience these hot tubs include the largest waterfall feature within any residential hot tub on the market which can be adjusted to match your needs. 

    In this collection of 7 hot tubs with 50-65 jets, you will find that these hot tubs include all the same features as the traditional series plus a fair few more. 

    With delightful ergonomic seating, increased massage capabilities, and stunning LED lighting this is a home addition that will leave your friends awestruck upon seeing it and delighted upon experiencing it.

    Coast Spa Infinity Collection

    Sitting in a spa from the Coast Spas infinity collection makes you feel like you are sitting in the lap of luxury. An infinity edge spa is the ideal hot tub for those that want something beyond the basic package. This makes them fitting for the contemporary house where cutting-edge technology and ultimate rest and relaxation are a must-have. 

    Like infinity pools, these hot tubs have a patented vanishing edge, making them the perfect hot tub to place in front of a beautiful garden or amazing view. 

    In accordance with the infinity edge feature,

    the Coast Spas infinity collection also includes a zero water displacement feature to ensure that your water level always remains at the same level, providing the absolute best aesthetic appeal.

    With multiple waterfalls or water fountain features, a choice of 2 models with 6-8 person capacity, and 39-61 jets, this is a spa that steals the spotlight from everything else around it.

    Coast Spa Swim Collection

    Everyone enjoys relaxing in a gorgeous hot tub at the end of the day but it would be nice to have your own private exercise pool to swim in at home without the hassle of driving to a public pool.

    If this sounds like something that interests you, then you should definitely check out this swim spa collection. In these 5 swim spa models, you have sizes ranging from 12-20 feet long with 24-67 jets.

    In regards to the accessories, the most basic option includes smartphone compatibility, workout equipment, touchscreen controls, and streaming water ropes whereas the larger sizes include more and more features as you go up. The 3 larger swim spa sizes also include an upgrade option to have variable speeds for those that want a more customizable swim spa experience. 

    If you choose to go with the Swim collection you will acquire yourself a large swimming area with seating and hydrotherapy massages included. The great thing about this dual-purpose swim spa creation is that you can enjoy one facet of this spa while your partner enjoys the other. Alternatively, you can do your daily workout in the swim spa end, only to finish it up with a relaxing full body hydrotherapy experience to loosen up your muscles and stay ahead of post-workout soreness.


    Pros & Cons  

    When it comes to a luxury experience, Coast Spas pretty much has it all. With a range of larger-sized hot tubs that feature a good number of jets, and seating configurations, even the most basic cost-effective version within this company is a high-end hydrotherapy pleasure. Whether you just want a hot tub, or are willing to swim the extra mile in a swim spa, this brand will cover all the bases.

    One of the biggest pros of Coast Spas is its innovative and modern features that create a much more elaborate spa for your enjoyment. Some of these include the patented 24-inch waterfall, a retractable LCD TV, handsfree phone call capability, and zero water displacement.

    Having features that are patented means not only that they are unique, but you can be 100% certain that no other brand offers them. That's why this company is the one-stop-shop for that specific accessory or device. 

    However, the downside of this is when it comes to repairs. Anything that is patented will cost you more to repair since it is only that specific brand that uses that part, making it harder to acquire and less familiar for many hot tub part dealers.

    If you just wanted a very simple spa experience without any fancy features, Coast Spas does not have much in that regard. Further, if you need a spa that will accommodate a small area or inconvenient space on your patio, it would be best look elsewhere, as this brand only caters to the medium and large sized tubs. 

    How Do Coast Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

    The word "luxury" can mean something different to each of us. So if the luxury experience you are searching for is not to be found within Coast Spas, then we have a few other reputable options to explore.

    Cal Spas is another great company to familiarize yourself with. However, maybe it's not just the hot tub that you are interested in, maybe you want more? If you would like to review some alternative swim spa models so you can compare them and make the best investment decision, then a nice swim spa brand to check out would be TidalFit. 

    If you were searching for a 100-dollar bill that you had lost in your house you certainly wouldn't settle when you found a single dollar because you know that what you are looking for is still out there. Likewise, you should not stop looking until you find the exact spa that you want and that is everything that you need in your life. 

    Final Verdict

    Coast Spas is a quality company that specializes in luxury hot tubs with contemporary features. With their tubs starting at 4 person capacity, these are ideal spas for families and socialites but not so much for people that want a more intimate or compact experience. 

    With several features that you cannot find amongst other hot tub manufacturers, Coast Spas has made itself unique and irreplaceable in the hot tub industry. Our personal favorite is the Cascade II model within the infinity collection due to its classic style, ergonomic delights, and infinity edge that makes it look superior to so many other hot tubs around. 

    If you're in the market for the perfect spa that will last for many years, we highly recommend Coast Spas, as they are a trustworthy manufacturer. However, before you purchase, we certainly would not discourage you from having a look at all the other hot tub brands available. 

    Save yourself some time and simplify your shopping research! Get several free quotes from one request by clicking the button below!

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