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Costco carries multiple hot tub brands, so when you're hot tub shopping, things can get confusing quick! 

We'll help you differentiate between the 7 best spa brands sold by Costco, allowing you to select the perfect one to fit your needs.

And if you're on the fence about whether or not it's a good idea to purchase a hot tub through Costco as opposed to an independent retailer, we'll discuss that too.

Let's dive in!

Our Top Choices For Costco Hot Tubs

Bullfrog Spas

1. Bullfrog Spas

  • Elegant designs
  • Energy-efficient technology
  • Patented JetPak Therapy System for customized hydrotherapy
  • Large selection including high capacity luxury models
Aquaterra Spas

2. Aquaterra Spas

  • Plug-and-play models
  • Thermal locking spa covers & full foam insulation
  • Portable, affordable, & energy-efficient
  • Exclusive to Costco

3. Essential Hot Tubs

  • Simple designs
  • Good range of affordable models
  • Wide-ranging jet systems & seating options
  • Budget-friendly
Strong Spas

4. Strong Spas

  • Value through to luxury models offered
  • Unique Dura-Shield hardcover system
  • High-quality durable resin spas
  • Full-foam insulation for heat retention & energy efficiency
OC Hot Tubs

5. OC Hot Tubs

  • Sister brand of the famous Cal Spas
  • 2 to 6 seater models
  • Portable plug-and-play options
  • Good choice of affordable models
Evolution Spas

6. Evolution Spas

  • High jet count models available
  • Comfortable seating & therapeutic jet systems
  • Durable cabinets, LED lighting, Dura-Last material structure
  • Exclusive to Costco
Divine Hot Tubs

7. Devine Hot Tubs

  • Good for feature-rich, mid-range hot tubs
  • 3, 4, 5, & 6 seater models
  • High-quality jets, Wi-Fi control, multi-colored LED lights
  • UV-C/Ozone filtration

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Because Costco works with so many different hot tub and spa brands, prices can vary. However, as we all know, the reason people shop at this massive big box store is so that they can score great deals.

Costco, unlike traditional retailers, is not so heavy-handed when it comes to marking up products. In a niche industry like hot tubs, this idea rings especially true. Because Costco has unique profit margins, the company can sell things for lower prices.

Feature-rich hot tubs that may run up to $12,000 at a traditional retailer average around $8,000 at Costco. 

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The Top Costco Hot Tub Brands

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas might be the most inventive brands on today's hot tub market.

They have a wide range of cutting-edge hot tubs for those trying to find the best choice for hydrotherapy.

Every Bullfrog Spas model comes with Bullfrog's patented JetPak jet system, which allows consumers to customize their hot tubs and get a more personalized massage experience.

Thanks to Bullfrog's energy-efficient technology, consumers no longer have to worry about blowing tons of money on monthly energy bills.

Those who are in search of a luxurious and elegant hot tub experience with hydrotherapy and low energy consumption as the main points focus might want to consider looking deeper into the Bullfrog Spas hot tub brand.

Aquaterra Spas

Those in the market for a more inexpensive hot tub might be better off turning to the Aquaterra Spas brand. With more than nine unique hot tubs to pick from, each with its own feature set, no stone is left unturned at Aquaterra.

One thing that customers love about Aquaterra is the brand's plug n play design. With energy-efficient technology, these portable models help to reduce energy costs while working to retain real estate.

To help keep water nice and warm for hours on end, every Aquaterra Spas hot tub comes with thermal locking covers and full foam insulation.

Beyond keeping the heat in, these thermal locking covers help keep the water clean as well.

No more having to fish out leaves and debris from your tub every time you want to hop in.

When it comes to budget-friendly Costco hot tubs, Aquaterra is one of the top brands on the list.

Essential Hot Tubs

It isn't worth mentioning massive hot tub distributors without talking about Essential Hot Tubs.

Similar to Aquaterra, Essential Hot Tubs sells budget-friendly tubs for value-loving consumers.

With wide-ranging jet systems and seating options for anywhere from two to seven adults, there are plenty of options to choose from. Every one of the brand's hot tubs comes with evenly-distributed therapy jets to provide users with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience at a low price.

Those seeking out a brand with a good reputation and budget-friendly options should highly consider Essential.

Strong Spas

The hot tub company with the highest durability rating goes to Strong Spas.

With a fully-automated Dura-Shield hardcover system, each tub is both durable and convenient to use.

In fact, Strong Spas completely beat out other hot tub companies with the industry's very first and only patented hardcover system.

From budget-friendly to luxurious hot tub models, Strong Spas gives consumers a lot to pick from.

With proprietary foam for insulation and energy-efficiency, as well as a high-quality resin for durability, these tubs truly live up to the brand name.

OC Hot Tubs

OC Hot Tubs is a sister hot tub brand of the Cal Spas hot tub brand.

OC Hot Tubs models come with many of the same features as Cal Spas models, which have been around for nearly four decades.

There are 2-person hot tubs for those who want a more portable, plug n play tub experience, as well as 6-person tubs for those who want to be able to host the whole party.

The great thing about the OC Hot Tub brand is that there are plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from.

The models are simple yet elegant, providing an answer for consumers that want the best of both worlds.

Evolution Spas

Evolution Spas falls under the umbrella of the Strong Spas company, which is headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Evolution Spas cannot be found through traditional dealers, as the brand is a Costco exclusive.

The aim of Evolution Spas, more or less, was to bring luxury to consumers at an affordable price.

People often talk about how much they love the 120-jet Hilton model and the 72-jet Essence model.

Some of the other great features of Evolution hot tubs include comfortable seating, therapeutic jet systems, durable cabinets, and LED lighting.

These spas also make use of Evolution's Dura-Last material to maintain the integrity of the structure over time.

Divine Hot Tubs

Divine has been one of the top hot tub brands on the market since 2011.

The company is a partner company of the Clearwater Spas spa brand, which is a division of Thermal Hydra Plastics.

Divine has a wide range of feature-rich hot tubs at mid-range prices.

They have a variety of 3-person, 4-person, 5-person, and 6-person tub models to pick from.

Every Divine spa comes with high-quality jets, UVC/Ozone filtration, Wi-Fi control, multi-colored LED lights, and more.

Those looking to spend a bit extra can enjoy the additional entertainment system.

Why Purchase a Spa From Costco

There are plenty of reasons to purchase Costco hot tubs instead of hot tubs from traditional hot tub dealers. For starters, the value that consumers get on a Costco hot tub is far greater than they could possibly expect from standard hot tub dealers.

Secondly, Costco has an incredible return policy. No matter the hot tub product that is purchased, Costco typically allows up to six months for customers to return it for a full refund. Of course, buyers do have to pay for the cost of transport if they decide to return their spa, though having the peace of mind in knowing you can return a product you don't enjoy is very helpful when purchasing.

Downsides of Purchasing Costco Hot Tubs

Because Costco doesn't focus all of its energy on the hot tub business, there are a few downsides that come into play.

For starters, one of the biggest and most obvious downsides is that Costco doesn't have the same wide variety of hot tubs and customization options that a traditional dealer might provide. While the company keeps a fairly wide brand roster available at its various warehouse locations, compared to a traditional dealer, the variety feels sparse.

Secondly, Costco's customer service and support team aren't nearly as strong since they do not cater to hot tub buyers exclusively. Many have found this inferior support a big letdown.

Lastly, the maintenance support system and information system is not very strong either. Owning a hot tub requires ongoing care and maintenance. Costco does not provide members with maintenance or help once a consumer has purchased his or her tub. Shopping with a traditional dealer means that you can continue to ask questions about the products you purchase and receive the help you need.

Bottom Line - Should I Buy a Hot Tub from Costco?

There are plenty of reasons why consumers choose to purchase hot tubs from Costco. With plenty of high-quality hot tub brands on their roster and prices to please any value-searching customer, it is pretty obvious why people head out to their local big box stores rather than searching high and low for dealers through traditional hot tub dealers.

To research more options, take a look at our best hot tub brands page. 

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