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Swim spas are costly investments, so why not get the best deal out there?

We're about to review 4 of the most reliable swim spa brands on the market, supplying you with all the information you'll need in order to decide on the perfect option, and then to go out and make your big purchase!

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Costco Swim Spa Prices

It should first be understood that Costco does not sell swim spas, even though this big-box dealer is a prominent supplier of Costco hot tubs, such as Nordic Hot Tubs and Vita Spas. Swim spas are very large pieces of equipment and selling them would be a logistical nightmare among all of the other large items Costco sells, which is why we imagine they choose not to carry them.

When it comes to swim spa prices, however, the range can vary based on whether you choose to buy from traditional hot tub dealers around the country or through online dealers. On the low end, you can typically expect to spend around $8,000 on a swim spa. However, on the high end, you could easily spend up to $30,000, granting you access to some of the best features on the market.

Compared to traditional swimming pools, you can save thousands of dollars on the initial purchase price, which is why so many buyers are looking to swim spa units instead of pools these days.

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Costco Roadshow Swim Spas

While you cannot buy a swim spa directly from Costco as you can with Costco hot tubs, you can find swim spas at the routine roadshows that the big-box company hosts. These roadshows typically take place in the company's warehouses or on the company website. These unique events take place when vendors gather to sell various products, meaning you can find vendors that Costco decided to allow specifically to sell swim spas.

Costco roadshows typically last around two weeks. If you are a Costco member, you can take advantage of some serious savings when it comes to these roadshows. The beauty of attending these roadshows is that you have a chance to talk to dealers individually. There is no better way to learn about all of the ins and outs of a hot tub or swim spa brand than by asking questions directly to the dealer.

Not only can you score a new hot tub or swim spa at one of these Costco roadshows, but you can also take advantage of the flexible return policy that Costco offers, which is arguably one of the best return policies in the retail industry. Make sure to check out the Costco website to see when the company is having a roadshow near you.

Competing Alternatives

Master Spas

Master Spas has worked closely with Michael Phelps to craft one of the most sought-after lines of swim spas on the market today. The beauty of this particular line of swim spas is that it combines the best in hydrotherapy and exercise. There are three different models to choose from, all of which make use of propeller designs.

Beyond the Michael Phelps swim spa line, there are a few other lines that you can choose from, giving you 12 models to choose from in total. 

One of our favorites outside of the MP lineup is the H2X Challenge Swim Spas, in which you can find three models to push the boundaries of swimming. These unique swimming spas make use of airless jets, keeping up with new demands in the technological side of the industry.

You'll even find the AquaSpeed VSP digital controller on these spas, which gives you complete control over the various parameters in your spa. With tons of programmable workouts and more than 25 speed settings to choose from, the options seem almost endless with Master Spas.


Hydropool is another hot tub and swim spa brand with a wide range of models to choose from. Whether you're in the market for pure fitness and exercise or a hot tub and swim spa combo model that provides the best features of both, you can find what you are looking for with Hydropool.

The Hydropool units are very customizable, allowing you to procure the right size and the right features for you and your family's needs.

You can choose from five different swim spa lines as well, which include 14 models in total. In all, this is one of the most diverse swim spa brands on the market today.

If you don't want to have to deal with tons of ongoing maintenance, then this might be the perfect swim spa brand for you. For example, if you decide to go with the Aquatrainer model, you can take advantage of the self-cleaning capabilities. The water in this particular model filters through the pumps in as little as 45 minutes, making sure that the water you are swimming in is crystal clear at all times.

While these aren't the cheapest swim spas around by any means, having access to high-end features like ozone filtration systems, durable external cabinetry, and wood-siding, makes these models worth the price.

Arctic Spas

If you want to customize your model while not having to spend tons of money, then we highly recommend going with Arctic. You'll find some of the best swim spas in the industry through Arctic, many of which are very budget-friendly. You can choose between seven different models.

The beauty of these models is that they are all very unique. Plus, the energy efficiency gives you something to write home about, as the insulation system and durable shell design work in tandem to trap heat. Over time, you can save tons of money on energy bills. 

Even when it is very cold outside, your Arctic Spa model will work to trap heat.

One of our favorite models in the lineup is the Kingfisher. This all-weather swim spa comes with unique lighting that creates an easy-to-follow path in the current. Even at night, you can go for a swim and still see where you are going.

Another great thing about the units from Arctic is that they utilize smartphone capabilities. Even if you are in your house, you can switch your swim spa on. This way you don't have to wait forever for it to heat up, especially when it gets colder outside. We highly recommend going with one of the high-end covers that the brand sells as well. You can even opt for a Bluetooth stereo system for a bit more luxury.

While these particular swim spas aren't the largest in the lineup, they are thousands of dollars cheaper than some of the other best swim spa options on this list and they come with a ton of unique features and customization options to make your fitness and relaxation experience the best it can possibly be.

PDC Spas

PDC Spas is one of the top swim spa manufacturers on today's market.

The company carries a massive selection of swim spas, all of which can be customized with a wide variety of features, such as customized jets, current designs, and more.

We love the fact that PDC made its website so easy for people to read.

You can see all of the benefits that these swim spas provide firsthand, including the exercise and hydrotherapy jets, the LED lighting options, the filtration system, and the seating capacities.

There are many different swim spas to choose from, some of which use jetted exercise options, perfect for weaker swimmers, and some of which make use of PDC's dual prop propulsion system. This particular system produces an insanely strong current that is great for ultra-athletic swimmers.

Of course, if you choose, you can keep your swim spa pretty simple without all of the fancy features like a speaker system or LED lights. Though if you want to add a touch of elegance to your PDC spa with additional therapy jets, audio features, cascading water spouts, and more, you can definitely find feature-rich tubs through PDC. Whether you're looking for family fun or a serious workout, it is easy to get the perfect swim spa for your needs through PDC.

Final Verdict

So, as you now know, you cannot buy a swim spa directly from Costco. However, Costco Members can visit a Costco Roadshow to check out the various swim spas and Costco hot tubs that they have available.  If you're looking to get a new swim spa, we highly recommend going with Hydropool Swim Spas, as these units are some of the most versatile on the market. From therapy jets for pure relaxation to strong current designs for some of the best workouts that you have ever had in your life, you can find what you are looking for through Hydropool.

One of the great things about owning a swim spa is that you don't have to pay the often expensive monthly fees for having access to public pools. Plus, unlike a pool, you are able to use your swim spa year-round, taking advantage of outdoor exercise and hydrotherapy features.

Making your purchase from one of the roadshows is an excellent way for taking advantage of lower purchase prices on some of the top brands. Plus, you can get more information on the top brands through a roadshow, as these brands will typically send out ambassadors to answer any and all questions customers have.

Of course, one of the main reasons people looking to purchase swim spa units from Costco is that the company has the most flexible return policy in the industry. If you spend thousands on a swim spa that doesn't feel right for you, you can easily return it at no extra cost. Make sure to check out Costco's website for more information on its return policy. 

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