Deep Hot Tub And Swim Spas

Deep hot tubs and swim spas offer optimum enjoyment. But which model has the ideal combination of massage, relaxation and exercise features that you're looking for?

Don't worry, we've done our homework and we're here to help.

Continue reading to discover the model best suited to your lifestyle.

Our Top Choices For Deep Hot Tub And Swim Spas

Hydrotherapy Tub by Northern Lights Cedar Tubs

1. Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

  • By Northern Lights Cedar Tubs
  • 5 feet deep
  • Various seating options available 
  • Hardwearing & plenty of customizable options e.g. heater & wooden accessories
Pelican Bay

2. Pelican Bay

  • By Artesian Spas
  • 42” deep
  • Seating for 9 people
  • Lounger, stainless steel jets, powerful pump
Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas MP Momentum Deep

3. Michael Phelps Swim Spas

  • By Master Spas
  • 60” depth with 50” water depth
  • 3 models; MP Force Deep, MP Signature Deep, & MP Momentum Deep
  • Exercise equipment and hydrotherapy options

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Most Popular Deep Hot Tub Models

Hydrotherapy Tub by Northern Lights Cedar Tubs

No review of deep hot tub models would be complete without mentioning traditional cedar barrel-type round hot tubs.

Due to their construction, they can be made to practically any set of dimensions but, when it comes to standard models, the Hydrotherapy Tub by Northern Lights is one of the largest and deepest (at 5 feet deep and 7 feet in diameter).

This attractive and hardwearing cedarwood hot tub is deep enough that you can stand up by the jets on the "massage wall" for a unique, full-body hydrotherapy session. 

Seating can be added as an option, but many users actually prefer to relax in the uniquely open space offered by the open configuration. There's even enough space to exercise, maximizing the benefits for those whose backyard has small spaces unsuitable for a swimming pool or swim spa.

Pelican Bay by Artesian Spas

If you're looking for something a bit less rustic and more "modern luxury", the Pelican Bay from Artesian Spas' Elite Range has all the features you need to relax with friends and/or family.

This generous, 9-seater hot tub stands at 42" tall, allowing plenty of extra depth compared to most spas.

Whether you recline in the lounger, or sit in one of the varied massage stations, you can submerge your shoulders and neck fully to enjoy top-class hydrotherapy from the powerful hot tub pumps and stainless-steel jets. 

Each user can even control the jet pressure to their own seat. If you have kids, don't worry about the depth being too much. A couple of the seating positions are slightly raised so this fantastic spa is still suitable for smaller users.

Price Guide

Hot tubs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with price tags to match. The right price point for you depends very much on the dimensions and features you're looking for.

You can pick up a budget, plug-and-play (110V) hot tub from around $4,000. These simple units can be placed on the ground, plugged into a normal household electrical outlet, filled with water from a garden hose and switched on without any specialist installation. They're fun to relax in but are generally small and don't have sufficient jets or water pressure for serious hydrotherapy.

To get the full benefits of a backyard spa, look to spend at least $7,000-$12,000 (depending on size) for a decent mid-range hot tub. These are more durable and powerful, using a dedicated 220V electrical connection, meaning they can support better pumps and heaters along with more jets.

At the upper end of the scale, Premium model hot tubs start from around $13,000. These have the highest build quality, most jets, and widest range of accessories, as well as features such as advanced water care options (for reduced chemical usage and maintenance). Of course, most deep hot tub models sit within the Premium bracket, owing to the high water volume which necessitates sturdy construction (due to the weight), powerful heaters, etc.

If you're interested in buying a hot tub, you could visit some dealers in your area and compare prices and specifications. But why not let us do the work for you instead? Simply click the button below and fill out a simple form, you'll receive the lowest quotes, personalized to your requirements, straight to your inbox.

Most Popular Deep Swim Spa Models

Swim spas are a great, space-saving alternative to a traditional swimming pool, allowing users to swim in place using current generated by the swim jets. They are also suitable for a range of other fitness activities, depending on the available accessories.

In addition to the exercise benefits, most swim spas feature hot tub-style massage seats to complete your wellness experience. So when it comes down to the question of whether to buy a hot tub or swim spa, the latter is the more complete package if you have room for one.

Michael Phelps Swim Spas by Master Spas

Michael Phelps is the most decorated swimmer of all time and arguably the most successful athlete in any discipline.

For several years, Mater Spas have been working with Phelps to produce a signature range of industry-leading hot tub and swim spa models.

The three deepest swim spa options in the current lineup are the MP Force Deep, MP Signature Deep, and MP Momentum Deep.

While all three of these have an overall depth of 60" (water depth 50") and a width of 94", they are different lengths, with the MP Momentum having the largest swim area and the MP Force the smallest.

All three of Master Spas deepest swim spas also have excellent water resistance, plenty of exercise equipment options, and highly relaxing hydrotherapy seats, so choosing between them primarily comes down to how much space (and budget) you're willing to commit to reaching your fitness goals.


Swim spa buyers should be aware that any model worth having will be expensive compared to most hot tub prices. Although it is technically possible to pick up a basic swim spa from as low as $8000, the combination of a small swim area and low pump power limits the efficacy of swimming and other exercise benefits.

Swim spa sizes vary significantly, with the length being the most important. The largest swim spa designs can be up to 21 feet in length (even more for some hybrid swim spa/hot tub combo models) but in general, I would recommend 12 feet as a sensible minimum length. Most manufacturers have good mid-sized models priced at around $20000, although a large, dual temperature swim spa with all the exercise accessories can easily exceed $30000.

Rather than having your time taken up by shopping around for pricing on your ideal deep swim spa, let us help smooth out the process. Clicking the button below will direct you to a form where you can enter all your requirements, allowing local swim spa dealerships to send you the very best offers on the most suitable swim spa models.

The Final Verdict

Whether you're sick of using a public pool and looking for a home swim spa or just want to relax and soak in a hot tub, you're right to consider depth an important factor. Those extra 1-2 feet definitely add more luxury and versatility to your purchase.

So, why not begin the search for your perfect deep hot tub or swim spa today? It's as easy as filling out the form below to let local dealers know exactly what you're looking for. They can then work out which models will suit you best and send their lowest offers directly to you.

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