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So you're considering the purchase of a Dimension One spa? But, with so many hot tub brands competing for your money, how do you know if Dimension One is the right company for you?

Between the capacity, the number of jets, construction, and feature set, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect backyard spa for your family home. Let my review run you through the pros and cons of choosing a Dimension One spa, as well as providing an in-depth look at some of their top models.

Our Top Choices For Dimension One Spas

Amore Bay Model

1. Amore Bay

  • Seating for 7 people
  • 60 jets
  • Curved design, Ultralife shell, Ultra Pure Plus water care, Dynamic Massage Sequence
  • Best hot tub overall
Executive - Best Party Spa

2. Executive

  • Seating for 8 to 9 people
  • 60 jets
  • Mulitple hydrotherapy stations, Ultra Pure Plus water care,Tactile Therapy floor
  • Best party spa
Best Mid-Priced Spa - Nautilus

3. Nautilus

  • Seating for 6 to 7 people
  • 40 jets
  • SmartHub, Accent jets, Ultralife shell, ozone water care
  • Best mid-priced spa
Best Budget Two-Person Hot Tub - Serenade

4. Serenade

  • Seating for 2 to 3 people
  • 18 jets
  • Lounger, plug-and-play, Crystal FX lighting
  • Best budget 2-person hot tub

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Price Guide: How Much Do Dimension One Spas Cost?

Dimension One manufactures spa models for a wide range of budgets. Hot tub prices for their budget 2-3 person models such as the Serenade can be found for under $5,000 while some of the larger luxury hot tubs in the Bay Collection reach over $17,000 (plus accessories and options).

Several factors affect the price of Dimension One spas. The size of the hot tub, number and type of hydrotherapy jets, the pump system, fountain or waterfall features, and the type of surround all contribute to the overall cost.

Dimension One, like many companies in the spa industry, doesn't sell hot tubs direct to the customer. Instead, the business model is based on you making a purchase from your local dealer. This results in a certain amount of variation in the purchase and installation costs depending on your location.

If you'd like specific pricing in your area, click the button below. Your preferences help match you with the hot tub brands that sell exactly what you're looking for and you get to choose from the lowest quotes.

Most Popular Dimension One Spa Models

1 - Best Hot Tub Overall - Amore Bay

Part of the Bay Collection, the stylish curves and attractive Terracina exterior (complete with a 7-year warranty) of the Amore spa will certainly make a stunning accent to the backyard of a luxury house. Don't think this luxury hot tub puts style over substance either, the Dimension One Amore Bay is packed with cutting-edge features for a top-of-the-line hydrotherapy experience.


Although officially listed with a capacity of seven, the configuration of the Amore Bay means it's an ideal hot tub for five to six people. 

It will seat seven comfortably, but not all will be able to take full advantage of the best massage positions. Given just how good these are, you wouldn't want to be the one to miss out.

Three powerful pumps provide the pressure for the 60 hydrotherapy jets, with the circulation system and aesthetically pleasing fountain feature having their own separate pumps. The two Ultra Lounge seats provide the most intensive experience, from the neck massaging Flex Therapy pillows to the differentiated back massage configurations. One of these seats also has jets that cover the hamstrings, while the other provides an excellent calf massage according to customer reviews (both have foot jets).

While not quite as comprehensive, each position on the open bench also provides a unique and highly enjoyable massage with a specific focus at every station.

Extra Features

The Bay Collection features Liquid FX lighting and water features, the Dimension One Ultra Pure Plus water treatment system (with Ozonator), a SmartHub control panel, and a dynamic massage sequence control packed with preset patterns. Meanwhile, optional extras such as a Bluetooth sound system and SmartTub app controls help to customize your hot tub experience further.

2 - Best Party Spa - Executive

The highest spec entry in the Dimension One Reflections Collection, the Executive hot tub is one of the largest and deepest models in the industry. It's the perfect spa pool for eight to nine people to relax in together, so those with a large family or an active social calendar need search no further.


Like the Amore Bay, the Executive's hydrotherapy system consists of three pumps and 60 adjustable Accent jets. 

These provide more control and power than many competing brands, as well as having better longevity due to the precision engineering of the jet system itself.

The layout of the Executive includes one Ultra Lounge seat, two individual molded massage seats, an open corner bench with multiple hydrotherapy stations, and extra (raised) cool-down seating. Of course, the same number of jets spread over more seats means you won't find quite the intensity of the Amore Bay in each station. That said, the range of massage options available is still very comprehensive and receives plenty of positive reviews.

Extra Features

The Executive model offers a very similar set of features and extras to the Amore Bay, as they are both very much at the luxury end of the Dimension One spas range. One other very nice feature in the Executive is the "tactile therapy" flooring, which uses contoured bumps in a range of sizes to stimulate the soles of the feet.

3 - Best Mid-Priced Spa - Nautilus

Another of the models from the Reflections Collection of Dimension One Spas, the Nautilus provides much of the same luxury and quality as my first two hot tub picks.

Being smaller than the Executive and without the extra design complexity of the Amore Bay, the Nautilus lets you pay significantly less to realize your dream of owning what is still one of the better hot tubs on the market.


The Nautilus is listed as a 6-7 person hot tub but is actually quite generous as such. 

If you take advantage of the cool-down position etc., this model can actually accommodate 8 people quite easily.

Having 40 jets, the Nautilus uses one less pump than the larger models, making it slightly more energy-efficient and cheaper to run. The power produced at each jet is not diminished though, so the 4 main massage seats still provide enough pressure for a proper deep-tissue massage.

Extra Features

Despite the lower price tag, the Nautilus still includes many of the top features previously mentioned in my Dimension One Spa review. The same hard wearing Ultralife shell, Accent jets, ozonating water care system, and (optional) Terrancina surround as the more expensive spas means you really aren't compromising on quality.

The Nautilus even comes with both Liquid FX and the tactile therapy floor as standard.

4 - Best Budget Two-Person Hot Tub - Serenade

The Home Collection is Dimension one's line of budget and entry-level spas.

These are simpler than the Reflections or Bay models listed on the company's site but still maintain a high standard of construction and function, as evidenced by their positive reviews.

The Serenade is one of the smallest and cheapest spas produced by Dimension one but is still worth considering, mainly due to the deep relaxation offered by its lounger setup.


The Serenade hot tub is configured with one Ultra Lounger and two upright massage therapy seats, served by 18 Accent jets. The jet configurations are simplified compared to spas like the Nautilus so they don't cover quite the same range of body parts. However, they are still very effective for a back massage, and the Ultralounger's Jet Therapy pillow is also very soothing on the neck.

One significant advantage of the Serenade over a larger Dimension One hot tub model is the 120V plug-and-play operation. This means the spa can be run off a standard household electrical outlet.

Extra Features

The Serenade features a tactile therapy floor, Crystal FX lighting, and an intuitive control system. Terracina skirting, Bluetooth audio, and advanced water care options are available as optional extras.



108" x 92" x 40"

92" x 110" x 41.5"

92″ x 92″ x 36″

83" x 66" x 30"







1 x 4.0 HP 2-Speed Pump

2 x 3.6 HP Pumps

1 x Circulation Pump

1 x Fountain Pump

1 x 3.6 HP 2-Speed Pump

2 x 3.6 HP Pumps

1 x Circulation Pump 

1 x Fountain Pump

1 x 4 HP 2-Speed Pump 

1 x 3.6 HP Pump 

1 x Circulation Pump

1 x Fountain Pump

2 x 3 HP 2-Speed Pumps







  • Curved Design

  • Ultralife Shell

  • Liquid FX

  • Ultra Pure Plus Water Care

  • SmartHub

  • Dynamic Massage Sequencer

  • Ultralife Shell

  • Liquid FX

  • Ultra Pure Plus Water Care

  • SmartHub

  • Dynamic Massage Sequencer

  • Tactile Therapy Floor

  • Ultralife Shell

  • Liquid FX

  • Ultra Pure Plus Water Care

  • SmartHub

  • Tactile Therapy Floor

  • Ultralife Shell

  • Crystal FX Lighting

  • Tactile Therapy Floor

  • Plug-And-Play Operation

Best For

Best Spa Overall

Party Spa

Mid-Priced Spa

Budget Two-Person Hot Tub

Pros & Cons


  • Durable and slip-resistant UltraLife shell
  • Advanced water care
  • Double-layered insulation
  • Adjustable and interchangeable Accent jets
  • Chromotherapy options
  • Good selection of larger hot tubs


  • Limited hot tub options in smaller sizes
  • Some distributors have received mixed reviews

How Do Dimension One Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

Dimension One Spas have a strong track record as a hot tub company. Having been founded in California in 1977, they quickly established a reputation for innovation by developing the first fully insulated unit which could be installed above or in-ground, as well as raising the bar for hydrotherapy with their Ultra Lounge design in the mid-80s.

This focus on innovation, alongside precision engineering and the use of high-grade materials, continues to see Dimension One regarded as a top-quality spa manufacturer. In customer reviews, Dimension One spas are regularly praised for their build quality, the variety of massage options available, design features, and the ease and effectiveness of their water care systems (especially the Dimension One Vision Cartridge system). We like this company so much, that they made it onto our list of Best Hot Tub Brands

Customers also report that the customer service department is very responsive and helpful, whether the hot tub is still under warranty or not. However, some individual distributors have been criticized for not taking sufficient care over installation. Depending on your location, try to find testimonials for your local dealer and factor these into your decision-making process as well as the information on the Dimension One site. If you do have any trouble with repairs etc, Easy Spa Parts also stock a wide range of replacement components for Dimension One Spas.

Dimension One also produced some excellent swim spas under the Aquatic Fitness Systems label. These were very highly regarded within the swim spa market until the company discontinued the line in 2019 to focus exclusively on the hot tub sector. If you can find a used one in good condition, an AFS swim spa is well worth the money.

The Final Verdict

Overall, it's easy to recommend Dimension One spas for family use. If you're looking for a hot tub for five to six people (or more), Dimension One has more options than most manufacturers and the attention to detail on all Dimension One spas is excellent.

If you're looking for a smaller model (for 1-3 people), you'll find the choices more limited, but you can still bank on quality if you find a Dimension One hot tub to suit your requirements.

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