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Thinking about buying a Dr. Wellness hot tub? Not sure which model to go for?

Dr. Wellness hot tubs offer a large range of affordable as well as reliable hot tubs and swim spas. They are produced by Aqua Living Factory Outlets Company who are one of the largest spa retailers in the US, with locations all over the country.

Carry on reading my review to find out all about Dr. Wellness and their most popular hot tub and swim spa models.

Our Top Choices For Dr. Wellness Hot Tub

Dr. Wellness G-1700 Tranquility Spa

1. Dr. Wellness G-1700 Tranquility Spa

  • Seats 8
  • 82 stainless-steel jets
  • Waterfall, underwater LED lighting & Bluetooth audio 
  • Most Luxurious Hot Tub
Dr. Wellness X-2 Spa 150

2. Dr. Wellness X-2 Spa

  • Seats 3
  • 31 shoulder, neck, foot & calf jets
  • Stylish shell interior colors
  • Best Value Hot Tub
Dr. Wellness S-16 Swim Spa

3. Dr. Wellness S-16 Swim Spa

  • Seats 3 (plus cooldown seats)
  • 3 River jets, 4 Swim Lane jets, 35 Massage jets
  • Lighting package has 4 backlit, multicolored waterfalls
  • Best Swim Spa

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Do Dr. Wellness Hot Tubs And Swim Spas Cost?

Dr. Wellness hot tubs and swim spas are very affordable. The Dr. Wellness Lifestyle Series has six delightful hot tub models with prices starting from $3,999 and going up to $6,599.

The Dr. Wellness Tranquility Series has the largest selection of models, thirteen in total, and will cost a bit more money. This series offers a lot of optional features so prices are not listed on the manufacturer's website and are only available on quotation. In general, to give you a rough idea of the cost, prices start from about $7,999 and go up to about $15,999.

Dr. Wellness also offers a range of swim spas with three models to choose from. Dr. Wellness Fitness Series Swim Spas prices start at $9,995 and go up to around $16,495.

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Most Popular Dr. Wellness Hot Tub And Swim Spa Models

Produced by the Aqua Living Spas Company, Dr. Wellness has a large range of energy-efficient hot tubs. All of the spas and hot tubs manufactured by this brand are done so in the US. Let's have a look at some of their most popular hot tub and swim spa models.

Dr. Wellness G-1700 Tranquility Spa - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

The first tub we will look at is the largest hot tub from the Dr. Wellness Tranquility Series, the G-1700. It measures 92″ x 114″ x 38″, can seat eight people, and has plenty of great features. It is perfect for the customer who likes to enjoy their spa experience with plenty of room for company.

With a whopping 82 jets powered by a pair of six horsepower motor pumps, cushioned headrests, crystal waterfall feature, and underwater lights, this is a great hot tub for massage and relaxation or entertaining friends and family.

For music lovers, it has a waterproof Bluetooth receiver audio system with a built-in speaker including a bass speaker.

The user-friendly topside controls let you adjust your Dr. Wellness hot tub setting with ease. Other standard features include an insulating cover and full foam insulation to make the hot tub as energy-efficient as possible so the heater doesn't have to work too hard. Three to six horsepower motors are available for powering the pump with options of two speeds.

The G-1700 comes with a factory-fitted Ozonator and all the plumbing uses anti-fungicide tubing to help stop the build-up of germs to keep the water cleaner. The hot tub has an ABS base that protects it from erosion and multilayer fiberglass reinforcement.

The exterior cabinet comes in two stylish colors, mocha or coastal gray whilst the inside comes in sterling silver. When it comes to the warranties for the hot tub, they offer five years on the structure, plumbing, shell, and major components and six months on the labor.

If you want upgrades for your Dr. Wellness hot tub, then you will not be short on choice when it comes to features. Upgrades available include LED lighting for the jets, floating rechargeable drink station, spa-side rail, umbrella, hot tub booster seat, and the Balboa remote Wifi connection.

You can also opt to have the ultraviolet sanitation system with a circulation pump, Balboa Wavetec 254 UV sanitizer, the Nature2 Spa water purifier, the Spa Startup chemical kit, CopPure filters, and the ProZone salt system.

If you live somewhere cool you have the option of getting the extreme insulation package to make your hot tub as energy-efficient as possible. You can also extend the warranty on the labor to twelve months

Dr. Wellness X-2 Spa - Best Value Hot Tub

One of the lower priced hot tubs of the Dr. Wellness Lifestyle Series, the X-2 is a nice hot tub for couples or for those on a tight budget.

This spa model measures 60″ x 81.5″ x 32″, has 3 seats, and can hold 200 gallons of water.

The X-2 hot tub has a total of thirty-one stainless steel jets including shoulder, neck, foot, and calf jets as well as cushioned headrests, so you can sit back and relax whilst enjoying a soothing massage.

There is also a waterfall which helps create the perfect ambiance for chilling out in this hot tub.

You can adjust the settings of your hot tub with the user-friendly topside system controls. Other standard features include energy saver equipment, a six-brake horsepower pump (compared to some other manufacturers who use only four horsepower motors in spas this size), a heater, multi-layer fiberglass reinforcement, standard foam to make it energy-efficient, and all the plumbing uses anti-fungicide tubing.

The interior of this great tub comes in a choice of three colors, sterling silver, Tuscan sun, or midnight canyon whilst the cabinet is available in mocha or coastal gray.

When it comes to the warranty, you get three years on the hot tub structure and shell, one year on the plumbing and major components, and ninety days on the labor.

There are plenty of upgrades available for this hot tub model, selecting any of these will drive up the final cost of your purchase though. These include perimeter LED lights, side handrail, hot tub cover, spa booster seat, floating drinks station, umbrella, Balboa Remote Wifi connection, ProZone Salt System, Nature2 Spa water purifier, spa startup chemical kit, CopPURE filters, and a twelve-month extension on the labor warranty.

Dr. Wellness S-16 Swim Spa - Best Swim Spa

The S-16 is the largest swim spa in the Dr. Wellness Swim spa series. It measures 197” x 92” x 56″.

This is a great choice if you want not only the relaxation benefits of a spa, but also the health benefits of swimming exercise.

The swim end has four adjustable jets for the swim lane and three river jets for a powerful current. 

The seating area has a total of thirty-five jets for the ultimate soothing massage. Powered by not just one pump, but a total of four pumps, this swim spa really delivers on water pressure and number of jets.

To create the perfect ambiance for post -exercise relaxation, there are four backlit, multicolored waterfalls. Lighting features includes two underwater LED lights, nineteen perimeter lights and the supreme lighting package.

If you like to work out or relax to your favorite tunes then this swim spa comes with a Bluetooth Audio System and has four built-in speakers with a subwoofer. For safety and good insulation, a quality locking hard spa cover and full foam insulation are included in the price.

For color schemes, the interior of the swim spa comes in sterling marble and the exterior cabinet and cover are available in mocha. When it comes to warranties on this Dr. Wellness swim spa, they offer five years on the structure, shell, plumbing, and major components, and six-months on the labor.

The Balboa Remote WiFi Connect for Global Control is available as an upgrade for the Dr. Fitness S-16 swim spa.






92″ x 114″ x 38″

60″ x 81.5″ x 32″

197” x 92” x 56″

Water Capacity (gallons)





3 – 6 bHP Pumps

One 6 bHP Pump

4 pumps

Number of Jets

82 jets

31 Stainless Steel Jets

3 River Jets

4 Swim Lane Jets (adjustable)

35 Massage Jets (Seating Area)

Weight (lbs)




Best for

Most luxurious hot tub

Best Value Spa

Best Swim Spa

How Does Dr. Wellness Stack Up Against The Competition?

Let us see how the Dr. Wellness hot tubs and swim spas compare to others in the industry by taking a look at some pros and cons of choosing this brand.


The Aqua Living Factory Outlets Company produce other great hot tub and swim spa brands such as Catalina Spas and Hudson Bay. They have more than fifty outlet locations all over the US and they have financing available for their spas.

The pricing for most of the hot tubs and upgrades is clearly listed on the website which means you know exactly what you will be paying. They offer a high-quality product at a very reasonable purchase price. If you are on a tight budget you will be likely to find a cheap hot tub in one of the Dr. Wellness spa lines.

Consumer reviews are generally great for this company, with excellent customer service and good feedback from new customers. If you visit the website you can register and $1000 off coupon for you spa purchase.


There is no such thing as the perfect spa company. Some of the cheaper Dr. Wellness hot tub models come with shorter warranties as compared to other companies and the more expensive Dr. Wellness spa models. Be sure to check the warranties on the model you decide to purchase.

There are limited upgrades available for the swim spas which some customers may find disappointing. In addition, there is a lack of color options available for some hot tub and swim spa models.

Generally customers have had good things to say about these spas. However, a small percentage of customers have reported problems with their spa heater as well as with aspects of customer service in fixing the issue.

The Final Verdict

The majority of Dr. Wellness hot tub customer reviews are excellent. The Aqua Living Spas company has great customer service and most customers absolutely love their purchases.

Dr. Wellness is a trusted hot tub and swim spa brand name because they offer quality products at an affordable purchase price. They also provide a huge selection of models, so you'll be sure to find one with all the features you need.

Visit our Best Hot Tub Brands page to continue browsing reputable spa manufacturers.

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