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Dream Maker is at the top of the list of hot tub manufacturers who use rotational molding. And if simplicity and quality are what you're after, this may be the brand for you.

We've researched all aspects that potential buyers need to know about, and we'll show you exactly how Dream Maker Spas stacks up to the competition.

We'll also review 3 of our favorite Dream Maker Spas Models, allowing you to make a well-informed purchase decision. 

Let's dive in!

Our Top Choices For Dream Marker Spas

Stonehenge Collection & Suites Big EZ Suite

1. Stonehenge Collection - Big EZ Suite

  • Largest Cost-Effective Option
  • 7-Person Capacity
  • Includes 23 Jets
  • Adjustable Fountain
  • Crossover Collection & Suites Cabana 3500L Suite

    2. Cabana Collection - Cabana 3500L Suite

  • Mid Range Option
  • 4-Person Capacity
  • Includes 35 Adjustable Jets
  • Entertainment Table
  • Cabana Collection & Suites Crossover 740L Suite

    3. Crossover Collection - Crossover 740L Suite

  • High-End Feature Rich Option
  • 6-Person Capacity
  • Includes 40 Jets
  • Lounger Seat
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    Price Guide: How Much Do Dream Maker Spas Cost?

    You will be happy to know that the answer to the above question is “not too much.” Dream Maker Spas are a cost-effective and much more affordable option than most other manufacturers. In fact, of the hot tubs we've reviewed, very few brands offer models that go quite this low in pricing. 

    To give you an estimate of the overall price range, if you were to pick one of the simplest options with minimal accessories and features then you could get a nice, easy-to-use hot tub for about $3,600. 

    On the other hand, if you go for the higher-end, fancier styles with more features and capabilities, you will likely spend somewhere around $6,000. While $6,000 is Dream Makers' highest pricing option, this is where a lot of brands start at in terms of their most cost-effective choice.  

    Overall, whether you go for their lower or higher-end models, you are still getting a cost-effective spa that you can enjoy without needing to strike gold. 

    It should be mentioned however, that this is an estimate, as pricing is based off of individual dealer and location. For more accurate pricing, click the button below. Whether you're just price shopping, or in the market to buy, our service is free and we provide the lowest quotes around.

    Most Popular Dream Maker Spa Models

    When you visit the Dream Maker Spa website you will immediately see that they have divided all of their hot tub models into 3 very different collections. These are the Stonehenge, Cabana, and Crossover. 

    We will highlight a few models in particular, but mainly we want to give you an overview of each collection to help you condense your search. Let's go through them now!

    Stonehenge Collection & Suites

    When talking about inexpensive hot tubs, it really doesn't get any better than this. If you are looking for the most economical option within an already thrifty brand then this is the series to choose.

    After seeing the prices, you might expect something slightly less than attractive. However, it was a pleasant surprise to find such budget-friendly spas with such an interesting aesthetic. Abandoning the all too common white tubs, the Stonehenge collection instead goes with a contemporary black that has a more modern feel. 

    You can also select textured panels in which you have the choice between brick and wicker, and you can go with whichever is more favorable in your opinion.

    The dreamiest of the collection is the large Big EZ spa that comes with space for 7 people, 23 jets, and an adjustable fountain to ensure a therapeutic and relaxing spa arrangement. 

    On the other hand, the smallest option is the cozy little Fantasy Suite that has 2-person capacity, 14 jets, and like all the tubs in this collection, comes with a wide range of exterior color options.

    This is the recommended collection for low-budget buyers who want an elementary spa with minimal cost and maximum enjoyment.

    Cabana Collection & Suites

    The Cabana Collection offers mid-range pricing options.

    With more jets and more features than the Stonehenge series, you pay a little bit more but also get more benefits. 

    Our favorite hot tub within this series has to be the Cabana 3500L which has room for 4 people, 35 fully adjustable jets, headrests, lounge seats, a built-in cooler, and even a table. Most models within this collection include the same features, though seating styles do vary per the size and design that you choose. 

    The addition of a table within this series makes it more unique from most other hot tubs, and provides a place to play games, make cocktails, and more. 

    This collection would be ideal for someone with a small budget who wants a bit extra than the basic package provides. If you want a good mid-range hot tub, a decent amount of jets, seating options, and additional attributes, this is the collection for you. 

    Crossover Collection & Suites

    Now we come to the higher-end hot tubs.

    If you love the lap of luxury and getting the best from your hydrotherapy massage experience, then you should definitely check this collection out. 

    While still holding itself to a reasonable budget, the Crossover series offers a feature-rich collection of luxury spas that will be the ultimate Dream Maker creation for you to enjoy on your own, with your family, or with your friends. The absolute best hot tub within this array of models is the Crossover 740L Suite. 

    This spacious 6-person capacity spa comes with 40 jets, a complete lounger seat, mood lighting, cabinet lighting, and a range of additional options you can add.

    For upgrades, you can choose from the Ozone filtration system, Bluetooth music system, and the LED Ambiance package.

    When comparing each series against each other, the crossover collection is by far the most luxurious and contemporary option to choose from. 

    Pros & Cons

    Dream Maker Spas offer a low-cost solution to fulfill a good range of hot tub desires. With large and small capacity options, and various tiers of quality and features, it must be said that they have a decent selection. However, even their highest tier with the most features cannot compete with the features and aesthetics of the luxury spa brands. Dream Maker Spas is a budget-friendly hot tub option and it is a good one, but they do they limit themselves to only one customer demographic. Shoppers looking for top of the notch features will need to look elsewhere. 

    For having one of the lowest price ranges in the spa industry, they offer a good amount of options and styles, so overall, you get great value for your money. 

    Most hot tub manufacturers offer a decent warranty that will ensure the functionality of your investment for many years onward. Though Dream Maker Spas does have this, the warranty dictates a five year warranty for the shell, 1-year for the equipment, and 1-year for labor. Comparing this other brands shows that other manufacturers do offer much longer warranties. 

    How Do Dream Maker Hot Tubs Stack Up Against The Competition?

    If you have read the entirety of this article and decided that a Dream Maker Spa is not quite what you were looking for in a spa manufacturer, or you'd like a larger selection of optional features, then don't feel pressured to purchase one. Have a look around and see what else is available.

    Before you browse through the multitude of alternative options, we do have a couple of recommendations. 

    If you have a bigger budget and want something a bit more luxurious, take a peek at Bullfrog Spas. Alternatively, if you're leaning towards the cost-effective side of the market, Belize Hot Tubs generally cost between $5,000 and $7,000.

    The Final Verdict

    Dream Maker Spas' price point is one of the lowest on the market, and many customers have reported satisfaction with their purchases. With these prices, almost anyone can sit back in the comfort of their own backyard or patio deck and relish in the satisfaction of owning their own spa. 

    Because Dream Maker charges half as much as many other spa brands, they cannot compete with the top hot tub brands when it comes to luxury. But for this price tag, you get a quality spa and a decent amount of features. 

    Though budget-friendly, these hot tubs have some surprisingly nice aesthetics, and give the impression of a much more expensive investment. We hope our Dream Maker hot tub review was helpful, and we are sure you will find the perfect one to suit your needs!

    We know you want the best deal possible. So rather than calling dozens of local dealers to compare prices, click the button below! We provide multiple price quotes based on your location and hot tub preferences!

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