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So you are want to purchase a new spa? Are you thinking of getting a Dynasty Spa?

Dynasty Spas have a fantastic range of hot tubs and swim spas for every budget. Whether you want a smaller plug-and-play model or a more luxurious feature-rich hot tub, you will be sure to find what you need at Dynasty Spas.

Continue to read the learn all about Dynasty Spas and their fabulous hots tubs and swim spas.

Our Top Choices For Dynasty Spas

Hideaway Series C316

1. Hideaway Series C316

  • Seating for 2 people
  • 16 jets
  • Padded headrests, easy-to-use digital controls,SimpleClear™ UV-C Water Sanitization
  • Best small spa
Passport Series L842

2. Passport Series L842

  • Seating for 6 people
  • 42 jets
  • Targeted neck jets, waterfall feature, Icynene™ foam insulation
  • Best for families
Affinity Series L5644

3. Affinity Series L5644

  • Seating for 5 people
  • 44  jets
  • Water fountain jets, adjustable hydrotherapy jets, underwater LED lighting
  • Best affordable luxury hot tub
Allure Series L872

4. Allure Series L872

  • Seating for 6 people
  • 72 jets
  • K1000 Digital Topside Control, maintenance-free skirting, deluxe cover
  • Best for features
Radiance Series 8B

5. Radiance Series 8B & 8L

  • Seating for 6 people
  • 79 jets
  • Mulitcolored LED lights, Mix™ adjustable & independent zone lighting system, lounge seat option
  • Best for parties & entertaining
Aquex 19' Pro Dual-Temp

6. Aquex 19’ Pro Dual-Temp Swim Spa

  • 6 person capacity, 5 seats plus 1 person swimming
  • 39 jets
  • Seperate hot tub area, illuminated river jets, cupholders
  • Best for exercising

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Does A Dynasty Spa Cost?

Dynasty Spas have a vast array of optional features available, meaning the price will vary greatly from customer to customer depending on the combination of options chosen. Individual quotes for cost are provided by the business.

Dynasty makes a good selection of sizes and styles of spas so cater to a wide range of budgets. The cost of a Dynasty spa starts at about $5,000 and a more high-end spa will set you back around $1,7000.

When it comes to finding the right price, we bring the quotes to you. By clicking the button below, you'll be able to compare pricing and save on your hot tub purchase!

Most Popular Dynasty Hot Tub Models

Dynasty has a large selection of hot tubs and swim spas. Let's take a look at some of their most popular models.

Hideaway Series C316 - Best Small Spa

Dynasty Spas Hideaway Series is a delightful collection of smaller plug-and-play hot tubs that seat between two to three people. The Hideaway C316 measures 72” x 72” x 33”, holds 130 gallons of water, and can seat two adults. All it needs is a 110 V electrical connection and you can then relax and enjoy a massage from the 16 stainless steel jets.

Standard features for this hot tub in the Hideaway Series include padded headrests, easy-to-use digital controls, air and water diverters, LED lighting, 3.0 bhp pump, heater, SimpleClear™ UV-C Water Sanitization, Icynene™ Foam Insulation, and a cover. 

Additional features available include RMAX™ Insulation Panels and Reflectix™ Insulating Foil Wrap.

When it comes to choosing colors for the hot tub, you will not be disappointed. There are ten different options to pick from for the interior shell and three stylish color options for the exterior maintenance-free skirting.

Passport Series L842 - Best For Families

Bring a bit of luxury to your backyard with Dynasty Spas Passport Series L842 hot tub.

Large enough to enjoy with family and friends, this six-seater hot tub measures 92” x 92” x 39”, holds 425 gallons of water, and has a lounger seat. 

The L842 has 42 stainless steel jets and water jets for targeted neck massages.

The L842 hot tub standard features include two powerful 6.0 bhp pumps, a waterfall, heater, LED lighting, Icynene™ Foam Insulation, SimpleClear™ UV-C Water Sanitization. Optional features include a pump for water circulation, In.

Touch™ Remote Spa Operation, RMAX™ Insulation, Bluetooth™ Audio system with dock and Reflectix™ Insulated Foil Wrap.

With eleven interior and six exterior color options to choose from, you can really individualize your spa set-up. All the hot tubs in the Passport Series have the same additional features available as well as lounge or bench seating options.

Affinity Series L5644 - Best Affordable Luxury Hot Tub

Dynasty Spas Affinity Series with lounger and bench seating options, is basically a hybrid of the Hideaway Series and Passport Series hot tubs.

The Affinity Series L5644 offers the luxury of the Passport Series hot tubs but is more compact, like the hot tubs of the Hideaway Series.

The L5644 has many of the same standard features as the Passport Series, and some great luxury features such as 44 stainless steel jets with water fountain jets, adjustable hydrotherapy neck jets and LED lighting underwater as well as topside. 

When it comes to extras you can choose from an array of options such as a Bluetooth Audio system with a subwoofer, In.Touch™ system for mobile devices, illumination for corners and the stainless steel jets, full foam, and RMAX™ Insulation and Elite skirting for the exterior.

The L5644 measures 82” x 78” x 36”, holds 325 gallons of water, and to ensure a powerful massage it has two 6.0 bhp water pumps. The color options available for this hot tub are slightly more limited compared to some of the other Dynasty spas but there are seven different colors to pick from for the acrylic interior.

Allure Series L872- Best for Features

Dynasty Spa's largest range of hot tubs, the Allure Series comprises luxurious feature-rich hot tubs.

The L872 hot tub dimension is 92” x 92” x 42” and it can hold 425 gallons of water.

You will be sure to get a fantastic massage as it has 72 stainless steel jets including adjustable neck jets and fountain jets. 

This six-seater hot tub has a lounger seat and a total of three powerful pumps for ultimate water pressure and massage. 

The substantial list of standard features of the Allure Series L872 includes padded headrests, underwater and topside LED lighting, SimpleClear™ UV-C Water Sanitization, K1000 Digital Topside Control, maintenance Free Skirting, ™ Foam Insulation, heater, filtration, deluxe cover, and Icynene™ Foam Insulation.

The optional extras available include RMAX™ Insulation, blower, circulation pump, and In.Clear™ Sanitation system and more. For music lovers, you can add an Infinity Audio System and speakers, subwoofer, Bluetooth Audio plus dock, and In.Touch™ system for mobiles.

There are eleven different color options for the acrylic interior and six for the exterior. If you want a wide range of features to choose from, then the Allure Series L872 is the hot tub for you.

Radiance Series 8B & 8L - Best for Parties & Entertaining

If you would like stunning underwater light shows as part of your hot tub experience then take a look at a hot tub from the Radiance Series.

The hot tub lighting system has 113 LED points of light.

Multicolored LEDs lighten the entire spa from the controls, spa edge, and down to the footwells using the In.

Mix™ adjustable and independent zone lighting system. 

There is backlighting for the hydrotherapy jets, cupholders, water diverters, fountain jets, and water features.

The 8B and 8L are the same apart from the seating options. The 8 B is the bench seat option and the 8L is the lounge seat option. These hot tubs have 79 hydrotherapy jets with powerful water flow from three separate pumps. The jet and controls are illuminated and other standard features include In.Stream™ Sound w/4 Phantom Speakers, easy access cabinet with Elite Skirt, SimpleClear™ Ozone & UV Hybrid Sanitation System, 1 horsepower Turbo Air Induction and In.touch 2™ Integrated Wi-Fi Spa Control.

The color options for this range are more limited compared to the other Dynasty Spa series but if you want luxury and a light show then a Radiance Series spa can provide this.

Aquex 19' Pro Dual-Temp - Best for Exercising

Dynasty Spas has a great range of swim spas.

If you like a good workout then take a look at the Aquex 19' Pro Dual-Temp swim spa.

With 39 jets, this fantastic swim spa has a hot tub section partitioned with a divider that can hold three adults. 

The swim side also has two spa seats as well as a swimming space for one person.

This swim spa is large, measuring 92” x 224” x 55” and weighing 3500 lbs, making it suitable for a larger garden or yard. It is the most feature-rich of the Dynasty swim spas including illuminated river jets, cupholders, and fountain jets, underwater and topside LED lighting, two heaters, five pumps, pillows, exercise equipment, four marine grade speakers, STI2 Infinity™ AM/FM / Bluetooth and more.

Number of seats


Water Capacity (gallons)

4Weight (lbs)


Number of Jets

Overall Rating


72” x 72” x 33”



One 3.0 bhp




92” x 92” x 39



Two 6.0 bhp Pumps




82” x 78” x 36”



Two 6.0 bhp Pumps




92” x 92” x 42



One 7.0 bhp Pump Two 6.0 bhp Pumps




92” x 92” x 36”



Three 6.0bhp Pumps



5 plus 1 swimming

92” x 224” x 54”

Swim 1500 / Spa 270


Three- Viper 5.0bhp & two - 7.0bhp



How Do Dynasty Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?


Dynasty Spas have been in business since 1995 and have plenty of experience in the industry. They offer a wide range of models that suit every pocket so there's no need to go trawling around different hot tub retailers. If you are after a swim spa rather than just a hot tub, Dynasty has a great selection of swim spas as well.

These hot tubs have plenty of optional extras available so you really can customize your spa to fit your needs. This business also offers financing, making the purchase of your hot tub that much easier!

Dynasty has plenty of great reviews from happy satisfied customers to boot.


There are so many customizable hot tub options to choose from that it may take a while to select your optimal set up! The pricing for the basic hot tub with standard features and the cost of the optional extras is not included on the website. Customers will need to contact the business for a quote. Some consumers may find this frustrating if they just want to get a rough idea of the cost before proceeding to the next step.

The Final Verdict

With decades of experience in the hot tub business, Dynasty Spas offers every customer industry-leading performance, great customer service, and a huge variety of excellent quality customizable hot tubs and swim spas to choose from.

Whether you are on a tight budget and are after a smaller simpler hot tub model or want to splash out on a high-end feature-rich spa to dazzle friends and family, then you are sure to find what you need with Dynasty Spas.

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If you're looking for more specific answers on pricing and models in your area, make sure to click the button below! Our free quotes are based on your geographical region as well as the specific preferences you have for your new spa. 

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