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Eco Spas is a brand that claims to be efficient, durable, and clean.

But is that the reality? 

Our article is designed to take a deeper look at the pros and cons of Eco Spas Hot Tubs and and our goal is to help answer your questions in your search for the perfect spa.

By the end of this article, you will know if this is the right brand for you.

Let's begin! 

Our Top Choices For Eco Spa Hot Tub

Eco Spas E3 Review

1. Eco Spas E3

  • 3-Person Capacity
  • Includes 23 Jets
  • 2 Captains Chairs & 1 Lounger
Eco Spas E4 Review

2. Eco Spas E4

  • 4-Person Capacity
  • Includes 21 Jets
  • 4 Corner Captains Chairs
  • Eco Spas E5 Review

    3. Eco Spas E5

    • 2-Person Capacity
    • Includes 23 Jets
    • Lounger & Captains Chair

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    Eco Spas Hot Tub Prices

    One of the largest concerns people usually have about owning a hot tub is how much is it going to cost them to buy and how much will it cost them to run. With a small but diverse range of models, the Eco Spa models are designed to minimize the long-term costs of your spa ownership. 

    Eco Spa hot tub prices change depending on the model you choose and they range from low-end to medium-end costs. 

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    Eco Spas Hot Tub Models

    While most hot tub brands house all their different spa models under various series with different styles, Eco Spa keeps it simple. With only 5 models to choose from and one general design, you only buy an Eco Spa hot tub if it is exactly what you want. With an easy-to-remember naming system, the 5 available hot tubs that Eco Spa offers are E1, E2, E3, E4, and yes, you guessed it... E5.

    We will now review these 5 available options along with some of the features that these spas have to offer.

    Eco Spas E1 

    A four-person hot tub with a very simplistic design. You have two benchlike seats on opposite ends, 10 jets in the seat backing along with another 2 for your feet giving you 12 jets in total.

    This is a very conversational tub as you are all facing each other directly and it is an ideal choice for those that want a more basic spa experience.  


    Eco Spas E2

    The E2 is the smallest and lightest hot tub in the Eco Spa lineup.

    If you are looking for something that fits within a small space, this spa is only 76 inches long by 46 inches wide making it ideal for most areas.

    Its rectangular shape lends itself to more unconventional locations and with its 21 jets compacted into a smaller area, you are going to get the most from this model. 

    Additionally, it comes with a lounger seat which is often recognized to be one of the most relaxing seating arrangements available. 

    Eco Spas E3

    If you were to blend together the E1 and the E2, then the E3 would be the result.

    With enough space for 3 people, it is a nice middle ground between private and social. This hot tub comes with 2 captain's chairs, a lounger, and headrests for each person.

    With 23 jets to give you a delightful hydrotherapy massage, you will be sure to enjoy this Eco Spa creation. 

    Eco Spas E4

    We would call the E4 the upgraded version of the E1.

    It still has a 4-person cap but the seating arrangements have been vastly improved.

    Though still optimal for socializing, you now have 4 corner captain's chairs that face each other giving a circular feel within a rectangular frame.

    This model has 21 jets so it is equal in massaging power to the E2 but a vast increase from the E1.

    Eco Spas E5

    Looking for that intimate hot tub experience but don't want to feel cramped? This may be the solution for you.

    This hot tub is almost identical in design to the E2 but has been made much more spacious for those 2 special people. The E5 comes with 23 jets along with a lounger seat and captain's chair.

    Though still quite a small hot tub, it gives you plenty of space to rest, relax and soak up every ounce of enjoyment from your spa experience. 

    Eco Spas Model Features

    You may have noticed that in our descriptions of each of the models there were a lot of comparisons. This is because they are all very similar in style, design and they all have the same feature options. This makes things nice and simple. You can rest easy knowing that whichever model you choose, you are getting the same functional aspects, but just in a different layout or size. 

    On the Eco Spa website, the main feature they highlight are their hardcovers. In fact, they themselves state that they offer “the original hard cover spa.” This is a great feature for any hot tub. These covers can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight and can be proven to be reliable simply by the knowledge that Eco Spa gives them a lifetime warranty. The true lifetime warranty provides peace of mind knowing you won't have to purchase another hard cover anytime soon.

    The hard cover is resistant to mold and is thoroughly insulated. Plus, the hard cover can easily be attached to your hot tub via the lifter system. This makes setting up and shutting down your hot tub that much easier. 

    On the subject of ease of use, the Eco Spa models were all designed with simplistic utility in mind. With a plug-and-play option, all you need to do with any of these tubs is attach it to a standard electrical outlet in your home, fill it up, and hop right in. No hardwired electrics or plumbing is required. The entire goal is to make it easy for you so you can start enjoying your hot tub right away. 

    With a name like Eco Spa, you would expect that they would be eco-friendly, and indeed they are. Every Eco Spa hot tub comes with Eco Batt Insulation. They offer up to 5 times more insulation than other companies, making your running costs that much lower. Also, they've been verified and certified as environmentally friendly, making Eco Spa one of the only hot tub manufacturers to receive such acknowledgment. 

    To make these tubs even more eco-friendly they have also added an Ecozone natural spa sanitation system that does not require the user to add harsh chemicals in their spa. This is great for your health but also for the environment as a whole. 

    In addition to the standard features, you also have a small range of additional options you can customize such as the LED lighting colors, drink tray an optional WiFi module, and more.  

    Pros & Cons  

    Customers who submit Eco Spa hot tub reviews usually have an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Though every company has some negative stories, most of the clients that purchase from Eco Spa seem to be very content with their purchase. 

    These hot tubs are Simple and easy to use. With their plug-and-play features, this is a hot tub that literally anyone can set up. You also have the Eco-friendly aspect via their insulation and water sanitization process. If the environment is important to you then this may be a great option to consider. 

    Though initial pricing is fairly average, you don't have the installation costs to worry about and the overall running costs are quite low. It's also unlikely for things to go wrong with these hot tubs due to their endurance and simplicity. This makes them a great investment for anyone wanting to regularly use their hot tub long-term. 

    Unfortunately, though their basic nature is a pro in some ways, it can also be a con. With only 5 models to choose from and all of them having the same basic features, there is not much selection or variance. This means that if the main type of Eco Spa hot tub is not to your liking, you might as well search elsewhere. All Eco Spa hot tubs are similar to a large degree.

    Their simplicity is applied to their features as well. With 12-23 jets you don't get the most thorough massage experience when compared to higher-end manufacturers. Many options available through other spa brands simply are not available within Eco Spa hot tubs. 

    When it comes to size, you only have small to medium options to choose from. If you're only planning to accommodate 2-4 people then Eco Spa is great! But if you need a larger space then you might have to keep exploring.


    Competing Alternatives

    Eco Spa is a brand you only choose if it is exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, if you are looking for something slightly different then you might want to check out Evolution Spas or Arctic Spas.

    It is important that you love what you buy. However, it would be unfortunate for you to love what you buy only to find that you love something else even more after you have bought it. 

    Therefore we urge you to check out the competition so you can get the best spa experience for your needs.


    Final Verdict

    Eco Spa has a nice and easy-to-use product that is widely praised by its clients. With a long life expectancy and an eco-friendly system, this is exactly what many costumers are looking for . When you add that to the absence of installation costs and low running costs, you have an amazing deal right here. Plus, with the lifetime warranty, you'll have a great product that'll last you forever!

    However, these are very basic hot tubs with an elementary design and system. If you're more interested in a high-end hot tub with luxurious bells and whistles and a modern aesthetic, then Eco Spa probably is not the right choice for you. With that said, you still get tons of cool accessories to enjoy, including the drink tray!

    Eco Spas have a niche. What they do, they do well but they do not cater to everyone. Many Eco Spas customers love their hot tubs and we believe that they are a worthwhile buy. However, you need to make sure that it is exactly the type of hot tub that you and your family want. 

    If you or your household wish to explore other possibilities, then feel free to browse through our selection of the best hot tub brands.

    Also, make sure to click the button below to get specific pricing information based on your particular hot tub preferences!  We provide free quotes for locations all across the U.S., allowing you to choose the best deal possible. 

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