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Several big-box stores sell hot tubs these days, but are the models they offer really worth buying, or should you stick to the more exclusive spa companies?

Everlast Spas, a subsidiary of Strong Spas sold via major retailers such as Sam's Club, might be a tempting option due to their attractive designs and competitive prices. If you've ever considered a model from their selection of popular hot tubs, read on for more information about how they stack up against the competition.

Our Top Choices For Everlast Spas


1. Indulgence

  • Seating for 6 to 7
  • 100 jets
  • LED-lit cascade water feature, Bluetooth sound system, Ozonator
  • Best 7-seater hot tub
Grand Estate

2. Grand Estate

  • Seating for 5 to 6 (lounger version) & 6 to 7 (non-lounger version)
  • 90 jets
  • Stainless steel heater, DURA-LAST resin cabinet, programmable LED lighting display
  • Best lounger hot tub

3. Affluence

  • Seating for 5 to 6
  • 40 jets
  • 2 captain seats with pillows, lounger, stainless steel jets
  • Best on a budget
Infinity 90

4. Infinity 90

  • Seating for 5
  • 90 jets
  • LED waterfall, 2 pumps, smaller luxury spa
  • Best 5-seater hot tub

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Price Guide: How Much Do Everlast Hot Tubs Cost?

Unlike many other hot tub industry companies, Everlast Spas can be purchased online from big box stores like Sam's Club, rather than relying exclusively on local independent dealers. 

These comparisons quickly show Everlast to have very competitive prices, with some models costing less than $5000 dollars. Even many of their larger, more luxurious products come in at around the $8000 mark. Depending on your location, curbside delivery may even be included in these prices.

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Most Popular Everlast Spa Models

1 - Best 7-Seater Hot tub - Indulgence

This 100-jet spa is one of the largest offerings in the Everlast range.

At 91" x 91" x 40", it's just as spacious as some other models but with the added advantage of extra depth. 

The model features one dual-speed pump, one single-speed, and a blower pump to produce the extra bubbles, giving a powerful and easily-controlled output from the two-tone stainless steel jets.


The ergonomically molded hydrotherapy seats feature pillows that allow you to really settle into the Indulgence spa and relax fully. Combined with the extra depth compared to other Everlast models, even taller users can have a good soak while a full 100 jets provide every seat with a massage experience ranging from gentle and soothing to more intense muscular therapy.


In addition to the impressive hydrotherapy specifications, the Indulgence spa is filled with extras to make the overall experience more enjoyable. LED-lit cascade feature and cabinet lighting add a touch of style to your hot tub time, whilst the Bluetooth Soundsystem provides your favorite tunes direct from a mobile phone, iPad, smart speaker, or one of several other compatible devices.


As with the other spas in the Everlast range, the shell is subject to a 5-year warranty, while the plumbing, ozonators, and LED systems are protected for one year. Some other companies offer longer warranty periods than this but you may be able to purchase extended coverage depending on your retailer.

2 - Best Lounger Hot Tub - Grand Estate

At 91" x 91" x 36" The Grand Estate has plenty of room to relax, especially if you don't need the extra depth offered by the Indulgence line.

It is offered in a 6-7 seater non-lounger version but the full-body lounger in the 5-6 seater version is definitely a big plus in this impressive 90 jet hydrotherapy spa.

Meanwhile, the built-in stainless steel heater is easily powerful enough to make the Grand Estate spa a cozy spot for relaxation, even throughout the winter.

Design Features

The sturdy outer DURA-LAST resin cabinet of the Grand Estate hot tub uses a faux rock finish which helps it fit right into any garden or patio site. The interior is also available in a range of finishes to help the Grand Estate blend in (or stand out) even more. A set of steps conveniently folds away via a hinged door when not in use, while a second one features a towel holder, along with an inner compartment that helps protect your dry towels and other gear from getting soggy.

Other particularly striking features include the water columns and molded waterfall section with a programmable LED lighting display.


The Everlast Grand Estate comes with a fully Bluetooth-enabled sound system, complete with a subwoofer to make sure you get a deep rich sound. It doesn't matter whether you're playing soothing sounds to help you relax in the spa or pumping baselines for your hot tub party, the Grand Estate is a great purchase for any customer who considers music an essential part of their backyard experience.

3 - Best On A Budget - Affluence

Although none of the Everlast spa range is particularly expensive compared to other brands, those with a smaller space and/or budget may prefer the 5-6 person Affluence to some of their larger models.

With a single pump, 40 stainless steel jets, two captain seats (with pillows), and a lounger, the no-frills end of the product line still offers plenty in the way of comfort and relaxation.

Even though some of the additional items such as stereo systems and waterfall/cascade features are missing from the Affinity, these don't significantly affect the functionality of this compact 74" x 74" x 34.5" hot tub.

It's definitely worth considering the exact location you plan to install your spa before automatically choosing a bulkier unit.

4 - Best 5-Seater Hot tub - Infinity 90

The Infinity 90 sits squarely in the middle of the Everlast range and is great for those who want some of the luxury extras without taking up quite as much space as the Infinity or Grand Estate spas.

There's no Bluetooth sound system, but the 90 jets and LED waterfall do add an extra level of decadence compared to the Infinity.

At 85" x 85" x 36", you will also notice the difference in space between the Infinity 90 and Affluence tubs. 

If you want a spa that's comfortable for 5 adults it may well be the choice for you. The only major reservation some users have had is the jets are not made with the same stainless steel construction as the majority of the range and do require replacement more often.

How much of an issue this is for you depends primarily on how heavily you intend to use your new spa. If you are a seasonally heavy hot tub user it may be best to stick to a steel-jetted model, whereas occasional use year-round results in less wear/corrosion.



Grand Estate


Infinity 90

91” x 91” x 40”

91” x 91” x 36

74” x 74” x 34.5”

85” x 85” x 36”

6-7 Person

5-6 Person

5-6 Person

5-7 Person

















7-Seater Hot Tub

Lounger Hot Tub

Budget Hot Tub

5-Seater Hot Tub

Pros & Cons


  • Competitive prices
  • Online ordering
  • A subsidiary of a major brand
  • Good quality for the price


  • Curbside delivery - buyers have to relocate the hot tub into position themselves
  • Relatively short manufacturer's warranty period

How Do Everlast Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

When it comes to the big box brands sector of the market, Everlast spas provide a higher quality product than other comparable manufacturers for almost the same amount of money. This is largely a direct result of their being a subsidiary of the well-respected Strong Spas hot tub company.

Although they aren't in direct competition with high-end swim spas or the most exclusive lines from the top spa manufacturers, this isn't the whole story. Luxury hot tub brands like Strong Spas prefer to use private-label lines such as Everlast to prevent selling via big-box retailers (such as Sam's Club) from diluting their reputation and sales space within the spa industry.

It's often easiest to use this route with a relatively minimal change to the materials and manufacturing of the hot tubs themselves, meaning a re-branded subsidiary of a top firm retains most of the key elements and benefits of the more exclusive ranges. You won't get quite the same features and durability, but you might be surprised at how close they are.

For example, unlike most budget lines, all Everlast Spas are fitted with ozone cleaning systems to help prevent the build-up of harmful microbes. Many models also come with audio and lighting options you would often expect to pay extra for with other brands.

Strong Spas have used this tactic very well and have several such subsidiaries. Another label you might not have realized belongs to them is the Evolution Spas line of hot tubs sold via Costco.

The Final Verdict

All in all, if you're looking for a great budget backyard spa for your family, choosing one of the four models I've reviewed from Everlast is likely to be a better option than going with a company that isn't backed by an industry-leading brand name. 

If you'd like the full picture of the market before making your final decision, visit our Best Hot Tub Brands page. 

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