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Evolution Spas hot tubs are one of the many hot tub brands sold through Costco.

They are widely available and budget-friendly. But are they worth their dollar rating? 

Our Evolution Spas review will explain all the details that you need to know about this brand before you buy.

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Our Top Choices For Evolution Spas

Rockport 27- Jet Spa Review

1. Rockport 27-Jet Spa

  • 6-person capacity
  • Simplistic layout
  • Plug & Play
  • Most cost-effective option
  • Hampton-90-jet

    2. Hampton 90-Jet Spa

  • 6-person capacity
  • Futuristic Design
  • Glowing Swirl Jets
  • Oxford-121-jet Review

    3. Oxford 121-Jet Spa

  • 7 person capacity
  • Contemporary or classic exterior
  • Great insulation
  • Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

    Evolution Spas Prices

    With an interesting but small selection of hot tubs, their prices range from $3,499-$8,999.

    Is that really the price? Why is it so much cheaper than other brands? Does that mean they're poor quality?

    Evolution is renowned for its cost-effective options that charge only a fraction of what many other brands offer. Many people would like to own a hot tub but cannot afford one due to the extensive price tag that would throw them into debt.

    Evolution Spas are a perfect option when it comes to those of us with a small budget that would love to own their own spa. The reasonable prices are what initially attract most customers to this brand.

    However, a common concern is whether buying a cheaper model will cause you more long-term costs. It is a frequent perception that a low-cost Costco hot tub models will break down quickly. 

    Thankfully, Evolution was not out to make a quick buck. They put effort and hard work into their designs and created a product that is both affordable and reasonably reliable. 

    If you're interested in purchasing up one of these hot tubs, or would just like specific pricing information based on the hot tub model that has all the features you're looking for, click the button below! Pricing will be narrowed down based on your unique preferences.

    Evolution Spas Models

    Evolution Spas models do not have the most extensive selection of custom options to choose from. They make it simple by only offering a few main types of Costco hot tubs with their specific pre-designed layouts. This makes them straightforward and uncomplicated to buy from and it makes our review that much easier. We will walk you through 5 different models step by step so you can see which one is the best hot tub models for you and your family.

    Stockbridge Spa (With UV Pump)

    One of the biggest pains of owning a Costco hot tub is water maintenance and cleaning. The Stockbridge makes this easier by providing you with a premium three-pump system to sanitize and purify your water via ozone and ultraviolet light. This is a pure and natural way to clean your tub that will keep your water safe, clean, and ready to climb into. 

    This tub is designed to comfortably seat 6 people though you could fit 7. Complete with 2 captain's seats along with a lounger option this is a very social spa great for small gatherings or large families.  

    The Stockbridge is an American-made relaxation powerhouse with a great sound system, 3 pumps, and 95 jets. 

    Rockport 27- Jet Spa

    The Rockport is a 6-person luxury spa that is better suited for just 5 people. It comes with an energy-efficient pump that has two-speed settings. You can go with a full body lounger or non-lounger option depending on what suits your needs best and it has 1 more headrest than the Stockbridge. 

    As the name suggests this is a 27 jet option meaning that you don't have a huge amount of jets for those that want a more intense spa experience. However, if you are content to sit back with some close friends or family, enjoy a few drinks and have a good time then this may be just what you need. 

    One of our favorite features is the built-in ice bucket that lends itself to easy socialization where you can keep your drinks cool while soaking up the warm water with friends.

    Additionally, this tub is extremely easy to use due to its plug and play option where you can literally plug the tub in and start relaxing right away. Some of the other luxury features include underwater lighting, comfortable headrests for relaxation, and additional spa steps.

    This is an average-sized tub perfect for those that want the standard features but don't want to go overboard with their purchase price. 

    Key West 50 - Jet Spa

    A step up from the Rockport with almost twice as many jets, this 5-6 person spa has 34 adjustable jets which are a huge upgrade from the standard stainless steel fixed jets of which it has 16. This tub recognizes that we are all different and that knot in your muscle or that tension that you want to ease via hydrotherapy can now be reached with these adjustable jets that you can reposition to get the most out of them. 

    With digital controls and a 240V connection, this is a modern machine with the economy in mind. The Key West comes with multiple headrests, covers for both the filter and the tub 

    itself, and a classic woodwork feel that lasts for years without maintenance or upkeep. 

    Many customers choose this tub for its natural and classic look that makes them feel like they are in the lap of luxury.

    Hampton 90 - Jet Spa

    If you want the deluxe hot tub, something that will make your friends go “Wow!” then this is the one to go with. This is an extravagant, modern and high-end model that you know is going to deliver even before you step in. If any Evolution Spa hot tub was to be a time machine, it would be this one. 

    Complete with 3 pumps, 90 jets, and room for 6 people, the Hampton is both effective and extremely comfortable. 41 of the jets included are swirling jets that have an LED system that you can control to alter the mood of your hot tub.


    It also includes a Bluetooth-capable sound system with 4 speakers to further allow you to customize the setting and feel of the experience. As for aesthetics, this spa has a maintenance-free provincial or mahogany feel that looks absolutely spectacular from the outside. 

    We recommend this Evolution Spa experience for anyone that wants to really treat themselves to something nice and who is not too worried about the extra cost involved.

    Oxford 121 - Jet Spa

    Much like the Hampton, this is a high-end beast of beauty. This is the ideal party tub with plenty of space for up to 7-people. The Oxford has 4 pumps, 4 headrests, underwater LED lighting, 101 adjustable water jets, 20 stainless steel air jets, and a gorgeous sound system.

    The insulation in this tub is backed with tightly packed foam and is reflective making this cost-effective to heat so you can use it more without spending a fortune. 

    It comes in two very different aesthetically pleasing options, one which is contemporary and the other that is a more classic feel. Either way, this hot tub caters to your preferences while providing you with the most soothing and

    calming experience certain hot tub models can give. 

    This is the ideal choice for those who are community-minded, as you can invite everyone to enjoy this wondrous and luxurious spa with you.

    Pros & Cons  

    Evolution Spas hot tubs are readily available, easy to find, simple in design, and cost-effective to purchase. This leads them to be a very popular choice for anyone that wants a relaxation spa. Since they are so popular you also know that they have been well tested out and they will perform the task that they were designed to do. 

    On the other hand, because of their limited options, they do not have exactly what everyone wants. There are minimal customization options, seating arrangements, and styles to choose from. So if you have a tiny space or are looking for something with additional features that Evolution doesn't offer, you may have to look elsewhere.


    Competing Alternatives

    The more you shop around the better idea you will have of what is available to you and how much you have to pay to get the best option. Very few people that buy the first thing they see actually choose the best version that they could have bought. To avoid resentment or regret, consider some alternatives first.

    If you have gone through the options that Evolution offers and you are still not convinced, why not try the Custom Series in Arctic Spas. Or alternatively, if you just want to expand your horizons and have some other available models to choose from before you make your final decision, you can go and take a look at the Hot Spring Spas.

    Final Verdict

    For sure, Evolution Spas is one of the top hot tub sellers around. Best of all, you don't have to go searching for a hot tub shop in unfamiliar territory. Instead, you can just go to Costco who will be happy to walk you through the hot tub options and show you their stock.

    Evolution makes sure that you get what you pay for, unlike your traditional hot tub dealer. At the low end, you get a very basic but completely functional hot tub with minimal features. Whereas, at the high end, you get a luxurious and spacious hot tub that looks like it came from the future.  

    Unlike some other hot tub companies, this brand thrives on simplicity and ease of use, making them the ideal choice for people that want an uncomplicated purchase at a reasonable price. If you are still not sure whether this is the hot tub for you, you can go and check them out in person and see for yourself. 

    You can also check out other online reviews and customer ratings to give yourself the best understanding of their quality and overall performance. The best thing about Evolution is that you get luxury features at a fraction of the cost of other spa manufacturers.

    Alternatively, you can review the best hot tub brands to see if there is another brand that takes your fancy.

    Make sure to click the button below for specific pricing on models in your area. Our service is free and we bring the lowest quotes to you be getting local hot tub dealers to compete for your business!

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