Four Winds Spas Reviews

Four Winds Spas

Buying the right spa can be a difficult and expensive process. 

Luckily, Four Winds is an American spa company that offers a great range of affordable hot tubs and swim spas to suit any budget.

Don't decide on a spa brand just yet. Before you spend any money, read my review to find out more about Four Winds Spas and their most popular hot tubs and swim spa models.

Our Top Choices For Four Winds Spas

Typhoon Series Caribbean III

1. Typhoon Series Caribbean III

  • Seating for 5 people
  • 86 jets
  • Lounger, 2 Master Massage jets, touchscreen topside controls, LED Rainbow lighting
  • Most popular hot tub
Cyclone Series Trilogy II

2. Cyclone Series Trilogy II

  • Seating for 3 people
  • 39 jets
  • Lounger, Green Energy Retention System, 360 Filtration, spa cover
  • Best smaller spa
Tropical Series Bahama I

3. Tropical Series Bahama I

  • Seating for 6 people
  • 35 jets
  • Water feature, LED lighting, Green Energy Retention System
  • Best for value
Swim XL Series XL16000

4. Swim XL Series XL16000

  • Seating for 4 plus people
  • 29 jets plus 3 river jets
  • Lounger seat, LED Rainbow spa light, swim tether & exercise equipment option
  • Best swim spa

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Price Guide: How Much Does A Four Winds Hot Tub Cost?

The cost of your spa will vary depending on the model and if you choose to have any additional features. The price will also vary depending on your location and delivery costs.

The hot tub prices are not listed on the Four Winds website since there are various extras you can choose from. 

Four Winds do offer a great selection of affordable hot tubs with many of the spa model prices falling between about $5000 and $10,000. That price will vary depending on how many optional accessories you opt for, and whether or not you need it delivered.

Customers looking to buy a swim spa should expect to pay a lot more for their purchase, around $20,000 depending on the model and if delivery is required. Many local spa dealers who sell the Four Winds brand often have sales going on, so you might find a great deal if you shop around.

To narrow down prices based on your own hot tub criteria, make sure to click the button below! 

Most Popular Four Winds Spas Models

Taking pride on being an American manufacturer, Four Winds offers three fabulous series of hot tubs and a range of swim spas. Let's take a closer look at some of their more popular spa models.

Typhoon Series Caribbean III - Most Popular Hot Tub

With 6 different models in Four Wind Spas' Typhoon Series, the most popular spa is the Caribbean III Spa. It has a relaxing lounge seat as well as two bucket-style seats. 

This hot tub is highly recommended for those looking for excellent massages and who want to enjoy their spa experience with friends and family. With enough seating for up to five adults, this hot tub offers ultimate comfort and relaxation, utilizing perfectly placed shoulder and neck massage jets. 

The Caribbean III has a total of 86 jets including two Master Massage Jets, so its sure to deliver an amazing hydrotherapy experience in the comfort of your backyard.

This model measure 91" x 91" x 37" and like all the spas in the Four Winds Typhoon Series, comes with three 12 amp dual-speed pumps, LED lighting, water features, and Wifi with topside control which is touchscreen. Other standard features include the Green Energy Retention System, spa cover, and LED Rainbow light.

If you have more money to spend, there are several additional features available including a cover lifter, steps, the deluxe LED lighting, backlighting for the jets, Aromatherapy System, and an Ozonator. If you like to relax to your favorite tunes then you can opt for the BlueCube Mini Amp Audio System and Integrated Bluetooth Stereo System with Subwoofer.

Cyclone Series Trilogy II - Best Smaller Spa

One of ten hot tub models in the Cyclone Series, the Trilogy II measures 83" x 66" x 33". This delightful three-person spa is the perfect hot tub for any house with a smaller backyard space. A great choice for couples, the Trilogy II allows you to enjoy countless hours of relaxation with a massage from its 39 jets including one Master Massage Jet.

Powered by two 12 Amp 5.0 HP Dual Speed pumps and with a 5.5 kW water heater, this hot tub has an array of great features such as the Green Energy Retention System, a spa cover, water features, 360 Filtration, LED Rainbow lighting, and an LED Cabinet Logo. It is also Wifi capable.

Addition features offered for this Cyclone Series spa include a cover lifter, steps, Deluxe LED lighting and backlighting for the jets, an Aromatherapy System, an Ozonator, LED cupholders and LED lighting on the corners of the Elite panels. Like the Caribbean III, you can also opt for the Bluecube Mini Amp Audio System with Subwoofer.

Tropical Series Bahama I - Best for Value

The Tropical Series contains eight fantastic hot tubs. If you are on a smaller budget but still want a larger-sized spa then the Bahama I is for you.

This model can seat six people and measures 84" x 78" x 39" so there is ample space for the whole family.

The Bahama I features 35 Dual Tone Max Pro Jets, a 4.0kW water heater, and like all Tropical Series spas a single 12 Amp dual speed pump system.

Other standard features include a water feature, 360 Filtration, Green Energy Retention System, a spa cover, and the LED Spa Rainbow Light.

Other options available are steps, a cover lifter, Ozonator, Deluxe LED lighting, the Aromatherapy System, Elite Panels LED Corners, and of course, the Bluecube Mini Amp Audio System with subwoofer.

Four Spas offer high-quality affordability with the Tropical Series as it contains more of the basic spa models as well as configurations.

Swim XL Series XL16000 - Best Swim Spa

If you can't decide between getting a swimming pool or a hot tub, have you considered a swim spa?

You get all the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub, along with the features of a swimming pool with an XL Swim Series swim spa.

The most popular XL Swim Series Swim Spa is the XL16000. 

Measuring 191" x 90" x 55" this fabulous spa has 29 Max Pro Jets so you can enjoy a relaxing massage on the hot tub side while the swimming pool end provides three River Jets, creating the ideal current for swimming or rowing. 

This 3-River Jet System features the Variable Speed Distribution Unit by Waterway which ensures an even water pressure as well as adjustable difficulty levels for the ultimate aquatic workout.

This 16' swim spa can accommodate four or more people and has plenty of room for exercising, plus specially designed lounger-style seat for relaxing. Other standard features are the LED Rainbow Spa Light, water features, and Green Energy Retention System. Additional options include a swim tether and exercise equipment, LED Cupholder, Wi-fi unit, Ozonator, steps, cover lifter, backlighting for the jets, and the Bluecube System with subwoofer.

Number of seats






91" x 91" x37"

83" x 66" x 33"

84" x 78" x 39"

191" x 90" x 55"

Weight Filled (lbs)






5.5 kw

5.5 kw

4.0 kw

5.5 kw


3 x 12 Amp 5.0 HP Dual Speed Pumps

2 x 12 Amp  5.0 HP Dual speed pumps

1 x 12 Amp 5.0 HD Dual Speed Pump

3 x 12Amp 4.0 HP Viper plus 1 x 12 Apm 5.0 HP Pump

Number of Jets




29 + 3 River Jets

Overall Rating





How Do Four Winds Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

Many spa owners who have purchased a Four Winds Spa have been extremely happy with their products, but buying a new spa is a big investment so let's see how this spa company compares to others by taking a look at some of the pros and cons.


Although this business is relatively new compared to other companies in the spa industry, they offer high-quality parts and manufacturing at their professional state-of-the-art factory. Four Winds Spas use components from some of the biggest names in the business such as Aristec, Lucite, Balboa, and Waterway.

The Four Winds Spas' Green Energy Retention System makes their spas some of the most energy-efficient in the industry. The spa shell has ABS Backed Acrylic along with a factory-applied Poly-Urethane System, which maximizes heat retention saving you money on your power bill. Their spas also come with a foam-filled cover and it is also possible to place your hot tub onto 'sleep mode' to minimize its energy requirement.

Also, if your Four Winds Spa breaks down, the good news is that replacement parts can be easily sourced.


The prices of the spas and extras are not listed on the Four Winds website which is frustrating if you just want a rough idea of the cost of purchase. Some local dealers that sell this brand do offer some pricing information and sales discounts but it depends on your location.

There are some great color options for the acrylic spa shell and cabinet on the Four Winds Spas website but the colors options in your local area will depend on the availability at your local sales location.

Whenever large purchases are made, there will always be the occasional dissatisfied customer. Some customers have reported that buying directly from the factory results in better service.

The Final Verdict

Since there are a multitude of hot tub companies with hundreds of different models on the market, it's important to do your research before purchasing in order to ensure you get the best deal. I hope after reading my review you won't have to search too much longer before you become a hot tub owner, and potentially even a Four Winds Spas customer.

Four Winds hot tubs are high-quality at an affordable price. They offer a great experience in hydrotherapy and relaxation without breaking the bank. Four Winds is a great choice, as many customers highly recommend this hot tub and swim spa company.

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