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Thinking of investing in a spa? Have you considered a Freeflow hot tub?

Buying a hot tub can be expensive so it is important to make sure you purchase the right one for your backyard. Freeflow has a delightful range of durable yet affordable portable hot tubs. With two hot tub collections, their Premier Range hot tubs offer a touch of luxury whilst their Sports Range hot tubs are a great value for money.

To help you decide which Freeflow hot tub is best for you, read my review to learn all about Freeflow and their most popular hot tub models.

Our Top Choices For Freeflow Spas

Sport Series Azure Spa

1. Sport Series Azure Spa

  • Seating for 4 people
  • 19 jets
  • Plug-and-play spa, built-in ice bucket, multicolor LED lighting
  • Most popular model
Sport Series Mini Spa

2. Sport Series Mini Spa

  • Seating for 2 people
  • 10 jets
  • Removable accessory tray, thermal locking cover and LED lighting
  • Best compact hot tub
Sport Series Tristar Spa

3. Sport Series Tristar Spa

  • Seating for 3 people
  • 17 jets
  • Waterfall water feature, wrist jets, thermal locking cover
  • Best corner hot tub
Premier Series Monterey Spa

4. Premier Series Monterey Spa 

  • Seating for 7 people
  • 22 jets
  • Contoured pillows, stainless steel trim jets, synthetic wood exterior cabinet
  • Most luxurious hot tub

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Does A Freeflow Hot Tub Cost?

Freeflow has ten different plug-and-play hot tub models available. The larger of their two collections, the Sport Series, offers seven models with prices starting from $3,700. The most expensive models in this series have starting prices of $6,200.

Freeflow's other collection is the Premier Series. With a choice of three fabulous models, the lowest starting price is $5,900 and the highest starting price is $6,800. The cost will increase if you add on any extras, but overall Freeflow Spas offers great quality for affordable prices.

If you have a specific budget in mind, the Freeflow Spa website has a very useful feature that allows you the search their models by three different price ranges, $3,700 to $4,800, $4,900 to $6000, and $6,100 plus.

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Most Popular Freeflow Spas Models

If you don't have room for a pool but still want a chance to enjoy a relaxing soak and hydrotherapy benefits, then a hot tub is a great idea. Now Let's take a closer look at Freeflow's most popular models.

Sport Series Azure Spa - Most Popular Model

The Sport Series Azure Spa is Freeflow Spa's best-seller. This fabulous 'Plug N Play' spa is straightforward to set up, fill it with water from your garden hose and then simply plug it into a standard outlet and you are ready to go!

The Azure Sport Spa can comfortably seat four people - a great choice for a smaller family. It measures 6’8” X 5’3” X 33” and weighs only 326 lbs making it easily portable if you move later down the line.

Freeflow's most popular model has nineteen massage jets, a built-in ice bucket, a waterfall feature, a heater, and multicolor LED lighting. 

It has a single two-speed 1.5 BHP pump and can hold 235 gallons of water. The hot tub shell comes in a choice of two colors, taupe or sand, whilst the cover is available in slate, caramel, or chestnut.

There are also various accessories available such as steps, a cover lifter, and the Gecko inTouch 2 Wifi kit. Prices for the Azure Spa start from $5,300.

Sport Series Mini Spa - Best Compact Hot Tub

Freeflow Spa's Mini Spa is the ideal choice for couples or if you have only a limited area for your hot tub, for example on a balcony.

This two-seater hot tub measures 6’ X 3’11” X 28” and weighs only 25o lbs, so it is extremely portable. It can hold 120 gallons of water and has a water heater.

The Mini Spa is a rectangular shape with a lounge seat, and features the convenient 'Plug N Play' technology. 

Once it is filled and plugged in, you can then sit back, relax, and let your problems melt away. Enjoy a soothing massage from the ten jets powered by the two-speed 1.5 BHP pump.

The Mini Spa has a removable accessory tray that comes standard and can be used to rest a drink, book, or even laptop. Other standard features include a thermal locking cover and LED lighting. You also have the option of adding Wifi, a cover lifter, and steps. The Cool Step accessory even has a built-in ice bucket.

The Mini Spa is Freeflow's least expensive hot tub with prices starting from $3,700 and it comes in two colors, taupe or sand. The thermal locking cover is available in slate, caramel, or chestnut.

Sport Series Tristar Spa - Best Corner Hot Tub

If you are after a triangular-shaped 'Plug N Play' hot tub for a corner location, then look no further. The Tristar Spa measures 5’10" X 5’10" X 31” and features seventeen jets. The strategic placing of these jets means it is great for hydrotherapy, giving you a soothing massage all over, even on your forearms with the wrist jets.

The Tristar Spa provides plenty of space for up to three people and can hold 185 gallons of water.

It is very portable, weighing only 302 lbs, and is easy to set up.

Standard features include a two-speed 1.5 BHP pump, a heater, a waterfall water feature, and a thermal locking cover. LED lighting means you can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation at night.

The Tristar is available in sand or taupe. And you can choose between chestnut, caramel, or slate for the thermal locking cover. Steps, Wifi, and cover lifters are also available for this model, and prices for this delightful hot tub start from $5,100.

Premier Series Monterey Spa - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

The Premier Series, Monterey Spa is Freeflow's largest hot tub, measuring 7’3” X 6’5” X 34” and provides enough seating for seven adults. If you are after a plug-and-play spa with luxurious features and all the hydrotherapy benefits you could ask for, the Monterey Spa ticks all those boxes.

Buying from the Premier Series comes with several upgrades compared to the Sport Series such as contoured pillows, a synthetic wood exterior cabinet, and exterior/ interior, multicolor LED lighting. The Monterey also has twenty-two hydrotherapy jets, stainless steel trim, a waterfall, and a built-in ice bucket to keep your drinks cool, making it great for entertaining.

Like all of the Freeflow spas, the Monterey has 'Plug N Play' technology, making it simple to set up as the electrics do not need hardwiring. This model is energy efficient with full-foam insulation which keeps your electric bills low.

The Monterey can be customized with the choice of three different colors for the hot tub shell: arctic, taupe, or sand. The cabinet comes in your choice of brown or charcoal. There are also various accessories available such as a selection of different steps, cover lifter, and wifi unit. A thermal locking cover is also included, available in caramel, slate, or chestnut.

The Monterey is Freeflow's most expensive spa, but great value for money, with prices starting from $6,800. 

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6’8” X 5’3” X 33”

6’ X 3’11” X 28”

5’10" X 5’10" X 31”

7’3” X 6’5” X 34”

Water Capacity






Weigh (lbs)t






One  1.5 BHP, 2-Speed

One  1.5 BHP, 2-Speed

One  1.5 BHP, 2-Speed

One  1.5 BHP, 2-Speed

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Overall Rating





How Do Freeflow Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

There are pros and cons to consider when deciding on even the top hot tub brands. Now we'll take a look into some of the great advantages of going with a Freeflow Spa, as well as some the potential drawbacks.


With a great variety of shapes and, most models weighing under 350 lbs, Freeflow hot tubs can fit in pretty much any backyard or deck.

Freeflow hot tubs all have 'Plug-N-Play' technology making them portable and simple to set up. You can fill your hot tub with water using a standard garden hose, and unlike traditional hot tubs that require an electrician for installation, you can simply plug your Freeflow hot tub into any standard 110V outlet. It's as simple as that! No work needed before you can just sit back and relax!

If you want more power, for example, if you're going to be running both the jets and heater on high settings simultaneously, then it is possible for an electrician to convert the standard 110V hot tub to 220V.

To make sure your electric bill stays as low as possible, Freeflow has kept energy efficiency in mind. Certified to energy efficiency standards required by the California Energy Commission, Freeflow Spas come with full-foam insulation and a thermal locking cover to help retain heat and maintain a constant water temperature.

These Spas are exceptionally durable. They are fabricated using rotational molding which also makes them much more affordable compared to acrylic spas.


If you're after a swim spa or extreme luxury, then Freeflow may not be the right company for you. They offer only portable, plug-and-play hot tubs and don't manufacture swim spas.

Freeflow has a total of ten models to choose from which may be considered rather limited compared to other spa companies. However, if you are specifically after a plug-and-play model, then the range is very good, as most other spa companies don't offer such a large number of portable hot tubs to choose from.

The Final Verdict

If you're after an affordable price, Freeflow Spas provide a fabulous selection of durable spas with 'Plug N Play' technology. Enjoy the warm water and all the relaxing benefits of hydrotherapy in your own backyard with these easy-to-set-up portable spas.

Without much of the installation hassle compared to other tubs, and whatever the size or shape of your deck area or backyard, you will be sure to find a Freeflow spa to fit your space as well as your budget.

I hope this Freeflow Spas review has aided in deciding weather or not it's the right brand for you. 

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