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Hot Spring Spas is a well-known brand that you've likely come across in your search for the perfect hot tub. They specialize in elegant and modern designs while keeping comfort in mind. 

If we were to say that Hot Springs hot tub brand is the BMW of the spa world it would be no exaggeration. Hot Spring Spas works closely with Designworks, a BMW group company. 

We'll discuss what they have to offer, determine how well they perform, and by the end, you will know whether or not this is the right brand for you. 

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Our Top Choices For Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spot Collection Review

1. Hot Spot - Pace

  • 5-Person Capacity
  • Double Lounger Seats
  • Cost-Effective Option
Limelight Collection

2. Limelight - Flair

  • 6-Person Capacity
  • 1 Long Lounger seat
  • Freshwater Salt System
  • Highlife Collection Review

    3. Highlife - Grandee

  • 7-Person Capacity
  • 2 Moto Massage Dx Seats
  • Wireless Touchscreen Control
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    Hot Springs Spas Prices

    As soon as you heard the BMW reference you probably were concerned with the pricing.

    But not to worry, Hot Spring Spas hot tub brand does not go crazy with its prices.

    There are 3 main price ranges.

    Hot Springs Spas
    • First off, Hot Springs hot tubs has their most basic hot tub models which are steadily around $7,000-$8,000.  
    • The next level up for a mid-range Hot Springs new hot tub with a lot of features will cost you anywhere between  $9,000-$12,000. 
    • If you want to splurge on the most optimized and magnificent Hot Springs hot tub they have with all the features and accessories available, then you will be looking at a price tag of $13,000 and above.

    With Hot Springs spa prices ranging from $7,000 to well over $13,000, they do have some leeway for different hot tub buyers. There are cheaper models available but if you go lower than Hot Spring Spas' low-end pricing then you may end up sacrificing on quality. 

    On the other hand, Hot Spring Spas is a long way from being the most expensive hot tub brand and even at their top prices, these hot tub models are reasonable for what you are getting. 

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    Hot Springs Spas Models

    The Hot Springs spas brand has three main lines under which all its best hot tub options are collected. These are the Hot Springs Hot Spot Collection, Limelight Collection, and Highlife Collection. We will start with the more basic hot tub line and work our way up to the high-end hot tub versions that have more features. 

    Let’s take a look at these Hot Springs Series one by one and see what they have to offer.

    Hot Spot Collection

    If you are looking for a hot tub that is decent quality but not too expensive then Hot Springs may be what you are looking for. With 6 different models ranging from 2-7 person capacity, there is definitely some variance to choose from. 

    All of these Hot Springs hot tubs come with LED lighting, ergonomic seating, and Smart Jet systems that allow adjustment of the jet positioning to better enhance your hydrotherapy and massage experience. 

    These hot tub models also come with filtered cartridges as part of their FROG ease-in-line sanitization system. This 

    automatically regulates the water to keep it crystal clear and sparkling clean without the use of heavy chemicals. 

    Often a major concern with the most cost-effective hot tub models is if they will cost more in the long run due to poor quality and energy regulation. However, we are happy to say that these hot tub models are good quality hot tubs and their energy efficiency has been made a top priority. 

    This means that not only are buying a cost-effective option, but it will also be cost-effective to run long term. This is thanks to their well-designed insulation, top-of-the-line Hot Spring spa covers, and smart jet system that allows you to only use the jets you want at any given time. 

    Limelight Collection

    These hot tubs are the next step up from the Hot Spot hot tub collection.

    With added hot tub features, mood lighting, and an aesthetic that makes many other hot tubs look old-fashioned, this is a classy machine indeed. 

    The Limelight hot tub collection offers 5 different hot tubs of decent sizes ranging from 4-7 person capacity.

    This means that these hot tub models cater to most buyers but do not offer any smaller options for couples or single people that don't have much space. 

    The most surprising thing about this collection of hot tub models is the low price for what you get. In some other hot tub brands, you could be paying much more money for the same amount of features. 

    With XL combination jets or precision jets, the power and precision of this beautiful Hot Spring spa will bring joy to your face and an extremely relaxing and therapeutic experience to your body. 

    With a modern freshwater salt system, it will keep your Hot Spring spa hot tub cleaner for longer making maintenance easier for continued use. As you choose your hot tub from this collection, you will be given multiple hot tub lighting options, cabinet, and shell color options, along with various additional accessories to choose from.

    Highlife Collection

    Now we come to the Highlife hot tub. As the name suggests, when enjoying one of these hot tubs, you are indeed living the hot tub high life. This new hot tub is the most extravagant and expensive collection out of all the hot tubs that Hot Spring Spas Offers.

    This line has the most options, the most features, and the most dazzling hot tub designs. With 9 models to choose from, these luxury Hot Spring spas range from 3-7 person capacity. 

    Like the Limelight hot tub collection, these hot tubs use a freshwater salt system, however they also have Tri-X Filters keeping your water as clean as possible around the clock. 

    Our favorite features is the Moto Massage DX jet system. These are cutting edge powerful jets that are designed to move up and down your back for the most comprehensive and delightful massages. 

    With a remote control to your spa, you can now control it all from up to 30 ft away, making it far easier to prepare your hot tub for use before you even set foot in it. 

    If you are willing to spend a little extra for a comfortable and luxurious experience, then this may be the hot tub collection for you.

    Pros & Cons  

    One of the Pros that this brand is well known for, is its patented Moto Massage system which was the world's first moving hydrotherapy jet. If you want a real massage, this is the closest that any jet can come to giving you that experience. 

    The downside of this is that there are usually only 2 seats with this amazing feature so envy may ensue and some may feel left out. Across all the different series Hot Spring Spas uses bearingless jets which ensure that they will keep on running for a long time. Definitely, something that you would want in your hot tub.

    While we do like the freshwater system that Hot Spring Spas offer in some of their models, we must point out that it is not entirely automatic, is not chlorine-free and you will need to replace the titanium cathodes every four months which will cost you around $150 each time. Something that is notable however about their filtration systems is that they are usually quite quiet in comparison to alternative spas. 

    When it comes to the framing itself, Hot Spring Spas use the same framing as Bullfrog spas, a shell construction with no chance of delamination and a wide selection of colors. 

    It merits mention that despite claiming to have superior materials to many other manufacturers, their warranty only covers 7 years which is not quite as long as what some other quality brands offer.


    Competing Alternatives

    If you feel that Hot Spring Spas are not quite what you are looking for, you should check out the competition. The more you search, the more options you'll discover, and the more likely you are to find your perfect hot tub. 

    If you want something cost-effective then have a gander at Evolution Spas. These are widely available hot tubs offered at a decent price and can usually be found at Costco. 

    Alternatively, if you want something high-end with some truly unique features, we recommend Marquis Spas

    Whichever brand that you decide upon should match your budget, your desires, and your quality expectations. Don't settle for anything less until you find your dream spa and then you will enjoy it for years to come without regret. 

    Final Verdict

    Hot Spring Spas are a great choice for mid-range to high-end buyers that expect to pay a reasonable amount without going overboard. They are classy, good-looking, well constructed hot tubs and the company has a long history of success with meeting people's hot tub needs. With high-end spa covers, a unique salt system, and energy efficiency, many hot tub owners love the Hot Spring hot tub experience.

    Often Hot Spring Spas are compared with Jacuzzi and go toe to toe with them in a lot of areas. That shows the kind of reliability and quality that you can expect from this brand. Though there are some improvements to be made and there do exist hot tubs that surpass what Hot Spring Spas can offer, we cannot deny that Hot Spring Spas is one of the best spa brands available.

    They offer a range of features for a reasonable cost, they have a product that is built to last, and sitting in one of their hot tubs is just a fantastic relaxation experience. Plus, Hot Spring offers some of the best hot tub care around.

    However, if your search isn't quite over and you'd like to see more reviews, visit best hot tub brands.

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