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If you're thinking of buying a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa, how can you tell if they're the right product to spend your money on? Of course, hot tub retailers will always push the brands they stock, making it hard to find an objective review.

The good news is, we've reviewed spas from many of hot tub manufacturers and know exactly what to look out for. Before you make a decision about buying a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa, read my review of the main features of their best models, and how the Hydropool line of spas compares to the rest on the market.

Our Top Choices For Hydropool

Executive Trainer 19EX

1. Executive Trainer 19EX Swim Spa

  • 2 massage seats
  • VTwin swim jets & massage jets
  • Exercise accessories, Current Collector, Soft Stride flooring
  • Best swim spa for athletes
Aqua Sport 17AX

2. Aqua Sport 17AX Swim Spa

  • 4 massage seats
  • AquaFlow swim jets & 31 massage jets
  • Self-cleaning system, buoyancy jets, exercise accessories
  • Best mid-range swim spa
670 Platinum

3. 670 Platinum Hot Tub

  • 6 massage seats including a lounger
  • 50 jets
  • LED lighting, self-cleaning system, Triple Thermal Shield insulation
  • Best self-cleaning hot tub
SE4L Classic

4. SE4L Classic Hot Tub

  • Massage seating for 3 to 4 people
  • 26 jets
  • Freeze protection, Ozonator, LED lighting
  • Best smaller hot tub

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Do Hydropool Swim Spas and Hot Tubs Cost?

The Hydropool brand sits toward the luxury end of the hot tub and swim spa market so don't expect Hydropool products to be as cheap as some other companies.

When it comes to hot tub prices, their Serenity line offers models from approximately $7,500 up to $17,000 (depending on options), whilst their recently added Classic line comes in a little cheaper. At the other end of the scale, some of the larger models in the Signature Self-cleaning line can set you back more than $35,000.

On the swim spa side of the business, Hydropool offers three lines: Play, Aquatic, and Executive. For swim spa cost, expect to pay between $15,000 and $45,000 depending on size, features, swim-jet power, and any fitness accessories you may require.

The good news is you get what you pay for. High-quality insulation between the external siding and internal shells, complimentary covers and cover lifters, self-cleaning features, and precision parts manufactured to exacting standards all mean you can expect to spend less on operating costs, maintenance, and repairs, than for a cheaper hot tub and/or swim spa brand.

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Most Popular Hydropool Models

Hydropool Swim Spas

1 Best Swim Spa For Athletes - Executive Trainer 19EX

The larger of the two Executive Trainer models at 18'4", this high-performance swim spa is still relatively compact compared to similar models from other companies.

However, it's still packed with plenty of features to keep even the most fitness-fanatical customers happy.

For Athletes

The combination of powerful Hydro VFX variable speed pumps with the innovative VTwin swim jets means the Executive Trainer 19EX swim spa generate enough water flow for a competitive swimmer to get a highly strenuous workout. However, the level of variation available makes it equally suitable for the whole family, including kids.

As well as swimming itself, there are a host of other exercise options for which Hydropool swim spas can be configured. In-spa rails, rowing kits with stainless steel oars, resistance bands, and an aqua fitness kit all increase the versatility of these swim spas. There are so many possibilities you may give up on working out anywhere else.

For Massage

The Hydropool Executive Trainer 19EX swim spa features two hydrotherapy seats to help you relax after training. Each has its own unique configuration of jets so you can choose the experience you want.

Although these swim spa models are not as massage-focused as some of the hot tubs in the Serenity and Signature self-cleaning hot tub lines, they still provide highly effective relief to fix those annoying aches and pains.

Optional Extras

Apart from the fitness accessories covered earlier, there are plenty of other options to choose from when customizing your swim spa on the Hydropool website. From design features such as waterfalls and LED lighting to surround sound audio, auxiliary heaters, covers, and lifts, you can easily add pretty much any feature you might find in a competing product.

2 Best Mid-Range Swim Spa - Aqua Sport 17AX

Slightly shorter than the Executive Trainer 19DX, the Aqua Sport 17AX still has plenty of space for exercise.

Its combination of swim spa technology with 4 massage seats provides a great balance between training and relaxation for all the family.

Meanwhile, the inbuilt self-cleaning systems help to reduce the use of chemicals as well as maintenance time.

For Exercise

The Aqua Sport 17AX uses Hydropool's AquaFlow swim jet system, comprising V Twin swim jets along with a buoyancy jet to help keep swimmers on the surface of the pool. The pump speed can be varied for most ability levels, up to a maximum pace of just over 1 minute per hundred meters, plenty for the majority of users.

In addition to swimming, much of the same workout equipment is available as for the Executive trainer model.

For Massage

This is where the Aqua Sport series has an advantage over the Executive Trainer range. Extra seats, extra jets, and overall greater attention to the massage features make this a better spa for relaxation and hydrotherapy than the more fitness-specific range.

Hydropool Hot Tubs

1 Best Self-Cleaning Hot Tub - 670 Platinum

If you're looking for hassle-free hot tub ownership, the Signature self-cleaning line from Hydropool is definitely something you need to look into.

The energy-efficient EcoSmart Self Cleaning technology means the hot tub is able to perform regular cleansing cycles which not only cut down on cleaning and reduce the need for chemicals but also help keep these hot tubs in good working order.

So, less hassle and lower spending on maintenance sounds great, but what does the 670 Platinum offer in terms of massage and relaxation?

Configuration And Features

The 670 Platinum is primarily designed as a 6-seater hot tub. However, it can accommodate 7 people quite comfortably given the layout. Each seating station has a different jet configuration for neck, back, arm, and/or calf massage, while the lounger focuses primarily on the back and legs.

The standard version gives a great massage, but if you want something even more special there are three upgrade packages you can choose from. Depending on your needs, either the Luxury, Tranquility or Hydro-Ther options are bound to fit the bill. You can't really make a bad choice here, with customer reviews raving about all three packages.

Extras and Accessories

As with the swim spas, any Hydropool hot tub from the Signature or Serenity range can be customized in several different ways. The 670 Platinum has options for a surround-sound audio system, waterfalls, LED and GDN lighting effects, an Ozonator, etc.

You can even add a Dreamscents package. This allows you to fill a special compartment with essential oils which are then released into the hot tub water at a fixed rate to provide a luxurious aromatherapy experience.

2 Best Smaller Hot Tub - SE4L Classic

If you've got a smaller space or a lower budget, but still want a hot tub so you can enjoy the heat and bubbles with friends or family, the SE4L from the Classic range just might be the answer.

It's definitely a "no-frills" product compared to Self-Cleaning or Serenity line products but, on the other hand, you still benefit from the Hydropool brand's dedication to high-quality construction.

Configuration And Massage Features

Despite being a much smaller unit at 62” x 83” x 34”, the SE4L Classic is still designed to seat 4 people comfortably, although it's better to stick to 3 if a taller person is using the lounger seat. 

26 hydrotherapy jets are arranged so that every position gets a quality back massage, while still having a slightly different experience.

The lounger features thigh massage jets, whilst one of the seats opposite provides calf stimulation. Two of the three seats with soft molded pillows also feature central upper jets designed to release tension in the neck.

Of course, you're not going to get quite the same hydrotherapy experience as offered by one of the more expensive models but relaxing in a Classic line hot tub will still rid you of stress as the troubles of the week fall away.

Other Specifications

As with the other hot tub lines from Hydropool, the classic range uses the HydroWise Thermal Shield system to provide excellent insulation and freeze protection. The spa also uses an Ozonator to help prevent contamination through the reaction between ozone and water.



220” x 93” x 52.75”

210” x 93” x 53”

84” x 84” x 39”

62” x 83” x 34”

Massage Seats



6 (one lounger)



Hydro VFX Variable Speed

1 x 3HP and 

1 x 4HP

1 x 3HP and 

1 x 4HP

1 x 4HP


VTwin Swim Jets

Massage Jets

AquaFlow Swim Jets

31 Massage Jets



Extra Features

Current Collector

Hydrofall Pillows

Soft Stride Floor Mat

Exercise Accessories


Buoyancy Jet

Soft Stride Floor Mat

Exercise Accessories


LED Lighting

Safety Handles

Triple Thermal Shield Insulation

LED Lighting

Freeze Protection


Best For


Mid-Range Swim spa

Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

Smaller Hot Tub

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent build quality and durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lots of options for customization
  • Wide range of Fitness Add-ons
  • Custom design your own spa on the website
  • Excellent customer reviews and high rates of repeat business


  • Expensive
  • Slow to respond to quote requests

How Does Hydropool Stack Up Against The Competition?

As you can clearly see from the "Pros and Cons" section of this article, Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas have a lot going for them and the only minor complaint customers have raised in their Hydropool hot tub reviews is a delay in receiving initial quotes. This is quite understandable for such a popular brand with so many products and customizable features.

In terms of the hot tubs and spas themselves, it's difficult to find any fault at all. Not only are Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas some of the most durable and energy-efficient on the market, but many also have self-cleaning features which further reduce the amount of maintenance and pool chemicals involved in running a backyard pool. They're also designed for year-round use and, being a Canadian company, when Hydropool says you can use your spa all through the winter they really do mean "any" winter.

We recommend shopping around before the final purchase. To browse through alternative swim spa companies, head over to our Swim Spa Brands article. And if you'd like to see other spa companies, visit our Best Hot Tub Brands page. 

Between those considerations and the range of features, extras, and accessories available, it's hard to think of another hot tub or commercial swimming pool company that offers their customers quite as many benefits as a Hydropool swim spa or hot tub.

The Final Verdict

Taking everything into account, a Hydropool spa is a very smart purchase. If the positive reviews and impressive specifications aren't enough to convince you, the number of previous customers who choose to purchase another Hydropool swim spa or hot tub when replacing or upgrading their old one should give you an idea of how happy they are with the products and services offered by the company.

If you're ready to start looking at pricing, we can provide you with multiple price quotes based on your area. By clicking the button below, you'll be able to compare quotes and get the best deal on a brand new hot tub!

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