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If you're in the market for a new hot tub or swim spa, the choices can be bewildering. You may have previously come across Integrity Spas, but with so many companies vying for your business, how do you know if they are the way to go?

Integrity Spas offer a wide range of products that you can shop for based on your desired price point. In this review, I will compare some of their most popular options and explain how this company ranks against competing manufacturers.

Continue reading and decide for yourself - are Integrity Spas the right choice for you?

Our Top Choices For Integrity Spas

Fiji Hot Tub

1. Fiji Hot Tub

  • 5 seats
  • 136 hydrotherapy jets
  • Lounger, neck & foot massaging systems, volcano jet, water features
  • Best buy
Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa

2. Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa

  • 4 seats
  • 66 hydrotherapy jets & 4 Turbo Swim Jets
  • 25 feet long, spacious pool area, built-in ice chests
  • Best swim spa
Tahitian Spa

3. Tahitian Spa

  • 6 seats
  • 142 hydrotherapy jets
  • Lounger, contoured pillows, ice chest, water features, LED lighting
  • Best 5-seater hot tub

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Price Guide: How Much Do Integrity Spas Cost?

Integrity Spas produce a broad range of hot tubs with prices to match. If you are looking for a basic spa for relaxation purposes, some of the Island range models come in at under $7000 if bought direct.

If you want something a bit more advanced from your hot tub purchase, such as extra hydrotherapy jets, LED mood lighting, or a larger hot tub with lounge seating, the Ultimate line features some great luxury options in the $8000-$9000 range.

As with most brands in the hot tub industry, swim spas are where the price tags get a lot steeper. A swim spa from Integrity Spas will set you back anywhere from $15000-$30000 (not including optional extras such as TV/Audio systems).

These prices are based on the Integrity Spas direct sales website and free shipping is included on most models (within the continental US). If you go through a local agent/dealer you can expect to pay approximately 30% more, although this may include installation costs, service contracts, etc.

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Most Popular Integrity Hot Tub Models

Best Buy - Fiji Hot Tub

The Fiji hot tub is one of the most popular designs in the Ultimate line from Integrity Spas. With 5 seats, 1 lounger, and 136 hydrotherapy massage jets, it's such a wonderful spa experience you may never want to get out.

Massage Features

The Fiji hot tub is packed with a huge suite of hydrotherapy jets including neck and foot massaging systems, a powerful volcano jet that blasts out water from the footwell, and 23 Dual Jet Blasters, as well as all of the standard back and thigh massaging jet positions that you'd expect from a fairly standard backyard spa.

The 136 jets in total, powered by 3 high-flow pumps, are sure to ease and soothe even the sorest of muscles. The configuration of jets is different in every seat position, allowing you to choose which areas to target each time you jump in, depending on where you need it most.

Extra Features

One of the most impressive things about Integrity Spas is the number of features they include as standard within their hot tubs. The Fiji model includes some really cool design features; two water column fountains, an LED waterfall and LED mood lighting throughout. In addition - accessories such as a chambered Ozonator for water care and a custom-fitted and outdoor rated cover are thrown in!

These components almost always cost extra with other brands. Whereas, the only additions you might want and which cost extra with the Fiji hot tub, are the Bluetooth-enabled video and/or audio packages.

Best Swim Spa - Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa

If a backyard exercise station is what you're after, The Integrity Spas Jamaican Extreme swim spa is a fantastic investment.

Firstly, it's huge! At over 25ft long, 90" wide, and 61" high, it's one of the most spacious swim spas currently on the market.

There's plenty of room to train, and the 4 luxurious spa seats make this swim spa pretty good for recovery and relaxation too.

For Exercise

Each of the four turbo swim jets is powered by a 6HP pump, giving an overall maximum flow of nearly 1000gpm. The speed is fully controllable so you can get anything from an easy, slow current for your aquatic jogging to a pace that will provide a strenuous workout for even the most elite swimmers.

For Massage

One end of the Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa features a 4 seater spa section with 66 high-grade hydrotherapy jets providing neck, back, and foot massage options. Although the range of configurations isn't as impressive as a more relaxation-focused model such as the Fiji hot tub, the high flow rate and flawlessly placed jets provide a highly effective and soothing massage experience. It's the perfect way to unwind once you've finished with your daily exercise.

Extra Features

In addition to all the same included extras as the Fiji model that I listed above, the Jamaican Extreme also comes with two built-in ice chests. Whether you use these for ice packs as an extra recovery measure, or just to keep your drinks cold when friends are coming over, they'll certainly come in handy.

Best 6-seater Hot Tub - Tahitian Spa

Superficially, the Tahitian spa looks very similar to the Fiji model.

With 5 hydrotherapy seats (1 lounger featuring contoured pillows), it might be hard for the casual observer to spot the difference. 

Aside from a slight change in contour which makes the foot end of the lounger more suitable as a "spare" seat, they're pretty indistinguishable.

The Tahitian spa does come with a higher price tag though.

So where does the extra money go?

Hydrotherapy Massage

The main difference between the Tahitian and Fiji models is in the jet placement. The Tahitian's 6 extra premium hydrotherapy jets and altered configuration allow for a more intensive massage experience across the range of seats, whereas the Fiji hot tub focuses more on tailoring each station to a specific need.

This doesn't mean the seats in the Tahitian spa lack variation. It's more a case of those few extra nozzles giving you more of a general soothing effect in addition to hitting the target areas. You can feel the difference, but it's a relatively fine distinction for the higher price, which is why the Fiji hot tub still takes my top spot overall.

Extra Features

The other slight advantage held by the Integrity Spas Tahitian model is a built-in ice chest similar to those featured on the Jamaican Extreme swim spa. this definitely helps out at party time, since you don't need to keep running to and from the kitchen to fetch cold drinks.



86" x 86" x 36"

307" (25.5’) x 90" x 61"

90" x 90" x 36"






Yes - 1


Yes - 1


3 High-Flow

1 Circulation

4 High-Flow

1 Circulation

3 High-Flow

1 Circulation


136 Hydrotherapy jets

4 Turbo Swim jets

66 Hydrotherapy jets

142 Hydrotherapy jets

Best For

Best Buy

Best Swim Spa

Best 6-seater

Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of hot tubs and swim spas
  • Transparent pricing
  • Great value for the level of quality
  • Advanced features included as standard on several models


  • Recent complaints about delayed delivery of Integrity Spas products
  • Some customer reviews state their complaints about delivery times were not taken seriously enough by customer services

How Do Integrity Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

With an Integrity Spa, you get a lot for your money. The company prides itself on providing high-quality products at a fair price, and the customer reviews show they're very successful at it.

Whether you're buying one of their smaller hot tubs or a giant swim spa like the Grand Cayman extreme, there's a whole list of "extras" that surprisingly come included with the base price, and which other companies tac on additional charges for. The ozonators, LED mood lighting, outdoor-rated covers, waterfall features, are what I am referring to here. The Integrity Spas website shows you exactly what comes with each model, as well as an indication of the price if purchased as an extra with most spas.

The one downside at the moment is that the company has had recent issues with meeting delivery target dates. Due to the current global situation, there have been significant delays and customer service representatives have not always been able to provide accurate information to customers as to when their spas will be delivered.

On the flip side, other customer reviews reported that they were impressed with the quick response times on ordering smaller items such as replacement parts and accessories over the phone. This implies that the recent hot tub delivery issues are probably more a function of the current global constraints rather than any wrongdoing on the part of the business themselves.

The Final Verdict

The short answer is that an Integrity spas hot tub or swim spa is a great purchase in terms of quality, features, and value, and many satisfied customers agree that they're one of the top hot tub brands. Of course, if you need something which can be delivered quickly, that might temporarily be an issue. However, most people who've owned one would definitely tell you they're well worth the wait.

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