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With hundreds of hot tub models to choose from, and with every local dealer promoting a specific brand, it's hard to pick out the perfect spa for your home. Choosing a hot tub brand as iconic as Jacuzzi may seem like a safe bet, but what do you really know about their products?

In this article, I'll be reviewing some of Jacuzzi's best hot tub models in detail, as well as explaining what makes the company stand out from the crowd. That way, if you do choose a Jacuzzi, it won't just be because of what a dealer or local retail store told you.

Our Top Choices For Jacuzzi Hot Tub


1. J-495

  • Seats up to 9
  • 71 jets
  • Bench seating, PowerPro FX directional jet system, back-lit water feature & cupholders
  • Best for entertaining

2. J-475

  • Seats up to 6
  • 55 jets
  • RX Jet Therapy lounge seat, CLEARRAY Active Oxygen System
  • Best value

3. J-315

  • Seats up to 3
  • 23 jets
  • Lounger, ProAir Technology, HydroSoothe Pillow, Profinish corner-lit cabinet
  • Best for small spaces

4. Soul (Square-lounge)

  • Seats up to 6
  • 30 jets
  • Lounger, 110V or 240V operation, Easy Kleen water management
  • Best plug-and-play hot tub

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Price Guide: How Much Do Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Cost?

Jacuzzi made it onto our Best Hot Tub Brands list, and currently offer around 20 different hot tub models covering a range of sizes and specifications. Some of the smaller, more basic Jacuzzi hot tubs like the Mood (Rectangle) can be bought for as little as $5000 (excluding delivery and installation).

At the other end of the scale, the J-495 which is the largest spa in the Jacuzzi hot tub lineup sits well within the luxury price range. This highly versatile tub starts from just over $23000 and, once you've factored in accessories such as entertainment and smart features, can end up closer to $30000 to purchase and install.

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Most Popular Jacuzzi Spa Models

1 - Best Hot Tub For Entertaining - J-495

At an impressive 110” x 91” x 41” and finished in your choice of shell and ProFinish cabinet designs, the Jacuzzi J-495 certainly makes a statement. The open seating design of the hot tub is combined with unique bench sections to provide seating for 9 people, ensuring you can fit all your friends and/or family in at once. This really is a hot tub for sharing.


Being high-quality hot tubs, Jacuzzi models employ a range of jet types for different massage purposes. 

One of their best innovations is the PowerPro FX directional jet system. These are adjustable to provide anything from a mild soothing sensation to a full-on deep tissue massage.

Being at the top end of the Jacuzzi hot tub lines, the J-400 series hot tubs use unique combinations of jets in each seating position to further customize the hydrotherapy experiences. The J-495, being the largest Jacuzzi tub in the range, boasts 71 jets in total whilst, out of the 9 seating positions, only the two bench seats have a matching arrangement of jets.

The 4 main corner seats all provide neck and back massage, whilst two of them also have dedicated jets to hit the legs. Meanwhile, everyone has access to the foot massage jets around the center of the footwell. All in all, everyone who gets into the J-495 hot tub is guaranteed a great massage.


Apart from its size and open seating layout, what makes this Jacuzzi hot tub model so good for entertaining? The answer lies in some of the little touches. Not only will the overall style of the hot tub impress your guests, but features like the backlit waterfall (with matching LED lighting in each of the cupholders), optional BlueWave Bluetooth sound system, and cabinet design accented by LED corner lighting provide plenty of extra wow factor.

2 - Best 5-Seater Hydrotherapy Hot Tub - J-475

While the sheer size of the Jacuzzi J-495 gives it an edge in terms of versatility (especially with the extra depth), there's no denying the J-475 is one of the best hot tubs going.

From the combinations of jets to features like a backlit waterfall, adjustable headrests, cup holders at every seat, and so much more, it really does feel like they've thought of everything.


The highlight of the Jacuzzi J-475, from a massage perspective, is the RX Jet Therapy Lounge. 

The PowerPro FX directional jets are supplemented by six rotating massage jets to provide a Swedish-style massage experience. With 14 jets in total, the lounger position in this Jacuzzi gives relief and relaxation to the neck, back, calves, and feet.

The upright seating positions are hardly any less comprehensive. Each of these uses a combination of standard, RX, and PowerPro jets to provide a tailored hydrotherapy spa sensation. There's also a central dome ring that focuses considerable jet power on soothing tired feet regardless of which station you're sitting in. Overall, between the standard and lounge seats, the J-475 has the broadest range of jet types in any Jacuzzi hot tub.

Design Features

The Jacuzzi J-475 is designed with the company's elegant ProFinish cabinet system. With a design inspired by architecture, touch-control systems, underwater LED lighting, and Jacuzzi's impressively hardwearing shell surface, this Jacuzzi offers every bit as much style as it does substance.

Jacuzzi also produces plenty of optional accessories for these J-400 series tubs such as a lighted exterior, matching steps for easy entry, BlueWave audio system, and the SmartTub control app. there are plenty of ways to make this already great spa bath even better.

3 - Best Hot Tub For Smaller Spaces - J-315

This compact 3-seater lounger hot tub packs a lot of features into a very compact package. Just because it's smaller than the first two units in my review doesn't mean there's any compromise on comfort, massage features, or level of finish. These are still very high-quality hot tubs indeed.


From the semi-lounge seat featuring proprietory ProAir technology to the HydroSoothe pillows (which massage the neck and back of the head without splashing water in your face), you can really tell how much thought has been put into the massage features of the Jacuzzi J-315.

The lounger itself uses a combination of the HydroSoothe pillow with PowerPro deep tissue massage and standard jets to soothe the neck, back, thighs, calves, and feet. Meanwhile, the two other contoured seats each work the back and neck in specific configurations. Wherever you sit, you can expect Jacuzzi to have provided an exceptionally soothing experience.

Other Features

The Jacuzzi J-315 features the same CLEARRAY Active Oxygen water management system as the more expensive J-495 and J-475 hot tubs. Other hot tub brands reserve these premium features for their most expensive models, whereas Jacuzzi offers UV-C water treatment on all hot tubs from the J-200 series upwards.

Similarly, the J-300 line uses the same ProFinish outer enclosure and premium lighting options as the J-475. This hot tub is even compatible with many of the same extras as the J-495, including SmartTub app controls and the Bluetooth entertainment system.

4 - Best Plug-And-Play Hot Tub - Soul (Square-Lounge)

The cheapest Jacuzzi hot tub line is their Play series, so named because of the 110V plug-and-play option for all of these models.

Out of the Play models, the Soul is the largest and offers seating options for 5-6, depending on how the lounger is used.

Just because these are suitable for a tighter budget, don't assume Jacuzzi have compromised their legendary quality.

The durability of the shell structure, electrical equipment quality, etc. is just as good as in any other hot tub model in the Jacuzzi range.


Most of the adjustable jets in the Soul hot tub are arranged to provide relief to sore muscles in the back and shoulders, although the lounge seat also offers hydrotherapy massage for the calves, and several positions also have jets to target the feet. Each of the ergonomic seating positions employs a slightly different configuration of strategically placed jets so you can target the muscles which most need attention.


Setting up a Play series Jacuzzi hot tub couldn't be simpler. Place in the required location, fill with a garden hose, plug into the mains electricity (110V option) and you're pretty much ready to go. The simple filtration system and Easy Kleen water management system also help to take the hassle out of running and maintaining your new jacuzzi hot tub.



110” x 91” x 41”

91” x 91” x 37.5”

76” x 66” x 32”

78” x 78” x 36”




3 Seater




Yes - 1

Yes - 1

Yes - 1







  • Waterfall

  • Bench Seating

  • CLEARARRAY Active Oxygen System

  • Waterfall

  • RX Lounge Seat

  • Profinish Corner-lit Cabinet

  • CLEARARRAY Active Oxygen System

  • ProAir Lounge

  • HydroSoothe Pillow

  • Profinish Corner-lit Cabinet

  • CLEARARRAY Active Oxygen System

  • Fountain

  • LED Lighting

  • Plug-And-Play 110V/240V Operation

  • Easy Kleen Water Management

Best For


Lounger Hot Tub

Smaller Spaces


Pros & Cons


  • Iconic hot tub brand
  • Lots of models to choose from
  • Excellent build quality
  • Capacities from two to nine people
  • Plenty of extra features
  • Energy efficiency (especially in the upcoming J-LX collection)


  • Not much choice at the budget end of the range

How Do Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Stack Up Against The Competition?

The Jacuzzi brand essentially invented the idea of heated hydrotherapy, initially as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. From their early electrical pumps to the development of the whirlpool bath and, later, the modern hot tub, Jacuzzi has led the way in terms of innovation and quality.

It would be easy for a company whose very name is synonymous with its most famous product to sit back and trade on that reputation. Jacuzzi hot tubs, however, are still refining their products to this day. In fact, there is even a whole new line coming soon, the J-LX collection, aimed at providing optimal energy efficiency without compromising the luxury we expect from the Jacuzzi hot tubs on the market today.

From the configurations of PowerPro jets to the filtered LED perimeter lighting and/or dual waterfalls on some models, every Jacuzzi offers a unique experience. Regardless of your own personal circumstances, there's also bound to be a Jacuzzi that meets the budget, although your choices may be a bit limited if you're looking at the cheaper end of the scale.

It's also worth noting that, given Jacuzzi's reputation for build quality and durability, you can buy expecting you may not end up even end up taking advantage of the five-year warranty on equipment, controls, and plumbing. The shell will also last you very well, as long as you use a hot tub cover when the spa isn't in use.

The Final Verdict

If you're looking to enhance your time spent at home time with a new hot tub, the original Jacuzzi brand is still one of the best investments you can make. Reliable, stylish, and innovative, they're a great choice.

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