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Are you thinking about buying Lifesmart hot tub? Not sure which model to go for?

Buying a hot tub can be confusing as there are so many things to consider from the number of jets to seating arrangements and installation costs. The Lifesmart brand offers a range of high-quality, durable, energy-efficient yet affordable spas. You will be sure to find a suitable spa from their excellent collection.

Read on the learn all about the Lifesmart Spas brand and some of their most popular hot tub models.

Our Top Choices For Lifesmart Hot Tub


1. Carino

  • 6 seats
  • 96 jets
  • Interior & exterior lighting, digital controls, Bluetooth sound system
  • Best for the ultimate massage

2. LX600DX

  • 7 seats
  • 65 jets
  • Waterfall feature, multi-colored LED lighting, heat-locking spa cover
  • Best for entertaining
LS300 Plus

3. LS300 Plus

  • 2 seats
  • 17 jets
  • Triangle corner spa, plug-and-play, ozone water care
  • Best for couples

4. LS200

  • 4 seats
  • 13 jets
  • Oval-shaped spa, plug-and play, cupholders, full-foam insulation
  • Best value spa

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Do Lifesmart Hot Tubs Cost?

The price of your spa will depend on the size and features of the model you choose. Your location will also affect how much you pay in delivery charges for your new spa.

You can pick up a Lifesmart 110V plug-and-play spa for between around $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the model. Plug-and-play spas also have minimal installation costs compared to standard hot tubs.

Expect to pay more for a Lifesmart standard 230V hot tub with prices starting at around $4,500 and increasing to about $8,000 or more for the larger Lifesmart spa models.

Utilize our money saving resource by clicking the button below. It will lead you to a questionnaire about your specific spa preferences. From there you will get quotes from multiple hot tub manufacturers and can choose the lowest one.

Most Popular Lifesmart Hot Tub Models

Lifesmart Spas offers a great range of affordable and energy-efficient hot tubs. Let's take a closer look at some of their more popular spa models.

Carino - Best For The Ultimate Massage

The most feature-rich Lifesmart spa, the Carino features a whopping ninety-six powerful jets for an excellent hydrotherapy experience.

It also has adjustable jets so it can deliver a targeted massage for ultimate relaxation.

With six seats, this acrylic square-shaped spa has plenty of space and measures 89" x 89" x 36".

It has a waterfall feature, attractive lighting for the exterior and interior, and backlit pillows which all help create the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

You can turn on and control your spa with the easy-to-use digital control panel and if you like to listen to your favorite tunes whilst enjoying a massage, this model comes with a Bluetooth sound system consisting of a subwoofer plus two speakers.

The Carino is a 230V spa so requires electrical installation by an electrician. It has two powerful 2.5 horsepower pumps and also features an ozone water system so uses fewer cleaning chemicals to keep the spa water clean.

You don't need to turn down the temperature when you aren't using your spa as Lifesmart spas are very energy efficient. To keep your electric bill low this spa comes with a thermal locking spa cover and full foam insulation.

The spa interior comes in an attractive alpine white color and you can pick the color for the exterior from two color options, brown or charcoal grey. If you would like steps for your new spa then these are usually sold separately.

LS600DX-Best For Entertaining

Lifesmart Spa's LS600DX has one of the highest numbers of seats in their collection, with room for seven adults.

It is a square shape, measuring 81” x 81” x 34” and holds 285 gallons of water.

The spa has a good number of massage jets, sixty-five in total.

This includes fourteen turbo blaster jets which can deliver an excellent massage for the back as well as four massage jets for the feet

Take relaxation to the next level and enjoy a long hot soak to the soothing sounds of the waterfall feature. 

This spa is a great choice if you like to entertain, wow friends and family in style as the spa is lit up by a multicolored underwater LED light.

Standard features of this 230V Lifesmart spa include a three-horsepower pump, a simple-to-use digital control panel, air control valve, ozone spa water care system, and three cup holders.

The LS600DX is also very energy efficient and comes with full-foam insulation and a heat-locking spa cover which all help to keep your electric bill low.

It also features very durable construction made from rotationally molded polyethylene. When it comes to the color of the spa, it comes with an arctic white interior and espresso color exterior.

LS300 Plus - Best For Couples

This delightful little spa is perfect for couples or if you have limited space in your home.

This triangle hot tub measures 72” x 72” x 31”, holds 260 gallons of water, and has seats for two people.

The LS300 Plus has seventeen adjustable jets and has a waterfall feature plus a multi-colored LED light so you can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation at the touch of a button on the intuitive control panel.

This is a 110V plug-and-play spa, so you have the convenience of easy installation since you don't need an electrician and can just plug it into a standard electrical outlet.

Standard features include a powerful one-horsepower pump, an ozone water sanitation system, and a durable rotation molded polyethylene construction. The interior comes in an arctic white color and the exterior cabinet is available in an espresso color.

To help maintain the water temperature and keep your energy bills low, it comes with a heat-locking spa cover and features full foam insulation. If you want spa steps then you have to buy these separately.

LS200 - Best Value Spa

If you are on a tight budget then you should consider the LS200.

Another 110V plug-and-play spa by Lifesmart, this spa model is round in shape and measures 77" x 66" x 29".

It has plenty of space for four adults, with an interesting seating design consisting of an open bench on one side and two seats on the other.

It features thirteen jets powered by a one-horsepower pump so you can enjoy relaxation and hydrotherapy.

This spa model is also great for entertaining as it features cupholders and an underwater multicolored LED light if you want a party vibe. The style of this spa is also different from the other Lifesmart spas since it is the same color all over and you can choose between a gray taupe color or a beige sand color.

The LS200 has a tough rotation molded polyethylene construction and is very energy efficient. It comes with full-foam insulation and a heat-locking cover which will help keep your electric bill low by maintaining the water temperature. The spa steps are sold separately for this model.

Seating Capacity






89” x 89” x 36”

81” x 81” x 34”

72” x 72” x 31”

77" x 66" x 29"

Water Capacity

409 Gallons

285 gallons

260 gallons

220 gallons

Number of Pumps

2 x 2.5 HP Pumps

1 x 3 HP Dual Speed Pump

1 x 1HP Pump

1 x 1HP Pump

Number of Jets










Best For…

Best For The Ultimate Massage

Best For Entertaining

Best For Couples

Best Value Spa

How Do Lifesmart Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

It is always a good idea to see how a brand compares to the other options on the market. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing Lifesmart Spas to give you an idea of how they stack up against other spa brands.


Be safe in the knowledge that all Lifesmart spas are very energy efficient, featuring full foam insulation and a heat-locking spa cover. They are certified to the strict standards of the California Energy Commission so will keep your electric bill low.

Lifesmart offers a very good range of spa models with varying levels of features. They also have a great selection of plug-and-play spas which offer another level of convenience since they don't require an electrician for the installation.

Lifesmart spas are generally very affordable and are readily available. Replacement parts are easy to come by, which should make any potential down the line repairs more trouble-free.


If you are after a super high-end luxury spa with endless features and gadgets then Lifesmart is not the spa company for you. They offer a good range but the spas but are all on more affordable side. Also, most of the Lifesmart spas have limited or no color options, and steps are also sold separately. See our Best Hot Tub Brands article for alternative options.

Although they have had plenty of excellent reviews and a good rating from many satisfied customers, some Lifesmart customers have reported the occasional problem. One reported that they had to replace their control panel a few times and another customer had issues with the water filter and flow. Some customers have found that certain spa models require frequent upkeep and maintenance, needing attention a few times a week.

The Final Verdict

The hot tub brand, Lifesmart Spas has an excellent range of 110V plug-and-play and standard 230V spas. They offer energy-efficient, high-quality, and durable spas with plenty of great features while being gentle on the wallet.

When choosing your new spa by Lifesmart make sure you shop around so you get the best deals, as hot tub prices do vary between spa dealers. Also consider installation costs, which will be higher for standard 230V spa models as you need the services of an electrician.

I hope my review has helped you decide which Lifesmart spa model to select!

To take the next step and get free price quotes based on exactly what you're looking for, fill out the questionnaire below.

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