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If  you're considering a Maax Spa hot tub or swim spa, you've come to the right place.  

You'll learn everything about what this brand has to offer in order to make an informed buying decision. 

We'll start by reviewing 6 of their leading models, then see how they stack up against the competition.

Which one will you choose?

Our Top Choices For Maax Spas

Vita Spa 300 Series Amour

1. Vita Spa 300 Series Amour

  • Seating for 3 people
  • 23 jets
  • Corner spa, LED lighting, Perma-Shield™ Bottom, Aurora beverage coasters
  • Best for couples
Vita Spa 700 Series Rendezvous

2. Vita Spa 700 Series Rendezvous

  • Seating for 7 people
  • 78 jets
  • Halo Pro-Loc™ stainless steel jets, neck relief station, Blue Water Jet Effleurage Seat.
  • Best for large families
Vita Spa Swim Spa Series VL4

3. Vita Spa Swim Spa Series VL4

  • Seating for 3 people
  • 19 jets
  • MAAX Force swim jets, six Aurora Cascades, xStreamForce Jet Propulsion System
  • Best for exercise
American Whirlpool 151 Model

4. American Whirlpool 151 Model

  • Seating for 3 people
  • 20 jets
  • Lounge seat with leg massage jets, LED lighting, Freeze/Overheat Protection System
  • Best compact plug-and-play
American Whirlpool 472 Model

5. American Whirlpool 472 Model

  • Seating for 5 people
  • 47 jets
  • Bucket-style seat with Zone Therapy® & two lounge seats, digital optic lighting, Aurora Cascade water feature
  • Best for features
American Whirlpool DM8 Swim Spa

6. American Whirlpool DM8 Swim Spa

  • Seating for 8 people
  • 37 jets
  • Separate hot tub section, illuminated swim lane, MAAX Force Jet Propulsion System
  • Most luxurious swim spa

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Price Guide: How Much Do Maax Spas Cost?

MAAX Spas has two hot tub brands, Vita Spa and American Whirlpool. The Vita Spa brand has a larger selection of lower-end hot tub models while American Whirlpool may be a better choice if you are looking for high-end luxury models.

Spa prices are not disclosed on the manufacturers' websites, and pricing of your new hot tub will depend on the model and optional extras you choose to add, in addition to the location in which you buy it.

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Most Popular Maax Spas Hot Tub Models

Let's take a closer look at some of the more popular spas produced by this hot tub company.

Vita Spa 300 Series Amour - Best for Couples

The delightful corner hot tub is great for couples. It measures 66 1/2" x 78" x 30" and can seat two to three people. Relax alongside a loved one and enjoy a soothing massage from the 23 stainless steel jets including calf massage jets, while you lay your head back on the contoured pillow.

Standard features include LED lighting, Perma-Shield™ Bottom, Aurora Beverage Coasters, Freeze/Overheat Protection System, Vital Energy System for insulation, and a 2.5 horsepower pump.

Optional extras include the CleanZone® Ozone System for water purification and the 10 jet Champagne Air, designed for the massage of soft tissues.

The hot tub's shell is made from cast mold acrylic which is available in seven different colors. The hot tub substructure is made from a wood frame. The external panels are made from recycled materials and are available in three different colors.

Vita Spa 700 Series Rendezvous - Best for Large Families

A great choice for entertaining friends and family in your backyard, this large family-sized hot tub measures 92" x 92" x 38" and can seat up to seven people.

If you are after a relaxing massage, this hot tub features 78 Halo Pro-Loc™ Stainless Steel Jets, a neck relief station, rotator cuff massager, and a Blue Water Jet Effleurage Seat.

Standard features include SmartTouch controls, Perma-Shield™ Bottom Pan, 4 Aurora Cascade Water Features, Aurora Beverage Coasters and Spa Control Valves, Northern Exposure insulation system, and three 3.0 horsepower pumps.

There are several options available when it comes to upgrades including the 20 jet Champagne Air, CleanZone® Ozone System and CleanZone Ultra for water cleansing, 24-hour circulation pump, Aquaglow for light therapy, and for music lovers the Vita Tunes corrosion-resistant and waterproof Bluetooth sound system.

The acrylic interior shell comes in seven stylish colors whilst the exterior is available in a choice of three colors. The substructure of the hot tub is a steel frame.

Vita Spa Swim Spa Series VL4 - Best for Exercise

If you are looking for a new way to work out but still want all the benefits of a hot tub, then a swim spa may be the right choice for you.

The VL4 is one of Vita Spas' mid-range swim spas. The VL4 spa area can seat 2-3 people and the whole spa measures 90" x 168" x 50".

It has MAAX Force Swim Jets, a seat for rowing, and a massage seat.

The VL4 has 19 jets for hydrotherapy, six Aurora Cascades, and an xStreamForce Jet Propulsion System for the swim section. It has a great insulation system by Northern Exposure, and three 3.0 horsepower pumps. Optional extras include CleanZone® Ozone System and CleanZone Ultra for ultimate water cleaning and the Vita Tunes music system.

When it comes to exercise, there are extra pieces of equipment available such as pneumatic power oars that give extra resistance using compressed air, and an exercise kit with resistance bands that are great for building strength.

The VL4 swim spa is available in a choice of two stylish colors for the interior and three colors for the external panels.

American Whirlpool 151 Model- Best Compact Plug & Play Spa

This fabulous compact plug-and-play hot tub model measures 83" x 63" x 30" and it is ideal for a smaller backyard or decking area.

There is no need for extra plumbing, make sure you have enough floor space then just fill it with water, plug it in, wait for it to heat up and you are ready to relax.

The 151 model can seat up to three people and can deliver a relaxing spa experience with its 20 jets.

If you like a leg massage, the 151 model has a lounge seat with foot and calf massage jets.

Standard features include LED lighting, two-speed 1.5 horsepower pump, Freeze/Overheat Protection System, Thermo-Lock Insulation, filter cycles that are programmable for convenient cleaning, a treated wood frame, and an HDPE sealed base. The CleanZone Water System is available as an optional extra.

American Whirlpool 472 Model - Best for Features

This feature-rich luxury hot tub model measures 87" x 87" x 35" and can seat up to five people.

It is a great choice if you are looking to entertain groups of friends or family.

It has a bucket-style seat with Zone Therapy® and a total of two lounge seats with one of these having soothing calf massage jets.

Available in a choice of seven different colors for the interior and three color options for the cabinet, the 472 model has a total of 47 jets and two 3.0 horsepower pumps so it really can deliver an excellent massage. 

Other standard features include underwater LED and digital optic lighting, Aurora Cascade water feature, illuminated controls and drink holders, filter cycles that can be programmed, freeze and overheat protection, ABS sealed bottom pan, durable steel structure, Northern Exposure® Insulation System, and more.

When it comes to optional extras, you will not be disappointed. Options include pedestal lighting, XSeriesd Collar, Bluetooth Sound System, AeroMAAX™ Plus blower, CleanZone Water System, and the CleanZone ® Ultra system.

American Whirlpool DM8 Swim Spa -Most Luxurious Swim Spa

Measuring 218" x 90" x 53" the DM8 is American Whirlpool's largest swim spa model. The DM8 lets you enjoy keeping fit and relaxing in the same spa. With a decent width lane for swimming and the MAAXForce™ swim jets, you can practice a variety of swimming strokes.

There is a separate hot tub section that can be controlled independently so you can turn up the heat and fully enjoy a hot tub soak.

The DM8 can hold up to eight people, has 37 jets and a total of four powerful pumps. It has many of the standard and optional features available to the 472 hot tub model, and in addition it has illumination for the swim lane and MAAX Force Jet Propulsion System.

For exercise, there is a great selection of extras you can choose from to really boost your workout including low impact resistance bands, oars for rowing with pneumatic resistance, and a swim spa tether.

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66 1/2" x 78" x 30"

92" x 92" x 38"

90" x 168" x 50

83" x 63" x 30"

87" x 87" x 35"

218" x 90" x 53"

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Weight (lbs)








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1.5Hp/3 bHp

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Pump 4 -2 speed 6bhP

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How Do Maax Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?


MAAX Spas has been in the hot tub business since 1987 so has plenty of experience as a hot tub manufacturer and dealer. They have one of the largest selections of hot tub and swim spa models on the market so you will not be short on choice. The warranty cover is excellent, they offer a lifetime warranty on the steel structure and insulation of the hot tubs.

Energy efficiency is great with the Northern Exposure® Insulation System which contains BlueMAAX® insulation. The eco-friendly insulation consists of recycled natural fibers and replaces the use of urethane foam which is not only bad for the environment but foam-filled spas are also very hard to service and usually end up being damaged in the process. American Whirlpool also offers a high-quality insulating spa cover.


Similar to other hot tub manufacturers that offer plenty of additional features, these hot tub prices are only available by a quote from a dealer which may be annoying if you just want to get a rough idea of the cost of a basic model. Prices for the optional extras are also not included on the website.

Many MAAX Spa hot tubs are on the market through hot tub dealers who may list their prices. Brands such as Hot Springs and Master Spas, although do not list each individual price, they do give ballpark idea by assigning a pricing key with dollar signs.

The Final Verdict

If you hope to get a high-quality spa then MAAX Spas hot tubs are a great choice. With a huge range of hot tub and swim spa choices to suit any budget and space, from compact plug-and-play spa models to high-end, feature-rich hot tubs and swim spas with an array of exercise extras, they have something for everyone.

MAAX Spas offer decades of experience and expertise in hot tub technology and manufacturing materials. You are likely to find the perfect hot tub or swim spa from one of the MAAX Spas brands. To view alternate brands, head over to our Top Hot Tub Brands page.

Tell us what kind of spa you're in the market for, and we'll provide price quotes for you. It's free and is designed to save shoppers tons of time. Click the button below to get started!

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