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With over 40 years of hot tub experience, Marquis hot tubs is a long-running testimony of experience and success. Their products are renowned for their endurance and can be expected to last for well for over 10 years. 

The real question is,

Are these hot tubs right for you?

Come with us as we review this manufacturer's products in detail, allowing you to determine if this brand has everything you're after, and decide which of their 4 series would be best for you.

Marquis Spas' 4 Hot Tub Series

Signature Series Review

1. Signature Series

  • Up To 5-Person Capacity
  • Series With The Most Jets - Up To 80
  • Option To Upgrade With WhiteWater 4 Jets 
  • Aromatherapy System
  • Celebrity Series Review

    2. Celebrity Series

  • Up To 7-Person Capacity
  • Comes With Up To 50 Jets
  • Includes The High Flow Therapy System
  • Marquis Elite Series

    3. Elite Series

    • Up To 7-Person Capacity
    • Comes With 20-50 Jets
    • Most Cost-Effective Option
    Vector 21 Series

    3. Vector 21 Series

    • Up To 7-Person Capacity
    • Comes With Up To 44 Jets
    • Includes The JetPod Feature
    • Highly Customizable

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    Marquis Spas Prices

    As with many hot tub brands, prices are not listed on the Marquis website. This is due to varying prices per state, as well as individual hot tub dealership. To make the cost estimation easier, pricing is broken down into categories. These categories include…

    • Budget-Level
    • Entry-Level
    • Mid-Level
    • Premium-Level

    The Marquis hot tub models vary from $5,000-$18,000. When comparing Marquis Spas prices to other hot tub brands we can clearly see that they cater to a wide range of clientele. Whether you are looking for something cost-effective or high-end, they offer categories to match any budget. 

    Therefore, it is an ideal brand to consider no matter what your pricing expectations may be. To make things easier, most Marquis Spa dealers also offer financing options. 

    For a more accurate and detailed idea of how much one of these spas would cost in your area, click the button below. We provide free quotes based on what you're looking for.

    Marquis Spas Models

    This hot tub company comes equipped with 25+ different models, categorized into 4 separate collections. These are the Signature Series, Celebrity Series, Marquis Elite Series, and the Vector 21 Series. 

    To help you narrow down the selection, we'll examine each of these product lines separately. This will give you a better idea of their features, abilities, and suitability to your needs.

    Signature Series 

    This is Marquis' top of the line spa collection and can seat up to 5 people. If you're after something fancy, luxurious and feel like spoiling yourself a little, this may be exactly what you need. The signature series hot tubs come with more jets than any of their other series totaling up to 80 jets per hot tub. You also have the option to switch it up by upgrading to whitewater 4-Jets that have increased power and functionality. 

    Standard with these Marquis hot tubs come reflexology foot patterns, LED lighting, a system for aromatherapy, and a WiFi transceiver.  

    Additional options include upgrading the cover lift, cloud storage, and the ConstantClean system that takes your water through 5 steps of filtration and injects ozone to help maintain your water's cleanliness.

    Celebrity Series

    Like many celebrities, this therapeutic hot tub series has become famous for its style. With up to 50 jets per hot tub and capacity for up to 7 people, these are great social spas for larger families, or those who want to kick back and relax with their friends. 

    One of the best features of this hot tub series is the high-flow therapy.

    Sometimes intense water pressure from jets can make jet massages slightly stingy rather than relaxing. To avoid this, the hot tub high flow therapy system uses a high quantity of water instead of high-intensity pressure. 

    This allows you to enjoy the jet massages more comfortably and without the sting.

    Some of the models within this series offer Bluetooth connections, multiple color options, and LED lighting.

    Marquis Elite Series

    These are the budget-friendly spas of Marquis spas. They are designed for up to 7 people and will provide between 20-50 jets. Other spa brands often make their cost-effective options smaller, so it's nice to see a brand that offers budget-friendly Marquis spa choices for larger families. 

    Much like the signature series, the Marquis Elite hot tubs use the ConstantClean system to keep the water perfectly balanced while in use. If you want the hydrotherapy hot tub experience, or a place to chill with friends but don't have an endless supply of cash, the marquis hot tub elite system could be a great solution for you.  

    Vector 21 Series

    The Vector 21 Series is Marquis Spas' most customizable option. Though not completely custom, it offers you more custom features than any other hot tub product line within this brand and you can modify the controls quite extensively.

    These models are designed for up to 7 people and have up to 44 Jets. A nice feature included is the JetPods that can direct the water flow solely to the specific hot tub seats you select and can hit those pressure points that you need to hit. 

    With a maximum temperature of 104 degrees, this Marquis hot tub model collection is comfortable and soothing, to say the least. 

    These hot tubs also come with an option to upgrade with MicroSilk which provides a therapy treatment that can rejuvenate your skin. 

    Pros & Cons  

    This hot tub company is constantly being commended for its product quality, but they are famous for their customer service. In fact, they have been named the number 1 best hot tub company for customer service response. In addition, the online Marquis Spas reviews posted by customers show this brand to offer a high-quality hot tub. These facts allow consumers to put more trust in Marquis' hot tub products, knowing  that they are buying a decent set up. 

    With a wide range to choose from along with a varied budget, Marquis Spas cater to those interested in a high-end spa experience, as well as those looking for something budget-friendly. Though we have focused on max capacity and jets per series, they do offer 3-4 person spas in most product lines that are smaller and have fewer jets.

    Their hot tub jet range and quantity are not bad, but there are certainly hot tubs that offer many more jets to provide a more comprehensive massage experience. We would put their jet quantity at mid-range, but it must be acknowledged that some other brands offer more jets for similar prices. 

    After reviewing their warranty, we can confirm that it is one of the best hot tub warranties out of most hot tub companies, providing you with long-term guarantees and assistance. Though each model has a separate warranty, due to the high quality of their materials they are able to offer the following on all their hot tubs:

    • 10-Year Structural Warranty
    • 7-Year Surface Warranty
    • 5-Year Equipment Warranty

    This makes them an extremely reliable and trustworthy as a brand. 

    With Marquis Spas' wide selection of hot tubs to choose from, they come with a good range of seating arrangements and features. However, there are still many options that are not available within this brand which may cause you to continue your search elsewhere. 

    Competing Alternatives

    If you want to keep shopping, two alternative companies that we recommend are Bullfrog Spas which can be purchased at Costco, and Arctic Spas

    Both of these hot tub brands feature their own specific jet types, filtration systems, styles, layouts, and aesthetics. Thus why it is important to examine all options before making the final purchase decision. We want you to find not only the right size and price for your needs, but to also be sure that the features and customization options are exactly what you need them to be. 

    Final Verdict

    Marquis Spas are an excellent and reliable brand to buy from. We won't go so far as to say that they're the absolute best, since this will depend on what you are looking for. But for many, Marquis Spas is the best bet available in today’s market.

    The long life, high quality, good warranty, and excellent customer service make them an easy choice to buy from since they are easy to work with and offer a trustworthy investment. Marquis Spas is consistently ranked as the best hot tub company around.

    The Marquis Spas hot tubs are elegant, functional, practical, reliable, and do not generally have many long-term issues. However, those that do have any problems down the line can order parts directly from the manufacturer, and can also go to their website where they provide troubleshooting guides.

    Overall, Marquis Spas ticks all the boxes when looking for a good purchase and we consider them a top hot tub brand.

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