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Are you thinking about buying a new spa from PDC Spas? Not sure which model to go for?

PDC Spas make a fabulous range of hot tubs and swim spas. Not only are they high-quality products but they are energy-efficient plus PDC Spas have a spa model to suit every budget.

Carry on reading my review to find out all about PDC Spas and some of their most popular hot tub and swim spa models.

Our Top Choices For PDC Spas 

Luxury Series 'Bali'

1. Luxury Series Bali

  • 7 seats
  • 143 Stainless Steel Reflections Jets™
  • Captain’s chair, Halo LED lighting, AccLok™ heat locking spa cover
  • Most luxurious spa
Lifestyle Series 'Mirage'

2. Lifestyle Series Mirage

  • 3 seats
  • 29 Stainless Steel Reflections Jets™
  • Lounge seat, MotionGlow™ LED Lighting, Pristine™ filtration system
  • Best for value
TruSwim Propulsion Swim Spas TSX219

3. TruSwim Propulsion Swim Spas TSX219

  • Seating for 5+
  • 37 hydrotherapy stainless Reflections Jets™
  • Separate hot tub zone, dual prop propulsion system, AquaBar™ molded acrylic grip, TemperBase™ insulation
  • Best for features

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Do PDC Spas Cost?

Spa prices will depend on several factors such as the model and additional features you choose. Your location can also affect the delivery price and what deal you can get from your local contractor.

PDC Spas do not list their prices on their website. Customers have to request pricing information and quotes if they want to customize a spa.

PDC Spas offer a selection of sixteen hot tubs in total in three different series, the Lifestyle Series, Premium Series, and Luxury Series. The Lifestyle Series hot tubs are the range with the smallest price tags whilst the Luxury Series hot tubs are the more expensive models.

The PDC swim spas range is even larger. They offer a total of nineteen different swim spa models from four series, Vitality, Synergy, Summit, and TruSwim.

Vitality Fitness Swim Spas are the range that goes easiest on your wallet. The price tag increases with the Synergy Jetted Series Swim Spa and Summit Premium Jetted Swim Spas. The most expensive swim spas are TruSwim Propulsion Series Swim Spas.

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Most Popular PDC Spas Models

This spa company has been in the spa business for more than sixty years. They are industry leaders with innovative swim spa and hot tub designs and hydrotherapy technology, and high-quality products.

Before you make a purchase, let's take a close look at some of PDC Spas' most popular hot tub and swim spa models.

PDC Hot Tub Reviews

Luxury Series 'Bali'- Most Luxurious Spa

PDC Spas' most luxurious spa and the largest in the Luxury Series is the Bali. It's a square-shaped spa measuring 94" (7'10") x 94" (7'10") x 39" (3'3") and has seating for seven people, so you can enjoy your hot tub experience with plenty of company.

When it comes to seating you can choose between four contoured bucket seats, two open bucket-style seats, and the Captain's Chair. It has a whopping total of 143 specially placed therapeutic jets for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. This includes seventy hydrotherapy hot tub jets as well as seventy-three spa air massage jets, great for massaging those tired muscles.

The Bali has three powerful pumps, two 12 horsepower pumps, and a 1.5 horsepower bubbler pump. Other standard features include three cascading spouts so you can relax to the sound of streaming water, Halo LED lighting, the AccLok™ heat locking spa cover, the TemperLok™ insulation system, the TemperBase™floor, Reflections™ jetting, and the SmartTouch digital controls.

To clean the spa water the PowerFlo™filtration system and EverPure™ Ozone with EverLite™ come as standard with this model. You also get the full four different color options for the spa acrylic interior and an Accenture™ cabinet for the exterior of the spa.

To maximize your spa experience you can opt to get the SoundStream™ audio system with SpaCoustic™ speakers so you can enjoy your favorite tunes. Other additional features include the Allure2™ and Spectrum LED lighting, the WAVE™ Wifi wireless control, and the EverPure2™ purification system.

When it comes to warranty, you will not be disappointed. The Bali has a thirty-five-year structural warranty, a fifteen-year warranty on the finish, five years on the plumbing and electrical components, and three years on the labor.

Lifestyle Series 'Mirage' - Best for Value

The delightful Mirage hot tub is ideal for couples or those with limited budgets. The Mirage offers the ideal balance of affordability and luxury, measuring 60" (5") x 84" (7") x 33" (2'9"), this hot tub is also perfect for smaller backyards or patios.

This spa model has three seats in total, one lounge seat and two bucket-style seats that are facing each other. Enjoy a soothing full-body massage from the twenty-nine stainless steel Reflections Jets™ whilst the underwater LED lighting from the MotionGlow™ Lighting creates the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

Powered by a 4 horsepower dual-speed pump, this spa has a whole heap of great standard features including the TemperLok™ insulation system, TemperBase™ hot tub floor, and a PermaWood™ cabinet. For keeping the spa water clean and fresh this model features the Pristine™ filtration system and the EverPure™ Ozone with EverLite™.

You can control all the settings on your spa from the easy-to-use Accent digital control panel and relax knowing that the spa comes with a ten-year warranty on the structure and finish. A two-year warranty is offered on the plumbing and parts, and one-year on the labor.

Upgrades for this spa model include the WAVE™ Wifi wireless control and the Acculok heating locking insulation spa cover. There is only one color option available for the acrylic interior of the Mirage.

PDC Swim Spa Reviews

TruSwim Propulsion Swim Spas TSX219 - Best for Features

Part of the TruSwim line, and one of the largest and most feature-rich swim spas by PDC, the TSX219 features the height of swim spa technology and quality design in my opinion.

Measuring 227” x 92” x 56”(depth) and with a 102” pool and fitness area, the TSX219 swim spa has two separated zones, the hot tub zone, and the pool area or fitness zone.

The hot tub zone of this swim spa is a substantial size with plenty of room for company as it has five seats. It has thirty-seven stainless Reflections Jets™ for hydrotherapy and targeted massages of the shoulders, calves, upper and lower back areas.

The large fitness or pool area also features a sculpted massaging seat so you can relax immediately after your workout. It has a dual prop propulsion system (patent pending TruSwim Technology), like all the PDC swim spas in the TruSwim line, creating a wide and smooth water current, perfect for exercising.

The fitness area and spa zone each have a 5.5 KW heater, meaning you can have the water in these two areas set to a different temperature should you wish. You can have a cooler setting for exercising in the fitness zone whilst the hot tub is at a warmer temperature required for optimal hydrotherapy.

Other standard features include the AquaBar™ molded acrylic grip, TemperBase™ insulation, a thermal locking safety cover, TSX-SmartTouch™ control center, MatTrax™ step treads, and the Highlights™ LED lights.

When it comes to keeping the swim spa water clean, the EverPure2™ Ozone with EverLite™, the EverPure2™ purification system, and the PowerFlo™ filtration system allows you to use fewer cleaning chemicals.

If you are looking for upgrades and accessories for this swim spa, you can get the Eclispe2™ lighting, WAVE™ Wifi wireless control, and BlueTune ™ audio system. Exercise and workout-specific extras include the Aqua Force™ fitness pulley, MotionMat™ fitness mat, and AquaBalance™stainless bars.

This PDS swim spa comes in a stylish silver marble color for the interior acrylic shell and the outside cabinet is available in a choice of two colors, willow brown or smoke gray.

When it comes to the warranty for this great product, the owner gets thirty-five years on the swim spa structure, fifteen years on the finish, five years on the major components, and three years on the labor.




5 +


94" (7'10") square x 39" (3'3")

60" (5") x 84" (7") x 33" (2'9")

227” x 92” x 56” depth, 102” fitness area

Water Capacity (gallons)





2 x 12 HP Peak (6HP Continuous) plus a

1.5HP Bubbler

4HP Dual Speed Pump

3 x8HP,  pumps (hot tub)

Dual prop propulsion system, 5000 GPM (pool/fitness area)

Number of Jets

143 Stainless Steel Reflections Jets™

29 Stainless Steel Reflections Jets™

37 hydrotherapy stainless Reflections Jets™

Weight (lbs)




Best for

Most Luxurious

Best for Value

Best for Features

How Do PDC Hot Tubs Stack Up Against The Competition?

Next, let's see how these spas compare to other brands by taking a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing a PDC Spa.


When it comes to spa companies, PDC Spas Plastic Development Company, Inc., has over six decades of experience. This brand offers some of the best energy-efficient spas in the industry with excellent warranties.

This business has founded and owns a large number of patents. As such, their spas and products are used by professional sportspeople and even the US military. Famous sports teams such as the Dallas Cowboys®, Pittsburgh Steelers®, and the Kansas City Royals®have used PDC products. The Navy Seals® use PDC swim spas TruSwim technology to help with their aquatic training.

PDC Spas have has plenty of great reviews from customers who have purchased their spas. The PDC customer services teams are professional, helpful, and glad to be of service.


Since the prices of the spas are not listed on the PDC site and you have to request this information, some people have experienced delays in receiving this information.

As with any large company, there will always be the occasional spa owner who has a negative experience after they have purchased their spa. One customer reported problems with the spa electrics and others have reported that their emails have been ignored.

The Final Verdict

PDC Spas offer high-quality products and they are a leading business in the spa industry. They offer a large range of hot tubs and swim spas with cutting-edge technology and design.

Whatever your budget or the size of your backyard, you will be sure to find a suitable spa product from this excellent brand. PDC swim spas are particularly reliable, and modern utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

I hope my review article has helped you decide whether or not PDC Spas are the right brand for you.  If you'd like to continue your search, head over to our Best Hot Tub Brands page!

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