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The name “Pinnacle Spas” suggests that they are at the peak of their game and offer first-class spas.

But is that really the case?

Are they the best in the hot tub industry and worth your investment?

We want to help you find answers, which is why we're reviewing everything that Pinnacle has to offer including pricing, 4 of their best-selling spas, and the pros and cons of this brand.

Continue reading to gain more of an understanding of whether or not Pinnacle Spas is right for you.

Our Top Choices For Pinnacle Spas

Pinnacle Standard Series Review

1. Pinnacle Standard Series - PS612 Spa

  • Most Cost-Effective Option
  • 5-Person Capacity
  • Includes 12 Jets
  • Plug And Play
Pinnacle Plus Series Review

2. Pinnacle Plus  Series - PP631 Spa

  • Mid-Range Option
  • 5-Person Capacity
  • Includes 31 Jets
  • Deluxe Stereo System
  • Pinnacle Premium Series Review

    3. Pinnacle Premium Series - PR982 Spa

    • Most Luxurious Option
    • 6-Person Capacity
    • Includes 82 Jets
    • Upgraded Lighting Features
    Swim Spas Review

    4. Pinnacle Swim Spa - AQX19

  • Best Overall Swim Spa
  • 19-feet long
  • Includes 88 Jets
  • Optional Exercise Equipment
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    Price Guide: How Much Do Pinnacle Spas Cost?

    Though most people recognize this company as specializing in higher-tier models, their range of pricing can actually be quite varied. For a more luxurious hot tub with all the benefits and additions that come with it, you may need to pay a full market price somewhere in the range of $20,000.

    On the low-end side, you'll only spend $5,500 on their most cost-effective option. There are a multitude of models that fall in between those two dollar amounts as well, so depending on the series you go for and the features and style that you choose, what you pay could be anything between $5,500 - $20,000 or even more. 

    However, the aforementioned cost only applies to their hot tub selection. If you are instead looking for a swim spa then you will be looking at a ballpark figure of around $40,000 plus. 

    Since this company recognizes that not everyone has that amount of money burning a hole in their pocket, they offer some good financing options. Also- shopping around at local retailers can result in finding the best sales.

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    Most Popular Pinnacle Spa Models

    With a wide selection of hot tub models to choose from, it can be slightly overwhelming. Therefore, to make things easier, we'll be highlighting the biggest and smallest models within each of their 3 different hot tub series and show you a little about each hot tub collection. Our goal is for you to better understand their differences, know exactly what each one offers, and we will also be taking a peek at the swim spa models they have available. 

    Pinnacle Standard Series

    For those of us that would love to get a taste of luxury but don't have the most affluent budget, the this series is going to be the best choice. These low cost options come with minimal features, but the huge range of 15 different models provides more than enough selection. 

    The most cost-effective option within all of the Pinnacle hot tub models is without doubt the Standard Series PS612 Spa. This is a simple 5-person capacity tub with 12 jets that comes with a plug and play connection allowing you to hook it up to a standard outlet without needing an electrician.

    This model includes a single lounge seat, mood lighting, digital controls, insulation, an ozone generator, and a cover. Though other models may include more features, this one is still high quality for being the lowest tier and cheapest option. 

    On the higher end of the Standard Series, you have the PS852 which includes all the same standard features as the PS612 but it also includes 51 jets, space for 6 people, waterfalls, and custom-designed hydrotherapy jets for an improved water massage. 

    Pinnacle Plus  Series

    Though called the “Plus” series this is the mid-range option for anyone looking to purchase a Pinnacle Spas factory hot tub. When you mix high end features with value for your money, this is what you get. 

    Their smallest model is the PP631 and its standard features include 5-person capacity, 31 jets, 3 headrests, 2 bucket seats, and a lounge seat. It also includes a fantastic stereo system that has Bluetooth capability and a gorgeous sounding subwoofer for the ultimate party night. 

     Furthermore, as all Plus models do, it includes digital controls, a LED lighting package, light-up fountains and a 50 Sq ft filtration system to help with water cleaning efficiency.

    The largest model in this series, the PP864 has seating for 7 people and 64 jets, but overall includes pretty much all the same aspects that were included in its smaller counterpart. 

    Pinnacle Premium Series

    The Premium Series is a collection of high-end models that are all spacious, upper class, and feature-rich. If you want the best combined experience that Pinnacle Spas has to offer, well, you just found it. These hot tubs have everything that the aforementioned series offer plus a fair bit more.

    The smallest model in this series is the PR761. This is a 6-person spa with a lovely lounger seat, additional ergonomic seating, 61 backlit Jets, headrests, deluxe stereo system, Thermozone insulation, ozone generator to assist with water care, illuminated waterfalls, and pretty much everything else you could possibly need. 

    With a very natural interior acrylic design, it is the perfect choice for those that want something unsightly in their backyard or a spa that blends in well with the garden. 

    On the slightly more costly side of this series, there is the PR982. This is very similar to the PR761, including all the same features and capacity but it comes with 82 jets and a much more contemporary layout and aesthetic. 

    This is what we classify as Pinnacle Spa's optimum luxury hot tub. It is the perfect modern option for anyone that places their massage and hydrotherapy experience as a number 1 priority. The PR982 is the reigning spa supreme of all their models and it is the prime choice for those that have the funds.

    Swim Spas

    In addition to their hot tub selection, Pinnacle Spas also make some very nice swim spas for those that want something a bit bigger that can also be used as a personal aquatic gym. Out of the 7 options available, you can purchase anything from 12 to 19 ft long with varying styles, layouts, and jet configurations.

    If you love exercise as much as relaxation then we highly recommend you check these out to find your optimum swim spa solution.

    Our personal favorite is the AQX19 swim spa. It is the largest option they offer, and in our opinion, also it has the best layout. With dual loungers in the hot tub area and a surprisingly deep swimming area, this swim spa offers the perfect mix of comfort and practicality.

    Additionally, it has a great selection of other standard features including the swim stream jetting system, aquatic therapy seating, back massage seat, Wifi, touch Screen controls, heavy-duty cover to keep in the heat, and optional features such as the deluxe audio system and exercise equipment.

    Pros & Cons

    An immediate pro to consider is that Pinnacle spas are not a cheap knock-off brand that will provide you with a readily disposable product. Rather, they're an operation that makes peak value spas designed to last and to continue to satisfy your recreational relaxation needs for a long time. 

    However, along with that quality comes a cost. Though their most affordable option comes at a very reasonable and sensible figure for many, the majority of their creations are going to cost you more than what some other brands might offer. 

    They do represent value for the money, so you get a good investment from your hard-earned cash. But as with all purchases, if you want something durable and high quality, a higher fee can be expected.

    Their customer service support structure seems to be one of Pinnacle Spa's greatest strengths, as the vast majority of customers report a great experience in that regard. In line with this same thought, the factory warranty also seems to be relatively reliable and problem-free. This makes it a much easier purchase to make, as you know that you are less likely to experience any issues with the manufacturer down the line.

    When looking at the wide selection of models to choose from, it is clear that this company aimed at catering to just about everyone, and we think they succeeded in doing so. If you want something small, large, basic, or full of features, then Pinnacle Spas has what you need. 

    The minor downside is, however, that though they have a hot tub for just about everyone, they don't really have many customization options. So when it comes to color choices and optional additions, there isn't much, if anything to choose from and they do not offer customizable hydrotherapy. 


    How Do Pinnacle Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

    Comparing new Pinnacle Spas to the competition, you may notice that there are some features that they do not present. Most of these, however, are patented or very unique features that only a few spa manufacturers offer. If that is what you prefer, you should definitely browse through a couple of other brands. 

    An interesting one for those that want a distinctive massage is the Moto Massage system that can be found in select models made by Hot Spring Spas.

    Alternatively, if you worry about your jets failing on you, then a we recommend Sundance Spas. They use a patented Fluidex Jet system that has no moving parts and is said to outlive the rest of the hot tub. 

    The Final Verdict

    Pinnacle Spas has a great operation going. Their customers are happy, the products are of high quality, the factory warranty is superb, and the service they provide is exceptional.

    With 30 years of manufacturing spas under their belt, they know what they are doing and have perfected their craft. Their prices and sizes vary from low to high-end, however their specialty really lies in the more extravagant options that come with tons of luxury options. 

    This company offers hot tubs with fresh designs at a great price that are worthy of investment, and sales can be found at local dealerships. Of course, before you purchase we would also recommend comparing them to other high-end hot tub brands on the market in order to make a well-informed decision to suit your needs. 

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