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Thinking about buying a QCA hot tub? QCA Spas have been in the hot tub industry for decades. They have a comprehensive collection of hot tubs and are very reasonably priced, so you won't have to worry too much about your wallet.

In this QCA Spa reviews article, you'll learn all about their 4 most popular spa models.

Our aim is to help you decide which hot tub to pick. Which of these 4 will you choose?

Our Top Choices For QCA Spas

Paradise Supreme XLP

1. Paradise Supreme XLP

  • Seating for 8 people
  • 112 jets
  • Multi-jet foot massage dome, WaveMax™ seat, mood lighting
  • Best luxury hot tub
GT 500

2. GT 500

  • Seating for 6 people
  • 97 jets
  • Ultra Wave lounger seat, contoured pillows, Soft Touch™ controls
  • Best for hydrotherapy

3. GL3

  • Seating for 3 to 4 people
  • 23 jets
  • Stainless steel jets, insulated locking cover, maintenance-free cabinet
  • Best small hot tub
Silver Star

4. Silver Star

  • Seating for 2 people
  • 16 jets
  • Digital controls, built-in filter, inline chemical feeder, air-flow control system
  • Best budget hot tub

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Do QCA Spas Cost?

QCA Spas have four distinct hot tub collections. Their lowest priced hot tub model starts at a basic price of $5,310 and their most expensive one starts at $24,375.

If you choose optional extras, you will pay more money. Select your desired spa's features on the website and then you can request quotes.

Let's take a closer look at the price ranges for each hot tub series. The cheapest models are featured in the Star series. Basic purchase prices start from $5,310 and go up to $11,223 and there are twelve models to choose from.

The Peridot series features thirteen models with basic prices starting from $8,335 and increasing to $14,660.

The Performance series is the largest collection of hot tubs, fifteen in total, and has basic starting prices of $11,448 going up to $16,860.

QCA Spas' smallest line-up is the Majestic Series. It features eight high-end, luxury hot tub models with purchase prices starting from $17,535 and increasing to $24,375.

If delivery is required, your location can also impact the final price.

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Most Popular QCA Spas Models

The QCA Spa business has been in the industry since 1966 so they have plenty of experience in designing some of the best quality tubs on the market. QCA Spas offer a huge range of quality tubs, and you will find some of their most popular hot tub models reviewed in detail below.

Majestic Series 'Paradise Supreme XLP' - Best Luxury Hot Tub

 QCA Spas' most luxurious hot tub, the Paradise Supreme XLP has seats for eight people so is perfect if you like to enjoy your spa experience with plenty of company.

This square-shaped hot tub measures 92" x 92"x 40" and has a water capacity of 630 gallons.

It features a whopping one hundred and twelve jets. 

For the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, this includes fourteen turbo massage jets, adjustable shoulder and neck jets, and a multi-jet foot massage dome so you can target pressure points and have a full body massage experience.

This spa model also features QCA Spas' patented WaveMax™ seat, providing twenty jets which have seven different jet patterns and three speed settings to choose from. It is the ideal place for relaxing after a long day, with its adjustable waterfalls, head pillows, contoured seating, drink holders and mood lighting.

The spa shell is made from Lucite-Xtra™ acrylic, made using the Dura-Bond™ layer strengthening process. There are five different color options to choose from for the hot tub shell. The maintenance-free DuraFrame® cabinetry comes in three colors.

Other standard features include three powerful pumps, easy-to-use Balboa controls, an insulated locking cover, a 4KW heating system, ozone ready hydro-pure water system, and built-in filter.

If you like to chill out to your favorite tunes, there are two sound system options to choose from, VibraSound or WOW sound stereo system, but these cost extra. Other upgrades include different light packages, a bromine salt system, various cover set-ups, and an extended warranty.

All this luxury does not come without a majestic price tag. The basic model will set you back $24,375, not including any of the optional features which cost more.

Performance Series 'GT 500' - Best For Hydrotherapy

Measuring 87" x 87" and 40" deep, this hot tub has plenty of room for company, with six seats, and a total of ninety-seven jets including fourteen turbo massaging jets.

The great thing about this hot tub is that you can spend hours relaxing and enjoying a full-body massage in the Ultra Wave lounger seat.

You can choose the pattern (seven pattern options), direction, and speed (three speed options), and even pause the massaging wave to target a sore spot. 

It is also possible to select the fifty-two jets at the same time to get an all-over experience.

For ultimate comfort, this hot tub features a massaging foot dome and features three contoured pillows. Whilst you are enjoying your hydrotherapy experience, let the sounds of the adjustable cascading waterfall feature soothe you into the ultimate state of relaxation.

You can control all the functions of your hot tub using Balboa topside controls. Use Soft Touch™ controls to adjust the temperature, light, mode, pump speed, and time. Standard features include two 5.2 BHP two-speed pumps, a 4KW heater, full insulation, maintenance-free DuraFrame® cabinet, Lucite-Xtra™ acrylic shell, built-in filter, and a rigid, weather-resistant, insulated locking hard cover.

It has a water capacity of 420 gallons and is ozone-ready. The GT 500 spa has all of the same upgrade and color options as the Paradise Supreme XLP. One of QCA Spas' mid-range spa models, the starting price for the basic set-up of the GT 500 is $16,860.

Peridot Series 'GL3' - Best Small Hot Tub

With room for three to four people, this rectangle-shaped GL3 tub measures 78” x 60” and is 34” deep.

This tub is perfect for smaller backyards or for couples who want a bit more space in their hot tub.

Chill out and unwind for hours in the body-contoured seating whilst the shoulder and neck jets deliver a soothing massage.

This model has a total of twenty-three stainless steel jets so you can enjoy a full-body hydrotherapy experience.

The GL3 comes with an insulated, locking cover, a 5.2 BHP two-speed pump, adjustable collar jets, maintenance-free, weather-resistant cabinet, SoftTouch™ Controls, 5" waterfall feature, and a 4KW heater. It has a built-in filter and is ozone-ready with a water capacity of 230 gallons.

This tub has a basic price tag of $8,335. If you choose any of the optional extras, there will be additional costs added to that price. When it comes to features and color, this spa offers all of the same options that are available for the Paradise Supreme XLP.

Star Series 'Silver Star' - Best Budget Hot Tub

A delightful plug-on-play hot tub, Silver Star is an oval-shaped tub designed for two people. Measuring 91" x 42" and 29" deep, it has a total of sixteen hydrotherapy jets and has minimal installation requirements.

There are two jets for the mid back, ten jets aimed for the upper back and two sets of adjustable vortex jets for the lower back and feet, ideal for a soothing hydrotherapy massage.

Standard features include a single 1.5 HP pump, digital controls, access panel, a 1 KW heater, built-in filter, inline chemical feeder, cover, and an air-flow control system.

One of the least expensive models by QCA Spas, the starting price for the basic set-up is $5,810. Of course, the lower price means it has far fewer options compared to the other tubs we have looked at so far. The shell only comes in silver marble and the maintenance-free, weather-resistant cabinet comes in gray.




3 to 4



 92"L x 92"W x 40"D

87"L x 87"W x 40"D

78” L x 60” W x 34” D

91" L x 42" W x 29" D

Water Capacity (gallons)






3 x 5.2 BHP (3.0 HP Continuous Duty) two-speed Pumps

2 x  5.2 BHP (3.0 HP Continuous Duty) two-speed Pumps

1 x  5.2 BHP (3.0 HP Continuous Duty) two-speed Pump

1 x 1.5 HP Continuous Duty Pump

Number of Jets





Basic Price





Best for

Best Luxury Hot Tub

Best For Hydrotherapy

Best Small Hot Tub

Best Budget Hot Tub

How Do QCA Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

Let's see how QCA Spas compare to other spa businesses by taking a look at some of the pros and cons of going with this company.


All of the QCA spas come with the Energy Saver System which uses heat produced by friction in the motor and pump to heat the hot tub. In other companies' tubs, this heat is vented to get rid of it, but QCA models trap it in the cabinet and along with a good layer of insulation, this trapped heat helps to heat the shell and maintains the water temperature. This saves plenty of energy and keeps energy bills down, in fact, all of their models exceed the stringent mandates for energy efficiency set out by the California Energy Commission.

M-7 technology is featured in all the 4KW spa heaters which protect them from overheating, meaning less service and repairs are needed. All QCA Spa shells are built using four-layer Dura-Bond construction making the spa shells strong and durable. Best of all, each of the QCA spas are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

QCA Spas have had excellent reviews from clients who have purchased their spas. This business's customer service team has been helpful and will answer any questions they can about your newly purchased spa.


Of course with any large business, there will always be some customers who have had a negative experience and left a bad review. Some people have reported problems with the delivery of their tub and bad experiences with the customer service team.

For some of the cheaper spa models, some customers have found the tub is relatively fragile. Without proper care the bottom can disintegrate and in addition, the pump needs a regular service to work properly. There have been other reports of the cover not fitting properly and the power cord being much shorter than advertised.

The Final Verdict

The QCA Spas Company has been in business for several decades, with great customer service. This business offers a large range of hot tubs that are durable and high-quality. When it comes to energy efficiency, they have it covered.

They have models to suit every budget from cheaper and smaller plug-and-play tubs to fully customizable, high-end, luxury tubs. Whatever your hot tub requirements, you will be sure to find the perfect model for your individual needs.

I hope your search for a hot tub is over and that my review has helped you to decide which QCA Spa to purchase, but if you're in the mood to continue shopping, head over to the top hot tub brands page.

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