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Are you thinking of buying a Saratoga Spas hot tub? Not sure which model to go for?

Steeped in history, this company prides itself on traditions. This company is named after Saratoga Springs in New York which has been an epicenter of hydrotherapy and relaxation for hundreds of years. Saratoga offers a fabulous range of hot tubs that cater to your needs needs and suit every pocket.

Before you rush into any decisions though, read on to learn all about the Saratoga Spa Company and its most popular hot tub models.

Our Top Choices For Saratoga Hot Tub

The Luxury Spa Line 'The Broadway'

1. The Luxury Spa Line 'The Broadway'

  • Seats 9
  • 75 jets with Passive Impact™ CFE® Therapy System
  • Relax Stream™ LED water feature and Luxury Splash™ lighting
  • Most Luxurious Hot Tub
The Special Edition Spa Line 'The Regent'

2. The Special Edition Spa Line 'The Regent'

  • Seats 5-6
  • 54 jets with Direct Impact™ Therapy System
  • Patented Roto Stream® Sequencing system
  • Best for Families
The Cottage Spa Line 'The Glenwood'

3.The Cottage Spa Line 'The Glenwood'

  • Seats 4
  • 29 Versa-Flo™ jets
  • TriLayer™ spa shell and MultiWeather™ cabinet
  • Best Value Spa

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Price Guide: How Much Do Saratoga Hot Tubs Cost?

The prices of the Saratoga hot tubs are not listed on their website, and pricing information must be requested by the customer.

Saratoga Spas have hot tubs in a variety of pricing brackets. The Cottage Spas line offers more budget-friendly options whilst the Special Edition Spa line offers excellent value for the cost. The Luxury Spa Line offers the more expensive high-end models.

The cost of these hot tubs ranges from about $4,000 to around $12,000 plus, depending on the model and additional features you choose.

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Most Popular Saratoga Spas Models

Saratoga Spas have been in the hot tub business for almost fifty years and still holds some of the spa industry's most distinctive patents. Let us enjoy discovering Saratoga Spas hydrotherapy benefits and take a closer look at the most popular spa models manufactured by the Saratoga Spa Company.

The Luxury Spa Line 'The Broadway' - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

The Broadway is Saratoga Spas' largest most luxurious hot tub. Measuring 92" x 108" x 40" it has seating for up to nine people and a whopping 75 jets for the ultimate hydrotherapy and soaking experience.

With The Broadway, Saratoga Spas are really redefining hydrotherapy.

The Luxury Line Broadway Spa lets every spa user enjoy the full health benefits of their Saratoga exclusive hydrotherapy system. Target multiple body locations or just soothe tense neck or shoulder areas with direct pressure from the patented jets.

With a uniquely concealed jetting system, five different types of hydrotherapy jet, and a ProJet Stream™ and Versa-Flo™ valve system, The Broadway offers a complete hydrotherapy system that is energy efficient. The Passive Impact™ CFE® Therapy System consists of two Power Massage Plus® Jets, two Power Massage® Jets, and four Deflector Stream™ Jets. The Direct Impact™ Therapy System is made up of sixty-six Versa-Flo™ Jets and one Vortex Jet™. This unique system is all powered by three pumps and there is also a dedicated circulation pump as part of the Continuous Purity Circulation™ Pump System.

Relax and enjoy the soaking benefits of this spa with the therapeutic water ribbons created by the Power Stream® whilst the Relax Stream™ LED Water Feature and Luxury Splash™ Lighting create the perfect ambiance for relaxation and tension relief. For music lovers, the Luxury Sounds™ System is available as an extra for this Luxury Line spa.

Other special features of the Luxury Line Broadway include Whisper Zone™ Ozone Generator, Antimicrobial Filtration, CoverAll™ Base, and a Roto Stream® Manual Sequencing System, and a deluxe spa cover.

The Special Edition Spa Line 'The Regent' - Best for Families

Measuring 84" x 90" x 38" and with room for five to six people, The Regent is part of Saratoga Spas Special Edition Spa Line. This is a great choice if you want to share your hydrotherapy experience with family and friends.

Saratoga Spas continues to dazzle with their Special Edition Spa Line. The Regent has much of the same hydrotherapy features as the Luxury Line Spa The Broadway, but slightly fewer jets, 54 in total including the Direct Impact™ Therapy System with forty-seven Versa-Flo™ Jets and one Vortex Jet™.

Soothe your tired body with the unique Power Massage® System. Specially designed contours of the spa shell guide powerful but therapeutic water ribbons past your neck and down the length of your backbone. The Passive Impact™ CFE® Therapy System consists of a single Power Massage Plus® Jet and Power Massage® Jet, and four Power Stream™ Jets.

Enjoy an automated massage experience with the patented Roto Stream® Sequencing System which can let you direct pressure to specific body parts providing relief.

The Regent has three pumps in total, including a dual speed pump and the Continuous Purity Circulation™ pump which helps to keep the spa water fresh. The Whisper Zone™ Ozone Generator and AntiMicrobial Filtration maintain clean spa water. The interior part of this reverse molded spa is a TriLayer™ Spa Shell and this model also comes with a deluxe spa cover. The Saratoga Sounds™ music system is available for this model at extra cost.

The Cottage Spa Line 'The Glenwood' - Best Value Spa

Saratoga Spas continues to offer its excellent tradition of great hydrotherapy whilst maintaining cost-efficiency on their lower budget range, The Cottage Spa Line.

If you are on a tight budget, consider The Glenwood. This delightful spa measures 67" x 80" x 40" and can seat four adults. It has twenty-nine Versa-Flo™ Jets as part of its Direct Impact™ Therapy System but does not include all of the high-end hydrotherapy features such as the Passive Impact™ CFE® Therapy System or Versa-Flo™ Valves.

Some other standard features of this spa include the standard Saratoga lighting with LEDs, an ozone generator, a TriLayer™ Spa Shell, MultiWeather™ Cabinet, Thermal Bond™ Wrap Insulation, and it also comes with a deluxe spa cover.

Optional extras available for this model are the Thermal Bond™ Full Foam Insulation and Saratoga Sounds™ Audio System but these will increase the total cost. If you want to enjoy hydrotherapy but want to go easy on your wallet, then consider The Glenwood.

Number of seats





92" x 108" x 40"

84" x 90" x 38"

67" x 80" x 40"

Water Capacity (gallons)




Weight (lbs)





4 including a circulation pump

3 including a circulation pump


Number of Jets




Overall Rating




How Do Saratoga Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?


With strong traditions and a long history of innovation and design excellence, each Saratoga Spa is handcrafted even today, from the mold designs to the finishings on the exterior cabinet.

They offer a unique hydrotherapy system with patented features. The Saratoga exclusive ProJet Stream™ Hydrotherapy is a uniquely concealed jetting system within the spa shell. The hydro-driven jet is controlled by the rotation of the ProJet Stream™ Valve, providing relief to tense neck or shoulder areas but without the enclosing sensation of a reverse molded spa.

Sequencing hydrotherapy automatically with the patented Roto Stream® Sequencing System allows for an automated massage experience and lets the spa user direct pressure to a specific location in need of tension relief.

The Versa-Flo™ Therapy System forms part of the Direct Impact™ Therapy function of Saratoga's Luxury Spa Line. Offering tension relief with direct pressure regardless of the location on the body or muscle size, the Versa-Flo™ offers the flexibility to generate a different relief point on multiple body locations.


The pricing is of the hot tubs or any of the additional features are not available on the website and must be obtained through a quote from a local dealer.

The optional packages available for these hot tubs are limited, however, the majority of the models especially in the higher-end lines are feature-rich especially when it comes to hydrotherapy systems.

If you are thinking about combining the hot tub experience with an aquatic workout, then you may be considering a swim spa. Saratoga Spas only make hot tubs and do not have swim spas. You would need to look into other manufacturers.

The Final Verdict

Named after Saratoga Springs in New York, Saratoga Spas' excellent collection of hot tubs brings the soaking experience and its associated health benefits right to your own home.

Offering a delightful combination of tradition and new technology the Saratoga Spa Company is redefining hydrotherapy. They have a great range of hot tubs with prices to suit most budgets.

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