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With a name like “Strong Spas,” you may immediately relate this brand to durability, power, and toughness.

But is that really the case? 

Are Strong Spas a strong contender as a brand worth your investment? 

Luckily, we have broken down the core elements of the Strong Spas brand to help you conclusively decide whether you're interested in purchasing your dream hot tub from this manufacturer, or if it would be best to keep searching. 

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Our Top Choices For Strong Spas

Strong Spas Durasport Series

1. Strong Spas Durasport Series

  • The Cost-Effective Option
  • Plug & Play Feature
  • Up To 6-7 Person Capacity
  • 28-36 Jets
  • Strong Spas Summit Series Review

    2. Strong Spas Summit Series

  • The Sleek & Classy Option
  • Great Ergonomic Seating
  • Up To 5-7 Person Capacity
  • 40-60 Jets
  • Strong Spas Premium Series Review

    3. Strong Spas Premium Series

    • The Luxury Option
    • Best Overall Features
    • Up To 5-7 Person Capacity
    • 60 Jets

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    Strong Spas Prices

    It is known that Strong Spa usually offer lower-end pricing and more budget-friendly options than the available alternatives. When you compare Strong Spa pricing with equal tubs in other brands, they are generally quite reasonable and slightly lower priced than the competition. This is not to say they are the cheapest option, but for the quality and features that their tubs offer, the pricing is more than fair.

    A note to anyone interested in purchasing Strong Spa hot tubs: This brand is also sold by Costco and they usually offer some lower prices in comparison to other dealers. You also get the advantage of their flexible return policies. 

    This company sells their tubs through a variety of different hot tub dealers and resellers. Therefore they do not display the base cost publicly, as this could cause contention. Each dealer sets their own prices and it varies based on location.

    So if you want to view pricing without the hassle of calling dozens of local dealers, save time by clicking the button below.

    Strong Spas Models

    Strong Spa hot tub models are categorized into 3 classifications. These are the Durasport Series, the Summit Series, and the Premium Series. We will now overview each of these, including the models and features that each series offers so that you'll know which line to focus your attention on, and what you'll be getting for your money. These Strong Spa reviews will help you determine if they are the right brand for you. 

    Strong Spas Durasport Series

    If you fancy a nice hot tub but don't want to break the bank, then this may be just what you are looking for!

    The Durasport series focuses on budget-friendly accommodations, making hot tubs more readily available for a wider range of clientele.

    Though cost-effective, these are high-quality creations of hydrotherapy pleasure and performance that are built to endure. 

    Strong spa models are indeed strong. Their hardy build makes them easier to maintain and less of a concern after continued use. 

    This series includes a range of features such as an innovative cabinet system, electronic controls, a pedestal base, towel and step holders, air control, LED lighting, ice buckets, and a Durashield hardcover which comes with an extremely useful cover lifting assistance feature. 

    Something that makes these hot tubs stand out from the crowd is their plug-and-play option. This makes installation a breeze and can allow you to set your hot tub up as soon as you get it home. These spas fit into a normal electrical outlet for ease of use. 

    Within this series, there are currently 3 available models. These are the G-2 Legend, G-2L Diamond & the G-2B Diamond. Variations of these models are also offered. These range from 5-7 person capacity and are a nice simple option for new spa owners who want something with a durable body. 

    Strong Spas Summit Series

    The summit series is aesthetically smooth, glossy, and gleaming. These lustrous hot tubs are the peak of sleekness and the fanciest looking of all the Strong Spa series.

    If you are looking for something that will make your guests go “Wow” then this is the Strong Spa solution. 

    But it is not all about looks. You also want an optimum hydro spa experience and that is what the Summit series provides.

    Giving you the best of both worlds you get that stunning visual statement whilst being able to enjoy its relaxation features thoroughly after a long day's work. 

    When it comes to hot tub functionality, the ergonomic hot tub seating is delightful. We especially like the lounger options for ultimate comfort. In terms of features, the Summit Series include LED lighting, electronic controls, 2-tone jets, a Bluetooth-capable audio system, SoftTouch Insignia headrests, and both a Durabase and a Durashield cover. 

    Overall, the Summit hot tub series is the midway point between the Durasport series and the Premium series. There are 2 main models within this series which are the SL40 and S40. Each of these are available in 50 and 60 jet versions, and their capacity can range from 5-7 people.

    We recommend this spa series for those who appreciate a modern, sheeny style coupled with the ability to use this beauty for your hydrotherapy needs for years to come.

    Strong Spas Premium Series

    As the title implies, the Premium spa series is Strong Spas' most premium option.

    This is a high-end, superior spa for those that want all the characteristics and attributes of luxury within the shell of a hot tub.

    Providing Strong Spa's most feature-rich spa experience, this series offers you maximum comfort and deluxe tranquility for a great deal.

    Similar visually to the Summit spa series, but with added capability, this hot tub series is a classy purchase for classy people. 

    Like each of the company designs, these are made with materials built to last a long time. So when you buy one of these hot tubs, rather than a short-term purchase, you can expect a long-term investment for your own pleasure and enjoyment. 

    Just a few of the innovative features included are the foldaway steps, foldaway towel holder, Dura-Base, Duralast Cabinet, 3 areas of LED lighting, 2-tone jets, an ozone purification system, and a powerful foot massage jet. 

    Within this sophisticated hot tub series lie 2 fabulous models to choose from. These are the Madrid hot tub for up to 6 people and the Vienna for up to 7 people, both of which come with 60 jets.  

    The Strong Spa Premium tub series is designed for those that want a tough hot tub with all the most upmarket features. It is more pricey than the other series, so this is going to be a larger investment, but surely one that you will thoroughly enjoy.

    Pros & Cons  

    First and foremost, the company is based in Pennsylvania, making their hot tubs completely American-made.  This is not to say that they would be better or worse from somewhere else, but if you are community-minded, wishing to put your money back into the USA economy, then this is a huge plus.

    Probably the most notable feature that this brand promotes and are well known for is their durability. For any spa purchase to be worthwhile, you need it to last. That's why we believe this company's hot tubs are a great option. When you add this to their list of features and reasonable prices, you've just found somewhere great to spend your hard-earned cash. 

    It is also worthwhile noting that their cabinets come with a lifetime warranty, a warranty you don't see with every brand. This shows the extent of their devotion to durability. This manufacturer focuses on making something brawny and well-built, and they have succeeded. 

    When it comes to selection, their features are pretty straightforward. For some shoppers, this may be a huge plus, making the decision process streamlined and simplified. For customers who want more bells and whistles, this is a limiting factor, which means Strong Spa cannot cater to every client. For example, all of their hot tubs are of similar shapes and sizes and are built for 5-7 people, meaning that those with smaller spaces, as well as those with more unusually shaped spaces cannot purchase what they need from the company. 

    Though they do offer a decent range of hot tub aesthetic options, the features appear to either be included or not included depending on the model. It is clear-cut as to what you are buying, and more of a prefab purchase as opposed to a custom one.

    Competing Alternatives

    If you are undecided and want to see what else is available in the hot tub industry, then there are a couple of alternatives that you might consider. If you want something more customizable with a wide range of options and features to choose from then we would recommend having a gander at Viking. 

    Alternatively, if the style isn't quite what you are looking for and you want something with a different look, why not check out the well-known brand Marquis.

    The right hot tub for you is out there. Though Strong Spas have numerous series and models to choose from, the market is full of even more brands with more series and more models with more features, styles, and capabilities to choose from. Make sure you get exactly what you are looking for and don't settle for less.

    Final Verdict

    To put it in simple terms, this company makes quality spas. If that is what you want and what you are looking for then this is the perfect brand for you. Their designs are simple, low-maintenance, durable, and easy to install especially if you go for the Durasport series. 

    If you are budget conscious and hope to invest in something that will last long enough for you to get your money's worth then you might as well buy now. They are not the most luxurious nor the most cost-effective, but somewhere in the middle. And they certainly prove themselves worthy via their high-quality materials, longevity, and their great insulation which makes them inexpensive to run. 

    This is a brand we recommend for new hot tub owners and if you have ever had a bad experience purchasing hot tubs, these hot tubs will certainly show you what long-term quality looks like.

    If you want to continue your search for your ideal spa experience, check out the other best hot tub brands in the industry!

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