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Jacuzzi, the most widely known hot tub manufacturer has owned Sundance Spas since 1998. 

Sundance Spas, however, do differ from Jacuzzi products. Sundance Spas have their own unique style and features - exactly what we'll be highlighting in this article.

But this is the right brand for you? And how do they stack up against the competition?

We'll explain everything you need to know about the features and performance across the 5 different series offered by Sundance Spas.

Continue reading to find out whether these hot tubs have everything you're looking for, or if pursuing other brand options would be your best bet.

Sundance Spas' 5 Series

Sundance Spa 680 Series review

1. Sundance Spa 680 Series

  • Plug And Play Option
  • Budget-Friendly Option
  • 7 Different Models
  • 2-8 Person Capacity
  • Sundance Spa 780 Series Review

    2. Sundance Spa 780 Series

  • Multicolored SunRay LED Lighting Package
  • Mid-Range Option
  • 6 Different Models
  • 2-7 Person Capacity
  • Sundance Spa 880 Series Review

    3. Sundance Spa 880 Series

    • I-Touch Controls
    • High-End Option
    • 8 Different Models
    • 3-8 Person Capacity
    Sundance Spa 980 Series Review

    4. Sundance Spa 980 Series

    • Fluidex Jets
    • Luxury Option
    • 4 Different Models
    • 5-7 Person Capacity
    Sundance Spa Splash Series Review

    5. Sundance Spa Splash Series

    • Hot Tub Cover
    • Great Alternative To The 680 Series
    • 3 Different Models
    • 4-6 Person Capacity

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    Sundance Spa Prices

    Like many hot tub brands, individual Sundance Spas prices for each model are not provided on their website. 

    In general, lower-tier Sundance spas cost under $8,000. These are the most cost-effective options they have available. Mid-tier goes from $8,000 - $12,000. High-tier is from $12,000 - $15,000 and the most luxury options range from $15,000 - $17,000. 

    This should give you an idea as to how much you might be expected to pay depending on the models and features you choose. They are not the most cost-effective hot tubs and their pricing falls between from mid-range to high-end.

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    Sundance Spa Models

    All of Sundance Spas hot tub models are sectioned off into 5 different hot tub series. Each has its own flair, style, and features so we are going to review each one to help you to know which series best suits your needs.

    Sundance Spa 680 Series

    This is one of the simpler series that offers a selection of seven tubs, all in different styles and sizes, from 2-8 person capacity.

    The models within this series include the Tacoma, Denali, Prado, Ramona, McKinley, Peyton & Edison.

    These hot tubs include waterfalls, cupholders, a ClearRay UV C technology filtration system, elementary lighting controls, and a simplified layout. 

    The Sundance Spa 680 models are designed for a clear-cut purchase with a few features at their lowest prices. 

    If you want a nice hot tub but don't want to burn a hole in your wallet then this would be the ideal Series for you within this brand. 

    Sundance Spa 780 Series

    The 780 Series falls into the mid-tier range for hot tubs.

    With options for hot tubs that can capacitate between 2-7 people and 6 different models within the series, there are plenty of choices.

    In the Sundance Spas 780 series, there is the Dover, Hanover, Bristol, Montclair, Hamilton, and Chelsee models. 

    Something that makes the Sundance Spa 780 series different is its inclusion of the Multicolored SunRay LED lighting package.

    It also comes with a simplified control panel with easy-to-use icons. 

    The 780 Series is an ideal hot tub collection for those that want something reasonable and mid-priced. These are average hot tubs with all the basic amenities that you would need for a delightful and comfortable hydrotherapy experience. 

    Sundance Spa 880 Series

    The Sundance Spa 880 Series is a step up in pricing from the 780 but not quite as pricey as the 980 series.

    There are 8 hot tubs within this series ranging from 3-8 person capacity.

    Within this selection, there are the Capri, Cambria, Marin, Altamar, Cameo, Optime, Maxxus, and Aspen models to choose from. 

    These hot tubs include all the features from the previous models including the SunRay LED lighting package and the ClearRay UV-C Filtration system. 

    However, another feature that they decided to add is the I-touch which allows you to have a touchscreen panel with different menus and options to allow you to seamlessly adjust your hot tub settings.

    This Series is much more high-tier and that is also reflected within its pricing. With more features comes a bigger dent in your wallet but also a bigger smile on your face.

    Sundance Spa 980 Series

    This line comes with the best features and additions of all the Sundance Spas models.

    Including everything that the other series offer and more, these are hot tubs that provide the ultimate hydrotherapy and relaxation.

    The 4 hot tubs within the Sundance Spa 980 Series are called the Lisbon, Claremont, Odessa, and Kingston and they can seat up to seven adults.

    Two of the options include the fabulous lounge seats that are the epitome of comfort and tranquility.

    In addition, these beautiful wonders of hot tub design include corner lighting and a lighted SunCooler for your beverage or seating needs. They also feature Fluidex jets for the most exceptional deep tissue massage around. These jets are so superior that the company had them patented. 

    The Sundance Spa 980 Series is the optimum hot tub solution for a classy customer with a decent budget and an eye for style, comfort, and opulence. 

    Sundance Spa Splash Series

    This is a series that most reviewers overlook but is an important part of what Sundance Spas has to offer. These are advertised as family tubs and have 3 options to choose from. This series offers the Paisley, Berkeley, and Brook. 

    With seating for 4-6 people, these are mid-sized to larger-sized hot tubs that make for a great social feature within your home. 

    Though they do not include all the same features as some of the other hot tubs they are a great alternative to the 680 series as they also include the plug and play option for easy and instant use.

    Another great attribute that has been added to these spas is the hardcover to protect your hot tub and allow you to heat it up quickly or to help keep it warm whilst it is not being used.

    Pros & Cons  

    From most customer reviews you can see that these hot tubs are generally quite long-lasting and reliable. However, even the best hot tub can still have its issues. 

    When it comes to parts and repairs you can acquire parts easily via various hot tub dealers and the instruction manuals can be found on the manufacturer's website. The manuals are simple to follow. They also offer Sundance Spas troubleshooting guides that allow you to identify most issues without having to call in a Sundance Spas repair specialist.

    The warranties are decent and focus mainly on the shell structure rather than the other components which mostly have a 2-5 year Sundance warranty. It is also notable that each series offers a different length of time for the shell structure warranty indicating that the lower tier levels are not as strong and are not expected to last as long. 

    Sundance Spas have a very long list of hot tubs to choose from but with prices starting from about $8,000 for their most basic options they are not suited to everyone. If you are looking for something simple and cost-effective then Sundance Spas might struggle to compete with some of the alternative brands.

    On the plus side if you want something luxurious, they have some great options both large and small. The best feature by far is their patented Fluidex jets which no other manufacturer offers. This makes them stand out from the crowd. The great thing about Fluidex jets is that their are zero moving parts involved, so they should theoretically outlive all the other components of the hot tub. 

    Additionally, they come with top-of-the-line filtration systems which features ClearRay UV-C. This makes a big difference in long-term use and will allow you to enjoy your hot tub without the constant concern of water maintenance.

    This next one may be a pro or a con, depending on your past experience, but you should know that despite Sundance Spas being owned by Jacuzzi brand, they handle all their own manufacturing and business separately. So whatever your previous experience with Jacuzzi brand, Sundance Spas hot tub customer service will be handled completely independently from Jacuzzi.


    Competing Alternatives

    If you have read through our review but decided that Sundance is not quite what you're after, then by all means feel free to check out the competing brands available within the hot tub market.

    For example, if you want a good filtration system but decide that UV is not the way that you want to go, then maybe you should consider a saltwater filtration system such as what Hot Spring Spas offer.

    Or if you'd like a change of pace and a different style to what Sundance Spas hot tubs can provide, then we recommend taking a look at Strong Spas.

    Final Verdict

    We like Sundance Spas so much that they made it onto our list of Best Hot Tub Brands. They offer numerous hot tub options to choose from within different tiers. Their hot tubs are not only beautiful, but also reliable so we know that if you buy your new hot tub from them you are sure to enjoy yourself. However, we would classify them as a luxury hot tub manufacturer rather than a simple and budget-friendly one.

    Our favorite series from this brand is by far the Sundance Spa 980 series as it has a longer Sundance warranty, higher end spa functions and features, Fluidex jets, and an awe inspiring elegance.

    Sundance Spas models offer the opportunity for grandeur in your own backyard, making your friends jealous, and introducing an environment of comfort into your every day life.

    Our goal is to get local hot tub dealers to compete for your business based on your personal preferences.  Click the button below to learn more!

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