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Are you thinking about buying a new hot tub? It can be quite overwhelming searching for the right spa, especially with all the different brands on the market.

Look no further, Sunrise Spas by Leisure Manufacturing Inc, offer a delightful range of affordable as well as luxury hot tubs to suit every budget. You will be sure to find the perfect hot tub from Sunrise Spa's Classic or Ultimate Collection (or Paragon Collection if you are based in Europe).

Continue reading to find out all about Sunrise Spas and some of their most popular hot tub models.

Our Top Choices For Sunrise Spa

770 S

1. 770 S

  • 5 seats
  • 26 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Lounger, chromatherapy with multi-colored LED lights, ROCKWOOL® insulation
  • Best plug-and-play hot tub
880 S

2. 880 S

  • 6 seats
  • 50 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Bucket-style seats, jetted foot dome, LED-lit waterfall, 2-speed jet pumps
  • Best for families
980 SX

3. 980 SX

  • 6 seats
  • 61 Two-Tone Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Bucket-style seats, illuminated deck controls, LED lighting
  • Best for entertaining
Ultimate U1 Spa

4. Ultimate U1

  • 5 seats
  • 72 Two-tone stainless steel jets
  • Shiatsu massage seat, 'zero-gravity' lounge seat, AquaNova Ozone & UV sanitation system.
  • Most luxurious hot tub

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Price Guide: How Much Do Sunrise Spas Cost?

Like many spa companies, Sunrise Spas do not list their prices on their website. This company offers many customizable options so the purchase price would vary between customers depending on their desired set-up.

To give you a rough idea of what you could be spending, for a lower-end Sunrise hot tub expect to pay around $4,000 to $5,000 with prices ranging up to about $10,000 or more for the high-end, feature-rich luxury hot tub models.

Prices can vary between dealers so it's worth shopping around to see where you can get the best deal. Utilize our money saving resource by clicking the button below. You will get free quotes from multiple hot tub manufacturers and you get to choose the lowest price!

Most Popular Sunrise Spa Models

Part of the Leisure Manufacturing Group, Sunrise Spas has been in business for more than two decades. They manufacture all of their hot tubs at their factory in Canada using environmentally conscious methods and they produce a wide selection of durable, high-quality hot tubs.

They have three quality collections, the Classic Collection, Ultimate Collection, and the Paragon Collection which is available for Europe only. Let's have a look at some of the brands of their most popular hot tub models that are available in the US.

770 S - Best Plug-And-Play Hot Tub

Part of the Classic Collection S-Series 115 V tubs, the 770 S Sunrise tub is a plug-and-play spa.

Designed for easy installation, simply fill it with your garden hose and plug it into a standard electrical outlet and you are ready to go.

The 770 S measures 78” x 78” x 36” and has seating for five people. It features a lounger seat for ultimate relaxation as well as bucket and bench-style seating. 

Enjoy a relaxing chromatherapy experience as the multi-colored LED lights illuminate this hot tub.

This Sunrise hot tub features twenty-six jets for a soothing hydrotherapy experience which are powered by a 1.5 horsepower two-speed jet pump. Other standard features include a galvanized steel frame, layered ROCKWOOL® insulation method with insulated bottom tray, poly-steel cabinetry, a manifold plumbing system, and triple seal protection.

This quality hot tub comes in a silver-white marble-colored interior, but you can opt for the deluxe acrylic color upgrade which gives you four different color options to choose from, espresso, cosmic swirl, oyster opal, and Mediterranean sunset. The hot tub exterior cabinet is available in coffee, gray, or black.

If you want to spend all the time in your hot tub chilling out to your favorite tunes, then you can opt to get the Bluetooth sound system. Other upgrade options include the deluxe wi-fi system controls and ozone system.

880 S - Best For Families

The 880 S is part of Sunrise Spas' Classic Collection S Series 230V tubs. This fabulous hot tub is a great choice for families as it has plenty of space and offers a great hydrotherapy experience but is mid-range in price.

This Sunrise hot tub measures 84” x 84” x 36” and has seating for 6 people. With more power than the 115V spas, it delivers a strong massage from the fifty hydrotherapy jets which are powered by two 5 SPL two-speed jet pumps.

It has a foot dome with jets for targeted foot massages and large back jets to help soothe tired aching backs.

Sunrise Spas' 880S features a multicolored LED-lit waterfall as well as exterior and interior lights. It has all of the same standard features as the other models in the S Series hot tubs but more optional extras are available for these higher-powered, 230V tubs, these include the UV/O3 deluxe water management system, ozone system, wi-fi system controller, and Bluetooth audio system. The color options for this quality tub, are also the same but you can opt for the deluxe acrylic color upgrade.

980 SX - Best For Entertaining

Part of the Classic Collection SX Series, Sunrise Spas' 980 SX hot tub combines hydrotherapy, relaxation, comfort, and entertainment, taking it to the next level.

Measuring 90” x 94” x 36” this quality Sunrise hot tub model has bucket-style seats with headrests and bench seating for six people so you can enjoy your tub with plenty of company.

The 980 SX hot tub features sixty-one stainless steel jets for an excellent hydrotherapy experience, which are powered by two dual-speed jet pumps. 

It has illuminated deck controls, a galvanized steel frame, layered ROCKWOOL® insulation, poly-steel cabinetry, and an insulated bottom tray with a manifold plumbing system.

This Sunrise Spas hot tub has soothing LED-lit waterfalls and LED lighting for the interior and exterior. Optional upgrades include the Bluetooth audio system, a deluxe water management system, and a wi-fi system controller.

When it comes to color options, this hot tub has the same ones as for the other spas in the Classic Collection, with the option to upgrade to the deluxe color package if you wish.

Ultimate U1 Spa - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

Sunrise Spas' Ultimate Collection, Ultimate U1 hot tub, has outstanding features when it comes to luxury massage and comfort. Perfect for enjoying with company, it is a five-seater hot tub measuring 92″ x 92″ x 39″ and has a whopping seventy-two stainless steel jets.

Relax in the shiatsu massage seat end enjoy the soothing sounds of the LED illuminated zen-inspired waterfall feature. This hot tub also has an incredibly comfortable 'zero-gravity' lounge seat, a therapy seat with twenty-two points of massage including the back, legs, and feet, and a double-seat area ideal for couples to relax in.

The Ultimate One spas' interior comes in the sterling marble color but you can upgrade to get the midnight canyon or whispering winds colored acrylics. The exterior cladding color can be changed to four different stylish colors (electric blue, driftwood grey, hazelnut brown, or charcoal black), at the touch of a button on the easy-to-use Balboa touchscreen controls. A really great feature to wow guests at a hot tub party!

Other features of this tub include deck lighting, twenty-three Glo-jets underwater LED lights, an Aqua-Coustic sound system with eight speakers, and wi-fi. To keep the spa water clean it has the quad-filter auto clean water system and AquaNova Ozone and UV sanitation system.

This hot tub comes with a thermal cover and is powered using two dual-speed pumps and it also features a power saver pump. The structure is very durable, the base is made from an indestructible polymer and it has a galvanized steel support with ROCKWOOL® insulation.







78” x 78” x 36”

84” x 84” x 36”

90” x 94” x 36”,

92″ x 92″ x 39″

Water Capacity (gallons)






1.5HPR dual speed jet pump

2 x 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps

2 x 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps

2 x 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps

1 x power saver pump

Number of Jets

26 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets

50 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets

61 Two-Tone Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets

72 Two-tone stainless steel jets






Best for

Best Plug-and-Play Hot Tub

Best For Families

Best for Entertaining

Most Luxurious Spa

How Do Sunrise Hot Tubs Stack Up Against The Competition?

Let's see how Sunrise Spas hot tubs compare to other brands on the market by taking a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing this spa brand.


Sunrise hot tubs' good google rating and Better Business Bureau evaluations indicate that this brand is popular and that many customers have had a great experience with them. They have an average rating of 65% on the Home Stars website, scoring highly when it comes to responsiveness and reputation.

The Sunrise Spas website has a very useful comparison table so you can compare the Classic Collection size, number of jets, heater, power, pump, size, features, etc, making it very straightforward to pick out the perfect hot tub model.

These spas are easy to clean and keep in tip-top shape. To service and clean the interior simply drain the water out, then use a container and a sponge to remove any water in the seats' curves.


Like many spa brands, the prices are not stated on the Sunrise Spas website which some customers may find frustrating if they just want to get a rough idea of the cost. You have to contact them or a local dealer to get a quote.

One hot tub owner experienced problems with their hot tub leaking, and another had problems with the jets popping out and the headrests breaking. These issues can arise with any hot tub purchase, and overall, most customers have positive things to say about this spa brand.

The Final Verdict

I have many positive final thoughts when it comes to this spa manufacturer. The Sunrise Spas brand offers a wide selection of affordable yet durable hot tubs that will suit most pockets.

They have an excellent range of hot tubs to meet any needs, from simple to install plug-and-play hot tubs to hydrotherapy-focused models with plenty of jets, to large and luxurious hot tubs with awesome lighting features which are great if you like to party.

Head over to our Best Hot Tub Brands article for a larger selection. 

I hope my review of this hot tub brand has helped you to decide which tub to go for. Filling out your personal hot tub preferences in the questionnaire below will connect you to the lowest prices in your area. We bring free price quotes to you!  

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