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With almost 40 years in the hot tub industry and an impressive range of swim spas, this brand is a top contender. 

If you're not sure which ThermoSpa model will best suit your needs, you've come to the right place!

Continue reading for a detailed look at 4 of their top swim spas.

Our Top Choices For Thermospa Swim Spa


1. 12’ Aquacisor

  • Seating for up to 12 adults
  • 34 jets
  • ThermoFlex™ nozzles, SoftStride™ flooring, multilayered insulation
  • Best small swim spa
14′ Swim Spa

2. 14’ Swim Spa

  • Seating for 5+ adults
  • 25 to 27 jets
  • Ergonomic therapy seats, ozone water sanitation, color touchscreen controls
  • Best for swim spa massages
17′ Swim Spa

3. 17’ Swim Spa

  • Seating for 5+ adults
  • 25 to 27 jets
  • Extra wide design, stainless steel swim bar, aquatic fitness kit
  • Most spacious swim spa
Aquacisor hot tub

4. Aquacisor

  • Seating for 7 adults
  • 38 to 72 jets
  • Deep footwell,Total Control Therapy® system, stainless steel exercise attachments
  • Best hot tub swim and spa hybrid

Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

Price Guide: How Much Does a ThermoSpa Swim Spa Cost?

Because ThermoSpas do not list the prices of their hot tubs and swim spas on their website, you have to contact them for more information or a sales rep to get a free quote.

Prices will vary depending on the model and any additional features you select.

In general swim spas can cost between $10,000 up to $50,000, and compared to other swim spa companies, ThermoSpas' prices lean towards the lower end, starting from about $10,000 and increasing to around $33,000 for the larger swim spas with lots of extra features.

Looking for the perfect swim spa or hot tub setup from dealers close by? By clicking the button below, you'll be able to utilize our quote generator.  Your personalized quotes are based on the type of swim spa or hot tub you are in the market for, as well as your geographical region.  It's free, and will provide you with the lowest prices out there!

Most Popular ThermoSpa Swim Spa Models

ThermoSpas offers decades of experience in the manufacture of swim spas and hot tubs and they even offer a hybrid swim spa and hot tub model. Let's take a closer look at ThermoSpas' most popular swim spas.

12′Aquacisor - Best Small Swim Spa

ThermoSpas' smallest swim spa, the Aquacisor, measures 150” x 93”x 48.75” and has enough room for up to 12 adults.

This swim spa is ideal for relaxing and exercising all in the comfort of your own backyard.

Two ThermoFlex™ Nozzles create the swim current and the SoftStride™ flooring of the swim area makes sure your workout is comfortable and safe.

There is a selection of ergonomic therapy seats with cushioned pillows and a total of 34 jets in the ideal position to deliver a great massage.

If you want to have a hot tub party, this swim spa has bench seats with jets along both sides so there is plenty of room to seat guests. The LED lighting illuminates a waterfall feature for the ideal atmosphere for chilling out.

Other standard features of this Thermospas swim spa include a great quality galvanized steel frame, ultraviolet resistant cabinetry, a multilayered insulation system, Thermospas telescopic vents, ASTM approved high-density locking cover and more. For aquatic exercise the fitness kit lets you undertake traditional style exercises in the low-impact pool environment. Exercise equipment options available for this swim spa include a rowing machine kit.

If you would like to customize your swim spa the options include spa steps with a safety rail, grab bar, dual heater, cover lifter, ozone sanitation, the ClearStream water purification system, Wifi controls, and a tether.

14′ Swim Spa - Best Swim Spa for Massages

Thermospas 14' swim spa is a great choice if you are after the ultimate massage. Measuring 174” x 93” x 52.75” this ThermoSpa swim spa can seat five-plus adults. The hot tub section of this swim spa features two ergonomic therapy seats that can focus the massage on different muscle groups, whilst the swim end features two powerful swim jets that create some of the smoothest swim currents in the business. 

The swim jets are adjustable so you can create a swim current suitable for beginner swimmers, all the way up to advanced swimmers.

The buoyancy jet helps the swimmer to stay in the ideal position whilst the very wide shell design ensures the perfect swim channel. The stabilizing hip jets also help to create ideal conditions for swimming laps. The swim current is illuminated by the backlighting on the buoyancy jet.

This ThermoSpa swim spa model offers a vast array of standard features including a touch screen color control panel which is also intuitive and FORM® Swim Goggles which have a smart display showing your workout data, SoftStride™ Matted Footwell, aquatic fitness kit, swim tether, and deluxe LED lighting options.

To keep the water clean and fresh there is an ozone sanitation system and mineral-based water purification system. The cabinet which is available in a choice of two colors is made from an ultraviolet-resistant, maintenance-free material. The continuous cast acrylic shell comes in three stylish colors whilst the internal structure consists of a galvanized steel frame and a multilayered insulation system.

Optional extras for this Thermospa include spa steps with a safety rail, a rowing kit, cover lifters, Wifi enabled controls, and dual heaters.

17′ Swim Spa - Most Spacious Swim Spa

Thermospas largest swim spa measuring 210” x 93”x 52.75”, this model is perfect for taller swimmers. This 17' swim spa offers the perfect combination of a relaxing hot tub and pool experience and has enough room for over five adults.

It features two ergonomic therapy seats with jets that allow you to focus your massage on different muscle groups. 

The pool area has two fully adjustable powerful swim jets giving rise to one of the smoothest swim currents of any swim spa.

The swim spa's buoyancy jet help to keep you in the ideal position for swimming and its backlighting also lights up the swim current. Like the 14' model, this swim spa also has an extra-wide design for the perfect swim channel and has stabilizing hip jets.

Thermospa's 17' model has a large range of standard features including in-wall skimmers which have removable strainer baskets, an ozone system, and a mineral-based water purification system to keep the spa water clean and fresh.

More standard features include the aquatic fitness kit, swim tether, FORM® Swim Goggles, stainless steel swim bar, SoftStride™ Matted Footwell, touch screen controls, hip jets, and illuminated waterfall jets. For extra, you can get the rowing kit, steps plus safety rail, dual heater, cover lifters, and Wifi enabled controls.

The continuous cast acrylic shell is available in three colors and the ultraviolet resistant cabinet comes in a choice of two colors. Whether you want to do strength training, like swimming laps, or just want to lay back and relax in a hot tub, this swim spa is ideal.

Aquacisor - Best Hot Tub and Swim Spa Hybrid

The deepest hot tub produced by ThermSpa, the Aquacisor combines an aquatic gym with a luxury hot tub.

Measuring 91”x 86”x 48.75” this is much smaller than ThermoSpas swim spas but it has enough room for seven adults so would be a good choice for entertaining or larger families.

A powerful water current is provided from a group of strong jets, which are also adjustable, so you can walk or jog in the deep footwell.

It's a great idea for low-impact strength training.

There are two ergonomic therapy seats so you can enjoy a soothing massage. There are pillow jets for targeted shoulder and neck massages and the Total Control Therapy® system lets each spa user adjust the jets on their seat for an individualized massage experience.

Other standard features include underwater LED lighting, stainless steel grab bars, SoftStride™ Matted Footwell, galvanized steel frame, multilayered insulation system, a locking cover, a heated bubbling system, an aquatic fitness kit, and exercise attachments made from stainless steel.

The continuous cast acrylic shell comes in a choice of three stylish colors and the hot tub's exterior cabinet is available in two different colors. Additional features available for this hybrid hot tub model include steps, Ozone System, Wifi enabled controls, and the rowing machine package.

Seating Capacity

9-12 adults

5+ adults

5+ adults

7 adults


150” x 93” x 48.75”

174” x 93” x 52.75”

210” x 93” x 52.75”


Water Capacity (gallons)










Number of Jets





Heating Capacity (kW)





Overall Rating





How Does ThermoSpa Stack Up Against The Competition?


If you want a decent swim spa or hot tub, ThermoSpas as a business has been around for a lot longer than many other companies and can offer expert advice and quality products. They have had excellent reviews from many satisfied customers over the years.

ThermoSpas models are all customizable. Pick features according to your own personal circumstances, be it exercise, entertaining, or relaxation, you can individualize your design by choosing the colors, number of jets and swim jets, pumps, steps, and so on.

When it comes to hot tub and swim spa companies, ThermoSpas offers excellent warranties with a twenty-year structural warranty and a ten-year warranty for the shell surface, and, equipment and electronics replacements.


Whether you are after a ThermoSpas hot tub or a ThermoSpas swim spa there is limited information about their pricing. This can be frustrating if you just want to get a rough idea of the price and some customers have found that online requests for information have not been responded to promptly.

Some customers have experienced delays when waiting for parts and repairs. With many people opting to purchase a spa in view of covid restrictions and staying at home more, there has been a high demand for parts and repairs which has led to some longer waiting times.

The Final Verdict

Thermospas customer experience, support, and expert advice are all reasons that customers have given great reviews for this swim spa company. Most customers absolutely love their Thermospas swim spa.

With decades of experience in the hot tub and swim spa industry, ThermoSpas hot tubs and swim spas are high quality and durable with an excellent range of features and warranty lengths.

We recommend looking at all the options before making a final purchase decision.  To see other reputable swim spa manufacturers, head over to our Best Swim Spas page.

Clicking the button below will ensure you're making a smart investment without overpaying for your new swim spa or hot tub.  Get free price quotes today!

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