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Are you thinking about buying a ThermosSpa hot tub? There are so many choices, how do know which hot tub model is the best?

With almost forty years in the hot tub industry, ThermoSpas offers a great selection of quality hot tubs and swim spas. Whether you are looking to enjoy a soothing massage or entertain family and friends in a hot tub, you will be sure to find a suitable model.

Read my review to learn more about ThermoSpas and their 4 most sought-after hot tub models. Which one will you choose?

Our Top Choices For Thermospas


1. Maui

  • Seating for 2 to 3 adults
  • 24 to 34 jets
  • Energy efficient, double-width lounge seats, Sound Deadening ThermoBlanket™
  • Best compact hot tub

2. Concord

  • Seating for 4 to 5 adults
  • 51 to 99 jets
  • Pillow jets, LED lighting, therapy seats with wrap round arm rests
  • Best medium-sized hot tub
Park Avenue

3. Park Avenue

  • Seating for 5 adults
  • 42 to 118 jets
  • Powerful whirlpool jets, double-width lounger with pillows, ThermoBoard™ cabinetry,
  • Most popular hot tub
Aquacisor hot tub

3. Aquacisor

  • Seating for 7 adults
  • 38 to 72 jets
  • 2 therapy seats, deep footwell, Total Control Therapy® system
  • Best swim spa - hot tub hybrid

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Price Guide: How Much Do ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Cost?

While ThermoSpas do not list the prices of their hot tubs or swim spas on their website, their more basic models of hot tubs cost around $5,000, whereas their high-end hot tubs with customizations reach closer to $20,000. The average cost of ThermoSpas hot tub products is in the range of $10,000 to around $18,000.

The prices are generally quite reasonable compared to other luxury hot tub brands on the market and their prices also include an inspection of the installation site at your home.

Click the button below for detailed pricing information in your area. Using your hot tub preferences, we can match you with the hot tub model you want while getting you the lowest quotes.

Most Popular ThermoSpas Models

ThermoSpas offers a selection of eight different hot tubs. Let's take a closer look at some of their most popular hot tub models.

Maui - Best Compact Hot Tub

Measuring 86”x65”x34”, The Maui is ThermoSpas smallest hot tub.

This ThermoSpas hot tub is the perfect spa for couples and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation.

With enough seating for up to three adults, the Maui is very energy efficient, is soundproofed with the Sound Deadening ThermoBlanket™, and still offers much of the features of a full-sized hot tub. 

This ThermoSpas hot tub can be customized to have between 24 to 34 jets depending on the jet configurations and it has pillow jets for a targeted massage of the shoulders and neck. For ultimate comfort, it has contoured, double-width lounge seats with powerful massage jets.

This ThermoSpas hot tub model has LED lighting underwater which helps create the perfect ambiance for relaxation and it has a protective as well as a decorative top rail. The spa heaters have components made from titanium which means they last ten times longer than a regular heater and the hot tub is well insulated with the Full ThermoInsulation™ System.

The continuous cast acrylic hot tub shell is available in a choice of five colors whilst the ThermoBoard™ Cabinetry comes in three stylish color options. Other options for this hot tub model include the Deluxe LED lighting package, the Total Control Therapy®system that lets each spa user control their own jets for an individualized massage, the ThermOzone™ System, step package, and a handrail for safety. Feel free to contact ThermoSpas if you have further questions about this delightful hot tub model.

Concord - Best Medium-Sized Hot Tub

ThermoSpas best selling mid-sized hot tub, the Concord measures 80”x80”x38” and can seat four adults but could fit up to five.

If you are after a great massage experience then this hot tub has some excellent features.

There are a pair of therapy seats with armrests that wrap around as well as built-in pillows.

The pillow jets mean you can focus a massage on the shoulder and neck areas and the V-shape of the footwell means you can target the massage to soothe your tired feet and leg muscles. 

This model is customizable and can have up to 99 jets in total.

There is LED lighting under the water and illuminated grab bars for safety. Whether you are entertaining or just want to enjoy a cool beverage in your own company there is an ice bucket. This can be removed and works as a serving tray when it is swapped around.

The attractive ThermoBoard™ Cabinetry which comes in three delightful colors has rounded corners as well as an elegant rail around the top. The continuous cast acrylic shell is available in five different colors. Other standard features of this ThermoSpas hot tub include a 3” raised insulated ABS base, a Full ThermoInsulation™ System, a Sound Deadening ThermoBlanket™, a high output ThermoFiltration™ system, and all the pumps have Viton® seals.

Optional extras include the deluxe LED lighting package, the Total Control Therapy® system, the ThermOzone™ System, the stainless steel jet package, safety rail, and steps.

Park Avenue - Most Popular Hot Tub

ThermoSpas family-sized hot tub, Park Avenue, measures 95”x80”x38”. This model is a best seller and also one of the most luxurious and versatile hot tubs they offer.

With room for five adults, the double-wide lounge seating has soft pillows at each end so you lay with your head at either end.

In the middle of the hot tub, there is a deep footwell with a seat turned to face the powerful whirlpool jets for ultimate relaxation. For a deep massage, there are built-in therapy seats with pillow jets for neck and shoulder massages. 

This model can have between 42 to 118 jets depending on the jet configurations you choose.

The Park Avenue hot tub has underwater LED lighting, a full ThermoInsulation™ System, the Sound Deadening ThermoBlanket™, a ThermoCover™, and the pumps have Viton® Seals. The continuous cast acrylic shell comes in five different colors whilst the ThermoBoard™ Cabinetry is available in three color options.

The deluxe LED lighting package, stainless steel jet package, ThermOzone™ System, and Total Control Therapy® system are available as additional extras for this ThermoSpas hot tub model. All these great features make the Park Avenue an excellent choice of hot tub for various uses, be it entertaining friends and family or just enjoying some hydrotherapy on your own.

Aquacisor - Best Swim Spa-Hot Tub Hybrid

One of the first hot tub-swim spa hybrids, the Aquacisor is the deepest tub made by ThermoSpas. It's a combination of a luxurious hot tub and water gym.

The Aquacisor measures 91”x 86”x 48.75” and has plenty of room, with seats for seven adults.

A group of powerful adjustable jets provides a water current so you can exercise standing in the deep footwell.

It is perfectly suited to walking or jogging. 

There are two therapy seats with swirl jets and pillow jets for excellent neck and shoulder massages. 

The Total Control Therapy® system allows spa users to control the jets in their individual seating area.

Other standard features include stainless SoftStride™ Matted Footwell, steel grab bars, underwater LED lighting, a locking cover, a multilayered insulation system, exercise attachments, and an aquatic fitness kit. When it comes to jet configurations, you can have between 38 and 72 total jets.

The hot tub acrylic shell comes is available in three colors and the exterior cabinet is available in a choice of two different colors. Optional features available for this hot tub include an Ozone System, Wifi enabled controls, spa steps, and a rowing machine package.

Seating Capacity

2-3 adults

4 - 5 adults

5 adults

7 adults





91”x 86”x 48.75”

Water Capacity (gallons)





Number of Pumps





Number of Jets





Overall Rating





How Do ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Stack Up Against The Competition?

Let's see how ThermoSpas hot tubs compare to other options on the market by taking a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing this brand.


ThermoSpas earned a place on our list of the top hot tub brands because they are fully customizable. ThermoSpas works with you to create your perfect hot tub setup. Choose your own configuration of jets for the ultimate massage, whirlpool jets and swirl jets for swirling massages, adjustable therapy jets to target your massage, and pillow jets for ultimate neck massages. You can also pick features such as pump options, spa steps, colors, and so on.

There are very good warranties on ThermoSpas hot tubs and ThermoSpas hot tub products. They offer a structural warranty of twenty years and ten-year warranties on electronics and equipment replacement as well as for the shell surface.

ThermoSpas customer service department is very good, offering expert advice, and ThermoSpas reviews from customers are generally excellent. Many customers found that the delivery guys were able to offer expert advice about the hot tub. With decades of experience in the hot tub industry, their hot tubs and hot tub products are of high quality and have a great design.


Several customers who have been waiting for their new hot tub or for parts or repairs have unfortunately had some delays. More people have been buying hot tubs since covid restrictions have been in place and people have been encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, so there has been a high demand for hot tub deliveries and visits from a repair person or service technician and for replacement parts. This has led to longer waiting times for some customers.

Some customers waited months before their new spa finally arrived and some experienced miscommunication with regards to their final delivery dates.

Another frustration is regard the pricing. There is no information on the website so it's difficult to get a rough estimate of what the cost might be. Customers have occasionally found online requests for pricing information haven't been responded to in a timely manner. Feel free to contact the customer service department directly to get more information on ThermoSpas hot tub products pricing.

The Final Verdict

It is crucial to research based on your own personal circumstances before you make any big investment such as buying a hot tub. ThermoSpas has decades of experience in the hot tub industry so it is a brand that can be trusted to deliver well-designed, quality hot tubs and swim spas.

ThermoSpas have a great range of products, and if it is the brand you decide to go with, you'll be sure to find a model that suits your needs. I hope you have found my review helpful and that you are closer to choosing the spa of your dreams.

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