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Though not one of the best-known swim spa manufacturers, TidalFit may come up on your radar during your search for the best possible swim spa brand. 

If you're wondering: What kind of swim spas do they offer? Are they any good? And do they have what I'm looking for?

You've come to the right place. We'll delve deep into the features that they offer, point out what differentiates them from the competition, and review 9 of their top models. 

Continue reading to find out which TidalFit swim spa model will suit your needs.

Our Top Choices For TidalFit Swim Spa

TidalFit Active EP-12 Review

1. TidalFit Active EP-12

  • Cost-Effective Swim Spa Option
  • 12 Feet Long
  • Option To Upgrade To Plus Version
TidalFit Core Swimmer Review

2. TidalFit Core Swimmer

  • Non-Seating Option
  • 14 Feet Long
  • Exercise Focused
  • Easy Access
  • TidalFit DT-21 Review

    3. TidalFit DT-21

    • Most luxurious Option
    • 21 Feet Long
    • Dual Temperature
    TidalFit DTL-6 Review

    4. TidalFit DTL-6

  • L-Shaped Swim Spa
  • 14 x 13.5 Feet
  • Dual Temperature
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    Price Guide: How Much Does A TidalFit Swim Spa Cost?

    If you have done any amount of internet searching for spas or hot tubs you no doubt have found that manufacturers do not display their current prices online. $13,000 is what you can expect for the most basic options, and prices go all the way up to about $30,000 for the the most luxurious models with all the best features.

    The aforementioned estimate puts the brand at the mid-range to high-end scale for pricing. This means that you can get a reasonably priced swim spa or you can choose to upgrade to one that has all the bells and whistles, depending on how much you are looking to spend.

    Pricing varies depending on the seller and the location, so we recommend getting several quotes before making a decision. Save hours of your time by getting multiple price quotes from one request! Click the button below for several free swim spa quotes in your area!


    Most Popular TidalFit Swim Spa Models

    This manufacturer has 9 different models of swim spas to choose from. They're categorized under TidalFit Exercise Pools and FitSpas. Although the category names can be confusing, just keep in mind that each of these is a swim spa - none are swimming pools.

    To get a good idea as to what each model offers, we are going to examine all of TidalFit's available swim spas. You'll be able to see their differences as well as what makes each of them unique. 

    TidalFit Pools

    The TidalFit Exercise Pool series all come with full-foam with ABS bottoms, 5.5Kw heating, Grandwood cabinets, Hi-Flo circulation systems, and a whole range of optional components that include stereo systems, additional jets, Bluetooth or WIFI capability, LED lighting, and various forms of fitness equipment.

    TidalFit Active EP-12

    This 12-foot long swim spa has all the basic features of a simple and cost-effective swim spa.

    It is only offered in the semi in ground installation option.

    The EP-12 is the budget-friendly solution for those that want a hot tub and a pool but don't want to invest too much into their new home addition.

    TidalFit Active Plus EP-12

    The EP-12 Plus is the upgraded version of the EP-12, still comes with semi-in ground installation, and provides a more elegant layout, with additional jets.

    If you like the EP-12 but want a little bit extra, then this may be just what you need.

    TidalFit Premium EP-14

    Whether you want to swim, jog or walk in place, you'll be sure to get the full body work out you need when facing off against the quad adjustable swim jet systems. This is another semi in ground swim spa. Moving around this 14-foot long spa is made easier with its 2 handrails, ensuring that you'll never be on unsteady, and can always easily find your way to the seating area when it comes time to relax and unwind after your swim session. 

    TidalFit Pro EP-15

    As the largest swim spa within the TidalFit pool collection, this 15-foot long beauty allows you to do most forms of swimming and exercise without feeling too cramped or restricted.  It is semi in ground with the perfect combination of room for relaxation as well as for a full body work out. This is the best of both worlds within one comfortable and spacious area.

    TidalFit Core Swimmer

    If you don't think you'll utilize the seating areas and are only interested in a swim spa for its exercise capabilities, then the Core Swimmer is for you. Because this model has replaced the typical hot tub area with steps and handrails for easy entry, this is an ideal spa for all your workouts and daily fitness necessities. This only comes in the semi in ground option. Additionally, this 169-inch long model comes with a color touchscreen panel for easy spa control. 

    TidalFit FitSpa

    The FitSpa series are dual temperature swim spas with the swimming area and hot tub area as two separate innovations. The DT models connect these 2 sections in a straight line, whereas the DTL versions configure them in an L-shape.

    TidalFit DT-19

    With a swimming area much like that of the Core Swimmer, you have the handrails and steps leading into it for easy access. However, the DT-19 also offers a comfortable seating area, making this version a big upgrade. This is the simplest option for those that want to be able to swim in cooler waters and then hop into a nice warm hot tub afterward.

    TidalFit DT-21

    This is the longest swim spa combo that TidalFit has to offer and is definitely their most luxurious option.

    This 21-foot long monster is the same as the DT-19 when it comes to the swimming area, but hugely upgraded in the hydrotherapy and relaxation spaces. 

    Because it offers a much larger area to sit back and relax, this is a swim spa that you can enjoy with all your friends and family for a great social experience. 

    TidalFit DTL-6

    If you like the DT-19 but don't have 19 feet of extra space, then this L shape may be the way to go.

    With all the same mechanical parts as the DT-19, but in a much more interesting configuration, this style makes it easy for one person to enjoy the hot tub area, while while maintaining a conversation with a family member or friend who is utilizing the exercise pool.

    TidalFit DTL-8

    This is the L-shaped version of the most luxurious swim spa that TidalFit has to offer.

    With a larger hot tub area and all the same components as the DT-21, this is great alternative for those who need the hot tub shape to match their space requirements or style preference.


    Pros & Cons  

    When you take a look at the TidalFit swim spa reviews, the feedback for this brand is positive. Customers like the product, and TidalFit is successful as a result.  

    They offer a nice selection of swim spas to choose from that come in smaller to larger sizes making them ideal for most customers. The only downside to TidalFit's selection is their lack of options beyond 15ft long. 

    They do offer 21 foot versions, but those are a swim spa and a hot tub connected as two separate units. To cater to everyone's needs, TidalFit would need to provide some larger all-inclusive swim spas.

    The warranty is decent and quite average when compared with other hot tub and swim spa manufacturers. They offer a 7-year surface warranty, 5-year parts, labor, plumbing, and electrical, and a 2-year warranty on the cabinet. However, something that instills confidence in their craftsmanship is that they give you a lifetime structural warranty.

    Though they clearly offer a nice product, the information TidalFit provides on their website is limited to say the least, and nowhere is it mentioned regarding how many people each spa can accommodate, making it harder for those trying to seat a certain amount of people. 

    As a result, you may find it more practical to review each of the models on dealer websites or in dealers venues where the specifications and everything that is included will be much more clear.


    How Does TidalFit Stack Up Against The Competition?

    If TidalFit is not quite what you are looking for, or if you fancy seeing what else is on the market then you should certainly take a gander at Endless Pools. 

    Arctic Spas are another great (and cost-effective) option to review when searching for your new swim spa.

    Make sure to not limit your options. Plenty of selection is out there, so if you are willing to take the time to have a look around you'll be sure to find an amazing swim spa that is everything that you cold ever want.


    Final Verdict

    TidalFit swim spas have some very luring options to choose from, all of which are perfect for those looking improve their fitness levels using full body strength training. Whether your main intention is to work out, or a relaxing soak, TidalFit has got you covered.

    Offering both straight and L-shaped configurations, these spas can fit most spaces and their prices are reasonable to high-end, depending on the options that you choose. However, if you are looking for something with more square footage, then we recommend shopping around to see what some other brands offer. If that is the case, head over to our Best Swim Spas page where we list all the best brands. 

    TidalFit also hosts many additional options you can add to make your spa experience exceedingly customizable. Either way, you're sure to get exactly what you want and you only have to pay for the features that you really care about.

    TidalFit could be a great choice for your first-ever swim spa. However, if you are not sure whether you will really be using the swim section, and are more excited about the relaxing hydrotherapy section of the aforementioned swim spas, check out these hot tub brands instead!

    We get local swim spa dealers in your city to compete for your business based on exactly what you're looking for. It's completely free of charge, and has saved shoppers thousands.  Click the button below to start! 

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