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With plenty of seating options, innovative features, and use of high-quality materials, Tuff Spas ranks very highly among hot tub enthusiasts.

So you're probably wondering, "Is Tuff Spas the right choice for me?"

Luckily, we've done all of the necessary research so that you don't have to.

Ready to take the plunge?  Come along as we explore the ins and out of this popular brand, highlighting their top 4 models. 

Our Top Choices For Tuff Spas

TT650 Platinum

1. TT650

  • Seating for 4 to 5 people
  • 21 jets
  • Lounger, digital display, Tuff Top cover, plug-and-play option
  • Best large hot tub

2. TT450

  • Seating for up to 7 adults
  • 22 jets
  • Bucket-style seats, plug-and-play option, color choices
  • Best for entertaining or large families
TT250 Platinum

3. TT250

  • Seating for up to 4 people
  • 19 jets
  • Tuff Top cover, digital display, attractive lighting
  • Good for smaller spaces

4. TT150

  • Seating for 2 people
  • 22 jets
  • Plug-and-play, Tuff Top cover, digital display
  • Best for value

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Tuff Spas Pricing

Tuff Spas might be some of the toughest hot tubs on the market today, though that doesn't mean they aren't affordable.

Unfortunately, you won't find prices for the company's hot tubs on the website, as with many other hot tub companies. However, we do know that customers often spend anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000 on Tuff Spa hot tub models.

If you're looking for an entry-level spa, look no further.

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The TT650 is one of the largest spa models in the Tuff Spas lineup. It has room for 4-5 adults depending on the seating arrangement, though has a unique lounge seat for deep soaking capabilities.

If you want to make the most out of hydrotherapy, the TT650 might be the right choice for your needs.

The tub holds up to 300 gallons of water and makes use of a 110v/220v outlet for plug and play operation.

Enjoy the handy Tuff Spa digital display, which allows you to operate the various parameters of the hot tub with ease.

For a bit of added protection, you get one of the brand's high-quality vinyl spa covers.


The TT450 is very similar to the TT650 in many ways, though instead of a lounge seat, you get traditional bucket-style seating for up to 7 adults.

If you have a larger family or you are someone who likes to entertain, you may want to look into this model.

You get all of the same features as the TT650, including the 110/220v convertible power design, the digital display, and a Tuff Top cover.

Unexpectedly, this particular model holds more water than the TT650 with a 350-gallon capacity.

Pick from three different colors to find the best match for your backyard, including Mocha, Slate, and Sahara.


Just under the TT450 is the TT250, which offers many of the same features at a slightly lower price.

The TT250 can comfortably fit four people, though the hot tub itself can fit snugly into smaller spaces, making it a good choice for those with limited real estate or for those with small families.

The TT250 holds up to 250 gallons of water and offers supreme hydrotherapy thanks to the 19 pressure jets.

Similar to the TT450 and TT650, you can choose between three colors, including Mocha, Slate, and Sahara.


The TT150 is the smallest hot tub model in the lineup.

Enjoy the best in portability with two seats, great for those with limited real estate or for those who want to create a more intimate setting.

As you might expect with the name, this particular Tuff Spa model holds up to 150 gallons.

Within the tub sit 22 top-notch pressure jets for a deep and comforting hydrotherapy experience.

Thanks to the Tuff Spas cover, which slides easily on and off the topside of the spa, you never have to worry about extreme weather or unwanted debris having a negative impact on your tub.

There are three different colors to choose from, similar to all of the Tuff Spas models, including Mocha, Slate, and Sahara, all of which fit nicely with desert aesthetics. Plus, the easy plug-and-play design allows you to plug it in and fire it up without any special wiring.

Brand Pros & Cons


Tuff Top Cover

One of the big selling points of Tuff Spas is the Tuff Top Cover designs. These unique covers are built into the tops of the spas to protect the surfaces and create the best installation possible. Your spa will always be safe from debris or inclement weather.

Some covers are made from soft, malleable materials, such as vinyl, meaning they don't last as long. With Tuff Top Covers, you get pretty incredible energy efficiency thanks to the heat retention properties, as well as a gasket seal to protect against water loss.

Beyond that, you'll never have to worry about the covers for these spas rotting or falling apart over time.

Hydrotherapy Jets

While Tuff Spas might not be the most feature-rich spas on the market today, the company does put quite a bit of work into its jets. Enjoy the best in hydrotherapy with unique jet configurations on each of these Tuff Spas. Whether you want to get a deeper soak with a built-in lounger or enjoy traditional hydrotherapy with bucket seating, Tuff Spas gives you the option to choose.

Limited Warranties

The lifetime warranty is a pretty important selling point when it comes to Tuff Spas tubs.

You get some pretty extensive limited warranties when you buy from Tuff Spas, giving you a bit more peace of mind as a buyer. The lifetime warranty, which is non-transferable, protects against water loss and damage to the structural integrity. The heater, Master Control Center, and Topside controls get a three-year limited warranty.

The prozone ozone, pumps, and salt systems come with a two-year warranty, while the fitting components, fittings, GFCI, straps, arm bars, gaskets, non-electrical mechanical parts, and covers come with a one-year warranty.


Not many people can afford to pay an arm and a leg for a hot tub. The one great thing about Tuff Spas is that it manufactures some of the most budget-friendly tubs on the market today. You'll never spend anywhere close to $10,000 to get to enjoy a quality Tuff Spas model.

Minimalist Designs

This can be a pro or con depending on how you look at it, though we think the fact that Tuff Spas manufactures simple, user-friendly spas is a major advantage. Many tubs go overboard when it comes to designs and features. With simple plumbing components, high-end heater and jet designs, and the Tuff Top exterior, you get everything you could possible want in one of these tubs.


Lack of Customization

As you can probably expect from a budget spas manufacturer, Tuff Spas doesn't provide the best in terms of customization. Each of the Tuff Spas models only comes in three colors, each of which have a desert-like aesthetic. If you're looking for a shiny, modern white color or a sleek, dark black color, you might want to look elsewhere.

Plus, the features that you see on Tuff Spas are pretty much the features that you get. There aren't a ton of special, cutting-edge features to choose from with these tubs.

No Company Financing

Even though Tuff Spas tubs are inexpensive to start with, you may not have the finances available to purchase one outright, in which case you might have to consider financing.

It is highly likely that you'll have the ability to finance your Tuff Spas tub through the dealer you purchase it from, though each dealer will have their own individual financing options.


Are Tuff Spas good?

We like Tuff Spas a lot. If you are in the market for a durable tub that doesn't require much maintenance, yet will last you a lifetime, then Tuff Spas is a great choice.

Where are Tuff Spas made?

All Tuff Spas parts are manufactured in Glendale, Arizona. The company has been going strong making its hot tubs in the United States since 1999.

Who makes Tuff hot tubs?

Tuff Spas has been around since 1999, though was recently acquired by LPI.

Final Verdict

We hope that our Tuff Spas review was helpful in narrowing down your purchase choice.

When it comes to elegance and affordability, Tuff Spas is one of the best brands on the market today. You can choose between a wide variety of sizes, perfect for the smaller, two-person household with limited real estate to the large six-person household with entertaining capabilities. Whether you're looking to entertain or melt off some stress at the end of a workday, Tuff Spas can help.

With a Tuff Spas model in your possession, you'll get to take advantage of the easy-to-use features, minimalist designs, and lightweight yet durable construction. Trying to find a top-notch tub without breaking the bank might seem like a challenge, though with Tuff Spas, you can find the tub you've been dreaming about without breaking a sweat.

If you are still undecided about which brand to go with, take a look at our best hot tub brands guide. 

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