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You've likely come across the Viking Spas brand, as their popularity has skyrocketed due to the endless customization options and wide pricing range that they offer.

But which model is best for you? We cover the pros, the cons, and all the details of their best-selling new spa models so that you can determine whether or not Viking Spas has what you're looking for.

Let's dive in!

Our Top Choices For Viking Spas

Legend 150

1. Elite Series - Legend

  • Zero-G Lounger
  • 3D Seat
  • 4-6 Person Capacity
  • Includes 41-51 Jets
Tradition 150

2. Elite Series - Tradition

  • Two 3D seats
  • Volcano Floor Jet
  • 6+ Person Capacity
  • Includes 61-71 Jets
Aurora 200

3. Viking Series - Aurora

  • Rectangular Design For Unconventional Spaces
  • 2-3 person capacity
  • Includes 9-21 Jets Plug & Play Option

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Viking Spas Prices

Something that draws many clients to this company is its pricing. What puts people on the fence as to whether they should get a tub or not typically revolves around the initial costs involved. This company makes it easy for anyone to afford their own personal spa in the privacy of their own backyard.

Viking Spa prices vary by line, but to put it simply, you pay for what you get. So if you want an elaborate beauty with the most modern bells and whistles, then you are looking at a higher cost within the Viking Spa collection.

On the other hand, if you are in the market for a cost-effective, budget-friendly hot tub, Viking Spa models offer many models that will work for you. The prices can be reasonable, but the more you want from your hot tub, the more you will have to pay. 

With an enormous range of customizable options and additions, your choices can hugely impact the overall price. So if the total comes out much higher than you anticipated, take a closer look at the additional features you may have selected, and opt out of one or two.

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Viking Spas Models

Viking Spa models offer so many customization options. You can literally build your own custom tub from scratch. This is where the large difference in cost comes in. It also allows you to find your ideal hot tub. With such flexibility in your choices, there is surely something here for everyone.

This company offers 8 main collections but houses them all under 2 main series. These are the Elite Series & the Viking Spa Series. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 series and all the models that they offer. 

Elite Series

As the name suggests, these are the most elite of all Viking's hot tubs. In many ways, they are superior to the Viking Series and are often the favorites for both consumers and experts alike. Now we will have a look at each of the models within this series that all come in 2 versions to get a better idea as to what they have to offer.


With open plan seating and a cozy captains chair in each corner, this is the perfect conversational hot tub.

Sitting in a circle, 5-6 people can have enough room to relax and enjoy the 41-51 jet system that make this treatment a delight for everyone.

The layout is roomy enough for your guests to move around and swap seats as needed. 



Five to six people can relish in this absolute legend of a hot tub. Like the legacy, it has a 41 or 51 jetted option but the layout is completely different.

The Legend caters to everyone's seating preferences. If you want captain's seats... perfect. If you would like a lounger, it has that too. 

However, the most interesting feature of this hot tub is its 3-dimensional seat. This type of seating allows you to sit in three different directions, making it highly adaptable to your preferences. Considering all the features it comes with, we think the price is also very fair.


Now we come to the big boys. This is a large spa for 6+ people with versions that come with either 61 or 71 jet arrangements. The overall layout is very similar to the legend but on a larger scale, with many more jet systems and features.

What makes this spa really stand out are the jet types it uses. With the 4 neck therapy jet system for each of the enlarged captain's chairs, Volcano floor jet system for enhanced foot massages, and the 18-jet system just in the lounger itself, this truly is a gorgeous massage machine. 


This is the enlarged 6+ capacity version of the Legacy.

With two 3-dimensional seats as well as 2 King/Queen captain chairs, it is extremely hospitable to a wide range of seating preferences.

Available with either 61 or 71 jet arrangements which include the ultimate Volcano floor jet, you can be sure to revel in this hydrotherapy delight along with your family and friends.  


Viking Series 

This is the bread and butter of Viking Spas hot tubs. Their 4 different models come in 3-4 different versions and they have a plug and play option making them easy to use at any location. Something that Viking Spas does beautifully is offering the same spa models with different levels of improvement. 

This makes one option good, the next better, and so forth. Obviously, the options with fewer jet arrangements and are more cost-effective but we appreciate the scope they offer so that whether you want something fancy or something simple, you are not limited by your choices. 


The original Viking Spas. Round like a Viking's shield, this is the classic look and feel of what the company started out with.

With a 9-20-jet system and space for 4-5 people, it is a basic, yet timeless design that is simple to use and easy to buy.


An intimate and private experience for spa enthusiasts.

This 2-3 person spa comes with a 9-21-jet system and has a rectangular design making it ideal for those that want to fit it into less conventional spaces.

A great option for couples with smaller homes who still want to enjoy their own hot tub experience. 


A royal spa indeed. With plenty of room for 4-5 people, this 17-31 Jet spa comes with 5 different jet types, two captain seats and a zero-G lounger making this a wondrous hydrotherapy experience.

Besides its color options, it also has 5-6 additional elements you can add to upgrade this social spa. 


Similar to the Royale in many ways, this is a very comfortable hot tub that also has a 4-5 person capacity and 17-31-jet system in 5 different styles.

However, what differentiates this model is its seating arrangements and overall layout.

With multiple ways to sit comfortably without completely laying down, you can pick the right seat for you, to get the best from your jet massage. 

Pros & Cons  

Likely the biggest pro for this series is its customization abilities. Each hot tub has numerous aesthetic options as well as additional elements you can upgrade to. Beyond that, you have a variety of model versions for each hot tub, making it easier to choose a lower or higher-end version of the style you like.

On the company website, you can click on “build your own hot tub” where everything is made more clear. This allows buyers to choose the options that best suit their needs with ease. The high-end insulation can keep you nice and warm, even during the coldest months.

Another huge plus is the plug-and-play option. Not everyone wants the installation hassle involved in owning a high-end hot tub, so this is a nice route to go for those who just want something simple and uncomplicated to use. 

The downside of the plug-and-play option is that they have small jet numbers, which creates an inferior therapy experience. It also must be noted that within Viking's entire scope and customization, most models have around 5 different jet types but there is no mention of adjustable jets. 

This limits the placement of the existing jets, so it is important to make sure the options you choose are exactly right for you. It doesn't allow much freedom for custom massages, however, and limits what some of these models could be capable of. 

Competing Alternatives

Maybe you have been reading through the various options and it doesn't sound right for you, or maybe you would just like to check out a few more brands before making your final decision. We highly encourage examining all the possible options before making your hot tub purchase. 

If you are unsure where to start, we recommend having a look at Bullfrog Spas that are available at Costco Roadshows, as well as Marquis Spas who offer some very high-quality spas. 

Once you have reviewed these 2 additional competing brands, pick one or two favorites from each brand, then compare them against each other in regards to pricing, size, and features. 

Final Verdict

This company offers a nice medley of both high-end and budget-friendly options to choose from. Additionally, they have spas that suit both socialites, as well as those looking for something more intimate. 

With a great selection of energy-efficient options, it's likely that this business has the right tub for your needs because if you find one you like, but it's just not quite right, then you can review the options and versions, and may be able to customize it to your preferences.

The company consistently gets positive feedback from its clients and is nominated as one of the best hot tub brands available in the industry. If you're looking to get one of the best models from one of the best brands with all the bells and whistles in the hot tub industry, a Viking Hot Tub might be the perfect match.

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